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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

These two matches, I wrote for an older BTB, I feel these two were the two best I have ever written (single's normal matches)

Main Event Match
Samoa Joe vs. Dave Batista
SWF Championship match

*Bell rings*

Dave Batista and Samoa Joe each respectively circle the ring a few times trying to get behind their opponent and trying to psyche each other out. After three full turns of the ring; Batista and Samoa Joe stand in opposite ends of the ring each against the corner. Batista then tries to get in the head of his opponent and to make him feel fear; Batista flexes his muscles and stands in his corner taunting. Samoa Joe smiles as he does the same cracking his knuckles and getting ready for action as the crowd are heavily behind him. When Samoa Joe and Batista walk up to each other in the middle of the ring and meet half way; Batista and Samoa Joe stare at each other and then Batista throws a right hand out of nowhere and then a second but before a third could have been hit Samoa Joe retaliates with a few shots of his own and now it is one shot each; back and forth in the middle of the ring. Both men are giving it their all and the first one who blinks is going to be the loser as neither man seems to be budging in this slug fest. Samoa Joe has had enough of all of this and goes to kick Batista in the gut; Batista grabs the leg of Samoa Joe and shakes his head in disgust as Samoa Joe hops around on one leg. Batista smiled as he slammed Samoa Joe’s leg back down to the mat and then swings his left arm back and then hits a hard clothesline taking Samoa Joe down.

Dave Batista had Joe on the mat momentarily and stood next to him; He then put his left arm out flexed it and showed his biceps as he then dropped the elbow and the huge tree trunk of a left arm into Samoa Joe’s chest as the referee came down for the pin fall. Samoa Joe though had kicked out at one and a little bit barely even beginning to come down for the second count. Batista then stood up but not before grabbing Samoa Joe by his head and taking him to his feet with him. Dave Batista had Samoa Joe leaning forward as he was in the palm of his hands and as Samoa Joe stood there on spaghetti legs all groggy and weary. Dave Batista backed at the ropes and ran at him; though it was apparent that Samoa Joe was playing possum when Batista was caught and then hit with a hard Samoan Drop into the side of the ring sending Dave Batista near the ropes. Though Dave Batista was no easy man to lift up over and onto his shoulders as Samoa Joe instantly felt pain in the lower back and went down to one knee. When Samoa Joe stood back up onto his feet he grabbed Dave Batista by the head and then takes him over to the middle of the ring much like Batista did to Samoa Joe just seconds ago. Samoa Joe holds Dave Batista’s head and goes to do something but long before he could Dave Batista beat him to the blow and was able to give him a hard knee shot to the mid section near the ribs; that brought Samoa Joe down to his knees as Dave Batista began clubbing him in the back with closed fists multiple times. Samoa Joe then stands up straight and looks at Batista right in the eyes man to man with a pissed off look on his face.

Batista pushes him back but Samoa Joe just smiles as he looks at the mat; Batista runs at him going to big boot him down with his right foot in the air ready for contact with Samoa Joe. But Samoa Joe ducks underneath it and from behind Batista grabs him and hits a back body drop in the middle of the ring. Samoa Joe then runs at the ropes behind him and drops a hard knee to the face on Batista adding insult to injury. When Samoa Joe comes back up to his feet; Samoa Joe grabs both of Batista’s legs while his back is on the mat and tries to turn him over for a possible Boston Crab submission hold. Batista though counters it with his animalistic like strength and overpowers Samoa Joe; he uses both legs to push Samoa Joe back at the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring. Batista soon after raced up to his feet and ran at Samoa Joe at the turnbuckles and goes to sandwich him in them and hit a devastating clothesline on his opponent. Samoa Joe had the wherewithal in the last moment to move out of the way and get out of dodge; Batista was then in the corner of the ring and then Samoa Joe, begun pummeling him with hard continuous rights and lefts. Samoa Joe then placed Batista once he was groggy up onto the second rope and then moved up to the second turnbuckle himself soon after. Samoa Joe hit a few hard head butt stops onto Batista to make sure he was down and out for now before lifting him up onto his shoulders for a giant Muscle Buster! It took lots of strain but Batista was on Samoa Joe’s shoulders and Samoa Joe hoisted him up and took him over to the center of the ring.

Batista was visibly seen moving his legs about in the air trying to release himself from the grasp of Samoa Joe but he could not and moments later Samoa Joe dropped Batista down onto the mat with a hard ring shattering Muscle Buster. Samoa Joe smiled as he then hooked both legs for the pin fall as he believes he has this matchup won. 1………………...2…….. But Batista was able to muster up enough energy to kick out. Samoa Joe sat up and could not believe it. Samoa Joe though had to believe it and do something fast before Batista was able to gain any momentum and he knew that; Samoa Joe saw that Batista was slowly getting into the pushup position as Samoa Joe stood up on his two feet and ran at the ropes in the direction of Batista on the rebound. When Samoa Joe came running back Batista pounced on his opponent, the current champion and hit a devastating earth shattering Spear and took Samoa Joe by surprise as he went flying inside and out. Dave Batista then took a few more moments to stand up onto his feet with the aid of the ring ropes for leverage and moved up to Samoa Joe who was staggering on one knee. He grabbed him by the tights and pulled him in between his legs before shaking the ropes and giving the thumbs down to the Champion signaling the Batista Bomb and signaling the end of this matchup.

Samoa Joe then was lifted up onto Batista’s shoulders; it took a few seconds for Batista to gain his balance back again as Samoa Joe’s weight distribution took him off guard and Batista wobbled back a few steps trying to hold onto him and not let go. But Batista took a deep breath and with all of his power he slammed Samoa Joe down to the mat with a thunderous Batista Bomb. That could have even been heard up in the rafters up in the top of the crowd in the ‘Nose bleed’ area. Samoa Joe was seemingly knocked out and Batista had a huge smile on his face as he thinks he is the new champion in the making. Batista crawled on top of Samoa Joe slowly and covered him for the pin fall just lying on top of him not hooking either leg; which could have been his downfall as at the count of two and a half Samoa Joe grabbed both arms of his opponent wrapped his legs around the neck and chin area of Batista and amazingly got him into a Triangle Choke hold. It didn’t take long for Batista to tap out.

Winner and still SWF Champion
Samoa Joe!


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