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Re: Broken Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Raw Review

-Woah. Huge video pacakage which ultimately was too long for me. I think you should only highlight one particular thing in an opening package unless it's the post-PPV show. The two things focused on didn't really link together either.

-I knew it would be either Cena or Edge opening the show, and I think it was the best decision to go for Cena. The opening was essentially a typical Cena promo and it stepped up a notch when Angle came to the ring. He (Angle) was acting almost like a tweener in this promo with the jokes against Lita, then perhaps cementing the face turn at the end by hitting the Angle Slam on Daivari. Not sure if you were going for a face turn or just wanting to quickly seperate Angle and Daivari though. As far as Edge not being there tonight (according to Lita, that is), under normal circumstances I'd say bad decision, given it's the go-home show ahead of the pay-per-view, but since it's the Rumble, the main attraction is of course, the Rumble match, so it's acceptable. Plus, I really don't buy that he's not there. A decent opening promo regardless.

-Bit disappointed you elected to have Cena face Masters in the main event as opposed to Angle, which would've made more sense after their altercation earlier. I suppose you're saving that match for either 'Mania or, more likely, a Raw at a later date. Still, this segment served its purpose with the main event for tonight being booked by Bischoff.

-The finish to the Cade/Benjamin match wasn't really believable for me. Getting the win after having his hand pulled slightly? I think it would've been better if Benjamin got his foot on the ropes, then Murdoch had pushed it off. The aftermath was interesting. It seems like the reformation or feud with Haas and Benjamin, depending on the direction you're taking, will have some slow build possibly culminating at WrestleMania. It's an intruiging situation though.

-I would've thought Michaels' character around this period would relish the challenge of entering number one in the Rumble, but judging by this reaction he's more concerned. Aside from that this was another segment which accomplished something - that being the confirmation of Michaels' Rumble entry.

-I'm enjoying the divas situation. While it's being booked slightly similar to the real life culmination of events leading into the Mickie/Trish feud, it's very interesting because I've no ideia when you're going to pull the trigger on it. A good win for Trish to get some momentum ahead of the Rumble, and with Victoria stealing the belt, it's a very interesting scenario.

-A good interview for Helms. He had a chance to become a decent heel around this point but the WWE kind of fucked him over by putting him in the cruiserweight division. I was half expecting one of the men he was trash talking to appear and bury him ala WWE booking, but luckily that didn't happen. Hopefully he gets a decent run in the Rumble match.

-Victoria openly admitting she's got a psychological problem? It's different. A little odd, but different.

-Tomko and Snitsky getting into the Rumble was a no-brainer.

-More Carlito/Masters goodness here. The two have some good chemistry as displayed here and again it's teased, perhaps jokingly, that they have some issues to work out within their team. Hopefully Masters has a strong showing in the main event with Cena.

-Star-studded Royal Rumble preview next, and I think you booked it spot on really. Flair eliminated by Helms was a good surprising move and after last week's grueling match with Edge it made perfect sense. I also liked Helms' elimatination, being double-teamed, giving him more reason to be a prick to everyone, and it was standard stuff with everyone going for the big man soon after. Wasn't terribly surprising that the last three were Angle, HBK and Triple H. A good exchange at the end with Michaels and Angle though. Overall a good preview, allowing you to display your ability for writing multi-man matches which I personally find very difficult. Angle winning was probably the right decision though I still can't help but feel that he's maybe too obvious.

-Good main event and a good way to close the show. The DQ finish was a good decision allowing Masters to escape from Cena with his credibility in tact. Edge not being in the arena was shock of the century! The con-chair-to afterward leaves a question mark over Cena's condition with the match just six days away. Also, don't know whether you deliberately left out the commentary at the end or you were just being lazy, but it was good. Love it when it's all silent like that with the heel standing tall. Great stuff.

OVERALL: Some minor flaws but a good go-home show ahead of the Rumble overall. It seemed like there was quite a lot of filler but I'd attribute that to it being Rumble time and only a few matches making pay-per-view. A lot of angles are being slowly-built and it's definitely making for an intruiging show, with so many directions to take certain things, plus how you'll distinguish things - for example Mickie/Trish - from real life.


SNME is a useful tool to have on the road to WrestleMania so that should be good. The wellness policy coming into effect is... well, bad news for Jeff Hardy I suppose?
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