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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

Raw Feedback

Vince McMahon to open the show just to announce that Legacy is barred from ringside at Extreme Rules? The promo was well written, seemed decent enough without being anything awesome, but why would you not just have had Vince announce this during the contract signing. This just feels like a waste of a segment to me, and hopefully with Vince being interrupted, it gains some purpose, as for the time being, I havenít been a huge fan of it.

When The Miz came out I was hoping for arrogance straight off the bat and this is what we got. ďAnd being me, Iím not just sayiní that because Iím in your presence, Mr. McMahon, itís because I have arrived to save this horrific opening to Raw.Ē And this is exactly what we got, for a moment I thought maybe you were going to take the whole ass kissing route, but you definitely didnít do that, and it impressed me.

One thing I didnít like is how early McMahon interrupted Miz, I would have much preferred for The Miz to spread out more of his brilliance, before eventually being interrupted. It just seemed a little to quick, almost as if you didnít know what else for The Miz to say. I guess with that being said, that McMahon had to interrupt eventually, and show us his mean attitude, but I still would have preferred for this to happen a bit later. McMahon was pretty spot on again here, although one thing that troubled me with this little bit. ďI donít think you know who youíre in the same ring as, punk.Ē I just canít see Vinnie Mac calling anybody a punk, and this line kind of took away from the rest of McMahon, who you had captured quite well up until this point.

The Miz continuously trying to interrupt and not backing down was good, even though he is a heel, it shows he has some balls, and McMahon just showed his authority a little bitÖ And now we have a fairly awesome contest set for the opener, The Miz against MVP.

The Miz actually defeated the United States Champ MVP? I was shocked to say the least, I mean, I know he cheated so that way MVP remains looking strong, but I just expected the champion to pick up the victory, especially with a title defense coming up so soon.

The attack after the match was good, but can I suggest getting rid of Hurricane Helms? I hate the character, itís ruined him, he needs to be Gregory Helms or bust. Anyway, Iím curios as to who The Miz will make Helms face.

ďHowÖHow can Mr. McMahon ban you from ringside, Cody and Ted?Ē This just didnít sound right at all, it sounded a little too robotic for my liking. After all, did he really have to say their names, they know who they are. I really canít explain my problem with it, but it just sounded like a computer talking to somebody, and if it was a 2004 thread Iíd understand, but itís not, and Ortonís better then that now. I like the direction youíre trying to go with here though, with Orton trying to use Lacey to get to McMahon and make him change his mind. I am sure it wonít work, but it could make for an amusing moment or two later in the show.

As soon as Matt Hardy made his way to the ring I knew just who was going to win this match. No matter how well you wrote it, and no matter how much you tried to make this match seem competitive, I think it was pretty obvious throughout that the winner of this match up was going to be Hardy. Coming off the huge feud with his brother Jeff, he has to much momentum, seriously, youíd be an idiot to waste it, so I was glad to see he picked up the victory. As for Helms, heís definitely on the back foot with his feud with The Miz, and he severely needs a change of gimmick, because I can see Helms become nothing more then a glorified jobber soon enough.

The after the match attack made the gap between these two even larger, and when they havenít even had their blow off match yet, Iím not sure this was the best thing to do. Either way, I think itís pretty obvious that Miz is going over in this feud, but I hope after it, you save Helms before it is to late.

The Mickie James interview was good and bad in my eyes. It was good because it provided us with an explanation which was needed; however I didnít like the actual explanation, because in the past Mickie has never been afraid to show off a bit of skin, but now she is ridiculing Kelly for it, when Mickieís own character hasnít really changed? It just seems a little off to me.

at McMahon and Lacey getting it on. I know youíre trying to make it seem like Orton is going to get his way, but I have a feeling itís going to be a swerve, and McMahon just wants some action .

Divas situation seems really bleh, especially considering the fact that I donít like the most interesting thing going on, which is the Mickie heel turn. This seemed like a typical diva tag team, filler contest, and I guess Iím just going to have to wait and see just how you can make the diva situation interesting.

I knew McMahon just wanted some action. Well played by the chairman, and it looks as if Legacy are going to be banned from ringside at Extreme Rules.

Okay, another thing I can say about this show is that you are over using Vince McMahon. Any time an authority figure is more prominent then every single superstar on the show, you are over using them, imo. Also, I loved the introduction of the returning Kennedy, ďSo Ö introducing the man who needs no introduction, as heíd rather do it himself, and the fourth competitor in this matchÖ" Brilliant line, set the scene perfectly.

Mr Kennedy returning now is great, as I truly believe some things on the Raw side of this thread need to be spiced up. This looks as if it should be a great start, and Iím rather intrigued to see just how Kennedy will go in this thread. As much as I like the man, I canít see him getting a US Title shot this soon. I would have liked a bit more talk from Kennedy rather then just the intro, but whatever.

Well, I guess youíve got better ideas, as now we will have Kennedy and MVP going for the US Title. Is this match to take place at Extreme Rules? If so, I donít like it, these are probably the two best mid carders youíve got, and I think you need to make a feud between them hot, rather then just a one off match with no real build up what so ever. By the way, I really think you need to give Umaga and Chavo Guerrero something better to do.

I donít like the sound of this ďhard ten matchĒ at all; hopefully itís one of a kind, with the two guys involved getting into a fully blown feud, rather then a random match, after the PPV.

Nice win for The Colons and Eve Torres here, definitely something I didnít expect after the amount of time Legacy have had on the show, and the amount of time The Colons have had. It clearly seems as if Legacy are more important, so I was shocked, but whatever. The attack after the match I guessed made up for it, but geez itís been a bad night for Lacey.

Mark Jindrak OWNS! I expect great things from him in this thread. You wouldnít be bringing him in otherwise, right?

Contract signing was way to short for my liking, and to be honest, it came across as a really disappointing final segment. Not only was McMahon out again, which you know I have a problem with by now, but Batista and Randy Orton both should have had something to say. The lack, or the no talk from Randy Orton and Batista really no sells their contest, where was the talk, where was the tension, where was the hatred? We got none of that, so for a first time reader like myself, why in the hell would they be having a first blood match if they donít even hate each other? You couldíve done a lot better with this, and you simply dropped the ball.

The Undertaker was interesting to say the least, but what was with him poring blood into the urn. It really seemed rather pointless to me, and a tad confusing, so hopefully next time the Undertaker appears it has meaning. I donít know, maybe Iím wrong and you have something planned, but at this point in time, Undertaker just seemed there to be there, and thatís definitely not a good thing.

Overall, the show had a lot of its good bits, and had a lot of its bad bits, so where you clearly showed potential, there is also plenty of room for improvement. Anyway, Iím definitely intrigued to see just where you go with things from here, hopefully Iím back for next week.

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