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Re: Broken Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

January 23rd, 2006 | Scottrade Center; St Louis, Missouri

We open Monday Night RAW up with a highlight video from last week, showing the roaring crowd in Charlotte, North Carolina, with every single one of the fans in the arena there to see the hometown hero, Ric Flair compete for the WWE Championship against Edge. Beginning the highlight package, we see a seething Kurt Angle coming out to open the show (along with his manager Daivari), making his intentions known as he talks about how hard he tried to earn the WWE Title, only for Edge to slip in through the back door and steal it. Angle talks about how he was willing to let that go if only to team up with Edge last week, only for Edge to walk out on him and leave him with the proverbial wolves in John Cena and Ric Flair, both of whom wanted the blood of Edge. He says that while he was slightly pissed off at Edge for winning the title the way he did, that was nothing compared to the rage he’s feeling right now, with he too now wanting the blood of Edge calling him out to a big pop from the crowd in Charlotte. A man does come out, however not the one Angle wanted as RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff is the one to make his presence felt. Bischoff explains he expected Angle to come out to the ring wanting retribution against Edge, however it’s not going to happen. Instead, Angle is going to be teaming with Triple H tonight to take on the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show, and if Angle won’t do it, he’ll lose his spot in the Rumble.

We then cut away to see Triple H and Eric Bischoff in Bischoff’s office for a brief moment, with Triple H telling Bischoff he wants absolutely no part of teaming with Kurt Angle. Bischoff backs up, saying he understands that before making Hunter some sort of an offer. What is that offer? We don’t know, as we cut away to see thehighlights of the match between Big Show & Kane, and the team of Kurt Angle & Triple H. The match is relatively even to begin with before we finally head for the home stretch, which is basically Angle absolutely owning Big Show & Kane until EDGE SPEARS THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF HIM! Ric Flair then runs down the ramp and we kick-start our main event, which was of course Ric Flair vs Edge for the WWE Championship in a Street Fight.

The two hit each other with absolutely everything they have, going after one another with any weapons they can possibly get their hands on. We see Edge suffering in the Figure Four Leglock, only to get to the ropes before we see Flair kicking out of the Edgecution. Edge takes control soon enough as he cut through numerous instances of him abusing Flair before seeing him set up for the conchairto, despite two tables being set up in the ring. This sets up the arrival of John Cena who comes down like a house on fire on Edge, leading into him looking for an F-U, only for Edge to slip out and push Cena through the ropes to the floor, before turning and ABSOLUTELY NAILING RIC FLAIR WITH A SPEAR THROUGH A TABLE SET UP IN THE CORNER! Tjis Spear of course allows Edge to pick up the win to major heat, with Lita wanting to drag him from ringside as quickly as possible. Edge goes back to further taunt, however all it does it cost him AS JOHN CENA SLIDES INTO THE RING BEHIND EDGE, TURNS HIM AROUND AND NAILS THE F-U, DRILLING HIM THROUGH THE REMINING TABLE! We end seeing Edge laid out in the carnage, Cena having laid the title across him.

We now cut into ringside without any RAW opening video to hear...

*My Time Is Now*

The crowd instantly erupts into a mixed reaction, some choosing to cheer, others to boo, as the music of the former WWE Champion starts up. Soon enough John Cena runs out onto the stage causing the reaction to only get louder, Cena really playing it up to the crowd. Wearing a St Louis Cardinals jersey and his usual jean shorts, Cena stops at the top of the ramp and looks to the crowd, soaking in the reaction before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring.

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW, live here from the Scottrade Center in St Louis, Missouri. We are just six days away from the Royal Rumble, and right here is the man who will be challenging Edge for the WWE Championship at the Rumble, the former champ, John Cena. Of course I am joined at ringside as usual by my broadcast colleagues as well in Jerry Lawler and Jonathan Coachman.

Jonathan Coachman: Joey, lemme’ tell ya’, I’m excited for tonight. I mean, we have a huge contract signin’ here tonight between my man, the WWE Champion, Edge, and the man who’s kickin’ things off right here, John Cena.

Jerry Lawler: What I’m wondering is what Cena has to say. I mean, what’s there he can’t wait until later tonight to say?

Joey Styles: I don’t know, King, but with Cena you know he’s going to get some attention.

The crowd is still going as Cena stands in the middle of the ring, mic in hand.

John Cena:
St Louis make some noise!

Big pop from the crowd.

John Cena:
Now I know what y’all are thinkin’. I know y’all sittin’ there in you seats thinkin’ “John, what are you doin’ out here? You’ve got your contract signing later tonight!” And y’know, you’re right. You’re one-hundred percent right. But ya’ see, the thing is, I’ve got a problem.

Cena pauses.

John Cena:
Y’see, just fifteen days ago, I lost the WWE Championship to my opponent at the Royal Rumble, Edge.


John Cena:
Now, don’t get me wrong. I ain’t out here to whine and cry and complain. I ain’t out here to say that Edge, he shouldn’t be the WWE Champion. I ain’t out here to say he took the cheap way out because quite frankly, unlike some people, I don’t care. Unlike some people, I can accept that Edge is the WWE Champion and there ain’t a damn thing I can do about it righ’ now. But y’see that... that’s just the problem. The fact that Edge, he’s the WWE Champion, and I just can’t do a thing about it until this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. And y’know, while usually I’d be fine just waitin’ ‘til the Rumble, I just don’t feel like it this time.

Pop from the crowd.

John Cena:
Ever since I lost the gold to Edge, I’ve kept my mouth shut. I’ve stood back and I’ve allowed the limelight on others like Ric Flair.

Pop for the mention of Flair.

John Cena:
And while I respect Ric, I ain’t gonna’ let that happen anymore. Y’see the next time Edge faces someone, it ain’t gonna’ be Ric Flair. It ain’t gonna’ be Kurt Angle. It’s gonna’ be me.

Small pop as Cena pauses.

John Cena:
And while I also know that tonight we’ve got that whole little shindig goin’ on with me and Edge signin’ the contract for the Rumble, I can’t wait until then to see Edge. And I certainly, I certainly cannot wait ‘til Sunday to kick Edge’s ass!


John Cena:
So, if it’s okay with all of you...

Huge pop from the crowd.

John Cena:
I would cordially like to invite you, Edge, to get yo’ ass out here right now so we can do this thing righ’ here, righ’ now!


John Cena:
Ain’t no more waitin’ for the Rumble, champ. Let’s do it!

Cena waits as the crowd anticipates the arrival of Edge. Cena begins to pace around, waiting on Edge when...


Not the music you anticipated, eh John? Instead the crow erupts into the second mixed reaction for the night as none other than the Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle makes his way out in front of the crowd with Daivari in tow. Walking down the ring Angle stares a hole through Cena before stopping at the halfway point of the ramp and holding his arms up, roaring with intensity while an array of red, white and blue pyrotechnics sound off behind him. Still staring at Cena, the ever focussed Angle now makes his way down to the ring and circles around Cena in it, microphone now in hand.

Kurt Angle:
Now hang on just a damn minute! John, I know you wanna’ beat the holy hell through Edge because trust me, I know the feeling, but y’see, that’s just gonna’ have to wait.

John Cena: Oh yeah, and why is that?

Kurt Angle: Why is that? Why is that? Because, unless my ears deceived me, Cena, I believe you just had a shot or two at me. Something about people not being able to accept Edge as champion? About pushing me aside? Cena, lemme’ make two things perfectly clear. First and foremost no one, and I mean no one pushes Kurt Angle aside!

Reasonable pop from the crowd.

Kurt Angle:
Second of all, I may have said Edge doesn’t deserve to be champion, but that doesn’t mean you do either!

OH~! Cena smiles and smarts from the comment.

Kurt Angle:
I never cried about anything! In case you’ve forgotten, Cena, I spent the better half of last year kickin’ your ass! I showed time and time again that I, not you and not anyone else, but I deserved to be WWE Champion. You may have got lucky once... heck, you may have got lucky twice, but Cena, don’t you DARE forget that I was the one who looked like a champion every single time we met. Don’t you dare pretend that I didn’t deserve to be champion, because we all know that’s nothin’ but a bald faced lie! But Cena, since you seem to know everything, tell me, how would you feel if you were the man who should have been champion, only for someone else to sneak in the back door and steal the gold? How you feel?

Angle pauses, waiting for Cena to answer, although no answer seems forthcoming from Cena who’s just standing still in the ring, staring into space.

Kurt Angle:

John Cena: Wha’? Are you done? Sorry, I tuned out when you started cryin’ about how you just couldn’t beat me.

Cena returns the burn from earlier, the crowd reacting with a big “OH~!” again. Angle meanwhile smiles away to himself, trying to ignore the insult from Cena.

Kurt Angle:
That’s cute, Cena. Very funny. But y’know what’d be even funnier? If I made you to look like my very own personal bitch, just like I did for the last half of last year!

The crowd erupts at the prospect of the match, with Angle and Cena staring one another down.

John Cena:
Kurt, as much as I would love to embarrass you again tonight, you’ve got your own business to tend to already tonight, and me, well I was tryna’ to take care of my business until you got your Olympic ass involved.

Cena smiles at Angle and nods.

Kurt Angle:
Y’know what, you’re right, Cena. You were tryin’ to take care of your business. Thing is, Edge isn’t just your business... he’s my business and if I have a say in things, forget about your match at the Rumble, forget about your little contract signing because Edge... HE AIN’T GONNA MAKE ANY OF IT!

A huge pop for the intensity of Angle.

Kurt Angle:
Cena, I may not like you, but us... we can wait. Me and Edge... it’s gonna’ happen right now, so watch and learn kid. EDGE! Get out here right now you no good son of a bitch so we, we can settle this right... now!

Angle now paces around the ring, Daivari standing behind him, with Cena opting to lean back against the ropes and wait for the result himself. After awhile the buzz of the crowd is overpowered by the sound of...


Again, much like Cena, Angle is unable to get who he wants as the lovely, luscious Lita makes her way out to the top of the ramp to some very nice heat in a Rated R Superstar t-shirt. Having a microphone already in hand, the music of Lita quickly dies down as she lifts the microphone up to her mouth, only to be cut off.

John Cena:
Whoa, whoa, WHOA! Lita, you musta’ misheard. Y’see Kurt over here, he was lookin’ for your wife...

Pop from the crowd for the Edge insult.

John Cena:
And as a matter o’ fact, so was I, so if y’all don’t mind, could ya’ could just go on backstage and get her.

Lita: Very funny, Cena, but y’see, as much as Edge wants to be out here right now he can’t. And well, quite frankly Kurt, I’m surprised you even bothered to try to call Edge out. I mean, don’t you remember what happened last week? Something about a Spear sound familiar?


Kurt Angle:
Unless the next words that come out of your mouth are “I’ll go get Edge”, then I suggest that just like you should your legs, you shut your damn mouth!

The crowd pops big as the insult looks to get to Lita on the ramp as she takes a moment to calm herself.

Oh haha, Kurt, you’re so funny. But if you had let me finish before I was halfway through telling you why Edge can’t come out here.

Kurt Angle: Oh yeah, and why is that?

Lita: As I was saying, as much as he’d love to come out here he can’t because he’s not in the building.

Kurt Angle: WHAT?

Lita: Hell, he’s not even in St Louis.


Y’see, over the past few weeks Edge has been jumped from behind by Cena over there, he’s had Ric Flair trying to beat him down at any chance he can get and last week, after defending his WWE Champion, last week Edge was put through a table!

Pop for the mention of Edge being put through the table at the hands of Cena.

John Cena:
Well to be fair, that was pretty cool.

The crowd laughs as Cena shrugs his shoulders.

Keep disrespecting me, Cena; it’s only going to keep Edge away longer. After the treatment Edge has gotten over recent weeks, he decided to simply bypass tonight. Edge is in Miami, preparing for your match this Sunday. So forget about your plans to fight tonight and forget about your contract signing, Cena. None of it is going to happen.


John Cena:
Well, if I can’t beat Edge down tonight, I guess that just leaves...

BAM! Cena hits an unsuspecting Angle with a shot from the microphone, sending him down. Angle tumbles back on the mat then rushes back to his feet, with Cena pushing him back against the ropes and sending him off with an Irish whip. On the rebound Cena looks to go for a clothesline, only for Angle to duck... GERMAN SUPLEX! Angle roars with intensity as he gets back to his feet and squats down, waiting as Cena starts to struggle back up... ANGLE SLAM --- NO! Cena slips off and rolls from the ring, leaving Angle. Angle runs off to the ropes, looking to follow him out, only for Daivari, who had stood back up until this stage to try to pull Angle back, much like last week... ANGLE SLAM! ANGLE NAILS DAIVARI WITH THE ANGLE SLAM! There isn’t any calming down Angle as he stands over Daivari, a look of utter intensity in his eyes, not caring that he just Angle Slammed his now apparently former manager.


As we see Angle stand tall over Daivari and beat his chest the camera cuts away, as we go to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Lita walking down a corridor, a smug smile upon her face after informing Angle and Cena of Edge not being in the building.

Lita! Lita!

Lita turns as we see Eric Bischoff rush into picture, looking in to a huff.

Eric Bischoff:
Lita, where the hell’s Edge? Why did you not tell me he’d be here tonight? I’ve got a contract signing lined up! I can’t sign the contract for the WWE Title match without the WWE Champion! Why in the hell did you not come to me? Do you think this show runs by itself? Do you?

Lita: Eric, Eric, Eric. Did you really think that Edge would tell you of all people when you’re responsible for some of the things that I listed out there? Quite frankly, Edge and I, we don’t care that you have a show to run. What’s important is that Edge retains the WWE Championship and after what’s happened these past few weeks, we know he’s best staying away until Sunday. Think about it, Eric, you’re a big businessman. Showing up tonight for Edge... it’s just bad business.

Eric Bischoff: Okay, okay, I’ll call Edge and talk to him. But, but I still need a main event to cover for tonight.

An inconspicuous worker coincidentally walks past at this time.

Eric Bischoff: (To the worker)
You! Go find John Cena and Chris Masters and tell them they’re going one-on-one in the main event tonight! Got it?

Inconspicuous Worker: Yes sir, Mr Bischoff.

Bischoff now pulls out his phone and starts to rapidly punch in keys before holding his phone up to his ear as we cut back to ringside to hear...

*Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me*

The crowd gives a small pop as Shelton Benjamin walks out to the top of the ramp, looking as focussed as ever, hoping to end his losing streak here tonight. Ignoring the fans and all other distractions Benjamin paces down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, circling around it rather than posing for the fans.

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to RAW, and what a way to start right here. We’ve seen John Cena and Kurt Angle brawl, Daivari, Kurt Angle’s manager receiving an Angle Slam from his perhaps now former client and we’ve found out Edge isn’t here, derailing the plans for the contract signing later tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Don’t forget, Joey, we’ve got a huge main event signed to add to the already stacked card as John Cena goes one-on-one with Chris Masters!

Jonathan Coachman: Add that onto the huge Battle Royal later tonight gentlemen, and this is a RAW you can’t afford to miss.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing 248 lbs, Shelton Benjamin!


Lance Cade now storms out to the top of the ramp aggressively with Trevor Murdoch by his side, gaining some moderate heat. The duo walk down to the ring quickly, mouthing off to the fans in an attempt to gain more heat before getting to ringside and climbing up to the apron to pose on the turnbuckle.

Joey Styles:
Right here right now we have another interesting match though as Shelton Benjamin tries to end his losing streak here against Lance Cade.

Jerry Lawler: Benjamin has been on a losing streak like none I’ve ever seen before, though everybody knows he has the talent to snap out of that streak at any time.

Jonathan Coachman: Is he mentally up to it though, King? In my ever so humble opinion, I believe he isn’t. Benjamin’s got awhile to run on this streak.

Joey Styles: Well let’s also not forget that Shelton’s former partner, Charlie Haas has been hanging around, trying to convince Shelton of teaming back up. That’s gotta’ be playing on Shelton’s mind too.

Lillian Garcia: His opponent from San Antonio, Texas, weighing 275 lbs, Lance Cade!

| Match One |
| Singles Match |
| Shelton Benjamin vs Lance Cade w/ Trevor Murdoch |

Two at the very least decent wrestlers get to start the wrestling portion of RAW off and they don’t disappoint. Cade shows his strength in the early lockups, forcing Benjamin back into the corner a few times. Benjamin showcases his pace soon enough though, controlling Cade for awhile with some arm drags, keeping the larger man on the back foot until Cade comes back with a knee to the midsection and gets a in a slugfest with Benjamin. Benjamin sees he has the edge as he runs off to the ropes and looks to bounce off them, however this leads to the downfall of his momentum as Trevor Murdoch trips Benjamin up from the outside, the referee not seeing it due to checking on Cade. Despite the suspicious circumstances the referee believes Murdoch when he pleads innocent, with Cade taking the opportunity of the referee being distracted to choke away at Benjamin until the referee realises what’s happening and begins his count. This sets the tone for the offence of Cade as he continues grounding/cornering Benjamin as well as using some questionable tactics with help from Murdoch.

Benjamin finally starts to launch a comeback as he fights back through yet another questionable tactic. With the referee distracted by Cade, Murdoch climbs up onto the apron and looks to start to choke Benjamin, only for Benji to come back with some sudden elbows and a big roundhouse kick, sending Murdoch down to the floor. As Cade rushes in Benjamin hits some big rights, then sends Cade off with an Irish whip and hits a Samoan drop on the rebound. This begins the revival of Benjamin who nails many of his signature moves on Cade, eventually leading into a flying clothesline off the top rope for a two count. Having recovered from the earlier blow, Trevor Murdoch climbs up onto the apron and looks to distract Benjamin, only for Benjamin to again send him packing with a big right hand to the side of the head of Murdoch. Turning to see Cade charging at him, Benjamin kicks Cade square in the midsection and sends him into the corner with an Irish whip. Looking to follow up, Benjamin charges in... LOOKING FOR THE STINGER SPLASH... BUT CADE DODGES! After hitting his head on the ringpost Benjamin staggers back in pain, with Cade quickly taking advantage by rolling him up towards the ropes... AND JUST WHEN BENJAMIN LOOKS LIKE KICKING OUT TREVOR MURDOCH REACHES OUT AND GRABS THE ARM OF CADE! With the extra leverage Benjamin is unable to kick out, Cade gaining the three count.

Winner: Lance Cade w/ Trevor Murdoch via pinfall @ 7:12


Lillian Garcia:
Here is your winner, Lance Cade!

Cade gets right back up to his feet and holds his hands up in victory. Benjamin also gets up and gets right in the face of Cade, knowing he was robbed of the victory. While Benjamin snarls some harsh words to Cade, Trevor Murdoch rolls into the ring behind him... AND DRLLS HIM IN THE BACK WITH A BIG FOREARM! Benjamin goes down and both Cade & Murdoch start to stomp away on him, getting some nice heat from the crowd. Soon enough those boos to cheers as someone runs down the ramp to make the save, sliding into the ring... CHARLIE HAAS! Charlie Haas slides into the ring, Cade & Murdoch just spotting him as they retreat, knowing better of it. As Haas checks on his former partner, Cade & Murdoch back up the ramp, looking happy with themselves following Cade’s win.

Joey Styles:
Shelton Benjamin looked set to end his losing streak if it weren’t for Trevor Murdoch, but what about Charlie Haas? Despite Benjamin not wanting any part of his former partner, Haas runs in and makes the save for Benjamin. How much longer can Benjamin try to avoid Haas?

Jonathan Coachman: I don’t know what Charlie Haas thinks he’s doing. I mean, Shelton’s already told him to stay away. Just because Shelton already dug his own grave tonight doesn’t mean Haas should shove his big nose into things.

Jerry Lawler: Haas was just doing what he thought was right, Coach. I’m sure Shelton would do the same.

We get another glance at Haas checking on Benjamin in the ring before cutting away to see a promo for John Cena vs Chris Masters.

Joey Styles:
I don’t know about that, King, but I do know that our main event, as just announced by Eric Bischoff later tonight is going to be John Cena going one-on-one with Chris Masters.

We now cut backstage to see Trish Stratus walking along a corridor.

Joey Styles:
Before that though, up next the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus goes up against Candice Michelle, right after the break!

Jerry Lawler: Oh Trish...

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see Eric Bischoff in his office now, talking to himself under his breath as he holds his cell phone up to his ear. After awhile Bischoff pulls the phone away and looks down at it in frustration before dialling all over again.

Leaving that scene, we now cut to see Todd Grisham standing by.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Shawn Michaels!

The crowd gives a pretty major pop as Shawn Michaels walks into view in his wrestling gear, a black ‘HBK’ singlet on his upper-body.

Todd Grisham:
Shawn, last week we saw you overcome the odds yet again when you defeated Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch in a First Blood Match, gaining yourself a spot promised to you by Mr McMahon. After surprising Mr McMahon, what do you think he has up his sleeve now?

Shawn Michaels: Todd, I’d be lying if I said I thought Vince McMahon was done with me. Ever since I told him about a month ago to grow up and move on, Vince has made it his personal mission to make my life a living hell. Las’ week... las’ week he thought I couldn’t win. He put me in what he thought was an impossible position, but then, when all was said and done, he realised there’s a reason they call me ‘The Showstoppah’. Now I know, I know all that’s likely to do is piss Vince off. I know he doesn’t like to lose, but I’ll be damned if ‘Haitch Bee Kay’ is just gonna’ lie down and let Vince McMahon walk all over him! That’s why this Sunday, when I go into the Royal Rumble, I plan on winnin’, because I know nothin’ would piss Vince off more than seein’ ‘Mr WrestleMania’ main event the granddaddy of them all!


Shawn Michaels:
Now, as far as tonight goes...

???: Ahem.

Michaels looks across, having being interrupted to see none other than Vince McMahon.

Mr McMahon:
Why look who it is... ‘HBK’, Shawn Michaels! How are you, Shawn? I’ll bet you’re feelin’ pretty good after last week.

Michaels just stares at Vince coldly, not wanting to even give him a hint of how he’s feeling.

Mr McMahon:
Well Shawn, you don’t have to answer me, because really, I don’t care how you’re feeling. What I do care about is this Sunday. That’s right, the Royal Rumble. Now, last week Shawn, you may have qualified for the Rumble by beating Cade and Murdoch, but let’s just say you’re chances of winning the Rumble are zero. Let’s just say... let’s just say that you have no chance... in HELL! Do ya’ know why, Shawn? Do ya’ know why? I’ll tell you why. This Sunday, you will be in the Royal Rumble, but you will be the first entrant in the Rumble!


Mr McMahon:
Y’know what that means, Shawn? That means you’re gonna’ have to go through twenty-nine other superstars, Shawn. That means that you... you’re not gonna’ be main eventing WrestleMania, now are ya’?

McMahon smiles at Michaels as Michaels continues to look back with a cold look in his eyes.

Mr McMahon:
Good luck, Shawn.

McMahon looks at Shawn for a moment then walks off as we head back to ringside so hear...

*Time To Rock n’ Roll*

The crowd gives a nice pop at the sound of Trish’s sexy laugh before the Canadian beauty walks out to the top of the ramp, Women’s Championship around her waist. Stratus walks down the ramp pretty quickly, getting up into the ring to pose for the fans with the championship.

Joey Styles:
Wow, what an announcement from Mr McMahon, throwing Shawn into the Royal Rumble first!

Jerry Lawler: Well, Shawn has won the Rumble from number one before, but I don’t think I like his chances with everyone gunning for him this year for Mr McMahon.

Jonathan Coachman: Gentlemen, gentlemen, Mr McMahon is just giving Shawn Michaels what he wants. Michaels always talks about he wants to steal the show, well Shawn, here’s your chance. Do it from number one in the Rumble.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, she is the WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus!

*What Love Is*

Candice Michelle now saunters her way out to the top of the ramp to a moderate mixed reaction from the crowd. Wearing her usual robe over her wrestling attire, Michelle walks down the ramp ignoring the fans, then climbs onto the apron once she makes it to ringside, removing her robe to a nice pop. As she climbs into the ring, Candice looks to Stratus cockily, looking fairly confident despite Stratus being the Women’s Champion.

Joey Styles:
Well this should be quite the test for Candice Michelle, but let’s not forget, Trish has not only her opponent at the Royal Rumble in Victoria on her mind, but also her friend Mickie James.

Jerry Lawler: Two dangerous women who have been involved with Stratus lately. Whether that plays in Candice’s favour or not is yet to be soon though, Joey.

Lillian Garcia: Her opponent, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Candice Michelle!

With both women circling around the ring it looks like the match is about to start. However, before that can happen we hear...

*Don’t Mess With*

The woman who will be challenging Stratus at the Royal Rumble in Victoria walks out to the top of the ramp to some decent heat. Walking down the ramp with intent, Victoria goes down to ringside, drawing the attention of Stratus.

| Match Two |
| Singles Match |
| Trish Stratus vs Candice Michelle w/ Victoria |

Candice takes the advantage as soon as the bell rings, jumping Stratus from behind and taking her down with a big forearm to the back. Stomping away on Stratus to begin with, Candice keeps with the pretty ugly offense for awhile, kicking and forearming Stratus, gaining a few two counts. Candice makes a mistake soon enough though, as after a body slam she does her Go Daddy taunt before heading up to the second rope. Looking out to the fans, Candice provides even more time for Trish to recover and get back up, with Trish taking the chance to run across and nail Candice with the Stratusphere, putting an end to her momentum. After spending a short time to recover Stratus comes out on fire, winning an exchange of rights before sending Candice off with an Irish whip and scoring with a Thesz press, leading into her raining down with right hands in the mount position. After both women get up Stratus immediately scores with a big spinebuster for a two count, then setting up for the Chick Kick, waiting on Candice to get up. However, before Trish can get up Victoria climbs up onto the apron and calls her across, distracting Trish, leaving Candice to recover and stagger back into the corner.

Trish turns and sees Candice, then charges across the ring, only to eat boot. Candice then pulls Stratus back by the hair and locks her legs around the head of Stratus, leaning back over the ropes for added leverage. Suddenly the crowd livens up a bit as we see Ashley running down the ramp, going straight after Victoria, who distracted Trish before. With the two beginning to brawl at ringside the crowd reaction grows even louder now as Mickie James runs down the ramp and jumps Ashley from behind, leaving Trish’s two friends to go at it. In the ring Candice stands over Stratus having released the hold, waiting for her to get up. As Stratus slowly gets back to her feet Candice looks for a kick to the midsection, only for Stratus to block it... CHICK KICK! TRISH NAILS THE CHICK KICK! Picking Candice right back up, Trish grabs her in a headlock then runs off to the ropes... LOOKING FOR STRATUSFACTION --- SHE NAILS IT! While Mickie and Ashley brawl off to the back, Trish hooks the leg of Candice and gets the three count.

Winner: Trish Stratus via pinfall @ 5:29

*Time To Rock n’ Roll*

Lillian Garcia:
Here is your winner, the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus!

Trish gets back to her feet and gets her Women’s Championship held to her by the referee, who raises her hand. Trish then turns around though... AND RECEIVES A KICK TO THE MIDSECTION FROM VICTORIA --- WIDOW’S PEAK! Victoria floors the Women’s Champion just six days before their title match, a sick smile overcoming her face. A sick smile and crazed look in her eye, Victoria picks up the Women’s Championship from the mat and looks deep into it... before leaving with it? Victoria, continuing to look into the title, walks back up the ramp, having just walked off with Stratus’ championship.

Joey Styles:
A big victory there for Trish Stratus amidst the chaos of her two best friends fighting, however as we now see, Victoria has walked out with her championship.

Jerry Lawler: Joey, I’ve gotta’ say, between Victoria and Mickie James, both of whom we just saw, we have more than enough mental patients here on RAW.

Jonathan Coachman: Victoria may be crazy, but she’s a threat to Trish. I’d put money on Victoria winning the gold in just six days at the Rumble.

We see Victoria now up at the top of the ramp before cutting backstage to see Maria standing by.

Ladies and gentlemen, Gregory Helms!

Some decent heat comes from the crowd as Helms steps into view, wearing his usual combination of a doo rag, leather jacket, pair of black glasses and of course his wrestling tights.

Gregory, in just six days you compete in the Royal Rumble, but before then tonight you compete in the ten man Battle Royal, which Mr Bischoff has said is a RAW Royal Rumble preview. Do you think tonight is a good chance to prove yourself heading into the Rumble?

Gregory Helms: Do I think tonight is a good chance to prove myself? Is that a rhetorical question? Maria, as far as I’m concerned, over the past few weeks I’ve already proven myself as not just your average wrestler, not just some guy who jerks the curtain. I have proven that here on RAW, I belong. Ever since I took that mask off a few weeks ago, I am undefeated, Maria. Un - de - feated. Tonight... tonight's not about provin' myself. Tonight's not about showin' the RAW locker-room what I can do, because they already know. It's about givin' a preview to exactly what I will do come this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

Helms pauses for a moment.

Gregory Helms:
Y'know, it's kinda funny. When people talk about favourites at the Rumble, they speak of men like Kurt Angle!

Pop from the crowd.

Gregory Helms:
Triple H!


Gregory Helms:
Kane and the Big Show!


Gregory Helms:
Shawn Michaels!


Gregory Helms:
Yet they're not talkin' about me, they're not talkin' about Gregory Helms. This is a a fatal, I repeat, a fatal mistake. Y'see, those names I mentioned, they're all big names, and any other year, they would be favourites to take out the Royal Rumble. But this year, nuh-uh, it ain't gonna' happen. This year there's another man in the ring with them. This year there's a man who is on the biggest roll of his life in the ring with them. This year there is a man who is undefeated on Monday Night RAW! This year... there's me. Kurt Angle, Triple H, Kane, Big Show and Shawn Michaels, you're all great athletes no, doubt about it, but when it comes down to it,you have nothing, and I mean nothing, on me. You all think you're favourites? I am the only undefeated man on this roster. Not you, Kurt. Not you, Hunter. Not you Kane, Big Show and Shawn. Me. So as far as I'm concerned, I, not you, but I am the favourite this for both tonight and this Sunday. Y'all think you've got a shot this Sunday? Not a chance. This Sunday the last man you will see standin' in the ring, THE LAST NAME THAT YOU WILL HEAR... will be... Helms.

Gregory Helms smiles arrogantly then heads out of view as we go to a break.

*Commercial Break*

Coming back from the break we see Victoria walking backstage, still looking into the Women’s Championship like a woman possessed.


A panting Todd Grisham scrambles into view, prompting Victoria to look up for a moment before heading right back to staring into the gold.


Todd Grisham: Victoria, I was just wondering if I could get a comment on why you attacked Trish Stratus then stole her Women’s Champion.

Victoria continues to peer down into the title.

Trish Stratus thinks Mickie James is crazy...

Victoria now looks up to the camera, a manic look in her eyes.

You’ll think otherwise after this Sunday, Trish!

Victoria looks right back down into the gold as we cut away elsewhere backstage to again see Eric Bischoff in his office. This time the phone is away as Bischoff paces around back and forth, looking extremely stressed.

Cutting away from Bischoff back to ringside we see The Heart Throbs already standing in the ring, awaiting their opponents.

Lillian Garcia:
The following contest is a tag team contest and it is for the final two Royal Rumble spots! Introducing first, Romeo and Antonio, The Heart Throbs!

*My Peeps*

Tyson Tomko and Snitsky now walk out to the top of the stage to some small heat, grunting out in an animalistic manner. The two walk down the ramp with a look of intent in their eyes, staring down into the ring before finally getting to it and climbing up into it.

Joey Styles:
Now for those of you wondering before, there’s your confirmation. Victoria is a nutjob.

Jerry Lawler: It’s hard to disagree with that after what we just witnessed, Joey.

Jonathan Coachman: Crazy or not, Victoria is dangerous, just like these two men!

Joey Styles: Indeed Tomko and Snitsky are, Coach. I don’t like the chances of The Heart Throbs getting those last two Rumble spots.

Lillian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 560 lbs, the team of Tyson Tomko and Snitsky!

| Match Three |
| Royal Rumble Qualifier |
| Tag Team Match |
| The Heart Throbs vs Tyson Tomko & Snitsky |

Yeah, I know Snitsky sucks, but Tomko owns, plus, who would you rather see in the Rumble? Tomko and Snitsky own the hell out of The Heart Throbs, absolutely pummelling Antonio at first before allowing him to tag in Romeo just so they can beat him down too. With both Heart Throbs in the ring, Tomko and Snitsky nail simultaneous Big Boots, Tomko pinning Romeo immediately afterwards to pick up the win.

Winners (thus qualifying for the Royal Rumble): Tyson Tomko & Snitsky via pinfall @ 2:35

*My Peeps*

Lillian Garcia:
Here are your winners, Tyson Tomko and Snitsky!

Tomko & Snitsky get right back up to their feet and look down at their fallen prey before roaring out to the fans again.

Joey Styles:
Academic win for Tyson Tomko and Snitsky.

Jerry Lawler: Well, I almost felt bad for The Heart Throbs, but then I remembered just how annoying they are!

Jonathan Coachman: Tomko and Snitsky will go a long, long way in the Rumble. Two of the more powerful men on RAW that you’re lookin’ at right there.

Joey Styles: That may be true, Coach, but we’ll have to wait and see if that power does them good.

We now cut away from the ringside area to once again see Maria standing by backstage.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters and Carlito!

Chris Masters and Carlito get some decent heat as they walk into view, ‘Lito tossing his apple.

Now Chris, tonight you have your biggest test to date as you go one-on-one with John Cena in the main event...

Carlito: Hey hey hey, what about Carlito? He has a very big match here tonight, ‘ju know?

Maria: What match are you in, Carlito?

Carlito: Are ‘ju kidding me? Don’t ‘ju know about ‘day ten man Battle Royal?

Maria: Yeah...

Carlito: Carlito’s in ‘dat match, ‘ju...

Chris Masters: Hey, ‘Lito. ‘Lito! Calm down.

Carlito shuts up as Masters now takes the stick.

Chris Masters:
Maria, tonight’s a very big night for both me and Carlito. Y’see for me, tonight means that I can show that I belong in the main event. John Cena? He has nothing on me. When I defeat him tonight, I’ll show not just Mr Bischoff, but the whole world that I deserve to be going for the WWE Championship. Whether I get that shot by beating John Cena here tonight and being rewarded for that, or by winnin’ the Royal Rumble, I will...

Carlito: Wait, ‘ju winnin’ the Rumble? Chris, no disrespect, but... what about Carlito?

Chris Masters: Carlito, if I win the Rumble. We all know it’s going to come down to just me and you buddy, like it should have at New Year’s Revolution.

Carlito: Hey man, what do ‘ju mean by that?

Chris Masters: It’s nothin’, ‘Lito, it’s nothin’. I’m just sayin’, when it comes down to us being the final two at the Rumble, well, may be the best man win.

Carlito nods in approval.

‘Ju know what, Chris? ‘Das... das’ cool.

Carlito walks out of view, tossing his apple, with Masters soon following as we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

Returning from the break we see a vignette hyping the return of one Rob Van Dam. Showcasing RVD’s athleticism, the vignette shows RVD doing some of his trademark kicks, as well as of course his Five Star Frog Splash before it ends with the text “RVD returns... Royal Rumble”.

We now head back to ringside to see Carlito, Chavo Guerrero, Rene Dupree and Gregory Helms in the ring, Helms’ music still playing.

Joey Styles:
Welcome back to Monday Night RAW folks, and as you can see, we are readying ourselves for the ten man Battle Royal, with Carlito, Chavo Guerrero, Rene Dupree and Gregory Helms already in the ring.


*Also Sprach Zarathustra*

The crowd comes out with a huge pop as the man who fell just short of winning the WWE Championship last week, the sixteen time world champion, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair struts out onto the stage in one of his extravagant robes. Flair struts down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, joining the other who had already made their way down to the ring.

Joey Styles:
Ric Flair fell just short on number seventeen last week in his hometown, but he’s set to bounce back as he’s now entered in the Royal Rumble.

Jerry Lawler: Flair has won it before, all of the way back in 1992. Could he do it again fourteen years later?

Lillian Garcia: From Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing 248 lbs, ‘The Nature Boy’, Ric Flair!

“Well It’s A Big Show”

*Slow Chemical*

The crowd gives a pretty nice pop for the World Tag Team Champions as the twin towers walk out to the top of the stage, surrounded by the fire from Kane’s entrance. Straps hanging over their shoulders, the duo walks down the ramp to the ring, before climbing up into the ring over the top rope, showing their size. As Kane walks into the middle of the ring, his foes around him, he lifts his arms, then lowers them in a snap, bringing fire exploding from the ringposts.

Joey Styles:
You talked about the size of Tomko and Snitsky earlier, Coach. Well what about these two men?

Jonathan Coachman: If they work together this Sunday Kane and Big Show would be damn near unstoppable. There isn’t any doubting that.

Lillian Garcia: Weighing a combined weight of 814 lbs, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Kane and the Big Show!

*Sexy Boy*

The crowd erupts with a huge pop as Shawn Michaels swaggers out onto the stage, dancing around before getting down onto his knees and praying to the heavens, pyro shooting out from behind him as he does so. Energetically making his way down the ramp, Michaels climbs up into the ring and joins the mass of bodies.

Joey Styles:
While Shawn Michaels is on a level playing field with everyone else tonight, that will not be the case this Sunday as he starts the Royal Rumble at number one.

Jonathan Coachman: Like I said before, Joey, Michaels wants that kind of attention. He wants everyone to be lookin’ at him from the word go.

Lillian Garcia: From San Antonio, Texas, weighing 220 lbs, he is ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, Shawn Michaels!

*The Game*

The crowd erupts with heat as the heavy beat of Triple H’s music kicks off. Soon enough, Triple H walks out, eyes lowered as he stands in the spotlight, water bottle in hand. After a short while ‘The Game’ suddenly looks up and spits water from his mouth, walking down the ring rather quickly. He walks around ringside to the side of the ring in front of the hard camera, takes a swig of water and throws the bottle away before spitting the water out into the air and posing.

Joey Styles:
Now last week, in return for teaming up with Kurt Angle, this man Triple H made some sort of a deal with General Manager, Eric Bischoff. What exactly was that deal and how will it affect the Rumble?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know, Joey, but with Bischoff you can be sure it was something pretty big, especially considering how pissed off Triple H was because of having to team with Kurt Angle.

Lillian Garcia: From Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing 275 lbs, Triple H!


For the second time tonight the crowd absolutely erupts for Kurt Angle, this time a lot more cheers than boos coming with Angle having disposed of Daivari. Angle walks halfway down the ramp aggressively, then stops and throws his arms up into the air, pyro exploding everywhere behind him. A look of pure intensity on his face, Angle walks down the ramp and enters the ring, joining his opponents.

Joey Styles:
Speak of the devil, as of late Kurt Angle has been more intense than ever. Looking like one of the favourites heading into the Rumble, Angle has been chasing the WWE Champion, Edge. However, after his little stoush with John Cena earlier, will Angle be focussed here?

Jerry Lawler: Angle is one of, if not the most focussed men I’ve ever met, Joey! Trust me, he’ll be focussed.

Lillian Garcia: And from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 225 lbs, he is the only Olympic Gold Medallist in WWE history, Kurt Angle!

| Match Four |
| Ten Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royal |
| Carlito vs Chavo Guerrero vs Rene Dupree vs Gregory Helms vs Ric Flair vs Kane vs Big Show vs Shawn Michaels vs Triple H vs Kurt Angle|

[I]After a brief staredown of, well, a staredown, all eight other men decide to target their biggest threats first by ganging up on the World Tag Team Champions. With four men not being enough to eliminate either of Kane or Big Show they all give up eventually, the match breaking down. Angle, showing his intensity right off the bat is the dominant man early, attempting to eliminate Gregory Helms, only for Helms to hold onto the top rope. Unfortunately for Rene Dupree, he’s not so lucky when he charges at Angle immediately afterwards, only for Angle to turn, kick him in the midsection and throw him over the top rope.

Elimination #1: Rene Dupree by Kurt Angle @ 1:47

[I]Angle then storms Kane in the corner, going to work on him with right hands as we have a period of no eliminations. Ric Flair and Triple H battle it out in one corner, Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero in another while Big Show works Shawn Michaels down with some vicious headbutts. Eventually Triple H vs Ric Flair takes centre stage, with Flair sending Triple H backing out of the corner with some big knife edge chops, lighting up the chest of ‘The Game’. Flair then runs off to the ropes, thinking he was in command, only to get met with a high knee on the rebound, taking him down. Triple H plays it up to the crowd, drawing some heat before waiting on Ric Flair to get up... AND SETTING RIC FLAIR UP FOR THE PEDIGREE ONCE HE DOES SO! TRIPLE H GOES FOR IT --- NO, FLAIR TAKES HIS LEGS AWAY --- FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! The former friends and now bitter enemies are locked together by the legs, Flair bringing great pain upon Triple H. Triple H slowly pulls himself towards the ropes, thinking that’ll do something for him. Alas in this match there are no rope breaks, as Hunter himself finds out when he grabs them and nothing happens. Fortunately for Hunter, something does happen when Flair sits up AS GREGORY HELMS CHARGES ACROSS AND ROARS INTO FLAIR WITH THE SHINING WIZARD! As Triple H untangles his legs from those of Flair and pulls himself out under the bottom rope to the floor (thus not being eliminated due to not going over the top rope), Helms picks Flair up and throws him over the top, ending his night.

Elimination #2: Ric Flair by Gregory Helms @ 5:02

Helms looks down at Flair with an air of confidence, only for Angle to charge across and drill Angle with a German suplex. Angle then takes his straps down and waits on Helms to get up... ANGLE SLAM --- CONNECTS! Angle nails Helms with the Angle Slam. Getting back to his feet, Angle thinks he’s in prime position... ONLY FOR KANE TO FLY ACROSS THE RING --- FLYING CLOTHESLINE ON ANGLE! Angle falls down to the mat, while elsewhere, with Big Show in a sleeper hold from Carlito, Chavo Guerrero charges across and looks to eliminate him... ONLY FOR SHOW TO DUCK DOWN AND BACK BODY DROP GUERRERO OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT TO THE FLOOR!

Elimination #3: Chavo Guerrero by Big Show @ 5:36

Show then snaps Carlito off him and sees Gregory Helms getting back to his feet, with Kane & Big Show simultaneously charging at Helms, nailing a double clothesline to eliminate him from proceedings.

Elimination #4: Gregory Helms by Kane & Big Show @ 5:51

The tag champs look at one another and nod, only for Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle to go to work on them, Angle hammering away on Show while Michaels hammers away on Kane. After hitting some big right hands both men run off to the ropes and bounce back at the tag champs, only to be ran straight through with shoulder blocks. As both tag champs lift their foes up and take them to corners we head off to a commercial break.

Returning from the break we see not much has changed, with all of the competitors still alive and Triple H still on the outside. Carlito is kicking away at the leg of Kane in one corner, while in another both Angle and Michaels are trying to get under the tree limbs known as Big Show’s legs to eliminate the giant. Kane finally fights Carlito off on the other side of the ring and pushes him away, then goes across and takes Angle and Michaels down with a pair of right hands. Kane then takes Angle away, sending him into the corner before hitting a corner clothesline/sidewalk slam combo. Getting back to his feet, Kane thinks it;s time for a Chokeslam... ONLY FOR CARLITO TO COME FROM BEHIND WITH THE BACKCRACKER! As Kane bounces off the knees of Carlito and rolls over to the ropes in pain, Big Show turns to see Carlito (having taken care of Michaels) and charges across at him, looking to nail a clothesline... ONLY FOR CARLITO TO DUCK --- LEAVING SHOW TO CLOTHESLINE A RISING KANE OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT OF THE MATCH!

Elimination #5: Kane by Big Show @ 9:34

With Big Show looking over the top rope, not believing he eliminated his partner, Carlito, Michaels and Angle catch him off guard, charging across the ring... AND DUMPING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!

Elimination #6: Big Show by Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle & Carlito @ 9:43

The three men look in shock down at the floor, seeing Show and Kane out. After a brief backing away and staredown the match picks back up in pace, with Carlito cornering Michaels and working away at him with right hands until Angle comes across and lays into Carlito. Hitting some big rights, Angle backs Carlito up against the ropes and sends him off with an Irish whip, nailing a German suplex on the rebound after ducking a clothesline. Keeping his hands clasped, Angle nails two more Germans on Carlito before getting back to his feet and roaring with intensity. Waiting for Carlito to get up, Angle perches himself... BUT SHAWN MICHAELS HITS SWEET CHIN MUSIC ON THE RISING CARLITO OUT OF NOWHERE, ELIMINATING HIM FROM THE MATCH!

Elimination #7: Carlito by Shawn Michaels @ 10:36

Angle and Michaels face off, with Angle unhappy Michaels stole his elimination. The crowd starts to buzz with anticipation for the pair facing off... only for it to turn to heat? The camera then pans out... AND WE SEE TRIPLE H BACK IN THE RING! THE OPPORTUNISITC TRIPLE H CHARGES ACROSS AT BOTH MEN WHO ARE NEAR THE ROPES --- ONLY TO BE NAILED WITH A DOUBLE BACK BODY DROP, SENDING ‘THE GAME’ OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT TO THE FLOOR!

Elimination #8: Triple H by Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle @ 10:57

Triple H’s dirty tactics don’t pay off as he’s eliminated, leaving us with our final two who continue to stare each other down. Angle then takes the first shot, hitting a right hand, triggering an exchange between the two with right hands and chops being wildly thrown until Angle hits a kick to the midsection... THEN GOES FOR THE ANGLE SLAM --- WHICH MICHAELS SLIPS OUT OF! Angle turns to face Shawn... SWEET CHIN MUSIC ATTEMPT --- IS CAUGHT --- ANKLE LOCK --- MICHAELS ROLLS THROUGH AND SENDS ANGLE INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE! After the crisp exchange, Michaels charges in at Angle in the corner, only to eat boot and then bicep thanks to a huge clothesline from Angle. With Michaels down, Angle now begins to methodically work him over, going after the back with some knees, before kicking it into some belly-to-belly suplexes. After trying to elevate Michaels over the top rope and being unable to do it, Angle decides to whip him off to the ropes, then try to wear him down with a sleeper hold afterwards. Michaels, however, is able to counter, going behind Angle and pushing him off, before capturing his own sleeper.

That doesn’t last too long though as Angle quickly goes behind Michaels and nails a huge German suplex... THEN SETS UP FOR THE ANGLE SLAM! Michaels slowly regains his footing with Angle stalking him... ANGLE SLAM --- NO! Michaels slips off the back of Angle then bounces back off the ropes... FLYING FOREARM! This launches the Michaels comeback, as after the kip up he goes through the usual offense, leading into the big elbow drop, prompting Michaels to then toot up the band. As Angle slowly gets up Michaels perches himself... SWEET CHIN MUSIC --- NO, ANGLE DUCKS UNDER THE LEG --- AND ELEVATES MICHAELS OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH AN ANGLE SLAM, ELIMINATING HIM!

Winner: Kurt Angle via event @ 14:01


Lillian Garcia:
Here is your winner, Kurt Angle!

Angle immediately gets back up to his feet and roars with intensity, having won the Battle Royal. Going up to the second rope in the corner and beating his chest, Angle celebrates his victory, confirming his favouritism for the Royal Rumble.

Joey Styles:
Kurt Angle has done it! Kurt Angle has survived and won this Battle Royal, eliminating Shawn Michaels after an electric exchange!

Jerry Lawler: I told ya’, Joey! Kurt Angle is a man on a mission. How about the effort from Shawn Michaels though?

Jonathan Coachman: Thing is, King, Michaels couldn’t even outlast nine men. How’s he going to outlast twenty-nine?

Joey Styles: That’ very true, Coach, and we’ll have to wait until this Sunday to see if Michaels can turn the tables.

We quickly cut backstage to see John Cena walking down a hallway.

Joey Styles:
Well ladies and gentlemen, up next is our main event as John Cena takes on Chris Masters. Don’t go anywhere!

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to the announce table.

Joey Styles:
Ladies and gentlemen, coming up momentarily is our main event, however before that takes place we would like to thank Pepsi for sponsoring not only RAW, but the Royal Rumble this Sunday, and what an event it will be!

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, Joey. On the SmackDown! side of things, Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash will defend his title against Juventud.

Joey Styles: This match is in doubt after the malicious assault from Kash on Juventud last week on SmackDown!, however at this stage it is still on the card.

Jonathan Coachman: The beautiful RAW divas will go at it as Trish Stratus defends the Women’s Championship against Victoria!

Jerry Lawler: Well this match became a whole lot more interesting when Victoria stole the Women’s Title from Trish, then claimed she’d show her crazy at the Royal Rumble. This one’s sure to be big now!

Joey Styles: SmackDown!’s World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, puts the gold on the line as he faces Mark Henry!

Jonathan Coachman: Over the past month those two animals have been battling for supremacy. Just who is the king of the jungle?

Jerry Lawler: The contract for this one was meant to be signed tonight, however with Edge bypassing RAW tonight, we have a changed main event for the night. Edge defends his WWE Championship against John Cena!

Joey Styles: Are these mind games from Edge to get into the head of John Cena. In my opinion they are, however, whether they’ve worked or not is another thing.

Jonathan Coachman: And of course gentlemen, the big one. Fifteen RAW superstars and fifteen SmackDown! superstars battle it out in the Royal Rumble. The winner goes on to main event WrestleMania 22 against the champion of their choice. Thirty superstars, thirty dreams... one realization!

Jerry Lawler: I’m of course pulling for a RAW guy, and after what we saw earlier tonight, my money’s on Kurt Angle!

The lights in the arena now dim before we hear...


The crowd gives off some decent heat as Chris Masters walks out in front of the fans and squats down, waiting for the music to pick up, at which point he rises from his slumber and poses, showing off his amazing physique, pyro shooting out behind him as he does so. With his posing now done, Masters walks down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, posing in the corner to once again show off his muscles.

Joey Styles:
Tonight is a huge opportunity for ‘The Masterpiece’. After Edge skipped RAW tonight, leaving the contract signing with Cena to not be done here tonight, General Manager, Eric Bischoff had a main event slot to fill. He selected Chris Masters to face John Cena, and now it’s time to see how Masters performs.

Jonathan Coachman: And I’m predicting that he’ll be up to it. Masters is set for big things here in the WWE!

Jerry Lawler: That may be true, Coach, but John Cena is practically the measuring stick here in the WWE.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 260 lbs, ‘The Masterpiece’, Chris Masters!

Masters stands in the ring, waiting for his opponent as the crowd starts to buzz for...

*My Time Is Now*

The crowd erupts into a huge mixed reaction as none other than the number one contender for the WWE Title, the former champion, John Cena runs out onto the stage, looking excited, much like he was when he started the show. After saluting the fans at the top of the ramp Cena sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring, with Chris Masters instantly jumping him, getting this one started quickly.

| Main Event |
| Singles Match |
| Chris Masters vs John Cena |

With Cena reeling early Masters hammers away with some rights before Cena finally blocks one and unloads with a series of his own, sending Masters back to the corner. Cena continues with rights and lefts in the corner for a moment, then sends Masters charging off into the opposite corner with an Irish whip. Masters hits the turnbuckle hard, causing him to come right back off it straight into a back body drop from Cena. Getting right back up, Masters doesn’t want to stay on the mat, though he ends up right back up there as Cena nails a fisherman’s suplex, gaining a two count. Picking Masters back up, Cena pushes him against the ropes and hits a few more shots to the body before sending Masters off with another Irish whip. Instead of bouncing back this time, Masters holds onto the ropes, then slides out under them, looking for a breather. Cena, showing he believes in no such concept charges across the ring and slides out after Masters, blocking a right hand attempt from him and nailing a kick right to the midsection of ‘The Masterpiece’. Cena then follows right up, grabbing Masters around the head and slamming his skull down into the announce table to a pop from the crowd. Cena does it once more before looking to move on, dragging Masters across and looking to send him off around ringside with an Irish whip, only for Masters to reverse... THUD! CENA CRASHES HARD INTO THE STEEL STEPS!

Masters takes a moment to regather himself before sliding in and out of the ring to break the referee’s count, which was up to eight. Now back out with Cena, Masters looks to presss his advantage as he picks Cena up and slams his skull down into the crowd barrier, before following up by ramming his back into the apron a few times. Moving Cena back into the ring, Masters now continues his offense, using a mix of heavy strikes, slams and a little bit of cheating to show just why it is that he owns. After awhile of not being able to put Cena away, Masters becomes frustrated, arguing with the referee over a two count before telling the crowd that it would soon be done. With Cena slowly recovering Masters stalks him, waiting on him to get up, which he slowly does... AS MASTERS PRESS SLAMS HIM INTO THE AIR! CENA IS UP HIGH --- THOUGH HE SLIPS DOWN AND LANDS BEHIND MASTERS! Masters turns and gets rocked with a big right from Cena, which is just the first of a flurry as Cena hits several more before attempting to send Masters off with an Irish whip. However, Masters reverses, sending Cena off, only for Cena to come right back off the ropes and takes Masters down with a flying shoulder block.

A couple of flying shoulder blocks later and Cena ducks a wild right hand attempt from Masters, transitioning it perfectly into a protoplex. Playing it up to the crowd who give a mixed reaction, Cena tells Masters that “You can’t see me~!” before running off to the ropes and nailing the five knuckle shuffle. The crowd again erupts with a mixed reaction as Cena gets back to his feet and waits on Masters to get up... F-U --- NO, MASTERS SLIPS OUT! Masters lands behind Cena and pushes him off, sending him chest-first into the turnbuckle. As Cena staggers back holding his chest, Masters runs off to the ropes, bounces back and hits a huge clothesline, taking Cena down, though only for another two count, much to the shock of Masters. He quite obviously can’t believe it as he now waits on Cena to get up, telling him he’ll finish it now. Cena slowly starts to regain his footing, going to the ropes for support... BEFORE STAGGERING RIGHT BACK INTO THE MASTERLOCK --- NO, CENA DROPS DOWN AND SWEEPS THE LEG OF MASTERS WITH HIM --- STF-U! CENA LOCKS IT IN! The crowd roars with a mixture of approval and disgust as Cena has his signature submission locked in. Cranking back hard, Masters looks in trouble... THOUGH HE FIGHTS! Masters shows he may just have more guts than brains as he slowly but surely inches his way towards the ropes... AND MAKES IT, BREAKING THE HOLD! For some reason, there’s a much more heated response to that than you would expect, with Cena unsure of the reason, knowing it’s not because he’s so amazingly popular when he’s been booed all night.

As he gets back to his feet, Cena turns... SPEAR? BY EDGE? HE WASN’T EVEN MEANT TO BE IN THE BUILDING! Regardless, Edge Spears the holy hell out of John Cena, causing the referee to call an end to the match.

Winner: John Cena by disqualification @ 8:42

Edge shows he has played us all for chumps as he looks down at Cena manically, the WWE Championship now being shown lying behind him. Edge slowly slides out of the ring, not taking his eyes off Cena as he rushes off to ringside and demands two chairs from the staff there. The staff of course hand them to him, as Edge looks nuts, with the champ now sliding them into the ring, looking at Cena as he follows. With Cena beginning to stir Edge grabs one of the chairs and slams it into the mat; almost as if he is hyping himself up before the big strike. Cena slowly, unknowingly, gets back up to his feet... WHACK! EDGE ABSOLUTELY CREAMS CENA IN THE SKULL! Cena is down as Edge licks his lips, loving the pain he’s caused. Slowly, he gets to his knees, chair still in hand, looking down at Cena yelling “You want my title? YOU WANT MY GODAMN TITLE? YOU’RE NOT GETTING IT YOU NO GOOD SON OF A BITCH!”

Edge now lifts the skull of Cena off the mat and places the steel chair under it, throwing Cena’s head back down with some force before going and picking up the second steel chair. Salivating at what he’s about to do, Edge licks his lips, eyes wide and cheeks trembling with excitement. The crowd unloads with heat, though Cena’s fate is already sealed as Edge now lifts the chair up into the air... BANG! CONCHAIRTO CONNECTS! The symphony of steel on skull is music to Edge’s ears as he falls to his knees with the shot, dropping his instrument of destruction by the broken body of Cena. Now on his hands and knees, Edge slowly but surely crawls over to his title, grabbing it in his hands, his trembling, excited hands.

As he crawls back to Cena, Edge’s expression hasn’t changed; he’s still savouring what he’s done. Slowly, he leans over Cena and holds the WWE Title to Cena’s face, a look of ecstasy on his own as we slowly fade away from this unforgettable ending.



January 29th, 2006 | American Airlines Center; Miami, Florida

Royal Rumble Match
Big Show vs Bobby Lashley vs Carlito vs Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Masters vs Finlay vs Gene Snitsky vs Goldust vs Gregory Helms vs Hardcore Holly vs Joey Mercury vs John Bradshaw Layfield vs Johnny Nitro vs Kane vs Kurt Angle vs Matt Hardy vs Mr Kennedy vs Orlando Jordan vs Paul Burchill vs Randy Orton vs Rene Dupree vs Rey Mysterio vs Ric Flair vs Rob Van Dam vs Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker vs Triple H vs Tyson Tomko vs William Regal

WWE Championship
John Cena vs Edge (c)

World Heavyweight Championship
Mark Henry vs Batista (c)

Women’s Championship
Victoria vs Trish Stratus (c)

Cruiserweight Championship
Juventud vs Kid Kash (c)

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