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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

You wanna talk potential? This, peeps, is potential. Szumi's always going on about Jushin Liger. Well, my man, how's this? This is a year old, and it's an incomplete match, just 6 minutes long, and I've no real plans to finish it, but here it is. Kenta Kobashi Vs. Sting.

Icon versus Icon Match
Kenta Kobashi Vs. Sting
The Clash of the Dragons begins; once the bell has sounded, a mystique surrounds the four corners of the squared circle, a sense of importance and grandeur. The Dragon of the East, Kobashi, finds himself in a foreign circumstance, one of unimaginable implication. The Dragon of the West, Sting, gazes upon his storied contemporary; from his eyes, you can see the engagements of yore culminating in this one historic encounter. The pride in their souls compel neither man to make a move; like sentinels, they merely stand in place, awaiting the other to cross the thresholds into the precipice. In order to properly begin the epic match, the Los Angeles fans begin chanting, "Sting! Sting," as if in a feeble effort to egg him on. The fans' seemingly unending plethora of chants clearly overwhelms him, as he gazes into the arena, his eyes searing with humble passion. Finally, after some strong persuasion, Sting steps forward onto the middle of the ring. This titan step causes a chain reaction, and as it were, it's an infectious one, as Kobashi himself is compelled to move forward like his opposite. The clamoring begins, and as such, the Dragons glare into each other's eyes, the rapturous fire in their souls burning, just itching to surpass one another.

Nonetheless, regardless of the circumstance, one of the Dragons, Sting, poises himself in a relaxed manner and extends his hand in a show of pre-match respect. Kobashi switches glances from Sting's hand to his eyes, and in this one moment, he senses the goodness in his intent. The Eastern Dragon, in a gesture of compliance, closes his eyes, and lowers his head, bowing before his enemy. Subsequently, Kobashi opens his eyes once more and reaches for Sting's hand, clasping and shaking it prominently. The Dragons nod to one another in accordance before departing to their respective side of the ring. Turning their backs against each other, as if on cue, their necks jerk to the side and their eyes, like stars chained to destiny's mercy, cross each other's glances and for a brief second or two, a moment of silence precedes uncertainty as the dragons begin to pace the ring, focused and prepared. Encircling each other, the time has come for action; as Kobashi slaps his shoulders, he contracts his eyes and reaches out for his rival, but Sting eludes his touch and attempts a grapple of his own. It's to no avail, however, as Kobashi swiftly outmaneuvers him and wraps his arms around Sting's torso, rendering him docile for the time being.

The Icon struggles as Kobashi keeps him centered and cemented in one irregular position, his arm pulled high; the pain comes full circle as Kobashi applies a measure of pressure, his half-nelson submission maneuver proving a fortified offense. The Eastern Dragon, focused and determined, pulls further on the right arm, raises his rival upwards, and subsequently releases him, propelling him into the air with a vicious Half Nelson suplex! The Stinger lands on his head; his dazed expression preceding a thump onto the canvas. The fans "Ooo," as he's laid out upon the mat; Kobashi rubs his nose and slaps his shoulder, repositioning the bones in order. His intense disposition forces Sting's hand, as the former WCW Champion grabs a hold of the ropes and uses it as leverage, his determination unabated by a mere crash onto the canvas. After taking a deep breath, he rests upon the ropes and glances over at Kobashi's position, envious of this stalwart of whom seems to presage his every maneuver. The Stinger glares into Kobashi's eyes, and as the japanese icon crouches in preparation, he hints a smile and proceeds to provoke his western contemporary, slapping his shoulders and gesturing, "Come on," to the California native.

The fans boo as Kobashi continues until the scorpion bites back, his resolve unshaken by Kobashi's feeble provocation. The dragons tussle in a grapple, a collar-and-elbow tie up. The fans' unbridled allegiance for Sting pulls through in the form of cheers for his every triumph in this spectacle of strength. It degenerates into fisticuffs soon enough, and once Kobashi strikes the favored legend, a "Booo," accompanies it. When Sting strikes him, though, it's a loud "Yeah!" The phrases go back and forth, and the fans are unable to keep it together long enough for them to become a garbled mess. Once the final strike ends on the part of the former WCW Champion's, Kobashi retaliates with a rigid discus chop; "Boos" pour from the stands in the audience. Of course, he's a foreigner, it's bound to occur. Nevertheless, he follows up, a precise backhand chop creates a red mark on Sting's pecs. The fans boo once more as the scorpion falls back into disarray, stumbling into the ropes. Kobashi proceeds, but he's hindered by a rather impotent kick to the face from Sting. The Stinger takes a brief breather, buying himself some time before going back on the offensive, nailing Kobashi with another kick, this time to the midsection. The japanese dragon fumbles, and the scorpion begins domination; he grabs a hold of Kobashi's head, and hastily plummets, nailing him with a Snap DDT! The eastern dragon crashes face-first onto the canvas, enabling Sting to take advantage and go for the pin!

1 .......................................... 2 ........................................... NO!

Kobashi's shoulder goes up, and our epic match continues. The Stinger raises himself off of Kobashi and grabs him by the hair, though the eastern dragon has other plans; once the scorpion has him in his poisonous grasp, a sleeper, Kobashi immediately coerces him into the ropes and urges him through force to the opposite side of the ring. Upon return, Sting uses his momentum and attempts a clothesline, but Kobashi ducks, eluding him, and upon Sting's turnaround, a shoulder block knocks him off his feet. Kobashi's stoic demeanor precedes a calm moment as he waits for his opponent to return to form, and indeed he does; upon landing on the ring mat, Sting makes a steadfast recovery and regains footing, much to the indifference of Kobashi. The Stinger's gaze pierces through him, like a snake, and he catches him off guard, striking him with a right hand. Once the eastern dragon staggers, the scorpion's poisonous touch turns into a fucking hellacious backhand chop, one I'm deeming, The Chop heard 'round the World! The fans bellow a loud "Woooo!" once the chop lands on Kobashi's exposed chest; the irritation causes him to lose balance, the anguish too much to bear. Oh, that's what I want you to think. This man, his tactics of making the enemy believe in their supposed superiority, falls through and as his enemy proceeds to wooo the crowd, quite literally, Kobashi recoils and goes one for one, landing a particularly nasty kesagiri chop across the side of the Stinger's head!

The fans boo as their favored icon loses a measure of face upon being struck in the neck; although the damage is as clear as day, Kobashi, on the other hand, continues on, allowing no time for rest. He succeeds his prior chop with another, this time on the head, though this one is not quite as potent as the last. Still, the impression it leaves on Sting is one of harrowing agony, his neck pulsating with every beat of his heart. Once he staggers in pain, Kobashi goes for another one; NO! The Stinger grabs a hold of his hand, and delivers, albeit weakly, a chop of his own! Unfortunately for him, the chop has absolutely no effect on Kobashi and the eastern dragon cooks up another chop, one so scintillating it causes Sting to lose significant balance. The Stinger clutches his chest in a pain so thorough, the pigment on the particular section of skin ceases to be no more than a hue of red once he removes his arms from it. Kobashi remains rather impassive, unable to convey a hint of gratification regarding his enemy's anguish. Like a samurai of yore, he restrains himself from going any further in his actions until Sting has reasonably healed. His eyes remain ever vigilant even as his body and spirit are at relative ease; he has seen of the cunning of his opposite many times before, in studying him. Perhaps.... CHOP!

Kobashi had closed his eyes for a single moment, and lo and behold, another damn chop! When will it stop? Read on, please. The Stinger, upon Kobashi's ease of mind and body, healed and from his cunning, managed to seduce his opposite into a state of inaction. The backhand chop had stirred, or perhaps rekindled, Kobashi's unfounded samurai essence, one of his ancestors. Opening his eyes, it had consumed him, and upon looking the deadly scorpion in the eyes, he unleashed a flurry of chops! Soon enough, his combo of chops becomes increasingly domineering, and in due time, his persistence causes an irked...
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