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Learning to break kayfabe
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Voltage Results

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered”
Live from The Voltage Arena in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tuesday, 7th July 2009

A recap video pops on screen, and it all shows what went down between the continuing Samoa Joe and AJ Styles feud last week. It starts with Jeff Jarrett making his way to the ring and explaining that at Victory Road, the two will go toe to toe for the Legends Title. The video continues on then to the segment that took place later in the night, where Samoa Joe came out with a large amount of bodyguards, running his mouth on the TNA Legends Champion. The video then gets higher tempo music as it reveals AJ coming out to gain revenge on Joe, and ripping off his neck brace that Joe caused a few weeks ago in a post match attack. The music then slows down as it shows Joe going out of harms way and then AJ facing the bodyguards, but then the music gets faster as it shows AJ attacking the bodyguards one by one and then offering Joe to step into the ring. The final piece of footage shows a serious AJ staring at a vicious Samoa Joe from inside the ring.


The cameras click, and they instantly reside on the face of Jeff Jarrett, the TNA Voltage Owner himself. Looking solemn, Jeff’s face appropriately takes up most of the camera angle, as Jeff simply stares into the screen.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Samoa Joe. I know for a fact that you are watching this, and to start this show off, I think you need to listen to exactly what I have to say.

Jeff’s facial expression gets more serious as crowd noise echoes down the corridors.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Last week, you tried to escape from AJ Styles and utilise a series of security guards to take him down. But that plan, it backfired, and the egg landed on your face. Now, although I’m not for unprovoked violence, which AJ carried out last week against those guards of yours, you brought this on yourself. Now I know you’re gonna complain and try and say that I’m being biased, but Joe, this feud you’ve got, it’s all your fault. You got yourself into this mess, so you have no-one else to blame.

Jeff then musters a half-smile, picturing his idea in his head.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: So tonight, I’ve arranged a special stipulation. With your match just two weeks away, there needs to be a contract signing to organise this match and ensure that you and AJ go one-on-one. No stipulations, no gimmicks…just a simple one-on-one match up for the title. You’re not getting out of this Joe, and tonight, unlike last week, you will be in the same ring as AJ Styles to sign that contract. I’ve given you so many warnings Joe, and tonight, you better obey what I say and sign that contract on the dotted line. And if you don’t like it, well, you can do one thing…get the HELL out of my show!

The camera stays on the serious face of Jarrett before finally deciding to zoom away.



The camera circles around the arena, looking at the strong number of fans in attendance, before they head directly to the broadcast table, where Don West and Joey Styles are, as always, patiently standing by.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Hello Voltage fans and welcome to this week’s edition of TNA Voltage, live and kicking from The Voltage Arena in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! I’m Joey Styles and joining me as always is my broadcast partner, Don West…and what a perfect place to watch the drama unfold, isn’t that right Don West?

“Colour Commentator” Don West: You got that right, and believe you me, a lot of drama will unfold here tonight. You just heard it for yourself, Jeff Jarrett has announced that tonight, there will be a contract signing taking place right in this arena, in the middle of the ring, between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, with the focus being on their Victory Road match just two weeks away!

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Yeah, and trust me, that’s gonna be difficult to miss tonight! But not only that, but we also have a lot of other segments on this show to go through.

Graphics appear as the commentators run down the matches.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: And that includes our opening contest, as we are set to see Homicide from LAX take on Robert Roode from Beer Money.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: And what makes it sound better, Joey, is that earlier today on TNA.com, it was announced that due to the problems between all four teams, at Victory Road we will see LAX versus British Invasion versus Team 3D versus Beer Money Incorporated for the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Speaking of the likes of The British Invasion, last week we saw them attack Team 3D during their match up, and caused them to lose the contest against Beer Money who were putting their titles on the line. Tonight, Team 3D get a chance at revenge as they go head to head with Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus of The British Invasion in a tag team match.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: That’s going to be a great match for sure, but on the prospect of tag team matches, we will also see a mixed tag match right here tonight! The feud between Kenny Omega and Daisy Haze and Eric Young has been boiling over for the past two weeks, but tonight, Jarrett has given Eric a chance to pick a Knockout of his choice to face Omega and Haze! Which Knockout will Eric choose?

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: You’ll have to stay tuned to find out, as will you have to in order to watch a huge six Knockouts tag match later on tonight, as TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion Angelina Love and Madison Rayne of The Beautiful People team up with the dominating, unstoppable Klondyke to take on ODB, Sojo Bolt and Angelina Love’s challenger come Victory Road, Christy Hemme!

“Colour Commentator” Don West: Again, another match up that aims to please, as will the match-up between Mark Jindrak and Matt Morgan that looks set to take place tonight. That’s right, you heard me correctly, Jindrak and Morgan after weeks of bitter rivalry will step into the ring and go toe to toe for the first ever time in a TNA broadcast. And with all the hatred that has boiled up, you know you can’t miss this one.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: That’s for certain, Don, but with that being all said and done, let’s start off tonight’s show…

The cameras head to the stage where the entrances of Homicide and Roode await to begin…

Homicide w/ Hernandez vs. Robert Roode w/ James Storm & Jackie Moore

Prologue: This match comes about thanks to last week’s actions, where LAX intervened on behalf of Team 3D to halt a post match beating on the legendary tag team courtesy of Beer Money and The British Invasion. With news on TNA.com stating that at Victory Road it will be LAX vs. Beer Money vs. Team 3D vs. The British Invasion for the TNA World Tag Team Titles, this match is the perfect chance for two competitors in that match, Homicide and Roode, to get to know one another.

Recap: The match-up started as soon as the bell rang out to the audience, with Homicide and Roode locking up mid ring, but the larger Roode obviously getting the better out of the situation by throwing his opponent down to the mat and then going all out with some back clubs. However, before long, Homicide began to get irate, and he took Roode to the mat with a springboard arm drag before dropkicking him to the outside…and then LEVELLING him with a suicide senton through the middle rope! The crowd went wild for Homicide, who tonight had certainly brought his A-game with him despite looking like he may have tweaked his knee slightly, as the Mexican rocked Roode with some forearms. However, after Jackie Moore got herself involved, Homicide gave chase around ringside…only to fall right into the trap as Roode rocked him with a kick to the gut and then sent the smaller competitor shoulder first into the steel steps! The action then returned inside the ring, where Roode was now hot on the heels of his opponent, picking him off the floor and drilling him with a kneebuster! Homicide clutched his knee in pain, but Roode went for the cover…but only two! Roode then stomped over the knee, and then proceeded to elbow drop the limb before smashing it hard off the canvas! Homicide looked for recuperation using the ropes, but this gave Roode more ammo to work with, twisting the knee over the bottom rope and then stomping on the injured body part! As the referee pulled Roode away, Storm and Moore on the outside used the distraction to their advantage, kicking away on the knee…before Hernandez scared the tandem away! But the damage had been done, and Roode locked in a single leg Boston crab whilst in mid ring! Homicide tried to crawl to the ropes, but Roode pulled him away…until Homicide managed to twist his body around and boot Roode in the chest, before drilling him into the corner. But Homicide was injured, and Roode capitalised with a dropkick to the knee, sending Homicide down. Roode then went for his Northern lariat, but Homicide ducked, so Roode went for a standard lariat, but Homicide caught the arm, turned Roode away…and then drilled him with his 187 cutter! Both superstars lay down for a substantial amount of time, before they got up and traded lefts and rights with one another. Roode thought he got the best of the situation with an uppercut, but as he went to turn things around for a Roode Awakening, Homicide spun out of the move and rocked Roode with some stiff lariats, before finally dropping him with a snap suplex, rolled into another snap suplex…then amazingly followed by an overhead belly to belly suplex! The crowd were going wild, as Homicide went for the cover…but he only got a two count for his attempt! Homicide then called for the Gringo Killer, but suddenly Roode fought his way out, before pushing Homicide towards the ropes and then drilling him with a spinning spinebuster! Cover…one…two…th…NO! Homicide kicked out at the last possible second! Roode then headed to the top, and called Homicide to stand…but he did too soon and rocked the ‘Money Man’ with some back elbows, making him seated up top. Homicide then scaled to the top, but Roode responded with some hard fist shots, only for Homicide to get the better…and then DRILLED Roode with a super hurracanrana! Homicide crawled for the cover…one…two…but the fall had to be stopped due to Storm and Moore leaping onto the apron and arguing with the ref! But Hernandez took care of this by grabbing onto both of their legs, and pulling them off and down to the arena floor! But this still distracted Homicide, as when he went to take care of Roode, Roode was up and flapjacked him throat first off the top rope! Roode then stalked Homicide, and kicked him in the gut before hooking his leg for the Roode Awakening, and…NO, Homicide reversed it…INSIDE CRADLE! One…two…three! Homicide got the pin!
Winner: Homicide @ 6:09

Aftermath: Homicide immediately releases the hold, and celebrates the victory near the ropes, but one man who isn’t happy is Robert Roode, whom gets to his feet and drills Homicide with a Northern Lariat! The sore loser then stomps away on the winner, as Storm takes care of Hernandez outside the ring and then enters with Jackie Moore. Roode then stalks Homicide as Storm stands behind him and Jackie screams for them to take advantage…but suddenly, out come Team 3D, perhaps returning the favour after LAX helped them out last week! The two clean house, with D-Von rocking Storm with some fist shots and then throwing him over the top rope, before Brother-Ray drops Roode with a sidewalk slam! Jackie Moore then comes running forward, but Ray sees her…and DROPS her with a clothesline to the throat! Jackie falls on the floor as the crowd cheer, but Team 3D are not done yet. As Jackie uses the ropes to stand, Brother Ray and D-Von get in prime position for their 3D manoeuvre…but before Jackie turns around, Storm is up and he pulls Jackie out of harms way via the legs to the outside! As Team 3D stares menacingly at Beer Money Incorporated, the Tag Team Champions and their trusting cohort Jackie Moore walk to the back.


The cameras rest on backstage interviewer So Cal Val, who at this very moment is standing by on one side with the ‘TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion’ Angelina Love and her stable mates Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. On the other is the massive Klondyke, who simply stands still and stares at the camera.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Joining me at this moment is Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Klondyke…and Angelina, my first question goes to you. Tonight, you will be teaming up with Madison and Klondyke to take on Sojo Bolt, ODB and Christy Hemme. How do you feel about the prospect of having to face your challenger at Victory Road in the ring during tonight’s contest?

“TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: Excuse me, excuse me, hold up one second there. Did you just label Christy Hemme a ‘challenger’? You think that red headed SLUT is a challenger? Oh my, I think I’m gonna barf if I have to hear how many times, how many people label that talent-less waste of space a challenger to my glorious, shiny title. Because let’s think about it. What is Christy good for, huh? I mean, it ain’t professional wrestling, that’s for sure. In fact…I know…the only thing Christy Hemme is good for is posing naked on the covers of Playboy. And you know what…that’s exactly where she belongs, to show off her ugly, hideous body to the whole wide world. But furthermore, you think I have a challenge on my hands tonight, have you seen who I’m teaming up with. This woman standing right there…

Angelina points towards Klondyke, and the camera looks up at the impressive Knockout as she nods her head silently. Love then walks towards Klondyke and stands a few steps away from her.

“TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: This woman that last week crushed ODB in a contest that barely lasted five minutes. So, tonight, I’ve got back up, and it comes in the form of this six foot one, two hundred…

Angelina then rests her hands on Klondyke’s arm, but Klondyke immediately brushes Angelina off and stares down at her.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Do NOT touch me!

Love seems a little taken aback by Klondyke’s attitude, and takes a few steps back to her team mates.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Gimme the mic!

Val then hands Klondyke the microphone without any need for tussle, and then Klondyke looks into the camera once more.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Angelina’s right, you know, she does have back up…but tonight’s win will be to further my dominative streak here on Voltage. Last week, as Angelina rightfully pointed out, I crushed ODB. Then at the end of the contest, Sojo Bolt entered the ring and she tried to get the one up with a chair shot. To a skinny little female like Angelina Love, a chair shot like that would have hurt…but not to a muscle house like I, Klondyke, ‘The Alpha Female.’ That chair shot, Sojo, well it didn’t hurt me, it didn’t injure me, instead it did one thing…further my hopes to knock down any Knockout that is to stand in my way. And tonight, Sojo, Christy and ODB…YOU three bimbos are those Knockouts!

Klondyke then glances towards Love, Rayne and Sky who look a little shocked at the force behind Klondyke.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Now let’s GO!

Klondyke then walks off, as The Beautiful People glance uneasy looks at one another before they walk away.




So Cal Val is standing by with both Kenny Omega and Daisy Haze.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: I am joined at this time by Kenny Omega and Daisy Haze…and next up, Kenny and Daisy, you will be facing Eric Young and a Knockout of his choice in a mixed tag match. Any bets on who the Knockout’s gonna be?

“The Fresh Face” Kenny Omega: Does it really matter? Is that a useless question or what? At the end of the day, I don’t give a damn who Young chooses as a partner. As a matter of fact they can be anyone, whether they be one hundred pounds, or two hundred pounds. Whatever, The Haze and I will get the victory, pure and simple, easy peasy if you like to say it like that. Exactly like we did last week, and then STILL found time to pummel Young into the canvas post-match.

Omega then laughs and high fives Daisy Haze, who laughs alongside him.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Boy…you sound like you’re a bit too far ahead of yourselves…

“The Haze” Daisy Haze: Yeah, and you know what? Kenny and I, we have a right to be. You know, here’s something you’re little brain box probably hasn’t picked up- I am an accomplished professional wrestler just as much as Eric Young, and even Kenny Omega is. I’ve battled all over the USA, and with that, I’ve picked up technique and skill along the way. Seriously, if anyone thinks I’m just another pretty face here in this company, then they can think again. You’ve all seen what I can do these past few weeks…and seriously, that’s nothing compared to what I’m gonna do tonight, to both Eric and whatever skank he chooses to be on his side! Come on Kenny…

Haze then looks down at Val with a dirty look on her face, and Omega instantly does the same, before the two walk away, leaving the belittled Val in shot.


Eric Young is standing by inside the ring, a microphone in his hand. Eric is dressed to compete, and he awaits the crowd to die down before addressing them the situation.

“Showtime” Eric Young: As you all are probably aware, last week Jeff Jarrett gave me an ultimatum. I entered his office and demanded a match with Daisy Haze in a fit of rage, but obviously wasn’t granted it. Instead, I was offered another opportunity. To team up with a Knockout of my choice to take on both Omega and Haze in a mixed tag team contest.

Young then waits for a moment for the noise of the crowd to die down a little, before continuing.

“Showtime” Eric Young: So, that made me wonder. Who would be the best Knockout to choose? After all, the division is vast, and full of many faces that would be suitable to show Daisy Haze a thing or two. So I scoured around, I did my research, and I came up with the perfect attributes my tag team partner needed to have. They would need to be skilled. Highly technical. Tough when faced with the prospect of perhaps even tougher adversary. Capable of holding not only their own, but having the ability to double up successfully with someone else.

The crowd await Eric’s announcement, but he seems keen to hold out a little longer.

“Showtime” Eric Young: So with that being said and done, I found the perfect partner. She has all those attributes and more, and believe you me, she will give Daisy Haze a fight she’s gonna remember. I introduce to you, my tag team partner…

The music of “Spirit” then appears over the PA system…and out comes TAYLOR WILDE! This Knockout hasn’t been seen in a TNA ring for several weeks, but now she’s here and looks ready for action. She leaps onto the turnbuckle and hits her signature taunts, before she jumps down centre ring and greets Young with a hug. The two then wait patiently for Haze and Omega to arrive for the match.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Eric Young & Taylor Wilde vs. Kenny Omega & Daisy Haze

Prologue: Omega and Young have been at each other’s throats since the first taping of Voltage, and many can say it is thanks to Daisy Haze that tonight’s tag team match has come about, as her constant interfering has angered Young beyond belief. However, last week Jeff Jarrett gave Young a chance to pick a tag team partner in this week’s contest to face Omega and Haze in a mixed tag team match, and as witnessed previously, Young picked Taylor Wilde, a former Knockouts champion. Last week’s post match attack means Young is seeking revenge, but will Haze and Omega be capable of stopping Young tonight?

Recap: Daisy and Taylor started off proceedings, with Wilde using her technical skill to take Haze down with a number of armdrags and a tight headlock takedown. However, it wasn’t long before the males in the match up were tagged in, and Young certainly brought the fight to Omega, seeking pay back for last week’s post match attack. After executing an inverted facelock neckbreaker, Young then had Omega all set for his patented Death Valley Driver, but Haze entered the ring and clubbed away on Eric’s back, causing him to drop his opponent. But this only angered the irate Young, who then dodged a slap from Daisy to then lift her up for a Death Valley Driver! However, by this time, Omega was standing…and he DRILLED Eric with a jaw breaking discus elbow smash, causing him to fall to the floor and drop Daisy from his grasp in the process! Omega and Haze then reigned supreme, working over Eric with tactical double team manoeuvres, including a throw into the turnbuckle so Daizee could illegally choke him from the apron! Omega then locked in a nice Fujiwara Armbar over Eric, and kept the hold locked in tight, until Eric began to stand and lifted Omega with him! But somehow, Kenny managed to spin out and dropped Eric with a single arm DDT, putting pressure on the injured arm furthermore, which was even more worked over following Haze snapping the limb over the top rope! Taylor called for the tag but got no response as Young was locked in a seated butterfly hold, the pressure further mounting on his arms and shoulders. However, soon, with the helpful enthusiastic claps of Wilde and the audience, Young got to his feet, spun out of the hold, dodged a lariat attempt…and then DROPPED Omega with a devastating Rydeen bomb! Both superstars were fallen on the canvas, until they systematically crawled towards their respective tag partners…and the tags were made! Taylor leapt over the top rope and met Daisy with some hard forearms followed by two knife edge chops, before she whipped Haze towards the ropes and then levelled her with a jumping calf kick! Daisy groggily got to her feet, but Wilde was there waiting…and she dished out a picture perfect bridging wristlock suplex! One…two…but no, Haze managed to get a shoulder up! With Haze struggling on the floor, Wilde saw the perfect opportunity to head to the top…before she jumped off the perch looking for a missile dropkick! But Omega had managed to push Haze out of the way, and Taylor landed hard on her back mid-canvas! Haze and Omega then picked upon this, with Haze stomping away on Taylor’s back before throwing her into the corner and calling for Omega to follow up! But as Omega geared himself up on the opposing corner and ran forward, Eric Young had managed to scale the top rope…and he SQUASHED Kenny with a diving cross body! Young then celebrated, but little did he know that Haze was behind him, on her knees for a dirty low blow…but Eric CAUGHT the hand before it hit the uncomfortable area! Young then turned around with Haze’s arm in grasp and stared into her eyes as she screamed to be let go, but Eric instead grasped the hair and placed Haze up for a powerbomb! But somehow, Omega had managed to get to his feet and he speared Young, causing Haze to fall on top of him in a seated senton! Young rolled away with Omega in pursuit, as Haze pointed to her brain in the ring on how smart she was…until she turned around and was levelled with hard forearms and slaps to the chest area thanks to Taylor Wilde! Haze lay prone on the ropes, allowing Taylor to follow up with an Irish whip, but Haze spun around and managed to lock in a high wristlock…followed by a tough punch to the heart area! Taylor staggered a little, but then was set up…and SLAMMED to the canvas with a snapmare driver, a move Haze likes to call the Mind Trip! Haze then pounced onto Taylor for the cover…one…two…THREE!
Winners: Daisy Haze & Kenny Omega @ 6:59

Aftermath: As soon as the three counts are made, Young enters the ring immediately in seek of payback on the Haze. But, instead, Daisy quickly rolls out of the ring with a smirk plastered over her face, and walks over to Omega. As Young tends to the downed Taylor Wilde, Omega lifts Daisy in the air on his shoulder and the two smile cockily as Haze lifts her arm upwards towards the sky in jubilation.


So Cal Val is standing by with The British Invasion, Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams and Rob Terry.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Brutus…Doug…earlier tonight we saw Team 3D fend off a Beer Money attack on LAX, and boy did they look irate. Tonight, after intervening in their match up last week, you get to face Team 3D in the six-sided ring. First, I’ve gotta ask you, why did you attack Team 3D last week, what were your reasons?

“The Anarchist” Doug Williams: Our reasons, Val, were simple. You see, we’ve been in TNA a couple of months now, and let me say, not one of us, Brutus or I, have been given a chance to show our worth. Yes, we’ve competed in some high profile matches, yes we’ve done well in our singles debut, but we have constantly been held back from gaining the one thing we hope to gain…the TNA World Tag Team Titles. And in our eyes, Team 3D were just getting in the way. I mean, how many chances do these guys have to be given? How many times do TNA management and Jeff Jarrett have to say ‘Team 3D are now new number 1 contenders.’ I mean, they’ve held the TNA tag team titles twice now, and had more chances to reclaim that, and that’s not because they deserve it. Oh no, it’s because TNA jeopardise people like us to put over those pathetic human beings. Well not any more, and we’re out to prove that tonight.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Well, you say that now, but with all Team 3D’s anger boiled up, do you think this slims your chances of acclaiming victory tonight?

“The Modern Day Gladiator” Brutus Magnus: Slim our chances, you say? Why, just because Team 3D ran out there and hit Beer Money with some ‘soft’ moves, our chances are suddenly evaporated? Trust me, that is not the case at all, and you know why? Because we have more to prove. You see, Team 3D have done it all. They’ve won title after title, and in our eyes, they don’t need any more. So let this mean something. Team 3D, they’ve had their era…but now, it’s time for a new era. The British Invasion era.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: And, in fact, it could be that, as earlier tonight we found out that at Victory Road, you will be facing LAX, Team 3D and Beer Money when Beer Money put their titles on the line in a four way tag match…

“The Anarchist” Doug Williams: And you know what? Exactly like tonight, exactly like every night, we’re gonna walk into Victory Road with one thing on our mind. Getting the job done. Oh, that, and wrapping those belts around our very waists when the match is finished. Victory Road will be a huge chance for us to finally, after all these months, show people what guys like us are all about. Brutus and I, we’ve worked our way from the bottom to the top, and we’re slowly approaching the top rung. At Victory Road, we will be bringing our A-game with us…and tonight, Team 3D will get just a sample, just a taster, of what The British Invasion, are ALL about!

Doug then lays his eyes on the camera lens, and then the cameras zoom away.




The cameras head to the broadcast desk where both Don West and Joey Styles are standing by.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Welcome back to tonight’s iMPACT, and boy, what a show we are having so far! We’ve seen a lot of back and forth TNA action and if you’ve just joined us, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that we have a lot more lined up.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: I couldn’t have said that better myself, Joey…well, actually I could, but anyway…still to come tonight, we’re going to see a Knockouts six person tag match as Angelina Love, Madison Rayne and Klondyke team up to face Sojo Bolt, ODB and Christy Hemme. And let me reiterate- the Knockouts are EXCLUSIVE to Voltage, and you won’t see them anywhere else, so expect to be amazed by this contest.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: That’s right, but not only that, we’ve also got a contract signing tonight between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles in regards to their Victory Road Legends title match! It’s gonna be one huge segment in this show, and furthermore, I wonder how Joe and AJ are going to be able to exist in the same ring as one another thanks to what happened last week?

“Colour Commentator” Don West: That’s what I wonder too, Joey, and another thing I wonder is how Team 3D are going to cope when they go head to head with The British Invasion tonight. Last week, we saw British Invasion attack Team 3D during their match, and earlier tonight, Team 3D ran in to save LAX from a post match beating by Beer Money, and boy did they look angry! Tonight, I’m sure all that anger will be placed upon the Brits in our big tag team contest later this taping…

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: And talking about anger, the feud between Mark Jindrak and Matt Morgan that has dominated the last few shows has really picked up, and the anger between each athlete is huge. Tonight, we get to see Morgan and Jindrak face off, one-on-one inside the six sided ring for the first time in TNA history!

“Colour Commentator” Don West: But with that all being said and done, let’s head backstage to Jeff Jarrett’s office where Jeff is standing by…


The view opens, and Jeff is seen flicking through pieces of paper, which is obviously the prepared contract for tonight’s contract signing between Joe and AJ. Jarrett reads through it, speaking out loud.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: So it goes like this…’I, sign name here, accept that at Victory Road 2009, live from Orlando, Florida on the 19th July 2009, I will compete in’-

But suddenly, Jeff is interrupted by the door suddenly opening, and he looks upwards. In front of him is Matt Morgan, dressed in designer gear and staring straight towards Jeff through his tinted sunglasses.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Jeff…Jeff…is this true?

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Matt, what do you want? Is what true?

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: You know exactly what I mean…

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Apparently, no I don’t…

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Okay, let me spell it out to you. Talk around this arena is that tonight, I, Matt Morgan, ‘The Blueprint’, have to go one-on-one against Mark Jindrak? I mean, come on, you can’t be serious right? You can’t be saying that tonight a fine specimen like myself has to put my body through…HIM!? You saw what he did to Sheik Abdul Bashir last week, and rumour has it that right this minute, Bashir is sipping food through a straw thanks to what Jindrak did to him!

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Look, Matt, the ‘rumours’ are true…tonight you’re going head to head with Mark Jindrak, whether you like it or not. It’s all booked now, and trust me, changing YOUR contest is the least of my worries…

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: But Jeff…aren’t you in the least concerned about my physical welfare!? I mean, you heard it yourself- Mark Jindrak wants to physically maim me, goddamn it!

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Well there’s a difference between wanting to, and actually doing so. This feud between you and Mark, it’s finally reached a point now where you have to face up to your fears. The only thing left for you to do now is NOT stand here and try and cowardly find a way out of your contest, but to go into that match and defeat Mark Jindrak, one way or another.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Whatever…I knew it was a waste of time coming in here anyway, you don’t give a damn. Thanks for nothing Jeff…

Morgan then walks off in a huff, as the camera rests upon Jeff, who slightly smiles to himself.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: No problem…



Six Knockouts Tag Match
Angelina Love ©, Madison Rayne & Klondyke w/ Velvet Sky vs. Sojo Bolt, ODB & Christy Hemme

Prologue: In a mash together of the two feuds that are wreaking havoc in the Knockouts division, the Knockouts champion Angelina Love teams with her ‘Beautiful People’ stable mate Madison Rayne and the dominating ‘Alpha-Female’ Klondyke to take on Sojo Bolt, ODB and Love’s challenger at Victory Road, Christy Hemme. This match could possibly prove exactly whom the best Knockout in the company is when the match is over and done with.

Recap: With the large Klondyke on their side, it looked like Rayne and Love would have an advantage going into the match, but that certainly wasn’t the case when the match began, with Hemme taking down Rayne with a charging shoulder block followed by a Japanese arm drag which forced her to tag in Klondyke. Klondyke was an immovable force, striking Hemme down to the canvas as she tried her best to clothesline the monster, causing Hemme to tag in ODB. ODB somehow managed to take Klondyke down following a dodge of the corner body splash before mat slamming the big Knockout and striking away at her face! Bolt was then tagged in, and she managed to knock Angelina Love off the apron with a running forearm! But her attempts to drop Klondyke were near minimum, as she executed two running dropkicks but Klondyke was still standing! Bolt then went for a third…but as she went to bounce off the ropes, Madison Rayne used her initiative and pulled the top rope down, sending Sojo flying out of the ring! Velvet Sky then duelled up with Love to carry out an outside attack on Bolt with double stomps, before they pushed Sojo hard into the apron, her back impacting off the solid ringside as Voltage headed for a commercial break.


Back off the break, and Klondyke picked Sojo off the canvas…and then dropped her with a hard kneeling scoop slam! The cover followed…one…two…but no, Sojo got her shoulder up, but it may have been better if she didn’t as the momentum had truly swung away from her grasp. Rayne was tagged in and went to work over Bolt, before locking her in a front facelock. Bolt began to stand up, but Rayne was quick thinking, drilling Sojo with a knee lift, before epitomising a snap neckbreaker to her opponent! A cover was followed by a two count, but Rayne then tagged in Angelina Love, and the two hit a nice double team move- Rayne hit a snapmare followed by a knee placed surfboard, before Love bounced off the ropes and smashed Bolt with a basement dropkick! Cover…one…two…but no, Bolt got a shoulder up again! Love then showed her dirty side by continually smashing Sojo’s head off the canvas as she lay prone on the ground, before setting her up for a Lights Out! But Bolt battled back with some elbows, spun around…and then hooked in a tight school girl! One…two…but no, Angelina got out, stood to her feet…and then DECKED Bolt with a spinning heel kick! Love then smiled and tagged in Klondyke, who walked over to Bolt…and lifted her off the ground via a double chokehold before throwing her into the buckles back first! A foot choke was followed by repeated shoulder thrusts to the gut, before Klondyke then strutted her stuff and lifted Sojo up for a powerslam! However, Sojo battled out and then hooked her arms over the top rope, before smashing Klondyke in the gut with a kick as she came running forwards! Sojo then cleared Rayne off the apron via a clothesline, but with her arms hooked over the top rope, she went for a double foot kick to the chest of Klondyke, but the ‘Alpha Female’ grabbed the legs and then looked to set Bolt up powerbomb style! However, Bolt battled back with some nice fist shots…and then executed a perfect hurracanrana…before tagging in Hemme! Hemme entered the ring on fire, walking over to a doubled over Klondyke…and hitting her with an Axe Kick to the back of the neck! Rayne then came running forward, but Christy dodged a lariat before unloading with some rights and lefts, followed by a split-legged jawbreaker which sent Madison reeling to the buckles! Christy then rolled backwards, and looked into the eyes of Angelina Love who stood on the apron…until Love decided it was her time to get out of there! But Christy had other ideas, grabbing onto Angelina’s hair and throwing her clear over the top rope and into the canvas! Christy then hooked Love up for her split-legged inverted DDT, but Klondyke was up and she floored Christy with a big boot to the face! But ODB then came charging in, going for a spear which sent Klondyke into the corner where the two battled it out! Bolt then took care of Madison, throwing her out of the ring and pursuing her, as Christy took Love down with a Louise Thesz Press! However, by this time, Klondyke had managed to clear ODB out of the ring, and then she grabbed Christy by the hair! But Christy fought back with some back elbows, and she even managed a single knee facebreaker on the large Knockout! With Klondyke swaying, Christy headed to the top rope and leapt off with a cross body…but Klondyke caught her! Uh-oh…Klondyke then used all her strength to THROW Christy into a fireman’s carry…and DECIMATED the redhead with a White Knuckle Ride! One…two…three! Klondyke had just pinned the Women’s Knockout no.1 contender!
Winner: Klondyke, Angelina Love & Madison Rayne @ 8:45

Aftermath: Klondyke celebrates as a lone soldier in the ring, as the camera zooms onto a fallen and hurt Christy Hemme! Love, Rayne and Sky, meanwhile on the outside, look into the ring and seem both confused and threatened by the large female’s actions. As Klondyke exits the ring, with The Beautiful People following cautiously behind her, Bolt and ODB check on Hemme who still looks hurt thanks to the brutality depicted by ‘The Alpha-Female’ herself, Klondyke.

This strange video begins with dark imagery of spider webs. The location seems to be in a cave, with close ups on potholes, dark walls and creepy bugs climbing all over the walls. Suddenly, someone is seen rising out of a hole, and that person comes crawling towards the camera lens with the backing music rising in tempo as they come closer. Close ups show black nail varnish on the person’s fingers and smattered wet jet black hair, and the camera consistently flashes to shadows on the cave wall. Then, as the person comes within a foot from the camera lens, they garner themselves, then rise their body, looking up towards the sky…then the music stops. A pitch black background then appears, until white text appears in its place, stating ‘LISA MARIE VERON…THREE WEEKS AWAY.’ The video then closes dramatically.


So Cal Val is standing by in the interview area with Team 3D, Brother Ray and D-Von Dudley.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Team 3D…earlier tonight we saw you fend off a post match attack by Beer Money on LAX, Homicide and Hernandez…may I ask your reasons for helping LAX, despite knowing that they are your opponents come Victory Road?

“Team 3D Member” Brother Ray Dudley: Our reasons, Val, were simple. Ya’see, Beer Money are walking around with their heads held high, and that includes their little bitch of a manager, Jackie Moore. Tonight, my brother and I, we saw an opportunity to show Beer Money that they ain’t forgetting about us so easily, and we seized that opportunity like we always do. In fact, we called it paying back LAX for doing the same to us last week, as a matter of fact, they fended off a similar attack last week and had our back.

The camera then zooms a little closer to Ray’s face, embarking that he has something pivotal to announce.

“Team 3D Member” Brother Ray Dudley: But although we had LAX’s back tonight, it doesn’t mean the same will occur at Victory Road. You see, at Victory Road, my brother and I are in that match to do one, obvious thing- win the TNA World Tag Team titles back. We will go through any team to do so, no matter how much respect, no matter how much pride we have to show towards them.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: But, however, it may be wrong to talk about Victory Road when knowing that tonight, you have to face The British Invasion in a tag team grudge match due to the actions from last week. Now, I caught up with the Brits earlier and they seem sure that they’re gonna win the match, bu-

“Team 3D Member” D-Von Dudley: Well of course they would, wouldn’t they? And I’m sure they’re convinced that come the end of our match at Victory Road, they will be standing as the proud winners and the new TNA World Tag Team champions, won’t they? Speaking on behalf of my brother and I, we can’t stand it when a team enter this business and are all of a sudden so cock sure of themselves. Team 3D, meanwhile, are a perfect example of how a team has to go through a lot of companies, a lot of prestige until they can finally stand here and say that they are amongst the greatest. When Brother Ray and I started out, we were laughed at, repeatedly labelled as a joke of a tag team…but look where we are now. We are above many tag teams, above the top teams in the USA…and most importantly, we are above you, British Invasion. And tonight, when our team faces your team, we’re gonna HIGHLIGHT that fact. You’re gonna regret ever getting involved in our business last week, and tonight we will be seeking one thing…PAYBACK.

Ray and D-Von then stare into the camera, before walking away from the scene.



Mark Jindrak vs. Matt Morgan

Prologue: In the last two weeks, the feud between Morgan and Jindrak has simply grown and grown. The first ever taping of Voltage saw Jindrak make his TNA debut, and within that, he was lambasted by Morgan so much that it resorted Jindrak to deck his former tag team partner in the face with a punishing Left Hook. Last week didn’t heal the wounds either, as Jindrak competed in a match with Sheik Abdul Bashir which he won in dramatic fashion, sending a message to Morgan. Tonight, these two square off in a complete and utter grudge match.

Recap: The match-up started before the bell rang, and this was thanks to Matt Morgan, who jumped Jindrak from behind as he made his way down the entrance ramp! After smashing Jindrak’s head off the announce table twice and then smacking his shoulder off the steel ring post, Morgan rolled Mark into the ring where he brought the fight with some grounded mounted punches, before aiming to choke the life out of Mark right there in the ring! Morgan then argued with the referee, but this cost him time as Jindrak recuperated…and speared Morgan to the floor before battling away with left and rights on the prone body of Matt Morgan! Morgan managed to escape underneath the bottom rope and looked like he would walk away, but Jindrak was in pursuit and he levelled Morgan with a short-arm lariat, sending his head crashing to the hard arena floor! Jindrak then picked up Morgan’s lifeless body and tossed him into the ring, before standing over Matt as he went to crawl away…and levelling him with some hard swinging forearms to the nose! The referee had to step in once more to pull Jindrak away, but this allowed time for Morgan to recover so when Jindrak came forward, Morgan managed to quickly grab Jindrak’s trunks and send him flying shoulder first into the steel pole! Morgan then rolled outside the ring, and then took a small run up…before BOOTING the head of Jindrak, with the head acting like sandwich filler between Morgan’s boot and the pole! Mark fell backwards as Morgan rolled in and covered…but only two! Morgan then went all out with some nice leg drops to Jindrak’s throat, before he covered again…but only two again! Morgan then awaited Jindrak to stand and went for a sucker punch…but this time Jindrak dodged and then fired back with right fist shots, before a knee lift to the gut cut Mark short! Morgan then fired Jindrak to the floor with a sidewalk slam, and then stalked ‘The Reflection of the Perfection’…but a Carbon Footprint attempt was dodged by Jindrak, who then finished up matters with a BEAUTIFUL high angle standing dropkick! Both superstars lay out for a while, but with help of the ropes, Mark began to stand to his feet. He got to his knees and then looked at Morgan who was also slowly but surely getting up…and then Jindrak charged with a bone crunching tackle that was so powerful, it sent both Morgan and Jindrak out to the arena floor! The referee began the ring out count, and got to three before both superstars got up! Morgan looked to be trying to go back into the ring, but Jindrak grabbed onto his shoulders and then tossed him towards the entrance ramp! Morgan tried desperately to crawl away, but Jindrak was over Morgan like a rash, and the two battled it out with closed fist shots. The ring out count was now at eight, and Morgan and Jindrak traded blows rapidly. Nine…and Jindrak managed to thrust Morgan in the jaw and then sent his face bashing off the entrance screen as both superstars stood on the stage! TEN…ding ding ding! The double ring out count had been made, meaning that the match ended in a no contest! But Jindrak and Morgan seemed little bothered as the brawl continued!
Winner: N/A after Matt Morgan and Mark Jindrak were double counted out @ 3:48

Aftermath: The bell may have been rung, but Jindrak isn’t finished yet. He continues to bring the fight to Matt Morgan, placing him in a headlock and dragging him down the entrance tunnel! The cameras follow suit, seeing Jindrak walk through the entrance curtains with Morgan still in hold, and then they witness Jindrak take Morgan down a corridor. But soon, Morgan battles back and then uses his strength to push Jindrak into a nearby wall! Both superstars then battle it out again with lefts and rights, before a back elbow by Jindrak sends Morgan falling near an assortment of weaponry! By this time, a bunch of security guards try to step in, but Jindrak pushes all four of them away before he walks up to Morgan…only to be DRILLED in the skull with a trash can! Mark falls to the floor in pain, before Morgan shouts at the security guards to get back as he produces a chair…and then he places it vertically so that it is rammed into Jindrak’s throat! Morgan applies pressure to the chair and it looks like Jindrak could pass out, or even worse…until Jeff Jarrett comes into the picture and pushes Morgan off of Jindrak!

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: What the hell are you doing, Matt!? You could have killed him…get the HELL off of him!

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Let me kill him, Jeff! Let me kill him!

Morgan then tries to brush past Jeff, but Jarrett manages to restrain him and pushes him back a little.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: You lay one more finger on him and you’ll be out of this building right away, you got that!?

Morgan then looks to put up a fight, but then he stops in his tracks.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Now you listen to me and you listen closely, Matt. I’ve been watching this feud boil over these past few weeks, to the point where you guys can’t even stand two feet between each other without wanting to murder the other! But you know what, although this is making great entertainment, this is jeopardising my show and wasting MY time. So here’s what I’m gonna do- at Victory Road, it’s gonna be you, Matt Morgan, taking on Mark Jindrak, one-on-one. You wanna fight all over the arena, then fine, but not tonight! Instead, it will be at Victory Road, because this match is going to be contested under falls count anywhere rules, no count-outs and pinfalls anywhere, you got that! Now get THE HELL away from here before you do something you’re gonna regret.

Security guards then surround Matt Morgan, who mutters ‘fine!’ before walking off. The camera is left lingering on a fallen Jindrak as ‘The Reflection of Perfection’ coughs and splutters before they zoom away.




The cameras instantly head to the backstage area where So Cal Val has managed to catch up with Mark Jindrak, who looks restless and injured following the previous attack by Matt Morgan.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: I have managed to catch up with ‘The Reflection of Perfection’ Mark Jindrak after the brutal backstage attack he suffered due to Matt Morgan a few moments ago…and Mark, take all the time you need to get your breath back…

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: I…I’m fine…seriously…

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Okay, but just a few seconds ago, we heard Jeff Jarrett announce that at Victory Road, you and Matt Morgan will go head to head in a falls count anywhere match. What are your opinions on this match?

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: Well…well one thing’s for sure, that’s for certain. MATT MORGAN! You think you can smash me over the skull with a trash can? You think you can try and crush my windpipe with a steel chair, and after all that, think you can get away with it? Well not any more. You know, last week I thought you were scared of me, I thought that you couldn’t face the music. But right now, I don’t think that at all. Because what you did tonight, it’s proved to me one thing…and you know what that is, Matt?

The camera then zooms towards Mark’s angry looking face.

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: It’s that at Victory Road, my anger, my frustration and my hatred towards you will have been built up big time. And you know what? You’re the guy I’m gonna unload all of that onto. You made a big mistake trying to choke me out a few moments ago, and as the saying goes, Matt…mistake’s can be made, but at all times, at all costs…mistakes need to be corrected. At Victory Road, Matt, you will be that mistake, and my aim is to defeat you, whether it be in the ring, in the fans area, or even be it in the DAMN STREET! Matt Morgan, you’re time has come to find out one thing…and that is exactly why they call me ‘The Reflection…of PERFECTION’!

Mark then grunts at the camera lens before walking away.


Tag Team
Team 3D (Brother-Ray & D-Von Dudley) vs. The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams) w/ Rob Terry

Prologue: This match comes about thanks to last week’s actions. Team 3D got a title shot with Beer Money following their victory in a triple threat tag team match the week prior, but they lost the contest thanks to the involvement of The British Invasion. Tonight, with the thoughts also concerned on the four way tag team match at Victory Road for the titles, Team 3D get a chance at revenge against the British tandem.

Recap: Although Team 3D started the match up strong, with some impressive double team moves and nice quick tags, the momentum slowly but surely flowed towards The British Invasion. After D-Von had dodged a lariat attempt from Brutus and then bounced off the ropes, Williams managed to sneak in a knee lift to the back. D-Von responded by taking Williams down off the apron with a closed fist shot, but as he turned around, Mangus levelled the opposition with a kneel out lariat! Magnus now picked upon D-Von, lifting him upwards and then drilling him with a fireman’s carry gutbuster! A cover followed, but only two, so Magnus then tagged in his partner, and the two dropped D-Von with a double suplex! Williams then went for the cover…but only two could suffice! Williams then locked D-Von in a bridging grounded hammerlock, but Brother-Ray had had enough and stomped on Doug’s gut to break up the cover! The referee ordered Ray back to his corner, but as he went to step through the ropes, Doug ran up and booted Ray in the shoulder! Brother-Ray was irate, but the referee stopped him from entering the ring, allowing The British Invasion to work over D-Von, as Doug executed a scoop slam and then lifted Brutus up belly-to-back style before dropping him over Dudley in a leg drop style! When the referee turned around, Magnus made out as if he got the tag, and covered…but only the two count! ‘The Modern Day Gladiator’ then locked D-Von in a rear seated bearhug, squeezing on the pressure to the Dudley brother. It looked like D-Von couldn’t take anymore, but he managed to stand to his feet before firing with back elbows and drilling Magnus in the corner! However, just as D-Von crawled to make the tag, Magnus leapt over and drilled D-Von with a jumping elbow drop to the back! A pendulum backbreaker then followed, before Williams was tagged in pursuit to wrap things up. Williams stalked D-Von for a while, before locking in the rear waistlock…Chaos Theory time!? It sure looked it as Williams pushed D-Von into the turnbuckles, but D-Von held on as Doug rolled backwards…and then he collided with Williams mid ring as both superstars went for a clothesline! Both superstars then crawled to their partners, but Brother Ray was tagged in first, and he made it his first priority to knock Magnus off the apron with a charging forearm! Williams then got up and turned Brother Ray around, but he was subjected to some fist shots, followed by a neat bionic elbow! Doug fell towards the ropes, but this allowed Brother Ray to whip him off the opposing ropes and drill his opponent with a big back body drop! Magnus then entered the ring but then he suffered the same fate, before both British Invasion members were clubbed to the mat via a double lariat by Brother Ray! Picking upon the legal man, Ray then got Doug to his feet and dropped him with a nice Bubba Bomb! This could be it…Brother Ray covered…one…two…but no! The referee was dragged outside the ring by Rob Terry, who argued profusely with the angry ref…until he was clubbed with a baseball slide thanks to D-Von which sent the big Welsh man head first into the ring barricade and down! D-Von then scaled to the ropes looking for the Wassup headbutt, but after Brother Ray scoop slammed Magnus to the mat, D-Von saw the members of Beer Money Incorporated standing on the entrance stage! All three glared towards D-Von, causing him to exit the ring and give chase. However, meanwhile in the ring, a bemused Brother Ray looked on, only to be blind sighted by a running knee lift to the face by Williams! But British Invasion were not done there, oh no. As Beer Money disappeared from sight, Doug locked Ray in a rear waistlock, Magnus scaled to the second rope…and then Magnus leapt off with a crushing diving European uppercut…before Williams finished off with a bridging German suplex! Brother Ray was down, and the pin was applied…and the three counts quickly followed! The British Invasion had just defeated Team 3D thanks to Beer Money’s interference!
Winners: The British Invasion @ 6:55

Aftermath: D-Von looks shocked on the outside at the outcome, before he runs into the ring seeking revenge! But just in time, Doug and Brutus exit the ring by sliding below the bottom rope, and they look happy in victory. As Doug and Brutus then walk over to Rob Terry and the trio celebrate, D-Von crawls over to Brother Ray who lies hurt on the mat thanks to the nice double team move by The British Invasion. The final shot sees D-Von staring hard at the team, before the cameras zoom away.


The cameras pick out Jeff Jarrett making his way down the corridor with the contract in hand. Jeff flicks through the pages as he walks forward, before a graphic appears simply stating ‘NEXT ON VOLTAGE.’ Don West then appears over the broadcast saying that after the short commercial break, the Victory Road contract signing between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will take place, with Jarrett looking over proceedings!



The cameras head to the ring where Jeff Jarrett is standing by in the ring, a contract placed in his hand. Near by to him is a table, with chairs placed at either side.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Now I know for the past two weeks, something has been going down here on Voltage that hasn’t made me, nor anyone else on TNA management happy in any way shape or form. And that, well, as if I even need to tell you? AJ Styles and Samoa Joe…they’ve crossed paths on one too many occasions, and it has thus resulted me in holding this, right here tonight.

Jeff then awaits cheers from the crowd, before continuing.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Because you see, I’m not gonna stand in the back and have to put up with what’s happened these past few weeks over and over again until one of these guys ends up killing the other. Oh no. ‘Cos instead, as I announced last week, at Victory Road, the TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles will go head-to-head with Samoa Joe with the title on the line!

The crowd roar in appreciation of the match, some chanting ‘AJ! AJ! AJ!’ during Jeff’s speech.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: But the thing is, I’m not gonna announce the match and simply let these guys go at it like that. No, cos you see, this match is so high-profile, and so high-risk. You’ve all saw the intensity between these two boil over these past few weeks, and it’s boiled over so much, that the only way to ensure this match up is called straight down the middle is by signing a contract. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do right here, right now. And I’m not wasting any more time. So, let me introduce you to the man who will be signing first…the TNA Legends Champion, ‘The Phenomenal’, AJ STYLES!

The music of AJ roars out of the PA system and out he comes. However, tonight Styles looks serious and focused rather than basking in the cheers directed his way. He is dressed in casual attire of jeans and a T-shirt and he enters the ring carefully, where he is then handed a microphone by Jarrett. The crowd calm down as AJ clears his throat to talk.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: I’m not out here tonight to mess around, or to cause any more drama. Because the fact of the matter is, there’s a contract on this table, and it requires my name, my signature on the dotted line. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

The crowd cheer AJ and his honesty before settling down once more, allowing him to get further words in.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: What Samoa Joe did to me two weeks ago was something so out-of-the-blue, something so unexpected. To think, I regarded this man as my friend. I trusted him with everything. Joe and I, we go way back. But although I saw him as a friend, I always knew there was something about him. Something in his mind that meant if someone was excelled above him, he had the urge to shoot them down. And that’s exactly what occurred two weeks back. But the thing is, Joe, you usually make your mark and then you get away with it. You usually destroy your opponents and then move on to the next one, the next competitor who is available. Well, not me.

AJ thinks through his thoughts and then clutches the microphone closer to his face.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: Not I, Joe, it won’t be me. Because you see, I don’t forgive and forget, not that you want me to anyway. And one thing’s for certain, what you did to me on the first episode of Voltage, I will never ever forget it. Through the past fourteen days, the same image has been going through my mind. When I crawled towards you for the tag, but you just left me. The image of when you threw me around like a rag doll and then left me choking on my own blood. This is probably making you feel better, Joe, but I don’t give a damn! Because one thing’s for certain…I am NOT afraid, Joe!I showed that last week, Joe, and if I remember correctly, it was YOU who ran away from ME! If you think what you did to me was gonna scare me off, then you think again. Because right now…I AM going to sign this contract, and I AM gonna put my title belt up against you at Victory Road!

The crowd cheer as AJ settles his Legends Title belt on the table before signing the contract quickly, with Jeff looking over things. When AJ finishes writing, however, the music of Samoa Joe erupts over the PA system and out comes ‘The Samoan Submission Machine.’ Looking as smug as ever, Joe stands on the entrance stage with a microphone and receives a barrage of boos from the crowd.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Well done, AJ. Well done for showing the world your passion, well done for exclaiming how great you are. You know, nothing ever changes with you, it never does. Ever since you got here, it’s been me this, me that, always focused on yourself and no-one else. You wanna talk about things being for certain, you wanna talk about ambitions and expectations, AJ? Well here’s mine…if you think I’m coming down to that ring and entering the same confines of some caged animal like yourself, then you’ve got another thing coming.

Boos from the crowd.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Because you know, you can’t make me do anything I’m not entitled to do. At the end of the day, I’m Samoa Joe, and I am the gre-

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: You wanna know what you are, Joe? You really wanna know, huh? Right now…a PISS OFF MERCHANT!

The crowd cheer at Jeff who stares directly at a furious looking Samoa Joe.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: You wanna talk about how you can’t be made to do things? Well, here’s an ultimatum. You started this, and now you’re gonna have to finish it, and the only way to do that is at Victory Road, and the only way to get to Victory Road is by signing this contract. But you know what, I’m gonna be kind, I’m gonna give you the choice. I’m not gonna MAKE you come down here, oh no, you have the option. But if you don’t come down here…well, I’m gonna MAKE you pack your bags and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SHOW! So the choice is yours, Joe.

Joe waits expectedly at the top of the ramp and stares daggers into the ring, before lifting his microphone to talk further.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: You know what? Why did I not see this coming. Jeff Jarrett, the corrupted owner of Voltage. The biased part-owner of TNA. The list goes on, Jeff. I have nothing but bad words for you, but you know what, right now I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. You want that contract signed, you want that match made…then SO BE IT. And if AJ lays one finger on me, then that’s it, the deals done, finished…OVER!

Joe then drops the microphone and the crowd heat picks up. He enters the ring through the middle ropes and AJ is restrained back by Jeff Jarrett, looking savagely towards the challenger. Joe looks at AJ with a menacing stare, before then settling his eyes on the contract. Without a second thought, or so it seems, Joe then picks up the pen and signs his name on the dotted line. After doing this, Joe then keeps his head bowed down…until suddenly he lifts the contract up with his hand and goes to smash AJ over the head with the clipboard! But no, AJ sees it coming…and he FLIES over the table and takes Joe to the ground where he meets him with a barrage of closed fist shots to the temple! Jeff tries to maintain calm but the crowd explode as Joe and AJ go at it, and they both stand to their feet still exchanging fists! However, Joe then pushes AJ away, and then flies at him with a running fallout big boot, but AJ moves…and the attack hits the close by Jeff Jarrett! Jarrett falls to the ground clutching his jaw after the unexpected assault, but AJ’s temper flares and he finally takes Joe to the mat with four successive fist shots to the face! Joe rolls to the table as AJ uses this time to check on Jeff, who lies clutching his jaw. After a few minutes, AJ then turns towards the fallen Joe to finish where he left off…but Joe stands and then CLOCKS AJ with his own Legends Title Belt! AJ simply slumps to the mat as Joe stands with a furious look etched on his face, before he walks near to Jeff and points at him furiously before stating ‘this is for you, Jeff! Put this in your STUPID contract!’ Joe then walks up to AJ before lifting his groggy body up and placing him precariously on the top rope in a seated position. Joe then sets AJ up…what’s Joe doing…and PLANTS him! MUSCLE BUSTER THROUGH THE TABLE! AJ lies completely motionless as the crowd boo Joe’s hideous actions, with Jarrett still lying on the floor in pain! The cameras are left with Joe raising his arms as the crowd boo out and the show finally comes to a close.


Voltage confirmed Victory Road Matches
Victory Road | 19th July, 2009
Only three weeks away!

TNA Knockouts Title Match
Christy Hemme vs. Angelina Love ©

TNA World Tag Team Titles Match
Four-Way Tag Team
Beer Money © vs. LAX vs. The British Invasion vs. Team 3D

Falls Count Anywhere
Mark Jindrak vs. Matt Morgan

TNA Legends Title Match
AJ Styles © vs. Samoa Joe

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]


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