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Re: The King of Kings - World Wrestling Entertainment - 2008

WWE Monday Night Raw Results - 25th August 2008
Louisiana; Baton Rouge –Baton Rouge River Center

Opening Video
***I Wanna be loved***

Video Recap of what happened at SummerSlam:

• Glamarella picked up both the Intercontinental and Women’s Championships at the expense of Mickie James & Kofi Kingston when Beth Phoenix managed to pin Mickie.
• Chris Jericho & HBK having a confrontation about Michaels leaving the WWE. Their heated discussion leads up to Jericho inadvertently punching Mrs. Michaels in the face.
• CM Punk was able to defeat John Bradshaw Layfield to retain the World Heavyweight Championship. He did so when he nailed the fatal GTS onto the Texan, to ensure that the straightedge title reign continued.
• In one of the biggest matches in World Wrestling Entertainment history John Cena and Batista stood toe to toe and after one hellacious Batista Bomb followed by the decisive one helped the Animal put away Cena. A match for the ages.

• Also, a video promo which highlights that the five superstars from ECW will make themselves known tonight.

As Monday Night Raw comes to air we hear the up and coming voice of Monday Night Raw, Michael Cole who is joined by the ever present Jerry Lawler. They welcome us to another edition of Raw and they run down the events of last night on the Raw side of things and speculate as to how will effect tonight’s broadcast, they also have a small speculation over which superstars they will pick up from ECW. The show starts of with a bang as ***Break Down The Walls*** hits to a shed load of heat for the man who crossed a line the previous night when he hits HBK’s wife in the face. Accidental or not he shows no remorse for what he did. Jericho climbs into the ring looking departed from all emotion but with a distain for the crowd around him. He takes a look around the arena as he straightens out his suit before going to get a microphone from ringside and then moving back to the centre of the ring. Jericho is getting a lot of heat and he awaits it to die down before he opens him mouth. When he does he tells the world that he is out in the ring to dispel any false speculation of what happened last night. He is in the ring to shed some light on the whole situation, he denies that he intentionally hit Rebecca Michaels. The crowd boo and Jericho calls them out and tells them that are blind and ignorant to what happened. He says just because he comes across as the bad guy doesn’t mean that he is. He suggests that if Shawn Michaels had been a man and not dived out of the way like a coward then he would have shown himself in a different light, taking a hit instead of allowing his wife into any possible danger. However, Michaels showed the world the exact point of what he has been making these last few months, that he is a shrivelled up nobody who isn’t even man enough to protect his wife. Jericho pauses as the heat inflates around the arena and Jericho smirks and is seemingly far from done. He moves onto say that despite the fact that he accidentally hit Rebecca he could not help but enjoy the look on Shawn Michaels face, it was a look of despair and one of failure, and he knew that he had failed his wife and all of you. Jericho pauses again and looks up around the arena and announces that it is time to prove him (Jericho) wrong; it is time to prove that all these people are backing a true man. Jericho poses the question of how he should do that. Jericho then swiftly moves onto the answer, stay away. The crowd boo like hell and Jericho goes onto explain. He reminds HBK that he says he is a man of his word and last night he announces his retirement from wrestling, he said under doctor’s orders that he would retire. Jericho says that Shawn is going to blame him for what happened to Rebecca despite the fact he knew it was his own fault so he is going to try and come here and attack him because he knows that HBK, Shawn Michaels is lair, is a cheat and a hypocrite who cannot lay down and do what is right, and what is right is for him to walk away. Jericho says that now he done with Michaels he must move onto more pressing matters, he says that he would like General Manager, Mike Adamle to make his way down to the ring. Jericho waits for a couple of seconds before motioning him to come out now and as soon as he does we hear.

***Wanna Be Loved*** as the generic Raw theme tune plays we see the General Manger who has an idiotic smile on his face as he waves to the fans clip board and all. He climbs in the ring and shakes hands with Jericho and as the music stops the boss instantly just asks Jericho what he can do for him. Jericho jumps straight to point and says he wants and amendment made from SummerSlam. He says he wants to be given a World Heavyweight Championship match on the grounds that it is a disgrace that he was left off the card and that is why he felt the need to interrupt Shawn Michaels last night. He looks closely and the General Manager and says that if he had been given a match for the World title against CM Punk not only would they have champion, that benefits the brand rather than bring it down, Rebecca Michaels would not have gotten hurt. Mike Adamle asks Jericho if he is blaming him as well as Shawn Michaels. He also looks at Jericho and tells him that if he were good enough he would have been able to get on the SummerSlam card. The crowd pops as Jericho looks pissed. Adamle quickly changes gear and says that he is going to give Jericho a chance to become World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd boo as Jericho smirks but Adamle moves onto say that he will have to earn it against a man who also had a huge victory last night at SummerSlam…. BATISTA…..***I Walk Alone***…hits to a thunderous pop as The Animal makes his way down to the ring, he has a huge smile on his face. Adamle announces as Batista gets in the ring that tonight it will Jericho going one on one with Batista and the winner goes to Unforgiven to challenge CM Punk for the gold. Batista stares at Jericho before taking the mic off Adamle. Batista looks at Jericho and tells him that he may think he is all big and mighty because he punched a woman last night but for himself he takes more satisfaction in knowing he beat one the best in the business, John Cena (pop). The Animal then tells Jericho that he is going to break him in half. Jericho then has an attempt at throwing a punch at Batista but the big man blacks it and kicks Jericho in the gut and pushes him under looking for the move that put away John Cena. The smarmy Chris Jericho however his able to worm free of the situation and crawls out the ring. Jericho stares back up to the ring, as Batista shows with his fingers how close he was to getting him. The crowd cheer as Batista’s music plays and the two stars of the main event stare each other out to commercials.

Commercial Break

Upon out return from the commercial break we see Mike Adamle in his office; he is simply messing about with some paperwork. He hears a knock at the door he yells for them to come in. A random stage hand enters and tells the General Manager that the first superstar from ECW is here to meet to you. Adamle tells the man to bring him in. Adamle is forced to wait a couple of seconds, but it was worth the wait as in walks Evan Bourne. The young high flyer from the land of extreme has been moved to Monday Nights. Adamle looks very pleased and shakes Bourne’s hand as the young man says that he is so excited to be a part of Raw and cannot wait to get into action. Adamle responds saying that he is so happy that he picked Evan Bourne up and that his efforts on ECW warrant his attention straight away. Bourne sees this as an opportunity to ask for a match tonight since it is his first night. Adamle goes to respond but as he does we hear another knock at the door and in walks none other than Rey Mysterio who has a huge smile on his face, he comes in and instantly shakes hands with Evan Bourne and welcomes him to Raw. Mysterio then turns his attention to the boss and says that he is 100 percent fit, injury free and is raring to go, and he wants to do so tonight. Adamle checks with Rey that he is for sure cleared by his doctors and Rey says yeah. This must have shot a light bulb in Bourne’s head who turns to Adamle and says, that Rey wants a match tonight and so does he so why doesn’t he kill two birds with one stone and they have a match tonight. Adamle loves the idea and tells them to go get ready. Bourne and Mysterio shake hands as the youngster leaves. Mysterio turns to Adamle when Evan has gone and suggests that that kid has got some confidence to which Adamle tells him if that he ever seen him on ECW he backs it up. Mysterio smirks but also realizes that he has got a match on his hands on his first match back on Monday Night Raw.

Cutting back to the arena we hear ***La Vittoria é Mia*** play and the fans let out plenty of heat towards the Intercontinental Champion, who is followed out by his girlfriend and Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix. Santino has a gleam on his face as he bears the championship around his waist. All the way down to the ring he is constantly rubbing and touching the gold. The Glamazon has a twinkle in her eyes when she looks as her man but while also keeping that sturdy look upon her face.

Up next we hear the fun loving music of the former champion, Kofi Kingston when ***S.O.S*** hits to a roaring cheer from the fans. Kingston, despite losing the championship, remains in high spirits as he jolts down to the ring clapping the fans hands on his way. He is followed by his partner from SummerSlam, Mickie James, who shares some verbals with Beth as both men prepare for action.

[Opening Contest]
[Intercontinental Championship Match]
[Santino Marella (c) w/Beth Phoenix vs. Kofi Kingston w/Mickie James]

Ending: The match itself was dominated by Kingston who looked at reclaim the title he was never pinned to lose. Santino did his best to avoid the high flying action of Kingston but there was no way he could. Kingston looked to end the match with and elevated Leg Drop and the theatrics that go alongside that. He went for the cover but Santino got out. Santino then rolled over to the corner where his girlfriend and WWE Women’s Champion, Beth Phoenix is stood and he leans over the ropes begging for help as The Glamazon tells him to concentrate on the match. Santino begs and begs but as he leans on the ropes Kingston dives on top of Marella sending himself to the outside and Santino’s throat down onto the ropes. Kingston does the, *boom, boom, boom* chant as the crowd join in as Mickie also joins in. The former champion jumps into the ring where a fallen Santino lays centre of the ring and Kingston stand with his back to the champion and nails a perfectly executed standing moonsault, Kingston goes for the cover but The Glamazon jumps up to the apron distracting the referee and costing the three count, as Beth argues with the referee Mickie comes flying around and pulls Beth down as she smashed he face off the apron to a huge pop. Santino slowly makes his way up to his feet, as he does he is met with TROUBLE IN PARIDISE….but before Kofi can even make the pin he is attacked by WILLIAM REGAL and PAUL BURCHILL. The two vicious English men brutally assault, Regal pulls out the Brass Knuckles and smashes Kofi in the face with them. Burchill moves around towards the Intercontinental Champion and smashes his face with the Curb Stomp. Mickie jumps into the ring but she is caught out by the devious Katie Lea Burchill. Katie Lea slaps Mickie and sends her shoulder first into the ring post.

Winner: No Contest [Still Intercontinental Champion – Santino Marella]

The three English superstars leave the ring to a ton of heat as they turn and look back at the carnage they have cause for whatever reason. They all share a similar snarl as they look in the ring. Beth goes to check on Santino once she has come around and Mickie. The English contingent makes some sort of impact but nobody knows why, for now.

As the carnage looks to be sorted out we cut to the backstage area as we see Todd Grisham who is running down the corridor followed by the camera man, he shouts out John, John, John and then we see the man himself John Cena turn back around the corner. Todd asks if he can get a word about SummerSlam. Cena doesn’t answer but stops so Grisham runs with it and asks him why he felt he was not victorious against Batista. Cena smirks and says that last night Dave Batista was simply the better man, he took a risk by going for a leg drop from the top rope and was caught out so he will just have to beat him next time. Todd jumps straight in and asks Cena if there will be a next time; Cena doesn’t get the chance to respond as into the shot walks John Bradshaw Layfield who was unsuccessful against CM Punk last night. He walks into the shot and simply says how the mighty have fallen. JBL asks Cena what happened. What happened to Mr. Pay per View, unbeatable and indestructible? Cena asks what the millionaire wants and JBL says he is merely making as observation. He states that now that is three out of three is it not. He says Night of Champion, The Great American Bash and now SummerSlam. Three pay per view losses in a row, he says with a smirk, now last year that would have been unheard of. Actually, he asks Cena if he even lost a pay per view in the year prior to his injury. Bradshaw then goes onto say that it is unbelievable that Cena would jump back from injury early and make WrestleMania but feel the effects of it now. JBL sblacks at his own put downs and Cena does not look impressed. Cena then tells JBL if he wants some he better come gets some, JBL sblacks again and tells Cena that he already has a match tonight and that Cena has fallen so far down the pecking order that he thinks Hacksaw Jim Duggan has got more of a claim to a match with him, a Wrestling God. Cena tells JBL he will be back because he was beaten by one of the best last night. JBL just says whatever and walks away but not before he heavily gives Cena a tap on his pectoral muscle. Cena stand strong but he throws his hat down in disgust once JBL has gone and walks off, a side of Cena we haven’t seen in some time.

Commercial Break

Retuning from Commercial we have a huge treat as ***This Fire Burns*** plays to a standing ovation for your current World Heavyweight Champion. He flies out the curtains in high spirit as he looks down at his wrist and bursts down the ramp way as the fans give him an almighty reception. As Punk climbs in the ring he holds the World Championship high above his head with huge smile full of pride.

***Bringin' Da Hood T U***
is the next sound we hear and the lovable thugs from Brooklyn receive a huge ovation as the team show off their theatrics on their way down to the ring. Cryme Tyme jumps into the ring and dance for a couple for seconds before each of them shake hands with CM Punk who looks pleased to be joined by the team.

Now the fans are not so pleased to hear the ***Priceless*** song as the current World Tag Team Champions, Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase saunter out onto the ramp with a clear disgust for the fans who choose to give them heat. The arrogant duo who proclaim to be ‘Born Better’ do not jump hastily into the ring as they wait on the outside for their team mate to join them.

A huge amount of heat is flown towards John Bradshaw Layfield when ***Longhorn*** hits. The man who lost last night to the champion, CM Punk does not take his eyes of the champ. JBL is short of limousine and sports coat but still resides his trusty white cowboy hat upon his head and towel around his neck. For once JBL does no acknowledge the crowd and jumps straight into the ring as Rhodes and Dibiase follow him.

[Second Contest]
[Six Man Tag Team Match]
[World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk & Cryme Tyme vs. John Bradshaw Layfield and World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase]

Ending: The match moves a steady pace as the heels dominate JTG in early going using all of Bradshaw’s years of tag team experience. However Cryme Tyme have some experience of their own and manage to single out Cody Rhodes for a few minuets and wear him down before letting Punk in to fight. The Champion glares over at JBL who gives him some verbal but Punk turns his attention to the second generation Rhodes and uses his educated feet to smashes alternate legs, Rhodes back into the corner, this is followed by Punk moving over to the ropes and swinging Rhodes off and looks to his the clothesline but Cody ducks under and comes back off the ropes and this time Punk nails him with a spinning heel kick. This however sends Rhodes nearer his corner where is able to tag in Dibiase who exchanges right hands with Punk, Ted is able to scoop the champion up and hit a hard hitting scoop slam he then follows it up with four repeated elbow drops to the stomach of Punk. Dibiase then picks Punk up and places him in the corner of his team and tags in JBL who lets out some ferocious rights with Punk in the corner. JBL then decided that he has had enough and quickly tags back in Dibiase who comes in and stomps the champion. Punk this time fights back with some more variation of kicks to the legs, Dibiase stumbles back and leaves Punk the chance to hit JBL and kick Cody off the apron, he then Irish whips Ted into the corner and follows him up with a running knee lift which is followed by the running bulldog, Punk yells out getting the crowd on his side and they get up. Punk then picks Dibiase up looking for the GTS but Cody makes the save knocking Punk down. Punk then jumps and makes the tag to Shad Gaspard who jumps in the ring, as well as JTG as they both Irish whip Priceless into the ropes and Shad hits a big boot on Cody who rolls back out the ring, while JTG nails a diving clothesline on Ted Jr. The thug’s then motion that it is over. Shad picks Dibiase off his feet and drags him to the corner, he picks him up while JTG goes to the top rope, Shad nails a huge backbreaker to his knee and he leaves Ted in potions draped over his leg as JTG jumps hits a leg drop to Dibiase. Punk is now in the corner and Cryme Tyme point at him and the crowd get on their feet as Punk jumps in when tagged by Shad and picks Ted Dibiase up and nails him with the GTS as JBL watches from on the ramp. Punk gets the cover...1…2…Rhodes tries to get in but is stopped by JTG…3…

Winners: CM Punk and Cryme Tyme

CM Punk instantly has his hands raised as the crowd is on their feet in celebration of the win. Rhodes drags Dibiase out the ring and helps him to his feet while handing him his Tag Team title. Bradshaw stands on the ramp way looking up at the ring as Punk moves over to the ropes to stare at Layfield before pointing at the big gold championship on his shoulder and mouthing to JBL “That’s why I’m the Champ.” The words get through to Bradshaw who takes exception as he starts yelling at Punk that this isn’t over but then storms to the back like a sore loser. Cryme Tyme joins CM Punk and three men stand with their arms raised in the air as we cut to the backstage area where we are once again met by Todd Grisham.

Ready and waiting is Grisham who welcomes us and tells us that his next guests are the next two superstars to be joining Monday Night Raw from ECW and they are ECW Originals, Tommy Dreamer and Steven Richards. Todd asks them their feelings towards the news of ECW being over and what their plans are for their future on Raw. Richards speaks up and says that they are both very disappointed that the ECW name would be dragged through the dirt over the last couple of years but it is over and there is nothing they can do about, Dreamer cuts in and says that what they knew and love about ECW was non-existent in its final days and as for their future well since they are now on Raw they are going to be brining the extreme as far as they can in this show. Stevie then looks at the camera and says that as individuals they are extreme innovators of violence but as a team they are unparalleled in the tag team division. Moving over to Dreamer who puts the tag team division on notice as they are about to make it a nasty place to be. They both smirk as the camera fades out with Grisham having worried look on his face for some reason.

Commercial Break

When we return we cut straight to the announce booth as both Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole look at camera very seriously and they say that they are very lucky to be joined by Shawn Michaels who is at home in San Antonio looking after a traumatized Rebecca Michaels. The Showstopper appears on the screen and the fans pop, Cole says he knows that this must be difficult to talk about but can he shed some light on the injuries that his wife endured at the hands of Chris Jericho last night. Shawn is looking very serious when he says that she is in a lot of pain right now and the left side of her face has swollen up to a huge size but she will be fine. He lets a little smirk when he tells Cole that she’s a trooper. Cole says that they all wish her a speedy recovery but says he must move on and asks Shawn if he saw what Chris Jericho had to say, implying that it was Shawn’s own fault for putting his wife in that scenario and what are his thoughts on what Jericho said. Shawn Michaels looks deadly serious once again when he says that there is no way on the face of this earth he would allow his wife to be put into any kind of harmful situation and for Jericho to suggest that shows how little decency he has. He says he was embracing the moment that he had been dreading for years with his wife. That moment being retirement, but as Jericho seems to think that the perfect thing to do is to walk away then in his mind he knows that he is afraid of the retribution that he (HBK) shall seek. He says to Cole that it won’t be tonight, it may not be in a weeks time, it may not be in a months time but when the time is right, as God as his witness, he will make Chris Jericho pay for his sins. The crowd pop as HBK just stares blankly at the screen as we cut back down to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler. They look in shock The King says that he wouldn’t like to be in Chris Jericho’s shoes right now but Cole reminds us that Jericho will be in action later on tonight against Batista and the winner will challenge CM Punk at Unforgiven.

Both Cole and Lawler look up toward the ramp away awaiting the next contest as ***Booyaka 619*** hits to a great response from those in attendance. Mysterio comes flying down the ramp way as he acknowledges every single on of his younger fans wearing Mysterio masks down the side of the ramp way. He jumps in the ring for the first time since his injury was fully healed. Rey stand in the corner as he waits for his opponent.

***Evan From Heaven*** plays for the first time on Monday Night Raw as the younger high flyer makes his debut on the brand. Bourne also exchanges hand slaps with the fans in the front row and stops and the bottom of the ramp and looks up to see one of his all time heroes in Mysterio and he jumps in the ring. Before the bell can sound Evan and Rey smile and shake hands, a great sign of respect between rookie and veteran.

[Third Contest]
[Singles Match]
[Rey Mysterio vs. Evan ‘Air’ Bourne]

Ending: Obviously what people would expect from these two, a very fast paced start and as the match progresses Mysterio sees that Bourne is a real threat. The match draws near as they reach the ten minute mark and both men seem to been running on empty due to the pace of the match but Rey is able to hit a diving cross body from the top rope, he takes Bourne down with it and it quickly up to come of the ropes and hit a leg drop while Bourne sat up. Mysterio goes for the quick cover…1…2…but the young Bourne is able to kick out, Mysterio helps Evan to his feet and tries to whip him into the corner but it is reversed by and Rey is sent into the corner and Evan runs at Rey but is met with a boot sending Bourne stumbling back. Mysterio then moves onto the apron and Springboards himself off into a hurricanrana into a cover…1…2….but Bourne rolls through and Rey comes off him but moves straight into the ropes and comes back at Bourne but is met with a running Enzuigiri, which gets a huge pop as it was out of nowhere, Evan slowly moves to his feet and picks Rey up and puts him between his legs looking for some kind of Powerbomb but Rey wriggles free and looks to kick Rey in the gut but the foot is caught and Bourne uses his heel to send Mysterio to the mat and when he does Bourne hits a beautiful standing moonsault, he does not go for the cover but looks to the top rope as Rey is the perfect position to go Air Bourne, he climbs to the top as the crowd get up in anticipation but Rey is able to move himself out of harms way and jump up to stop Bourne. Rey stands on the second rope as he exchanges right hands with Bourne and Evan is able to push Rey across the ring giving him the chance to come off the top rope into a sun set flip and rolls into the cover but Rey rolls back onto Bourne and the referee counts …1…2…3….Mysterio picks up the win albeit, just.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

As Mysterio gets to his feet along with Bourne they both smile as Bourne indicates that he was close to beating Mysterio, Rey acknowledges it and the two shake hands and hug but Mysterio’s music is cut off by ***Hot Ride*** (The Prodigy), the unfamiliar music throws the fans off as out onto the stage walks Lance Cade who picks up some heat walking onto the stage. He has a mic and stops on the stage. He points down to the ring and mockingly says what a huge piece of sportsmanship before laughing. He says that he knows that everyone wants to know why he would interrupt such a beautiful moment is sports entertainment history and he will explain. Mysterio and Bourne look on confused as Cade explains. He says that he was talking to his mentor Chris Jericho in the back and Jericho told him that he doesn’t have to remain his sidekick and be in the shadows, unlike anyone who was friends with Shawn Michaels. The crowd boo the hell out of Cade who goes onto say that Jericho told him he should find someone who is just as big of a hypocrite and a pandering fool as Shawn Michaels and challenge them, make an example of them. Cade looks down to the ring and tells Mysterio that it is him. Mysterio smirks and walks over to the other side of the ring and grabs a mic while Evan shakes his head. Mysterio gets the mic and looks up to Cade and tells him that he can challenge him to a match all he wants but he better not call him a hypocrite or a liar or it is he who be made an example of. Lance smirks again and tells Rey that he should be warned that he seen how Chris Jericho handles superstars who pander just for tenuous respect and he is going to be just as bad. He rounds it up by telling him to give his friend another hug as ***Hot Ride*** plays again and Cade walks of the stage with twice as much heat as he did walking onto it. Mysterio and Bourne discuss the disrespect of Cade in the ring as we cut backstage.

Cutting backstage we go to the office of General Manager’s office where we see Mike Adamle and Chris Jericho watching the monitor of what just went down as Jericho has a smarmy smile on his face, he turns to Adamle who says he can’t believe that Chris put him up to that and Jericho asks why? Is he afraid that Cade will put one of his so called big names on the shelf; Adamle goes to answer but changes his mind and asks Jericho what he wants. Jericho says that Shawn Michaels cannot come here tonight when he has his number one contenders match, Adamle tells him not to worry, he saw that Michaels is at home in San Antonio. Jericho disagrees and says that he knows what Shawn is really like, just because the caption in top right hand corner says “San Antonio” doesn’t mean he is actually there. Jericho tells the General Manager that he wouldn’t be surprised if he did that interview from inside this building. Adamle tells Jericho to not be paranoid but also tells Jericho that he will add extra security to the main gates and around the ringside area. Jericho just says fine but warns Adamle that if Shawn Michaels shows up and he doesn’t move onto face CM Punk at Unforgiven then he will hold him personally responsible. Adamle nods and Jericho leaves, the boss sighs and sits his ass down when Glamarella walks in and they are shouting the odds and Adamle stands straight back up not looking pleased. Santino asks Adamle what he is going to do about what those Canadians did to them earlier. Beth reminds Santino that they are English but then she then asks the same question. Adamle says he has an idea; he reminds them of the Adamle original from SummerSlam the Intergender tag team match. He adds it might be his best yet, he says he is going to expand on that and add the Burchill siblings and William Regal and lady of his choice and it will once again be for both titles. The hottest new couple on Raw do not like the sound of that as Adamle says he is going to alter it a little and make it two falls the first for the Women’s Championship and the second fall for the Intercontinental Championship. They defiantly do not like it and Santino tries to save it and says to Adamle that it doesn’t matter he doesn’t have to do that, he is not even that angry at the Frenchmen who attacked him earlier, why not just leave it? Adamle says, no, the match stands and the team storm out in a hissy fit. With Santino having a really feminine fit. Compared to Beth who just stomps her foot on the floor like a horse.

Commercial Break

***Hey You***
is heard when we return from commercial as Lillian announces that in the ring is Paul London, he gets a small reaction but he still pumps his fists in the air to try and rally up some more response. Lillian then moves onto announce that he will be facing the next superstar to be drafted to Monday Night Raw from ECW. The fans are more in anticipation as London stares down the aisle intently.

***Live for the Moment*** the crowd go crazy as perhaps the biggest name on ECW comes out to the ring. He throws up the V1 sign as the crowd continue to cheer. Matt Hardy had such a short spell on the ECW brand but now for the first time in three years Matt has returned to Raw. He climbs in the ring and again throws up the V1 to get another pop from the crowd as Matt look to make an impact at the expense of Paul London.

[Fourth Contest]
[Singles Match]
[Paul London vs. Matt Hardy]

Ending: Surprisingly for some this match is not a squash; London who has not been seen on Raw for several weeks gives a really good encounter of himself against Matt Hardy on his re-debut. The end comes when London nailed a high elevated dropkick to Matt sending him down. London quickly follows up with a cover…1…2….but Matt is able to kick out, London looks to keep the pressure on but Hardy shows resilience and lays right hands into the sides of London which forced London to let go, Hardy followed it up with some shots to the face followed by hard forearm smash which he then moved into an Inverted DDT, London manages to kick out and Matt signals for the twist of fate to which the crowd wait in anticipation for, London makes his way to his feet and Hardy locks him in position but London swings out of it and hits Hardy with a Jumping heel kick Enzuigiri and attempts a cover…1…2….Hardy rolls his shoulder out, London looks perplexed by that and a bit angry as he climbs to the top rope, he waits for Hardy to get up and hits a tornado DDT, but this time does not go for the cover as he moves back to the top rope, the crowd begin to boo which distracts London who begins to look disgruntled at them for doing so, this gives Hardy the chance to stand up and fall into the ropes, which knocks him down onto his tender area, Hardy then goes in for the kill when he grabs London by the head and drags him off the top rope into the middle of the ring and hits the Twist of Fate getting the formality of a…1…2…3…Hardy wins.

Winner: Matt Hardy

As the crowd cheer on the return of Matt Hardy to Raw he gets to his feet in celebration as he flicks up the V1 for all those with Mattitude. He looks back around to London who is back up to his feet but is looking in a foul mood due to defeat; he lashes out at the bottom rope and gets a little heat. Hardy looks to calm London down but the former Cruiserweight Champion pushes Hardy off to the displeasure of the fans who give him a little heat. Matt shrugs it off and goes back to celebrating his win on his Raw homecoming just before giving another look at Paul London and shakes his head but still keeping that smile in his face. London storms to the back.

We then move backstage and see Todd Grisham standing by as he welcomes at this time none other that the World Heavyweight Champion himself, CM Punk. Punk walks into the shot and gets a big pop from the audience as Grisham congratulates him on his victory last night and again tonight in tag team action but what he would like to know is who he would like to face off against at Unforgiven, Chris Jericho or Batista. CM Punk gives a look to Todd before smirking and he tells Grisham that he could give the uncomplicated answer and say that he doesn’t care who he faces at Unforgiven because he is the champion, but he is not going to do that. He says that he would like to face Batista, as he moves into telling us why. He says that at The Great American Bash him and Batista had his first pay per view World Championship match and the match was interrupted by Kane. He says that he knows since that day Dave has felt like that he should be champion because there was no way he would lose. So, Punk tells Grisham that he wants to get that respect back that he felt he lost from Batista that night and defeat him proving doubters that he is definitely top dog. Grisham then simply asks; and Jericho? Punk tells him not get him wrong he would like to shut that egomaniac up the hard way, but he doesn’t feel that someone who takes cheap shots on women is in my league and dose not deserve opportunities at championships prestigious as this. Punk points at the title and gets a pop for running Jericho down. He walks off and Grisham tells everyone to stick around because that is our main event.

Quickly shooting off elsewhere backstage we see Santino being Santino as he is getting out of the shower and drying himself off in his bathroom, he yells to sweetie-my-pie to pass him the hairdryer, we see a hand move into the room which is clearly not hers and the crowd pop, Santino dries his hair for a couple of seconds and then tries to reach around to his back where he has a ache that he cannot reach and yells into Beth to come and give him back run. The dim-witted Intercontinental Champion stands with his back to the door and it swings open and in walks the ever creepy Boogeyman who struts into the Bathroom and it was he who passed the hairdryer. The disgusting individual has a mouth full of worms and beings to give the champion a back rub which initially he seemed to be enjoying. This came to a sudden halt as one of the gruesome worm’s drops and wriggles on the arm of Santino who slowly looks around to reveal the monster that stood behind him. The champion screams like a little girl and runs out the rest room and his towel drops when he picks up the championship and on the screen we see the Intercontinental Champion’s bare ass running away. The crowd laugh really loud as The Boogeyman yells out that ‘He is the Boogeyman and he is coming to Monday Night Raw’. The crowd pop a little as we hear the voice of Michael Cole screaming out that The Boogeyman is the final pick to become a part of Raw from ECW. Lawler simply says that he has no desire to be anywhere near the Boogeyman and asks why they couldn’t have gotten Hornswoggle that would have been a less weird person to have.

As that surreal situation is over we move to the arena and hear the roof blow off the Baton Rouge River Center as we hear the sound of ***My time Is Now*** play, John Cena makes his way out to the ring with a smile on his face despite a loss last night and a altercation with JBL earlier on. He runs down to the ring and slides in as the crowd still go crazy for him, as throws his hands up in appreciation before collection microphone from Lillian. The man from Massachusetts waits for the crowd to die down and says he is out here to give a few words on what happened last night at SummerSlam; he simply says that the better man won. He says he went toe to toe with an Animal and came unstuck. He adds that he is not the first person to come unstuck against Batista and he won’t be the last. He moves onto say that there has been a lot said over the past couple of months about his form. Cena tells everyone that he may not have won on any of the last three months, but look at who he was facing, Triple H (pop) the King of Kings and current WWE Champion on SmackDown, JBL (heat) in his own environment, a New York Parking lot brawl, and of course, Batista, the most intense man on Raw and former Worlds Heavyweight champion. Cena moves onto say that this is not over for him, do not question him, do not think that ol’ John Cena has lost it because he will be back to the top, he will be bigger, better, badder than before. If any of the guys think that Cena has lost it because he was injured and took the chance to be at WrestleMania then they better come get some. He gets riled up saying that he is John Cena and that the day that he lays down without a fight is the day everyone should go home, and that is why he is going to challenge the winner of Chris Jericho and Batista tonight to a match next week, the title shot doesn’t have to be on the line, but he is going to prove why he was the WWE Champion for almost a year, why he was the man who returned early after surgery and won the Royal Rumble and why he is best there is. A very intense John Cena puts the mic down and ***My Time Is Now*** plays and Cena throws his arms up once again and the fans pop for this side of Cena and the former WWE Champion leaves the ring and hand slapping some of the fans at ringside. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler note that was a side to Cena they haven’t seen a long time, short, sweet and very much to the point.

Commercial Break

Returning from the break we see John Bradshaw Layfield storming his angry self down the corridor and smashes his way into the office of General Manager, Mike Adamle. He looks less that happy to see Layfield, but asks him what he wants. Bradshaw demands that Adamle places him in the main event, making it a triple threat match. Adamle smirks and says no way, he reminds JBL that he lost decisively last night and his team were beaten by CM Punk and Cryme Tyme earlier tonight. He adds that, also, the match is about to begin. Bradshaw yells at Adamle to put him in but the boss simply stands firm and doesn’t react. JBL knowing that this is not going anywhere and gets in Adamle’s face and quietly but defiantly tells his boss that he is well out of his depth and that it is ever a wonder that he was hired by the McMahons. Adamle keeping his cool tells JBL to leave his office before he has security remove him. JBL smirks and says that it is not over between them, and to write that on his clipboard. JBL’s smirk drops as he leaves the room and Adamle plops himself back onto the chair and turns toward the television to watch the main event.
As the camera cuts back to the ring area we see the lovely Lillian Garcia in the ring and she reminds us that this is the main event and the winner will move onto challenge CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven.

***Break Down the Walls***
hits to a tremendous amount of heat. After last night the hatred towards Jericho has became unparalleled in the WWE. Jericho walks onto the ramp way and does not stop to acknowledge anything as he simply struts to the ring. He is followed by the former student of Shawn Michaels, Lance Cade. He takes a condescending look around at all those he despises before turning just his head to the entrance and waits for his opponent.

The Animal forces Jericho to wait but it does not seem to affect him that much but when ***I Walk Alone*** hits Jericho perks up as does everyone in attendance who let a roar for Batista who coming back off one of the biggest wins in his career bursts down the ramp before his pyros add a heap more to one of the explosive entrances in all sports entertainment. He moves down the ramp and stares at Jericho. Getting into the ring he and his opponent lock eyes as Batista climbs to the top rope to pose for all his fans. Jericho shakes his head at the antics of Batista.

[Main Event]
[Number One Contenders Match]
[‘The Saviour’ Chris Jericho w/Lance Cade vs. ‘The Animal’ Batista]

Ending: Before the match began was saw CM Punk also watching the match on a screen backstage and we would see him watching at various points during the contest. The match is very quickly brought out into a brawl as Batista uses his Animal instincts to inflict pain on Jericho while the smaller man uses his gritty attitude balanced with a fine wrestling moves to counter the over-powering aggression. Batista works Chris Jericho upper back and neck; he torments it with a series of hard stomps that show no evidence of being held back. Jericho squirms in pain but uses his legs to kick out at Batista to keep him as far away as possible. Batista stumbles at bit back after being taken off guard, but as Jericho gets to his feet Batista meets him with a knee to the gut which sets him firmly back in control. The Animal sends Jericho into the corner and follows up forcefully with a running clothesline. He then uses his mammoth body to send four massive shoulder thrusts as all Jericho can do is take them and hope for the best. Batista back away and looks up and around the arena as Jericho falls face first down onto the mat, the crowd roar in expectation, Batista scowls over at Jericho looking to send himself to Unforgiven, but the wily Jericho stomps of Batista foot and grabs him quickly and ties his arm behind his back in an armbar, Jericho moves quickly and pushes Batista into the ropes and as Big Dave comes flying off one to the other and back to Jericho he is met with a huge diving European uppercut. Both men stay down and the referee begins a count of ten, he gets to about seven and Batista is back to his feet and Jericho stumbles up on a beaten body about a second later, Jericho simply stumbles over towards The Animal and hits a solid backhanded chop, we get the usually Woo’s which wakes Batista up who exchanges a right hand with another chop, the battle these out for a few seconds as Batista begins to overpower the chops of Jericho and backs him into the ropes, he then hooks Jericho’s arm around him and hits a straight vertical suplex and quickly movers over for the cover and gets…1…2…but Jericho gets his shoulder up. Jericho sits up but Batista moves in and hits a big boot, sending Jericho back down again. Batista moves to the ropes and shakes on them furiously as the crowd once again build up their anticipation as Batista turns around after a few seconds but is met with an inside cradle which puts Batista down for the…1…2…but he manages to roll out of it, Jericho looks to seize the opportunity as he comes off the ropes and sends Batista down with a one handed bull dog, Batista lays flat in the middle of the ring and Jericho jumps onto the ropes and goes for the lionsault but Big Dave rolls out the way and back to his feet but as he turns around he is caught as the legs by Jericho and flipped to the mat as Jericho looks to position Batista for the Walls of Jericho, he twists and he turns trying to turn a gargantuan of a man over, Batista begins to fight out of it and one of his legs breaks free and he uses that to kick out at Jericho, doing everything he can to gain that title match. Eventually he breaks free and kicks Jericho across the ring and as he stumbles back Batista, now standing nails a boot to the gut and places him under and goes to lift him up but as he does there is a massive explosion and out comes KANE. The Big Red Machine storms down to the ring and Batista is caught off guard and cannot take his eyes off Kane. The referee moves over to the ropes and yells at Kane to go away, as he does Lance Cade gets involved by throwing the ring bell into the ring, Jericho grabs it and smashes it against the skull of Batista and throws it out the ring to the floor. He lays on top of The Animal and hooks the left leg, the referee when turning around figures something must have happened but Jericho yells at him to count so he does and gets the…1…2…3….Jericho wins and is going to Unforgiven.

Winner: and number one contender – Chris Jericho

The unctuous Chris Jericho rolls out of the ring and is grabbed by Cade so he can keep his balance as they watch on as Kane climbs into the ring with the Burlap Sack and places it in the corner. He moves over to Batista and picks him up by the throat as ‘The Animal’ tries to break free but he cannot as Kane turns him up and sets up for the tombstone and sends Batista’s head crashing into the mat. By this time Jericho has left the arena and Kane’s eyes shoot back over to the Burlap Sack and he begins to open it up, the crowd wait in anticipation to see what Kane has been carrying around all this time. Kane opens the bag looks inside and smiles in a very creepy manner. He then turns the bag upside down and pours out hundreds and thousands of thumb tacks. Some of the crowd pop, others in the crowd look dumbfounded and the majority boo as Kane turns back to Batista. He stalks ‘The Animal’ as he helps Big Dave to his feet, Kane then grabs the throat hoists Batista up and smashes his body into the tacks to huge reaction of ‘ooooo’s’ from the crowd as Kane laughs manically, he gets on his knees and into the face of Batista. He sprinkles some of the tacks up and down the body of Batista and yells profusely that ‘he is alive’, ‘he is alive’, ‘he is alive’. There is silence from the commentary team as Kane looks as if he is playing with the thumb tacks, Raw goes off the air looking at the crazed face of ‘The Big Red Machine’.

End of Show

Quick Results:
Santino Marella against Kofi Kingston was a No Contest
CM Punk & Cryme Tyme defeated John Bradshaw Layfield and Priceless
Rey Mysterio defeated Evan ‘Air’ Bourne
Matt Hardy defeated Paul London
Chris Jericho defeated Batista – Number One Contenders Match

Drafted From ECW

Evan Bourne
Tommy Dreamer
Stevie Richards
Matt Hardy
The Boogeyman

Confirmed for Unforgiven
World Heavyweight Championship
CM Punk (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Four Corners Intergender Championship Two Fall Match - Women's & Intercontinental Championshup
Beth Phoenix (c) & Santino Marella (c) vs. Kofi Kingston & Mickie James vs. Paul & Katie Lea Burchill vs. William Regal & ???

Glory, Glory, Man United.
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