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Re: AMRocky25 Presents: WWE - The Future

Raw 8/24/09

Raw Opening Video is shown
Pyro goes off as the crowd goes wild

Cole: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the aftermath of SummerSlam here on Monday Night Raw. I’m Michael Cole along side Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler and King I can’t wait to see what goes down tonight.
King: I can’t wait either Michael. Tonight there will be a big announcement that doesn’t just involve Raw but the entire WWE. I wonder what it is. I can’t wait!

Randy Orton’s music hits
Legacy comes out as the crowd boos them

Lillian: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the ring Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, and the WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Cole: And here comes the current WWE Champion Randy Orton and the rest of Legacy down to the ring to kick off Raw.
King: Well Orton looks to be in a good mood after retaining is title last night. But then again you can never tell what emotions Orton has accept for rage.

Orton: Last night at SummerSlam I did exactly what I said I would do. I walked in WWE Champion, and I left still WWE Champion. And all of you people doubted me. When will it click in your little heads that I am the absolute best there is in the WWE today and that no one can beat me. I have taken out the entire McMahon family this year and I have formulated the greatest group of superstars to every grace the WWE in Legacy. Ted & Cody will follow in my footsteps, surpassing their fathers and becoming the face of the WWE in the future. But as for right now, there is on one and nothing that can stop us from taking over the WWE.

Vickie Guerrero comes out to massive boos

Vickie: Excuse me! Randy, I would just like to congratulate you on your win last night. I am so proud to have you as WWE Champion here on Raw.
Orton: Thank you Vickie. At least someone gets it and understands just how great I am.
Vickie: But that’s not all I came out here to say. On wwe.com it was said that there would be a big announcement tonight that affected not only Raw but every WWE brand. I have been sent out here by the Board of Directors to make that announcement. In three weeks at Unforgiven, all three brands will have a Scramble Match for their respective brand’s world title. So what that means for Raw is that there will be four competitors going for your WWE title Randy. And qualifying matches for the four spots will begin tonight.

Orton stands there pissed off with Rhodes & DiBiase trying to calm him down

King: Orton doesn't look too happy about this announcement.
Cole: No he doesn't King. Well whether he likes it or not, tonight we will see a few qualifying matches for the WWE Championship Scramble Match. Who will join Randy Orton at Unforgiven? We'll find out later tonight.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Backstage a reporter is with Batista

Reporter: Ladies and gentlemen, the Animal Batista. Now Batista, we all just heard the news, at Unforgiven it’s going to be a Scramble Match for the WWE Championship. What is your take on this?
Batista: Well I’ve won a Scramble match before, but I can assure you that it doesn’t matter what type of match it is, I will do everything in my power to become champion once again.
Reporter: Tonight you will be involved in one of the four qualifying matches.
Batista: Yes I will, and it doesn’t matter who it is, I know that I will qualify and go on to Unforgiven.

Matt Hardy then comes in

Matt: Oh is that so Batista? Well good luck tonight because you’ll need it. Now why don’t you sit back and watch a real wrestler qualify for the Scramble Match. And if you happen to get luck enough to qualify for the scramble match, then you better watch out for the Black Cloud hanging over your head and taking the WWE Championship.

Matt walks off as Batista stares him down angry

Cole: Up next, it'll be Matt Hardy verses John Cena in our first of four qualifying matches. Stay tuned to Raw to find out who will qualify.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Matt Hardy’s music hits and the crowd boos
Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a qualifying match for the WWE Championship Scramble Match at Unforgiven. Making his way to the ring, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 236 pounds, Matt Hardy.

Cole: Well King, Matt Hardy seems very confident about qualifying here tonight for the scramble match at Unforgiven.
King: Yes he does, and he not only inturupted Batista’s interview but he said that if he was lucky enough to qualify for the championship match, that the “Black Cloud” would cost him the title. Batista didn’t seem to take to kind to those words by Hardy.
Cole: Matt has referred to himself as the “Black Cloud” before and has a whole new attitude to go with it as we have been seeing since the Royal Rumble earlier this year. And even though I don’t agree with Hardy’s actions, he has been on a roll lately and this could be his biggest chane yet.

John Cena’s music hits and the crowd cheers
Lillian: And his opponent, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighting in at 240 pounds, John Cena.

King: Here comes John Cena! Matt Hardy’s got his hands full now.
Cole: If Matt Hardy could pick up this win, it could propel him forward to the championship match with a lot of momentum.
King: Well Matt still looks confident in the ring, let’s see what happens here. One of these two men will move onto Unforgiven in the Scramble Match.

Qualifying Match for WWE Championship Scramble Match
John Cena vs. Matt Hardy

-A back and forth match by these two with Matt Hardy acting kind of cocky and showing an attitude the whole time. Towards the end, John Cena does his usual routine of shoulder blocks, to the spin-out powerbomb, to the 5-knuckle shuffle. Cena signals for the Attitude Adjustment and lifts Matt on his shoulders. Matt elbows Cena in the head repeatedly and drops down in front of him. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate but Cena reverses by pushing Matt Hardy off with force. Matt goes off the ropes for a clothesline but Cena ducks it. Matt then goes for a quick roll-up holding the ropes but the referee seeing Matt cheating. Matt argues with the referee and then turns around right into the Attitude Adjustment. Cena goes for the pin 1…2…3.
Winner: John Cena

Lillian: Here is your winner, John Cena

Cole: So John Cena is the first man to qualify for the WWE Championship scramble match at Unforgiven.
King: Yeah but Matt Hardy doesn’t look too pleased with what just happened.
Cole: It’s his own fault for arguing with the referee, but it looks like Matt Hardy couldn’t back up what he said to Batista before. Anyway, there are three more spots to fill in the scramble match and there will be more qualifying matches here tonight. Stay tuned to Raw to find out who else will qualify for the Scramble Match.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Backstage in Vickie Guerrero’s office, Vickie and Chavo are talking when Randy Orton comes in

Orton: What the hell Vickie?
Vickie: Can I help you Orton?
Orton: Can I help you? Are you kidding me? Vickie, how can you put me in a Scramble Match at Unforgiven with my title on the line? That’s unfair, I don’t even have to be pinned to lose the title.
Vickie: Orton it’s not my decision, I was told by the WWE Board of Directors that the every world title would be on the line in a Scramble match.
Orton: Well you need to do something about this.
Vickie: There is nothing I can do.
Orton: You’re just gonna give up like that? Maybe I should take matters into my own hands and just punt every single competitor that’ll be in the Scramble match. I’ll do it if I have to. What kind of general manager are you putting your….
Chavo: How dare you speak to my aunt and your general manager that way. Why don’t you show some respect to her.
Vickie: Chavo, calm down. Randy I see your point and while I can’t change the match, I can help you out. Tonight you will have a match and if you win then you will enter the Scarmble Match at number 5. How about that?
Orton: I guess that’s the best I can ask for right now. But earn it? I’m the WWE Champion, I should automatically be number 5.
Chavo: Aunt Vickie, let me take on Orton in that match tonight.
Vickie: You sure Chavo?
Chavo: Yeah, I want to teach him that you need to respect the Guerrero family.
Vickie: Ok so tonight it will be Randy Orton verses Chavo Guerrero, and if you win Randy then you are the number 5 entry in the Scramble Match at Unforgiven.
Orton: I look forward to making an example out of you.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Mickie James music hits and the crowd cheers
Lillian: The following diva tag match is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to ring, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly.

Cole: Welcome back to Raw and here we go King, some diva tag action.
King: Boy do I love diva action. Just look at Mickie and Kelly.
Cole: I’m sure either one of these diva’s would love a shot at the Diva’s Championship.

Maryse’s music hits and the crowd boos
Lillian: And their opponents, Jillian Hall and the Diva’s Champion Maryse.

Cole: Here’s the Diva’s Champion Maryse. She has done quite some job in keeping that title with her.
King: That title looks great with her. She’s one of my favorite things about Canada.

Maryse & Jillian vs. Kelly Kelly & Mickie James
-Solid divas match with each diva getting in there and showing their skills. At the end, Kelly Kelly knocks Jillian, who was the illegal person, out of the ring with a dropkick. Maryse then comes from behind but Kelly elbows Maryse. Kelly goes for a kick but Maryse catches her foot and pushes her off and against the ropes by her corner. Mickie makes the blind tag when Kelly goes off the ropes, which Maryse isn’t aware of. Maryse catches Kelly coming off the ropes and does the French Kiss. Maryse tries to pin Kelly but the referee tries to explain that Mickie is the legal person in the match. Maryse yells at the referee and tells him to shut up. Maryse turns around to Mickie kicking her in the mid-section and then performing the Mickie-DT. Mickie goes for the cover, 1…2…3, Mickie gets the win for her team.
Winners: Mickie James & Kelly Kelly

Lillian: Here are your winners Kelly Kelly and Mickie James.

As Mickie walks up the ramp, Maryse looks at her holding her head, all pissed off.

Cole: What a win for Mickie James, she just pinned the Diva’s Champion in a tag team match.
King: Yeah but look at Maryse. She looks like she wants to tear Mickie apart and who can blame her. She had no idea Mickie tagged into the match.
Cole: Mickie got that blind tag and took advantage. It’s not her fault Maryse didn’t see the tag.
King: I have a feeling this isn’t the last time we will see these two face off.
Cole: Still to come tonight are two more Qualifying Matches for the WWE Championship Scramble Match at Unforgiven. Who wil qualify? Stay tuned to Raw here on the USA Network.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Backstage, Legacy is in the locker room together

Orton: Ted, Cody, this is big right now. You two are going out to compete in a qualifying battle royal for the scramble match for my title. It’s bad enough that I’m forced to be in this unfair match, but let’s at least make things better for me, better for Legacy to reign supreme.If one of you is in the match, then I have a better chance at walking out of Unforgiven WWE Champion. So I need you two to focus tonight because this is really important.
Rhodes: Don’t worry Randy. Ted and I, we’ve got this. We have a game plan. We just eliminate everyone else and when it comes down to the two of us, it doesn’t matter who wins at the point, but at least a Legacy member is in the match.
DiBiase: Yeah Randy, this should be no problem. One of us will win and then we go on to Unforgiven to insure that you get that final fall in the Scramble Match so that you walk out still champion.
Orton: Good, good. I’m counting on you two. Now go out there and win. And then I’ll beat the hell out of Chavo Guerrero later to earn the number 5 spot in the scramble match making my winning odds that much better. Show me why Legacy is the greatest faction of all time.
Rhodes: We won’t let you down.

Cole: Some motivation from Orton to Priceless. When we come back, we will see the Over The Top Rope Battle Royal Qualifying Match. Don't go anywhere.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Lillian: The following contest is an over the top rope battle royal for a spot in the WWE Championship scramble match at Unforgiven. Superstars are eliminated when they are thrown over the top rope and both feet touch the floor. The last person in the ring wins the match.

The Brian Kendrick’s music hits and the crowd boos
Lillian: Making his way to the ring, from Venice, California, weighing in at 184 pounds, The Brian Kendrick.

Cole: Here comes the very cocky and eccentric Brian Kendrick.
King: Um Michael, it’s “The” Brian Kendrick.
Cole: Right, well Kendrick is no stranger to the Scramble match. Last year he was the longest reigning Scramble Champion and would love to have his chance in that match again.

Kofi Kingston’s music hits and the crowd cheers
Lillian: Making his way to the ring, from Jamaica, weighing in at 218 pounds, Kofi Kingston.

Cole: Here comes the always smiling Jamaican superstar Kofi Kingston.
King: Come on Cole say it. Boom! Boom! Boom!
Cole: Haha, the fans love the ever exciting Kofi. Could tonight be the first step for him to becoming a world champion?

The Miz’s music hits and the crowd boos
Lillian: Making his way to the ring, from Cleveland, Ohio, weighing in at 231 pounds, The Miz.

King: The arrogant Miz. This guy is so full of himself.
Cole: Yes he is King but you can’t deny how successful The Miz has been in the past year.
King: Former WWE & World Tag Team Champion. There’s no denying how much he’s improved in the last year.

Mr. Kennedy’s music hits and the crowd cheers
Lillian: Making his way to the ring, from Green Bay, Wisconsin, weighing in at 235 pounds, Mr. Kennedy.

Cole: Here comes Mr. Kennedy.
King: Kennedy!
Cole: Kennedy was out for months with an injury but is now back in the ring and is better than ever.
King: How great would it be for him to come back and go into a championship match? That would be huge for Kennedy.

Legacy’s music hits and the crowd boos
Lillian: And making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of 454 pounds, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Priceless.

Cole: And here they are. Orton’s lackeys, DiBiase & Rhodes.
King: Well Michael I wouldn’t call them lackeys. Yes tonight they are working for Orton’s benefit but they are the future of this business thanks to being aligned with Randy Orton.
Cole: There is no arguing that being apart of Legacy has bettered their career but these two are so great that they could have done without having to align themselves with that snake Orton.

Qualifying Match for WWE Championship Scramble Match
Over The Tope Rope Battle Royal
Mr. Kennedy vs. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

-The match starts off with every man battling each other back and forth, with Priceless being the only two to work together. The Brian Kendrick is cornered by Priceless but is able to kick them away one at a time. Kendrick gets out of the corner and hits Rhodes with a dropkick. Kendrick gets right up and does a high leg lariat to DiBiase. Kendrick taunts and grabs Cody by the head. Kendrick goes for The Kendrick but Ted gets up and catches Kendrick as he flipped over. Priceless then tosses Kendrick right out of the ring who hits against the announce table. While this happens, Miz tosses Kofi over the top rope but Kofi lands on the apron. Miz turns around into a forearm by Kofi. Kofi goes for a springboard attack but Miz kicks the ropes in making Kofi land right on top of the ropes. Miz then delivers the Reality Check to Kofi in that position which knocks him out of the ring. Miz and Kennedy look at each other and realize they need to work together to eliminate Priceless if they want to have a chance of winning. The four of them fight back and forth until Kennedy and Miz get the advantage. Miz tells Kennedy to take Cody and toss him over the top rope. Kennedy goes for this but Miz turns on him and tosses him over the tope rope, but Kennedy holds on and gets on the apron. Miz didn’t see this and is taunting and screaming “All day long! Who’s the best?” Right at that point Miz turns around to see Kennedy on the apron. Miz runs at Kennedy but Kennedy kicks him through the middle rope. Kennedy then tries to suplex Miz over but Miz restrains from going to the floor and lands on the apron. The two exchange blows but Kennedy gets the better of it and rams Miz into the ring post and the Miz falls to the floor eliminating him. Kennedy looks down at Miz and screams “Kennedy!” Just then, DiBiase tries to take the advantage with a running high dropkick to Kennedy, but Kennedy spots this and pulls the top rope down as much as he can which sends DiBiase over the top rope and lands hard on the floor. Cody comes over and tries to hit and push Kennedy to the floor but Kennedy resists and knees Cody which allows Kennedy to get back into the ring. DiBiase with all he has left crawls over to the ring and grabs Kennedy’s foot. Kennedy tries to shake him off as Rhodes rushes towards him. Kennedy then ducks and back-body drops Rhodes to the outside onto DiBiase which wins Kennedy the match.
Winner: Mr. Kennedy

Lillian: Here is your winner, Mr. Kennedy.

Cole: Mr. Kennedy eliminates Priceless to go onto Unforgiven for his WWE Championship shot.
King: Yeah Kennedy is added to the Scramble match, but this must have made Orton even madder.
Cole: I can only imagine how the WWE Champion is reacting right now. But Kennedy deserved it and will join John Cena and Randy Orton at Unforgiven.

Backstage we see Batista getting ready for his match and Matt Hardy comes walking by holding his head in pain

Batista: So Matt, that was a…a good match you had. To bad you didn’t win like you said you were going to. But it’s ok because so people like you are just all talk, whereas people like me…well I don’t talk, I just win.

Batista walks away and Matt looks on pissed off

*-----Commercial Break------*

Chavo Guerrero’s music hits and the crowd cheers
Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from El Paso, Texas, weighing in at 215 pounds, Chavo Guerrero.

Cole: Welcome back to Raw as Chavo Guerrero makes his way to the ring. This match was made earlier tonight after the WWE Champion barged into Vickie Guerrero’s office complaining about the match at Unforgiven. Chavo then stepped in to defend his aunt and Vickie made the match.
King: All Chavo was doing was defending his aunt Vickie, his family. And we all know how important family is to the Guerreros. And Chavo looks ready to defend his family’s honor and teach Orton a lesson.
Cole: Well after Priceless lost the battle royal qualifying match, I don’t know if Chavo is going to want to face Orton.

Randy Orton’s music hits and the crowd boos
Lillian: And his opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Cole: Here comes the WWE Champion and boy does he look like he’s in a bad mood.
King: Orton looks like he’s gonna explode any second now. I wouldn’t want to be Chavo Guerrero right now.
Cole: Remember, if Orton wins this match then he enters the Scramble Match at number 5, so there is an extra incentive for Orton to win on top of him just being pissed off.

Randy Orton vs. Chavo Guerrero
-Both men start off brawling each other. In the beginning it went back and forth, but at a point Orton hits running knee to the gut of Chavo. After that you can see the frustration on Orton’s face and the rage just letting loose. Orton stomps around Chavo viciously and doesn’t hold back from his relentless attack. Orton performs a few calculating moves like the DDT from the middle rope and a stiff kick to the side of the head. Orton stalks Chavo, screaming “Get Up! Get Up Now!” Orton hits the RKO on Chavo and goes for the cover, 1…2…3 Orton wins.
Winner: Randy Orton

Lillian: Here is your winner Randy Orton.

Cole: You can tell Orton got a lot of anger out in that match, but wait King what his Orton doing now?

Orton stalks Chavo from the corner and goes to punt him in the head, but the referees and security stop him

King: Thank God! That would have been too much. Orton is going insane.
Cole: Orton was not having a good night after finding out about the Scramble Match and Priceless losing, but that would have been too much. That was a defenseless Chavo that could have been taking out by that vile kick.
King: Chavo was just trying to defend his family’s honor and stick up for himself. Unfortunately, he picked the wrong night to mess with Randy Orton.
Cole: But anyway, after that win Orton is now the number 5 entry in the Scramble Match at Unforgiven. Which means he will enter the match last and the freshest, which slightly betters his chances of winning but not by much at all.
King: That Scramble match is really anyone’s match. No one has a clear cut advantage and as we’ve seen in the past anything can happen.
Cole: When we come back, we will have our final qualifying match here on Monday Night Raw.

*-----Commercial Break------*

Cole: Welcome back to Raw and next we will have our main event which is the third qualifying match for the scramble match at Unforgiven.
King: That’s right Michael, it will be the Animal Batista verses the Game Triple H. We saw the Animal earlier tonight and he looks focused on winning and going on to Unforgiven to win the WWE Championship.
Cole: Speaking of qualifying matches, our fourth and final qualifying match for Raw’s scramble match will be this Thursday on WWE Superstars were the Big Show will take on the United States Champion MVP. The winner joins WWE Champion Randy Orton, John Cena, Mr. Kennedy, and the winner of our main event in the Scramble Match at Unforgiven.

Batista’s music hits and the crowd cheers
Lillian: The following contest is a qualifying match for the WWE Championship Scramble Match at Unforgiven scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Washington D.C., weighing in at 290 pounds, Batista.

Cole: Here comes the Animal! Batista is ready and focused on becoming WWE Champion.
King: Yeah but first he has to win tonight to even qualify for the championship match.
Cole: And let me tell you King, it’s not gonna be an easy match.

Triple H’s music hits and the crowd cheers
Lillian: And his opponent, from Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing in at 255 pounds, Triple H.

King: It’s time to play the Game!
Cole: This is not the first time these two have been in the ring together. Former partners in Evolution, they faced off for the first time at WrestleMania 21.
King: Batista won that match to become World Heavyweight Champion for the first time. Now let’s see who will move on to the Scramble Match at Unforgiven.

Qualifying Match for WWE Championship Scramble Match
Triple H vs. Batista

-The match was a pretty long match that the audience got into. Both men performed most of their main moves throughout the match and it was never one sided. Towards the end, Triple H hit the high knee and then the Double A Spine Buster on Batista. Triple H taunted to the crowd and got ready for the Pedigree. Batista reversed the Pedigree, shifting the momentum. Batista hit Triple H with a few strong clotheslines and then a Spear. Batista then delivered a Spine Buster to Triple H and taunted for the Batista Bomb with the thumbs down. Just then, Matt Hardy runs down to the ring and is on the apron screaming at Batista. Batista goes over to Matt and starts arguing with him. The referee tries to separate the two, but Batista pushes him aside a little rougher than he thought he did. The referee was up but holding his head and not looking at the action. Batista turned his head to look at the referee for one second which allowed Matt to deliver a Twist of Fate on the ropes. Batista backs up dazed right into Triple H who delivers a Pedigree. Triple H goes for the cover, 1…2…3 Triple H wins.
Winner: Triple H

Lillian: Here is your winner Triple H.

Cole: So thanks to interference by Matt Hardy, Triple H wins and goes onto Unforgiven.
King: Well it wasn’t the Game’s fault. He had no idea Matt was out here and what he did.
Cole: That may be true King, but the bottom line is that Matt Hardy cost Batista the match.

Matt Hardy gets back into the ring and looks at Batista on the ground. Matt lifts him up and does the Twist of Fate to Batista. Matt then stares down at Batista with his hand held high and walks out with a smirk on his face screaming “who’s the loser now?”

Cole: I can’t believe what we just saw. Matt Hardy just took out the Animal Batista, and right after he lost his match.
King: Earlier on, these two had a few interactions backstage and I think this was Matt’s way of getting back at Batista for making fun of him after he lost his qualifying match.
Cole: Matt Hardy is showing us that he really has changed and that he wants to be taken seriously. And I think standing tall at the end of Raw is exactly what he wanted. What a Raw tonight. So much unexpected happened. Thank you for joining us here tonight, goodnight everyone.


Unforgiven 9/13/09

Official Theme Song: Daughtry – “You Don’t Belong”

Match Card:

WWE Championship
Scramble Match
Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Triple H vs. ???

World Heavyweight Championship
Scramble Match
Edge vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

ECW Championship
Scramble Match
Christian vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

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