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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

“Restrained But Yet Powerful”
Thursday, 9th July 2009
Live from The iMPACT Zone in Orlando Studios, Florida

This week’s show, as always, shows what went down on last week’s broadcast, focusing specifically on the saga involving Mick Foley, Rhino and Sting. The video opens up showing snippets of Sting’s interview with Mike Tenay, and how he stated these pivotal words: “The war between you and I, it’s going to be tough, it’s going to be intense. But I am going to make it my top priority, my main concern…to WIN the battle.” It then shows Foley’s reaction to this, before showing highlights of how Rhino was placed in a match with Shark Boy to prove his worth. The highlights show Rhino simply dominating, throwing Shark Boy all over the place before finishing matters with a Gore, this highlight repeated several times. However, the music then changes as it shows the aftermath, where Sting saved Shark Boy from receiving a Super Rhino Driver and brought the fight to both Foley and Rhino…but then the music changes as it shows how Rhino clubbed Sting with his signature baseball bat and then how Foley placed Sting in a Mandible Claw which was swiftly followed by a Gore by Rhino. This action is repeated three times before the video ends with the scene of Foley and Rhino celebrating their accomplishment.



Before any introductions can be made or anything else in that matter can be broadcasted, the cameras zoom to the entrance stage where the music video accompanied by the usual entrance music of one man filters through the arena…and it is that of ‘The Icon’, the ‘TNA World Heavyweight Champion’ himself, Sting! Sting appears to a hoard of cheers but after all that he’s gone through these past few weeks, it is no surprise that he is unhappy. Sting eventually makes his way into the ring and calls for a microphone, before clearing his throat and getting ready to speak.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: You know, in all honesty, if I had to pin point an exact moment in my life I wish I didn’t have to live right now…it would be this, all this that has happened in the past few weeks. If I had to pin the tail on a particular moment, the moment would be the one where two weeks ago, I was lying on my back mid ring after being screwed over by Mick Foley and Rhino. Now, I’m not a man to give up without a fight, and trust me, I will bring a fight, but this is a fight you guys may not understand.

Sting then paces a little inside the ring, before coming to a halt and continuing.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: You see, where most fights are started due to one thing, mine is due to several. You have the jealousy, the jealousy I have directed my way of holding a title belt, in fact the biggest title belt in TNA today. You also have the hatred, the hatred between two men, with one of those men bringing in a new accomplice to do all of his dirty work for him. But you see, the main factor in this fight is that of power. And one man that has that attribute is our very own iMPACT owner, Mick Foley.

The crowd boo loudly at the sound of Foley’s name, before Sting takes a breather and then continues.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: And that is one thing that angers me, no wait…it SICKENS me. Because Foley is flaunting that power beyond his own circumstances, Mick Foley is creating a playground that no-one but himself and his ‘trusty’ ally wants to go. But you see, the thing is, I can talk all I want. I can stand here and complain all I can, I can cry my eyes out, I can go down on my knees and beg and plead for things to change. But that isn’t how things are done around here.

Sting looks directly at the camera this time, and the camera zooms a little towards him.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: ‘Cos you see, as last week showed, Mick and Rhino want to get violent. Well they can get violent. Because at Victory Road, I will put my title up against Rhino, like Mick always wanted, like Mick was going to get anyway. But one thing’s for sure, I’m not going to succumb to Mick Foley’s trap in that match. I’m not gonna be showed up, I’m not gonna suddenly sacrifice my title to please his twisted, corrupted mind, oh no. Because with this title comes a lot of things. Respect. Integrity. Honesty. Sportsmanship, to name just four. And I aim to show that at Victory Road.

Sting then paces a little more, before coming to a stop mid ring.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: But you know what? Why? Why wait until Victory Road? You know, why wait ten days, when Mick Foley and Rhino obviously wanna bring the fight right now. So you know what, they want it, they got it. Mick…Rhino…you come out here right NOW!

Sting then throws the microphone to the floor and stares towards the entrance stage…”BANG! BANG!” Sting doesn’t even have to wait five seconds as the music of Foley plays out to the crowd, and a little while after the iMPACT owner walks out from behind the curtain and makes his presence felt. Most importantly however, he arrives with a) no Rhino by his side and b) a suspicious document placed in his hand.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Sting…Stinger…just look what you have here. You know, a huge dilemma on your hands, a huge catch-22 situation. But you know what, the only person to blame for that is yourself. If my memory serves me correctly, Sting, it was YOU who last week came out here looking for a fight with Rhino and I. It was YOU, Stinger, who threw Rhino off the top rope and then placed your hands on me. What did you expect us to do, stand back and watch? No, I don’t-

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: Look, Foley, I’m gonna make this short and simple. If you wanna say something to my face, you come down to this ring, you bring Rhino out here, and you face me like a man.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Wait…wait…but Sting, there’s the thing. I can’t come down to that ring, and you know why? ‘Cos in my hand is a little document, a little clause that allows me not to. Because what I have right here is a restraining order! But you know what, it’s not a restraining order against myself, oh no, it’s against you, for tonight.

Foley then makes his way down to the ring, and with every word spoken he gets closer to the apron, until he finally climbs onto it and stands staring hard towards Sting.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You see, I had a word with the authorities and they agreed with me. You are, and perhaps always have been, a dangerous individual. And you proved that last week. You know, Rhino and I were minding our own business when you came down and wanted one thing- to beat the crap out of us. And after the beating Rhino and I gave you last week, they agreed that tonight you could be a potential threat, shown by the vicious language you’ve used just a few moments ago. So, I prepared this restraining order in order to bring peace and equity to my harmonious world, but I’ve just got one thing-

However, Sting has hand enough, and he charges towards Foley before STRIKING him in the face with his fist! Foley falls off the apron and down to the arena floor, the microphone dropping to the floor also! The crowd go wild at the viciousness of Sting, who simply stands and then lifts the microphone towards his mouth.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: You want evidence, Foley, huh? You want evidence of how much I want to wrap my hands around your throat, is that it? Well you just got it! Now GET THE HELL UP and face me, man to man in this ring! Come on…I’m waiting…get up right now!

Foley however crawls towards his microphone and then, whilst seated on the arena floor, lifts it towards his mouth.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You think punching me in the face was a solution to your problem, Stinger? Well you better think again. Before you viciously assaulted me, I was gonna say one thing, one thing you wish you were going to hear. Because you just broke two clauses in this restraining order. One- the defendant must not come within five feet of the victims at any time. And two- the defendant must not in any way assault the victim/s physically or verbally. Stinger, I just think you did both, so you know what you’ve gotta do right now…GET OUT OF MY RING! Go on, go! You broke a rule, and now you have to pay for it…GO!

Sting stands stunned at Foley’s announcement, but refuses to walk away, mouthing to Foley ‘I’m not going anywhere!’

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You’re not going anywhere, Stinger, is that right? Authorities…this man in my ring is not leaving…authorities, can you hear me? The defendant has just assaulted me…take him away.

Suddenly, two police officers come sprinting down to the ring, and then enter where they face Sting. Sting simply looks helpless, but he is not going to fight back…instead he simply surrenders, and then is locked in handcuffs.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: That’s it…take him…take this vicious animal away from my sights right now!

Sting is then pushed underneath the bottom rope and the police escort him towards the entrance stage. Foley then enters the ring and looks towards Sting with a smirk on his face.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: That’s it, Sting…bye bye…adios amigo…haha…bon voyage…have a nice trip…haha!

Sting then turns one final look towards Foley, mouthing ‘this isn’t over’ before he is escorted down the entrance tunnel. All eyes now fall on Foley who stands centre ring with a microphone in hand.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You see, as you all just witnessed, I am the power here on iMPACT. No-one, whether they be a champion or not, can come close to rivalling me on this broadcast, because it is mine, and only mine! With Sting out of my sights now, all I can say is, enjoy the rest of the show. Because with that so called ‘champion’ off my broadcast…I know I will! Have a nice day!

The music of Foley then erupts out of the PA system as he flashes the crowd the restraining order in his hands. However, before long, Foley leaves the ring, looking happy with his actions.




The view appears of Sting being ushered down the corridor by two police officers. Sting looks angry and frustrated, muttering to himself and at times trying to break free, but the officers assure that they keep him controlled. Suddenly, however, Jeremy Borash appears in the scene and runs up to Sting with a microphone in his hand.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Sting…Sting…can I have a word, please?

“Doing His Job” Police Officer #1: Look, please do not speak to the defendant!

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Sting…?

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: Borash…you heard the guys…

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: But surely you’re gonna put up a fight, right…Sting…?

“Doing His Job” Police Officer #2: You heard what he just said…stay away…

“TNA World Heavyweight” Sting: I might not be able to say much, Borash…but rest assured, tonight, Mick Foley and Rhino will not go off easy…you mark my words…

The police officers then grab Sting tighter and push him away as Borash looks stunned.


After frequent snippets of what just happened appear over the broadcast, the cameras head to the broadcast desk where Mike Tenay and Jim Cornette are standing by.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Hello everyone and welcome back to tonight’s iMPACT…and boy…I am shocked and near speechless due to the actions by Mick Foley just a few moments ago.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: You and me both…I mean, a restraining order? Against Sting? if anyone should be restrained it should be Foley and Rhino…I mean, after all they’ve done to Sting these past few weeks!? Sickening.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: I’d watch your words if I were you, partner, you know what our boss is capable of. But anyway, although we’ve just witnessed some shocking course of events, the show must go on and what a show we’ve got lined up for you!

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: Yeah, that’s correct, and it kicks off with the newest high flyers in TNA as ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’, Pac, goes head to head with Prince Devitt in a one-on-one contest.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Yes, that will come up in a second or two, but also tonight, we’ve been promised to see Rhino in action. That’s correct, after two weeks of total devastation left in the wake of this guy, Rhino will be performing in our main-event match up which Mick Foley is set to announce later tonight.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got Kurt Angle taking on Amazing Red, Abyss taking on Dr. Stevie and Chris Sabin going one-on-one with the X Division Champion Christopher Daniels under non-title rules.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: As ever, iMPACT brings you the best in TNA action, but right now, let’s head to the ring where Jeremy Borash is standing by with Pac and Matt Cross.


The view opens with Jeremy Borash, microphone in hand, standing at the interview booth. To his right are Pac and Matt Cross, with Pac standing towards the microphone and Cross standing a little back.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Pac, in a few moments time we are going to see you go one-on-one with Alex Koslov, but before we get onto this subject, I’ve got a little bit of news to break to you…I can exclusively reveal that at Victory Road, thanks to the exposure you guys have brought back to the X-Division, Mick Foley has made a fatal four way match between you, Matt Cross, Alex Koslov and Prince Devitt, with the winner going on to earn a future X-Division title shot!

Pac turns around to Matt Cross and both smile happily, looking like they can’t believe the announcement.

“The Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac: Wow…really!?

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Yes really! How does that make you feel?

“The Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac: Umm…wow. I can’t believe it! Excited isn’t the word, Borash. You know, I’ve been in this business for many years now, wrestling all over Europe, Japan and North America, and now, now I know why I did it. To be here. To be on the grandest stage of them all. At Victory Road, wow, it’s going to be an honour, a true honour, to play a part in that match against great athletes such as Matt Cross. I can’t tell you how pumped I feel right now.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: I can imagine, but before all that, tonight, well in actually around a couple of minutes, you go one-on-one with Prince Devitt. Now, you’ve faced this guy in the ring before under tag team rules but tonight, under a one-on-one stipulation, how are you going to suit your skill around this unique competitor?

“The Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac: You know, last week, Devitt and Koslov really gave Cross and I a challenge, and I wasn’t surprised. Like us, they’ve wrestled all over the world and they’ve proved their worth in this dynamic business. But tonight, I’m gonna just go out there and do what I do best. And that is to wrestle. That’s all I can do. But I know Devitt will be bringing back up in the form of Koslov, so I’m bringing Matt down to the ring alongside with me to even up the score. And with the announcement of that fatal four way at Victory Road, if I get the victory tonight, it’s going to be bittersweet, and then I know that at Victory Road, I’ll be ready!

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Well, you can hear Koslov’s entrance music now so your match is about to begin…thanks, Pac, best of luck!

“The Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac: Appreciate it, Borash…

Pac then walks away leaving a smiling Borash in shot.


Prince Devitt w/ Alex Koslov vs. Pac w/ Matt Cross

Prologue: You just heard it- all four men having a direct/indirect placement in this match will face off in a fatal four way at Victory Road with the winner gaining a future X-Division title shot. This make’s tonight match, which comes about thanks to Cross and Pac defeating Koslov and Devitt in a tag match last week, much more competitive, and the stakes will certainly be raised tonight.

Recap: Without a shadow of a doubt, Devitt and Pac are two very accomplished athletes, and this match seemed to prove that with every second that ticked by. The match started off with each competitor trying to outdo the other, with Pac handspringing out of a springboard arm drag, and Devitt flipping his way out of a snapmare takeover. However, Pac finally managed a takedown via a drop toehold and from then on, the submission game was on. In fact, things got so competitive that the action spilled to the apron, where Pac and Devitt still managed to battle on despite being on the precarious platform. However, although a roundhouse kick to the head of Devitt sent him stumbling, it wasn’t enough to knock him unconscious. Pac paid the price of this by going to run off the ropes, but Devitt grabbed onto Pac’s trunks and then pulled him into a belly to back suplex lift…before Devitt jumped off the apron, sending Pac’s back impacting HARD off the apron side! Pac rolled to the floor where Koslov instantly walked over and began trash mouthing a fallen Pac in Russian, before Matt Cross walked over to keep Koslov at bay! But the damage to Pac was done, and all he could do was take the pain as Devitt Russian leg sweeped his opponent hard into the ring barricade! Pac slumped in a seated position, but his body was stomped over before he was rolled back into the ring and a cover gave Devitt a two count. But that wasn’t good enough, shown by Devitt then snap suplexing Pac and rolling over for the cover again, yet a two could only suffice once more. Devitt then went to work on Pac, locking him in a seated double chicken wing hold, but the momentum began to juice for Pac as he began to stand…only to have his back clubbed by ‘the Prince’ and then become victim of a pendulum backbreaker! However, off the impact of the knee, Devitt didn’t release Pac, but instead decided to wrench Pac’s back over his knee! Soon however Pac found the courage to fight back with some knee lifts to the temple, but Devitt then used a hard lariat to Pac to drop him onto his head as he fell off the knee painfully! Devitt then covered…one…two…no, Pac kicks out once more! This time, Devitt was irate at the outcome and instantly tied Pac up in a standing abdominal stretch! The pain on Pac’s back must have been excruciating, but somehow he managed to fight back before rocking Devitt with a hip toss! Pac then charged forwards, ducking a lariat attempt by Devitt, then hit an amazing move which involved jumping onto the second rope, and then flying in the air to twist the body around into a hurracanrana onto Devitt which sent the Irish man through the middle rope and to the outside! Devitt lay down on the outside before standing to his feet, but by this time, Pac had measured his opponent up and hit a beautiful somersault plancha onto his opponent down below! Pac roared to the crowd whilst holding his back, and then rolled Devitt inside the ring before going to enter the ring himself, for only Koslov to try and cut him off! But Koslov was taken down by Cross, who came along and hit a lariat onto the Russian superstar! Pac then went to slide into the ring, but Devitt had recovered and began stomping away on Pac’s back. However, an Irish whip to the ropes allowed Pac to sneak in an orbital headscissors takedown, and then he continued to take Devitt down with a running forearm, followed by a clothesline, followed by a back elbow! Pac then went for a whip of his own but Devitt reversed into one into the opposite ropes, but Pac used this to commit a handspring against the ropes…and then he fully back flipped over a crouching Devitt who had come charging towards Pac! Devitt then turned around…BAM! Dropsault to the jaw! Pac covered…one…two…but surprisingly, it was not enough to keep Devitt down for the three! Pac then picked Devitt up and began hooking him up for a suplex, but before Pac could hook the leg Devitt managed to knee lift his opponent hard in the face three consecutive times…before running at him, hitting a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and then turning this into a Fujiwara armbar! Amazing! Pac lay on the ground screaming in pain as Devitt kept the hold locked on, but suddenly, Pac began to manoeuvre backwards…and then got a foot on the bottom rope! Devitt was forced off of Pac who then retreated to the ropes, but as Devitt discussed with the referee, Koslov snuck up to Pac and drilled him with a boot to the skull! Pac held his head in pain as he fell backwards, but this gave Devitt the opening to pluck Pac up off the floor and then locked him in a Canadian backbreaker hold…before twisting him into a DEVESTATING double knee gutbuster, a move Devitt likes to call the Prince’s Throne! With Pac clutching his gut in pain, Devitt simply hooked the legs, and got the guaranteed three counts soon after.
Winner: Prince Devitt @ 7:23

Aftermath: As Pac lies hurt on the canvas, Devitt gets to a kneeling position and celebrates his victory. Cross goes to check on Pac by sliding underneath the bottom rope to ensure he is okay, but Pac simply lies still holding his gut off the impact of Devitt’s knee. Soon, Devitt celebrates on the outside with Koslov before the two make their way to the back, as Cross stares hard towards his enemies.


This video opens up with a mysterious individual basking in a spotlight. The spotlight, however, does not cover the individual’s face so that is left in a mysterious darkness. Soon, a voice appears over this as the camera angles zoom around the man, and the voice states “I have been to great lengths. I have seen the best, faced the best, and beaten the best. But I have never become the best. So I am on a journey. A journey of self discovery, a journey where I will do whatever it takes…to epitomise this sport, to show people my strengths not my weaknesses, to become the man I know I am. The journey begins soon…”. The spotlight then opens up on the man’s face, and it is instantly recognisable- the braided hair, the perfect looks, the dark eyes…it’s ELIJAH BURKE. “In fact, the journey begins…at TNA!”. The screen then fades to darkness, and writing appears stating “ELIJAH BURKE ARRIVES…IN 3 WEEKS!” before the video closes to an end.--


The cameras show Chris Sabin pacing up and down the locker room. It looks like there’s a serious amount fo stuff on his mind, until suddenly Alex Shelley bursts through the door.

“The Future” Chris Sabin: Hey, man…where have you been? Look, I just wanna say-

“Shellshocked” Alex Shelley: Look, Chris, listen. You don’t have to say anything, you don’t need to apologise or anything of that accord. No, because I should be the one apologising. Look, last week, you may have tugged my tights in order to win and although I don’t consider that acceptable, at the end of the day, you were the man that was announced the winner after our match. So, here…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did, and I take back everything I said or did…

Sabin smiles at Alex happily and then walks a little closer.

“The Future” Chris Sabin: So…we cool?

Sabin outstretches the hand and Alex gratefully shakes the hand with a smile on his face.

“Shellshocked” Alex Shelley: Of course we are, man! After all, we are the Motor City Machine Guns…nothing can pull us apart, right? And tonight, I’ll be there by your side when you defeat Christopher Daniels and you show the world what he really is…a washed up, has been! I’ll see you later for the match, big man!

Shelley then clicks his fingers and winks at Sabin before walking off, leaving Sabin happily looking on at his partner as he walks away.



As the cameras zoom around the iMPACT Zone, Mike Tenay appears over commentary saying earlier this week, he had the chance to meet up with Kurt Angle. The cameras then head to a pre-recorded angle, where Tenay is sitting on a chair next to the smartly dressed Olympic Gold Medalist. The camera clicks and Tenay begins asking questions.

“Interviewer At This Time” Mike Tenay: Kurt, thank you for joining my here today…first, I’ve gotta ask you, last week you were not available on the iMPACT broadcast because you were in Osaka, Japan, facing off against Yuji Nag-

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: No, ‘beating’ Yuji Nagata…

“Interviewer At This Time” Mike Tenay: Well, I was gonna get to that, but being as though you want to jump in, I’ll skip to my next question…after the match, at a press conference, we heard Nagata say he would get his revenge soon. Does this in any way threaten you? After all, Nagata is a very well accomplished wrestler of the circuit…

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: What…and I’m not? Look, I will say it one more time…I ‘beat’ Yuji Nagata in his home country last week. You know, there’s nothing more to say about it, I made him tap via an Ankle Lock, something that old Japanese ass hasn’t done in a while. And then, I hear that he stumbled to a press conference, sat in front of hundreds of paparazzi and demanded he would get his revenge sometime soon? Oh, puh-lease! Seriously, that guy is a joke, and I don’t take a word of his seriously! I mean, what’s he gonna do, come on a plane and fly over here and attempt to kick my ass? I wouldn’t bank on it if I were you…

“Interviewer At This Time” Mike Tenay: Well, being in TNA, we’ve been told to expect the unexpected, but moving on…Yuji Nagata hasn’t been the only man in your worries these past couple of weeks. Because on the first iMPACT off Slammiversary, we saw you face Jay Lethal in a one-on-one match, and let’s be honest here, Lethal put up more of a fight than you expected, isn’t that right Kurt?

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: You know what, yes, okay, I’ll be honest. With Jay Lethal, I expected to get the win with a snap of my fingers, because after all, I am the ‘world’s greatest’ and I always have been. But, speaking honestly here, Lethal put up a fight that I didn’t expect…but the thing is, it’s nothing I couldn’t manage. We all saw that the end result, like I did to Yuji Nagata last Thursday, was I, Kurt Angle, applying an Ankle Lock which Jay Lethal just had to tap out of. And then when I didn’t release the hold, his jacked up partner had to come out and assault me. But yet again, it’s nothing I couldn’t manage…because Booker T is a man that has my back, and he came out to assist me in disposing of these two clowns. Now I know you’re probably gonna ask Mike Tenay, cos you’re so predictable, but Consequences Creed defeated Booker last week? Does that scare you? No, it doesn’t. Creed caught Booker off guard, we all saw it. At the end of the day, Booker and I share the same objective…to show that nobody is a challenge here on iMPACT, and that includes both Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed.

“Interviewer At This Time” Mike Tenay: But you see, here’s what I’m wondering. Why, this week on iMPACT, have you requested to go head to head with Amazing Red? I mean, he’s a man that hasn’t been in your business, and if memory serves me correctly, you and him have never had a match up against one another-

Kurt sits smugly throughout Mike’s talk until he finds the right time to butt in.

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: Why have I requested Amazing Red as an opponent, huh? You can run through all the possibilities, Tenay, but only I know the answer to that question. Have you seen lately on iMPACT? Huh, have you realised that there are barely ‘heavyweights’ on the program, heavyweights like Booker T and I. Instead, we’re being dominated by these younger stars, this so called ‘X-Division’ who simply do not match up to us. But yet, they’re getting all the ring time, they’re getting all the glory. And Amazing Red, he belongs to that division.

The camera now zooms closer to Kurt, who glares solemnly towards the lens.

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: On iMPACT this Thursday, my task will be to take Amazing Red down, and taking this man down will be symbolic. Because after all, he was one of the original founders of this X-Division, he was the man to beat back in the day. But to me, he is the man to beat come Thursday, and I promise you, I will do that. And any other X-Division star that wants to stand in the way of I, or even Booker T, they will be taken down too. I will retain focus to TNA’s heavyweight division…and no-one, and I mean no-one, can stop me!

Kurt then smiles at the camera before it clicks away from the footage.



Amazing Red vs. Kurt Angle w/ Booker T & Sharmell

Prologue: After defeating Jay Lethal two weeks ago and Yuji Nagata in Japan a week back, Kurt Angle has a lot to gloat about. In fact, so much so, that he has challenged an X-Division star to a match-up, and the man that answered the challenge turns out to be none other than the challenger for the X-Division title at Victory Road, Amazing Red. Has Kurt bitten off more than he can chew tonight?

Recap: The pure technicality of Kurt Angle is enough to belittle any opponent, and that’s certainly how this match started off, with Kurt keeping Red down with impressive takedowns and tight submission holds. But soon, Red showed that he wasn’t one to mess with as he blocked a hip toss attempt with a kick to the abdomen and then used his flexibility to clinch in a nice hurracanrana! Kurt rolled to the apron where Red lay some shots in, but Angle managed to reverse an attempted shoulder thrust into a knee lift to the face, sending Red groggy on the ropes! But Angle hadn’t done there, oh no! He then lifted Red up…and SUPLEXED him over the top ring rope to the outside arena floor! Red fell to the arena floor in pain as Angle discussed the matter with the referee, but this only allowed distraction as Booker T worked over Red on the outside, throwing him into the apron and then rolling him into the ring! Kurt followed up with a cover, but only two! Nonetheless, the damage was done and from then on Kurt remained firmly in control. Firstly, he locked in a seated body scissors which simply squeezed the pressure out of the lesser experienced Red, and when the X-Division star went to fight back, Kurt responded with some harsh MMA elbows! Kurt covered…but no, Red was still fighting and popped a shoulder up at two! But Kurt quickly retaliated, lifting Amazing Red up and then dropping him with a short arm lariat, before taunting to the jeering crowd. Angle then scooped Red up, and then precariously placed him against the corner Tree of Woe style, before drilling him with shoulder thrusts and stomps to the gut as he lay upside down. To add more pressure, Kurt even laid his boot across Red’s throat and near enough choked the life out of him as Red stayed in the upside down position! But Kurt wasn’t done there, and he showed it by walking to the opposite corner and taking a run up…but Red managed to use his upper body strength to climb into a seated position on the top rope and then drilled Angle with a back elbow to the face! Angle fell back groggily, allowing Red to then grasp Angle in a three quarter facelock…and then DROPPED him with a springboard cutter! The two lay down on the mat as the referee counted up to six, and then both got to their feet with Kurt going straight for a clothesline! But Red ducked, and then used his feet to drill Kurt with two consecutive mid kicks, before going for a jumping roundhouse! Kurt ducked, however, and looked for a release German suplex, but Red was flipped onto his feet and then he LEVELLED Kurt with a spinning leg lariat! Red then dropped Kurt with two more lariats, before then finally keeping Kurt down with a nice orbital headscissors DDT! Cover…one…two…no! Kurt kicked out just in time! Red then took a step back and then for some reason went for an early Red Star Press, but Kurt moved out of the way just in time, causing Red to land directly on his face! Groggily standing to his feet, Red was seeing stars…but even more so when Kurt slammed Red with a German suplex, before keeping the hold clinched in and executing another! Kurt then went for a third…but somehow Red managed to wrap his legs around Kurt’s body wheelbarrow style…and then executed a lovely wheelbarrow bulldog! This could’ve been it! One…two…but no, Kurt kicked out in the nick of time! Red, however, was waiting no longer and as soon as Kurt stood to his feet, he was met with a boot to the stomach! With a doubled over Kurt in his sights, Red clambered onto Kurt’s back and looked all set for the Code Red…but wait, Kurt had grasp of the ankle! Quickly manoeuvring his body around, Angle face-planted Red before twisting around…and wrenching in the Ankle Lock! Red grunted in pain but Kurt quickly scissored the leg with his own legs and wrenched the ankle numerous, painful times! Red looked exhausted…and he TAPPED! Kurt defeated Red via tap out!
Winner: Kurt Angle @ 6:53

Aftermath: The ring bell chimes many times, but Angle keeps the hold locked in! To add insult to injury, Booker T then makes his presence felt in the ring by stomping over the body of Amazing Red, and then knee dropping him in the back of the head before scaring away the referee! More looks set to be inflicted, until suddenly Consequences Creed enters the ring and starts bringing the fight to Booker by raining fists onto his face! Booker stumbles to the ropes but Angle immediately releases hold of Red and then clubs Creed in the back…but this time, Jay Lethal is inside the ring! He turns Angle around and lays into him with shoot punches before whipping him towards the ropes…but before Angle can rebound, Lethal clotheslines Angle over the top as Creed kicks Booker in the gut and then throws him through the middle rope and to the outside! Lethal then requests a microphone and gets one, before lifting it to his mouth.

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: Kurt…Booker…!

Kurt and Booker then flash looks towards the ring where Creed stands on the ropes and points towards them before Lethal continues.

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: You wanna prove to the world that you’re better than us…mm…yeah!? At Victory Road…yeah…we challenge you to prove that…yeah…mmm. Because at Victory Road, it’s gonna be, Consequences Creed and I…yeahh, Lethal Consequences. Taking on you, Kurt and Booker, under tag team rules! Oh yeahhhh!

Lethal then drops the mic as he scales the turnbuckle, staring towards Kurt and Booker as he does so. Booker and Kurt nod appreciatively with Kurt smiling at the announcement, before the cameras zoom away.


The cameras appear to be following ‘The Monster’ Abyss, who is walking down the corridor in preparation for his match with Dr. Stevie, which is next. Abyss looks angry, and he turns a corner…only to bump into someone as he does so. That person shrieks, but then the camera looks down and it appears to be none other than TNA backstage interviewer, and Abyss’ girlfriend, Lauren! Lauren hasn’t been seen in a couple of weeks thanks to being victim of a Raven Effect at Slammiversary VII, and she still has the neck brace to prove it. Abyss looks down and is shocked to see her.

“The Monster” Abyss: Lauren!? What are you doing here?

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: Woah there big man! Chris, I was just coming to see how you were actually, and I’m glad I’ve bumped into you.

“The Monster” Abyss: But should you be here, Lauren? Isn’t it dangerous? What about Threat To Society, Lauren? They’re out for you, we all know that…

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: Yes, I know, but I’m sick and tired of living in danger. TNA is not just my job, it’s my home. Threat To Society can try and steer me away from it but they will fail every time. Which is why, tonight, I’m coming out there with you in your match…

“The Monster” Abyss: No, Lauren, please…

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: Nope, I’m doing it, Chris. I known Daffney is going to be on Stevie’s side alongside Raven and I can take that bitch out all by myself. Look, you’re at an unfair disadvantage and I think I’ll help you if I’m by your side.

“The Monster” Abyss: Lauren, think this through, please, think this through. You see that neck brace you’re in right now? Well Threat To Society, they’re evil, manipulative. If I get taken down tonight, you will be next Lauren, and a neck brace is gonna be something you wish you’re gonna be in as you lay in hospital, injured from their attack. So please, do me a favour, I beg on my knees, do NOT come out here tonight. I don’t want to see you in danger. Just stay in the back, please Lauren, just stay in the back! Please…

Lauren takes some time to think about it, before she looks up at Abyss.

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: You know what? You’re right, I’ll stay in the back and watch your match from a distance, if that’s the best way for you. But I need to give you something for good luck…

Lauren then lurches her head forward and Abyss and his girlfriend share a passionate kiss. When it’s over, Abyss looks up happily and places his fingers on his lips to savour the moment, before walking off with a big smile on his face.

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: Good luck, Chris! Just be careful…

Lauren then pauses as she helplessly watches Abyss walk down the corridor.

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: …be careful…


If Abyss wins, the match at Victory Road between himself and Raven is a Monster’s Ball match; if Dr. Stevie wins, the match will be a ‘Raven’s Rules’ match
Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie

Prologue: The feud between Abyss and Threat To Society has intensified so much so that at Victory Road, Raven wants to fight Abyss for what could potentially be the last time. But this match tonight will decide the stipulation: Abyss wins, the match is his trademark Monster's Ball, but if Stevie gets the victory, then Abyss and Raven go head to head under the mysterious Raven's Rules stipulation.

Recap: In what was most confusing in this match-up, Dr. Stevie came down to the contest alone, with no Daffney or Raven by his side. This straight away put him at a disadvantage, as Abyss was adamant to destroy Stevie, tugging at his trunks as the ‘doctor’ went to run away and then smashing him in the back of the head with a lariat! A whip into the buckles was followed by a running corner body splash by Abyss, which Abyss then followed up with a running hip attack to the face as Stevie lay in a seated position against the turnbuckles! Abyss dragged Stevie towards centre ring and covered, but no, Stevie got up just in time! Lifting Stevie up by the hair, Abyss then laid in a fist to the face of the corrupted doctor, before choking him against the ropes, trying to squeeze out those months of pain and anguish! The referee had to step in to break up the hold, which caused Abyss to grab the referee by the shirt! The referee finally got Abyss to let go, and as he smartened himself up, Stevie saw an opening to kick Abyss straight in the groin! Abyss fell to his knees, but this then gave Stevie an opening to size a kneeling Abyss up and near enough superkick his face plain off! Stevie then crawled for the cover…one…two…but no, Abyss kicked out at two and a half! Stevie looked devastated of the result, but knew he had to work over Abyss and so did so with a full nelson camel clutch! But Abyss turned out to be too strong, and stood to his feet with Stevie still placed on his back…before throwing his arm forwards and forcing Stevie to fall onto the canvas back first! Abyss rested against the ropes for a few seconds, but when Stevie got to his feet, Abyss hit a big boot, a clothesline and then finally kept the doctor down with a high angle sidewalk slam! Cover…one…two…but Stevie kicked out yet again! Abyss confronted the referee about this, but Stevie used this to roll out of the ring and begin walking away from the match! But Abyss wasn’t letting him get away so easy, and turned Stevie around before throat thrusting him and then lifting him upwards military press style on the outside! From there, Abyss then walked forwards…and THREW the doctor threw the middle rope and back inside the ring! Abyss then re-entered the ring as Stevie sat upwards and tried to shuffle away, but Abyss had the momentum on his side and goozled Stevie around the throat! Lifting Stevie off the ground, Abyss then pulled Stevie close to his face and smiled, but then suddenly, the lights dimmed slightly and the cameras reverted to the entrance screen, where a scuffle backstage was shown. Clearly, the sounds of a woman screaming ‘HELP! HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP ME!’ was heard, until suddenly the camera revealed the woman to be Lauren, Abyss’ girlfriend…and she was being dragged down the corridor along the floor via Daffney and Raven! The moving image then cut away, as the cameras turned towards Abyss who now shouted furiously at a smiling Stevie who was still in the hold! Abyss then pushed Stevie down to the floor and exited the ring, running to the back in pursuit of his kidnapped girlfriend. With Abyss outside the ring, the referee started the ring out count…and managed to count to 10, counting ‘The Monster’ out! This meant that Stevie had won the match, and at Victory Road, the match will be under Raven’s Rules!
Winner: Dr. Stevie @ 4:13

Aftermath: As Stevie stands to his feet smiling, the cameras go backstage in pursuit of Abyss who looks adamant to find the whereabouts of his girlfriend! Abyss looks high and low, kicking open doors and flicking open curtains, but nothing. However, as he barges his way through a door and into the parking lot area, the pace of Abyss picks up and he goes running forwards! There, in clear camera shot is Abyss’ girlfriend, Lauren, lying on the floor!

“The Monster” Abyss: Lauren…! Lauren…! What did they do to you!?

Lauren however responds by sobbing as she lies curled up on the floor. Abyss kneels down to comfort her, and assures her it is all going to be ok, until suddenly, the screeching of a car is heard nearby. The car then comes into shot, clearly reversing…and the back CLIPS ABYSS ON THE UPPER SHOULDER on impact! Abyss falls to the ground as the car then speeds off, with Abyss lying motionless on the floor! Lauren then crawls forward onto Abyss checking he is okay, before looking up.

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: Chris…? Chris…? Help! Can somebody help!? Please…Help!

Lauren then sobs as she places her hands on Abyss’ chest and the camera is left with Lauren sobbing away due to her fallen boyfriend.



The cameras join us at the broadcast desk where Mike Tenay and Jim Cornette wait patiently by.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Welcome back to tonight’s iMPACT, and tonight’s show has had nothing short of surprises, isn’t that right Cornette?

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: Yeah, and you just saw the extent to which the feud between Abyss and Threat To Society has gone to and boy, I hope for our sake that Abyss is okay…

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Well knowing Abyss, that guy bounces back from a lot of things but come Victory Road, he will have one thing on his mind- to get payback on not only Raven, but Dr. Stevie and Daffney too as they played a part in this calculated attack.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: But why talk about Victory Road when we have so much left of the show? That’s right, coming up in a few moments time, X-Division champion Christopher Daniels will take on Chris Sabin in a non-title match! We all saw last week that Sabin got the victory over his MCMG team mate Alex Shelley, and by doing that he earns his place in a three way dance for the title at Victory Road. Tonight, Daniels gets a taste of what Sabin is capable of…

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Yeah, and not only that, because earlier in the broadcast we saw Sting break a restraining order put in place by Mick Foley and has been escorted out of the arena! With Sting out the way and with the promise of Rhino being in action later on tonight, I can only wonder what Foley and Rhino have in store…

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: That’s all to come, but right now, I’ve got word that Jeremy Borash is standing backstage with the X-Division champ, Chris Daniels. Take it away, Borash…


The view appears with Borash, microphone in hand, looking towards the camera, with Daniels to his side looking on with his belt over his shoulder.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Thanks, Cornette, and that’s right…joining me at this time is the X-Division Champion, Christopher Daniels and my first question to you Chris is this…lately, we’ve seen a revival of some sort all directed towards the X-Division in TNA. Being the champion, how does it feel to be the face of this division?

“TNA X-Division Champion” Christopher Daniels: You know, that’s a very good question, because like you said, recently the TNA X-Division is beginning to pick up. I remember years ago when this company based most of its product on the X-Division because it was fresh, new and exciting, and I am proud to say that thanks to the arrival of new talent, the X-Division is slowly but surely coming out on top. And to be the face of this division as the champion? It just makes it all that much sweeter.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: I can imagine…but moving on to a more specific subject area, in a few minutes time, you get the chance to go one-on-one with Chris Sabin. Earlier tonight, we saw Alex Shelley apologise for leaving Sabin in the ring with you last week, but I think there may still be a bit of tension between MCMG, don’t you?

“TNA X-Division Champion” Christopher Daniels: Look, tension or no tension, tonight I’m out to do one thing, and that’s defeat Sabin in the middle of that ring, one, two, three. You see, for months, the Motor City Machine Guns have been trying their damned hardest to get a shot at this title, and what do they do in order to secure a place in the match at Victory Road? They interfere in my business, cause a No Contest under my part and then continue to try and make a mockery out of I. Well, MCMG, you listen up, and you listen up good. I don’t care what lover’s tiff you’re having, tonight and at Victory Road, my objective will be to taste victory. And Chris Sabin, tonight that starts with you. You thought my attack last week was unacceptable and you want to gain revenge? Then think again. Because here’s the thing with me….I don’t care whether my title is on the line or not, my purpose is as it always has been. To make an impact, the ‘Fallen Angel’ way…

Daniels then smiles towards the camera before walking off, leaving the cameras on Borash.


Christopher Daniels © vs. Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley

Prologue: Last week, Chris Sabin defeated his own team mate Alex Shelley to earn his deserved spot in the three way X-Division title match at Victory Road. Tonight, he gets a taste of what the champ can do, and will be looking for revenge following Daniels' post match attack last week.

Recap: This high rated X-Division affair began with Sabin getting straight into Daniels’ face, obviously still bitterly disappointed from last week’s post-match attack. Sabin was so annoyed, in fact, that he threw his fist towards Daniels, but Daniels was smart enough to duck and he certainly brought the fight to Sabin, sending him to the corner after rapid forearms/ knife edge chops. The referee had to pull Daniels away, but Sabin quickly responded with a kick to the gut and a whip to the ropes, but Daniels leapfrogged over Sabin and delivered a PERFECT leaping calf kick as Sabin rebounded off the ropes! Daniels then whipped Sabin off the ropes once more and doubled over in hopes of a back body drop, but Sabin responded with a sunset flip, which Daniels rolled out of, stood to his feet and looked to roundhouse kick the head of the seated Sabin! But Sabin ducked underneath and then executed a school boy…one…two…but no, Sabin kicked out! Both men immediately got to their feet, with Daniels going for a step up enziguiri but Sabin ducked out of it and then executed a rolling bridging chinlock on his opponent! The crowd went wild at this showcase of high flying antics, as Sabin rolled back and lifted Daniels up facelock style before clubbing him in the back! Sabin then front suplexed Daniels up onto the top rope and then charged forwards, but Daniels responded with a nice palm thrust…before hip tossing Sabin over the top rope and to the outside! Shelley went to check if his partner was okay but he was too close for comfort as Daniels executed a FLAWLESS Arabian Press plancha onto both of the MCMG members! As Daniels basked in the cheers from the crowd, the broadcast headed to a commercial break!


Back off the commercial break and Daniels rolled Sabin into the ring before pursuing him back onto canvas and making a quick cover…but only a two count was breached! Daniels then scoop slammed Sabin to the mat and went to run off the ropes, but Shelley managed to grab onto Daniels’ leg and pulled him to the outside! But Shelley’s attempts at a shot to the face was thwarted by Daniels blocking it with his own hand and then levelling Alex with an open hand slap…until Sabin out of nowhere DRILLED Daniels with a suicide dive, taking him down to the arena floor! Sabin cockily taunted Daniels before rolling him in the ring and acclaiming a two count, but from then on, it was completely Sabin’s game, as he executed a camel clutch to Daniels underneath the bottom rope. When that didn’t work, Sabin snapmared Daniels to the ground before kicking hell off his back and then clinching in a knee placed chinlock. Daniels looked like he just would not give up, and Sabin realised this, slamming ‘The Fallen Angel’ back to the canvas and executing a neat leg drop over Daniels’ throat. After that achieved a two count, Sabin once more cockily strutted for the crowd, before locking in a standing sleeper hold…but the clinch was only on for several seconds as the X-Division champ smartly pushed Sabin away towards the ropes and then PLANTED him with a Blue Thunder Bomb! Both superstars lay down throughout a majority of the ten count, until they got to their feet and exchanged blow for blow mid ring, with Sabin thinking he got the better with a thumb to the eye. But a run to the ropes by Sabin proved disastrous as Daniels slammed him with a big back body drop, and then proceeded to take him down two more times with running back elbows before lifting Sabin up and dropping him with a belly to back backbreaker! Daniels covered…one…two…NO! Sabin kicked out in time! But Daniels thought it was all over and then went for an Arabian Press onto a fallen Sabin, but Sabin rolled out of harms way. Luckily, the champ landed on his feet…or maybe not so luckily as Sabin snuck in a thrust kick to the gut followed by a scoop lift into a sitout facebuster! Daniels rolled away in pain but Sabin leapt on for the cover…one…two…TH…NO! Again Daniels kicked out! Sabin couldn’t believe it as he sat mid ring, holding his head in disbelief before he sent Chris into the ropes. Sabin went for an Irish whip, but ‘The Fallen Angel’ managed to spin around, pull Sabin forwards…and then executed a neat inverted STO, transitioned into the neck wrenching Koji Clutch! The crowd went wild, chanting for Sabin to ‘tap!’ until suddenly Alex Shelley jumped onto the apron, grabbing the referee’s attention! Daniels saw Sabin tap but nobody could call it as Shelley was too busy arguing with the referee! Therefore, Daniels released the hold and went straight at Shelley with a forearm, but Alex ducked and then grabbed Daniels full nelson style! Alex called for Sabin to follow up and the wrestling MCMG member went straight at Daniels with a running dropkick…but Daniels moved out of the way! The dropkick hit SHELLEY! Alex fell off the apron off the impact, and then smashed his face off the barricade as Sabin looked shocked and apologetic in the ring! But the shock was going to turn to even more shock as Daniels awaited Sabin to turn around and then clinched in a bridging Northern lights suplex! With the move catching Sabin by surprise and Daniels stamping his feet to add pressure to the fall…the three counts were made! Daniels had won the match thanks to the plan of MCMG backfiring!
Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 10:05

Aftermath: Daniels immediately exits the ring, rolling underneath the bottom rope and standing to his feet as his music and cheers from the crowd echo around the arena. The referee joins him and raises Daniels hand before handing him his title belt, as Sabin stays in the ring staring towards Daniels, who continually flashes his title belt at the challenger. After Sabin finishes staring towards Daniels, he realises that he had only moments ago inadvertently dropkicked his partner off the apron. Therefore, Sabin rolls underneath the bottom rope and walks towards Shelley, who uses the barricade to stand to his feet with one hand whilst holding his jaw with the other. Sabin walks behind Shelley and sympathetically places a hand on his shoulder…but Shelley shrugs it away! Without looking back at Sabin, Alex simply walks away without looking back. But Sabin is not going to allow Shelley to walk away from this, and he goes after him to try and explain the circumstance. Sabin calls Alex’s name as he walks forward, until he is within a few yards from him…and Shelley instantly turns around and SHOVES Sabin to the ground onto the entrance ramp! Shelley coldly stares at Sabin as Chris looks confused on the floor, before Alex walks through the entrance curtain and to the back.


The cameras appear in the office, looking directly at Foley who has his head in his hands. Alongside him seem to be two guards of some sort, wearing protective headgear which is reminiscent of motorcycle helmets. Near by is Jeremy Borash, who looks confused at the appearance of these guards until he begins to talk down the mic.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Mick…Mick…can I have a word, please…?

Mick instantly looks up at Borash with a smile on his face.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Of course, Borash, of course…what is it you want? Go ahead…shoot…

Borash then looks at the two guards and then glances back at Foley.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Umm…who are these?

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Oh, yes, how rude of me not to do introductions…Borash these are protective police guards…protective police guards, this is Borash. Happy now?

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Why do you need them here, though? Are you under attack or something…?

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: No, no, not at all. They’re just here to keep things at bay, you know, to keep peace and tranquillity on this broadcast. ‘Cos you know, anyone could be running around here. Even Sting…

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Sting…why would Sting be here? We saw you have him carted away earlier tonight…

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Yeah, but there’s the thing. Sting has with him a very dynamic character…one moment he’s here, the next he’s not. I’m not taking any chances. You heard him loud and clear, didn’t you…he wants to beat Rhino and I to a pulp…

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Well speaking of Rhino, where is he? I haven’t seen him show his face around here all night.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Oh trust me, Rhino is here, just you trust me on that one…

A pause then follows as Mick smiles to himself, with Borash looking seriously perplexed.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Umm…where is he then?

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You know what, Borash, I know you’re an interviewer and this is kinda your job, but you ask way too many questions. So I’m gonna give you an answer…I’m gonna go out to that ring, with Rhino, and then you won’t have to quiz me anymore. Got that?

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Hmm…I guess…

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Good…come on guys, let’s go…

Mick pushes his chair away and walks away, and the police guards follow in pursuit of the iMPACT owner, leaving a perplexed Borash in the office alone.



The cameras head to the entrance stage where the music of Mick Foley plays out loud and clear, and out he comes. Alongside him is ‘The War Machine’ Rhino, who as always wears with him a vicious scowl. Next to these two are the two police guards, who hold batons in their hands. All four make their way down to the ring, with Foley and Rhino entering as the guards separate and stand on the outside of the ring. Mick grabs a microphone, and as his music dies down and the jeers from the crowd continue, he begins to talk.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: That’s it, that’s it. Rain down all the boos, all the jeers towards me. Well you know what? It does nothing, absolutely nothing. Earlier tonight, I did the right thing. Sting was escorted out of the arena because he broke a fundamental rule. I mean, what’s wrong with that? And some of you regard him as a role model? Please, some role model he is, and it sickens me to know that it took helpless little old me to uncover that truth!

The crowd continue booing, causing Foley to pause and glare towards them, before he continues on with the microphone firmly in hand.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: But right now, I’m not out here to talk about Sting. Oh no, I don’t want to talk about some rule breaker. Instead, I’m out here to talk about one man who deserves all the appreciation and praise that you guys fail to show him. And that man is standing right here…that man is ‘The War Machine’, RHINO!

The crowd’s boos get louder as the camera zooms onto ‘The War Machine’, who simply rolls his eyes and talks trash towards the crowd.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: ‘Cos you see, Rhino is a sure credit to this business. He gets the job done and he does it in style. With Rhino, it’s something more, nothing less. But you heard that tonight, Sting has challenged him to a match at Victory Road. Well, that match WILL go ahead, you mark my words. But tonight, I think Rhino needs to have a little bit of preparation, a little bit of training in order to get ready for his big title match at Victory Road, don’t you? So, tonight, here’s the deal. I’m pitting Rhino in a gauntlet match. That’s right, a gauntlet match. One opponent comes out, and whoever gets the victory moves onto the next opponent. Simple. I’ve picked some REALLY tough competition, trust me. So let’s start this thing off…

Foley then positions himself mid ring as Rhino takes off his hooded jacket and then stands staring at the entrance stage.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Your first opponent, Rhino…and you’re gonna know this guy pretty well…is SHARK BOY!

The music of Shark Boy appears over the entrance stage, and soon enough, the wrestler appears on the entrance stage, almost as in a repeat of last week’s show. Shark Boy again looks scared to enter the ring, but Rhino on the other hand keeps his eyes on the prey and waits for him to enter the ring. Mick Foley, whilst chuckling him to himself, exits the ring, and then the ring bell chimes, signalling the beginning of this ‘tough’ contest.

Gauntlet Match
A series of one-on-one matches; the winner goes on to face the next opponent until only one man is standing

Match #1 | Rhino vs. Shark Boy
Last week’s match between Shark Boy and Rhino was a quick fire affair, but it looks that tonight, Shark Boy is out to acclaim revenge. Well, that’s technically a lie, as the ring bell tolls and Shark Boy for some reason goes to shake the hand of Rhino as if to offer peace. Rhino stares through the superstar and then for some reason smiles and happily shakes the hand as he nods his head. But, suddenly, Rhino’s face drops…and it is realised this is all a ploy as ‘The War Machine’ pulls Shark Boy forward and sends him flying half way across the ring with a belly to belly suplex! Like that, Shark Boy is grounded, but Rhino slowly awaits his opponent to stand as he stalks him in the opposite corner, then charges forward…GORE! The Gore connects on Shark Boy for a second time in two weeks as Foley jumps up and down on the outside ecstatic at Rhino’s actions! All Rhino had to do from there was crawl for the cover, and the three counts are made.

Mick Foley: And your next opponent…he hails from Japan…and is one half of No Limit…YUJIRO!

Match #2 | Rhino vs. Yujiro
Yujiro looks pretty cautious as he makes his way down to the ring, but as he steps through the second rope, Rhino immediately goes on the offence, dragging Yujiro to the centre of the ring and then hitting him with a dangerous front powerslam! Rhino then grabs Yujiro by the head and trunks and slides him across the canvas, causing him to slide chest first onto the arena floor in pain! Rhino decides to work over Yujiro on the outside, flapjacking him throat first onto the ring barricade and then Irish whipping the superstar into the steel post so that his shoulder collides with the hard, solid structure! Rhino then rolls Yujiro back into the ring and goes to work over him, but somehow Yujiro begins fighting back with some hard lefts and rights. However, a bounce off the ropes turns into Rhino grasping Yujiro up fireman’s carry style…and then DEVESTATING him with a unique TKO! Yujiro is out of it on the floor, but Rhino isn’t done yet. He grabs Yujiro by the hair, pulls his head in between his legs…and then levels his opponent with a sit out piledriver, also known as the Rhino Driver! Cover…one…two…three, job done.

Mick Foley: And your next opponent…as if it matters…again, he’s from Japan and a member of No Limit…NAITO!

Match #3 | Rhino vs. Naito
Naito makes his way down to the ring as Rhino viciously lifts a fallen Yujiro off the mat and throws him to the outside in the direction of the entering Naito! Yujiro lies hurt on the floor and Naito does the sincere thing, checking on his partner, but this allows Rhino to exit the ring and then attack Naito with a hard boot to the skull! Naito rolls away in pain but Rhino is onto him, and he Irish whips the Japanese star into the barricade, the force of the move sending Naito over the barricade and into the crowd area! Rhino then tries to suplex, but Naito manages to hold off and sends Rhino reeling with some fist shots, before scaling the barrier and leaping off with a cross body…but Rhino catches him and then DRILLS him with a scoop slam onto the hard arena floor! After rolling his opponent in the ring, Rhino clinches in a seated sleeper, but soon Naito gets to his feet and then sits out, hitting a nice jawbreaker on Rhino who sprawls to the floor! Naito then psyches himself up and runs off the ropes, but wait, Rhino is standing…SPINNING SPINEBUSTER! BOOM! Rhino rolls over for the cover…one…two…three…next opponent please!

Mick Foley: And your next opponent…or should I say ‘the next person to get his ass whupped’…JETHRO HOLIDAY!

Match #4 | Rhino vs. Jethro Holiday
Rhino is so thirsty for pain that he exits the ring and meets Jethro half way…only to have his shot blocked with some nice fists by Jethro who then sends Rhino’s back right into the apron! Jethro then rolls Rhino inside the squared circle and bolts to the top rope…but Rhino has recuperated and he press slams Jethro onto the hard ring floor! Stomping over Jethro’s fallen body, Rhino looks like he is doing this for pleasure, shown furthermore when he stands over a crouching Jethro and wildly swings forearms into Holiday’s nose five times! A floored Jethro is enough evidence for Rhino to wrap things up, and he tries to do so with a Rhino Driver…but wait, Jethro holds off…and then back body drops Rhino over his head! Rhino crawls to the corner turnbuckle and then slowly stands against the buckles, but Jethro comes charging right at him…only to become victim of a knee lift to the face! Jethro falls back groggily, allowing Rhino to sit up on the top turnbuckle…uh oh…could Rhino be looking for a Super Rhino Driver!? It sure looks it as Rhino grabs the head…but suddenly Jethro smacks the hands away and then dropkicks Rhino in the sternum! Rhino wobbles groggily up top, allowing Jethro to lay in more first shots and then scale the ropes next to him. But as Holiday grasps Rhino in a headlock as if going for a super bulldog off the top, Rhino begins to fight back…and then lifts Jethro up slightly before releasing him, sending him back first onto the canvas and HARD! Rhino then gets his position ready as he stands on the second buckle and awaits Jethro to turn around, and when he does…he is met with a DIVING GORE! Jethro looks obliterated on the floor, and it comes as no surprise that three seconds later, Rhino is declared the winner.
Winner: Rhino @ 6:16

Aftermath: Rhino stands to his feet and stares into the eyes of the jeering crowd on the front row, looking completely oblivious to the victory and more focused upon glaring at the fans. The cameras then turn to Foley who stands with a microphone in hand gleefully.

Mick Foley: And it is my pleasure to announce…the winner of this fair and square match up…RH-

But suddenly, Mick is cut off by the action of the lights dimming until the arena is completely blacked out! The arena is in pitch darkness for around five seconds, until suddenly on the screen comes Sting’s entrance video accompanied by Sting’s normal entrance music booming out on the PA system! The fans cheer wildly thinking Sting is here, until the lights turn back on…but Sting hasn’t appeared on the stage. Oh no. Instead, the cameras zoom to ringside and it is evident that the two security guards are knocked out on the ringside area and then another guard is inside the ring, standing behind Rhino! Rhino, however, has his focus on the entrance stage as he awaits Sting to appear…but he has to wait no more as the guard removes his protective helmet and reveals himself as…oh my…THE ICON, STING!! The crowd heat is now roaring, and the cameras zoom to a worried looking Mick Foley who is trying to grab Rhino’s attention! But Rhino has no clue, and walks back…only to be hit on the upper back with a crowbar by Sting! Rhino grimaces in pain off the attack, but he is left helpless and Sting picks up the pieces as he places him in an inverted facelock…and then stares coldly towards Mick Foley. Foley tries desperately to flash Sting the restraining order, but Sting SPITS towards Foley disrespectfully…before PLANTING Rhino with a SCORPION DEATH DROP! Rhino lies motionless on the floor as Sting stands to his feet and simply points the crowbar towards Mick Foley. Mick looks shocked at the action of Sting but is helpless on the outside, as the final shot depicts Sting’s angry face before this week’s iMPACT disappears off air.


iMPACT confirmed Victory Road Matches
Victory Road | 19th July, 2009
Only two weeks away!

Winner gets a future shot at the X-Division Title
Fatal Four Way
Alex Koslov vs. Prince Devitt vs. Pac vs. Matt Cross

Tag Team
Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed) vs. Kurt Angle & Booker T w/ Sharmell

TNA X-Division Title Match
Three Way Dance
Christopher Daniels © vs. Amazing Red vs. Chris Sabin

Raven's Rules
Raven w/ Daffney & Dr. Stevie vs. Abyss

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match
Rhino w/ Mick Foley vs. Sting (c)

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]

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