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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

SmackDown! Review

-Big Dave cutting a promo is never a good sign. 'Weapons are not only welcomed, they're allowed!'. And Mark Henry too? Woah. Henry not stepping in the ring was a expected. A lot of Henry's lines didn't suit him though because his voice just isn't very intimidating, he could definitely use a mouthpiece. Tbf, you had to continue this feud, and considering who you were working with in this promo, it was fine. You played to each of their strengths. Batista got some cheap pops and both men while a little repetitive got straight to the point, and set up Teddy Long for the announcement of tonight's main event.

-I'll give you credit for investing some air-time in the cruiserweight division and giving the champion a chance to cut a promo.

-Thankfully you're having Mysterio compete at a higher level than the cruiserweight division, which he had really surpassed by this time. Presumably he won't be winning world titles any time soon, but it'll be interesting to see where you rank him card-wise in the long run. The six-man was good, and each of them seemed to get an equal amount of time in the ring. Mysterio getting the pin and the commentary's emphasis on him suggests that he's getting a push ahead of the Rumble, but I really can't see him winning. Final four, perhaps.

-A short segment with Jillian and JBL, but a good tease for later tonight with Jillian's 'plan B'. I hope you don't continue this joke feud for too long or give it any PPV time, but at least you're continuing the feuds of this time and not just completely starting a fresh.

-Kennedy's interview was great. I find Kennedy to be a little limiting with writing promos as you're really waiting for that big finish, but this was well done. The 'honey' remark at the start didn't suit him though. Getting his own talk show should be pretty good, the name's cool too.

-Noble was the logical choice to go over here given his history tag-teaming with Kash, so I was quite surprised with the ending. Match seemed okay, fairly fast-paced and a couple of decent spots. The aftermath was very interesting though. While the cheapshot after the handshake was obvious, I liked how you sold, perhaps over-sold, the kick afterwards with the use of the commentators and having the Mexicools come down to check on him. The cruiserweight division is now looking very strong, with a lot of contenders and now, a strong heel. Hopefully you give a lengthy reign for Kash, and I definitely see him retaining at the Rumble to keep his heat going.

-Booker's promo was great. He got across what he needed too, and this could be the start of a decent push for OJ as Booker's protege. Benoit rather fighting than talking is good way to end the segment. It's progressed the feud and next week I expect it'll be Benoit getting his hands on OJ in a singles match.

-It's hard to imagine these kind of Orton promos from around 03-07, because now, in 2009, his promos are so serious, but he used to quite cocky and brash. This interview kind of displayed both of those sides. He's definitely a contender for the Rumble. A lot of options you have in there, and it's really too close to call at the moment.

-The JBL/Boogeyman match dragged on a little, at six minutes it was just too long. Not sure who the guy was, sounded a little like Tomko, or Giant Bernard perhaps. At least JBL won though, and seemingly, this won't get near pay-per-view thankfully.

-Melina's promo was good. Better her than Nitro or Mercury, and a good way to get some heat ahead of the match, which itself, was interesting. Not a fan of Moore beating Nitro, but the interference ensured it protects him. London and Kendrick vs. MNM will be a good tag-team feud.

-I liked the extended commentary for the entrances in the main event, giving it that extra feel and hype, though it didn't match Raw's Flair vs. Edge obviously.

-The main event had just the right length considering Henry and Batista were in it, and the end was a little surprising, as I didn't expect the heels to win, and I certainly wasn't expecting Henry to get the cover, but considering he's the one challenging Batista at the Rumble, it was some strong booking. I was a little surprised that we didn't see any interference from Booker and Jordan though.

OVERALL: What was there was very well-written and a good show, but you're at the stage where you're trying to finish the bad booking of this time like Batista/Henry and JBL/Boogeyman. In terms of progression it was very good, all the major storylines are moving along nicely and making for good build to the Rumble.
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