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BTB Graphics Request Thread

Hello, everybody, and welcome to the BTB GFX Request Thread! This is an experiment, and hopefully things run smoothly. Well, not much to talk about, so here are the Guidelines, peeps, and please, follow 'em;

~ Requests are open to EVERYONE - Lifetime, Premium, and non-Premium alike
~ Even so, qualifications are in order. You MUST qualify as a mainstay booker, and not just someone who's gonna book, and up and leave. We, the GFX makers, will be the judges of that - Don't request if you feel your thread will not last.
~ This is an OPEN request thread. We, as GFX makers, have the option of picking and choosing whichever requests we'd like, undertaking 'em at our will. If you find your request has not been answered within 30 days, please PM me and I will see what I can do.
~ One request a month, however, in your request form, you can request up to ten banners ONLY if you have an upcoming PPV. If you do not, you can only request up to three in one form.
~ If you have an upcoming PPV, PM the card to the graphics maker who's taken your request. We don't want anyone's ideas to be spoiled now, do we?
~ Remember, people are taking time out of their schedule to produce your graphics. If you find that they have promised you or assured you a graphic, do not be impatient. If you find they have not produced a banner for you, PM me and again, I will see what I can do.
~ Please respect the graphics makers in this thread. If their work displeases you, tell 'em kindly. However, even if you're unsatisfied, you still have to wait the 30 days to request another unless the graphics maker personally assures you that they will remedy their work immediately.
~ Your GFX will either be PMed to you, or put forth in this thread. GFX Makers, please specify whose banner goes to which booker. I suggest PMing since it's cleaner and less of a hassle, because this is just one thread with many requests. However, any way is fine, as long as it's orderly.

If I left anything out, it's because I've forgotten. Guidelines are subject to interpretation by individual GFX maker, so do not blame me if another follows these guidelines differently than I do. The guys who've vouched their support are as follows;

WCW Rules, ~LetItRock, JBWinner, and to anyone else, if you wanna go ahead and give some requests a try, you're more than welcome to do so.

Here is the request form;

Last Request: Post a link to your last request so we can be assured it has been 30 days. If it's your first request, let us know.

Details: Color of your banner(s), size, etc.

Text: Specify what text you want on your banner. You can state placement, adjustment, even preferred font here as well.

Pics: If you have links to the exact pics you want on your banner, that'd be appreciated. If you do not, the artist will choose, but specify what pics you want even if you have no links so that the artist can have a clear picture of what to create.

Preferred Artist: If you have any specific artist you'd wish to produce a GFX for you, state 'em here. Don't expect the big leaguers from the GFX Section, however.

There. If I missed anything, let me know.
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