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Re: Broken Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Raw Feedback

Nice opening video package, showing us all the events that took place, I’m happy with that because you know; I haven’t exactly been around for your last few shows .

Straight off in the commentary during Cena’s entrance, Styles and Coach are great. Jerry Lawler needs to go, his generic one line stating the obvious comments are not needed, imo.

John Cena was alright here early on, however I really don’t like the fact that he is going to be out here now, and then again later on in the night for the contract signing. This reeks of you having to fill some time so you decided to give Cena two segments instead of one, and if that’s the case, to be quite honest, I’m a little disappointed. Cena was pretty good though, I loved the way he remained friendly, while also showing that borderline explosive intensity that he has, and you had him pretty spot on. The only thing I’d watch, and I heard somebody mention it in another review for you, so I’m guessing it’s a constant occurrence, and that is that he seemed to repeat himself a little bit every now and then, just to get the promo from A to B. For example I think there was a few times when he mentioned “I can’t do anythin’ about it.” Alright, well we know that, now can you get to the point, but besides that everything was spot on.

Umm, I just want to let you know early that you need to drop Daivari as Angle’s manager, the guy is a tool, and it made no sense when the retard WWE did it. Soooo, yeah, drop him soon please. Kurt Angle on the microphone was awesome, man, I’m not just pulling your chain either, I really enjoyed his promo, and I think it’s clear that you enjoy writing his intensity. One weird thing though, is Angle mentioning about all their matches last year, even though he may have dominated, he still lost every time so he shouldn’t have mentioned that, it was unnecessary, imo.

Lita? Pfft, what a waste? Anyway, it was a nice twist, but I was a little annoyed to hear the fact that Edge is not in the building tonight, although I have some weird feeling, perhaps from an msn conversation when you were writing the show, that tells me that this is a swerve. “Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Lita, you musta’ misheard. Y’see Kurt over here, he was lookin’ for your wife…” This attempt at an insult on Lita by Cena was shit house, and the one later by Angle could have been epic, although the wording of it made that one shit house as well . Seriously, I’m probably being a little over the top just because it’s you, because besides a few little things this opening segment has been solid.

Cena taking a cheap shot was unexpected as he is usually meant to be the guy leaning towards a face, perhaps this is a sign of a heel turn in the future. Anyway, the brawl was nice with Angle’s intensity clearly shining through, and the fact that Cena rolled out of the ring also alludes to an eventual heel turn. I LOVE YOU! Daivari better be gone for good.

A nice little backstage meeting between Eric Bischoff and Lita, and I love the way you’re doing the whole Edge/Lita against the world storyline. I think it was PatMan who began executing it very well in his ’06 thread before ending it, and if you can continue to use this storyline, it could become something epic.

A nice solid win here in the opening contest for Lance Cade, however I really don’t want to talk about him. I guess since you are continuing Shelton Benjamin’s losing streak, and Haas is going to keep saving him, that eventually they are going to team up. Any storyline bringing back WGTT is a good one although it’ll be interesting to see how long they stay together for, because I can already see a Benjamin heel turn because he can’t win without Haas kind of thing, although I could be long off.


Edge isn’t answering his phone. , you really shouldn’t have told me you wrote that final segment.

Pretty awesome interaction between Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon, Michaels being his usual self, just talking up his chances and how he is going to defy the odds and McMahon comes and crushes his hopes by naming him as number one entrant in the Rumble. I like this severe punishment; however one thing I’m not sure about is the fact that this feud is still going pretty similar to the one in real life.

Trish Stratus was always defeating Candice Michelle, and Victoria attacking after the match is some simply hype for her to have the momentum, but of course she will lose at the Rumble. Massaro/Mickie brawl was alright I guess, I am expecting this to be a Trish/Mickie feud, which is really the only sensible way to go, imo.

Gregory Helms interview was nice, I continue to love the attitude you have given him. He better not get lost in the shuffle after ‘Mania.

“Trish Stratus thinks Mickie James is crazy…” I love psycho Vickie so if you make this happen, I really love you. All of a sudden, I see myself hoping for a triple threat at ‘Mania for the womens championship.

“Yeah, I know Snitsky sucks, but Tomko owns, plus, who would you rather see in the Rumble?” None of them. Ugghh, Tomko does not own, I’d rather have a twenty eight man Rumble .

Chris Masters getting a one on one match, and getting more mic time then Carlito shows how much you rate him. I personally prefer Carlito, although things are looking very interesting between these two as they remain getting along, but at the same time there is little hints to a little rivalry brewing.

Awesome Battle Royal, just awesome. It was a great preview for this Sunday, with everything seemingly going well, with some nice eliminations, such as Big Show eliminating Kane, perhaps starting some feuds heading towards the Rumble and onwards. Anyway, the ending was terrific with HBK and Angle and I was ecstatic to see Angle getting the win, as I am loving his direction in this thread. Anyway, great write up to James, makes me really look forward to Rumble.

Awesome main event write up as well, this Raw had some amazing matches, and this was definitely one of them, I was glad Masters didn’t look weak, although realistically he didn’t really have a chance. Great shock (not for me) appearance by Edge to.

Nice ending with Edge getting the last laugh to, my favorite part was probably this one, “Edge absolutely creams Cena”. AWEOMSE!

Overall, you produced a very entertaining show here, with terrific matches bar one, and your promos were all pretty solid, You definitely know what your doing, and the Rumble looks like it is going to be a hell of a show. Keep it up. I mean, seriously, you keep telling me you’re not very good, yet this show proves otherwise. Keep at this thread, plz .

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