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Re: Pixar Mafia

Night One


After there lacklustre attempt at a lynch on day one the town went to bed with hopes that they would still be alive when they woke up.

The Serial Killer was on the move eyeing Wesson just as he was about to check if someone was mafia or not. The Serial Killer was heartless though as he didnít leave him enough time to even check if he had his results before he roundhoused kicked his head off decapitating him which meant death for this young Wesson.

He picked up a small note, which had his true character and role on it. He read the note.

Spoiler for role:
Congratulations! You are Woody Innocent Aligned. The hero from Toy Story, You must help Pixar in defeating The All Mighty Mickey Mouse before he destroys Pixar.

Your role is fairly simple youíre the Investigator. PM me every night with a name Iíll tell you if there Innocent or Mafia.

You win when all threats to the town are killed.

He was clearly very satisfied with his kill as he went off to bed.


Mickey Mouse had finally decided on whom to kill. He would be sentenced to the most vicious death, the target would be killed in there dreams. Freddy Krueger was on the movie, he made his target dream of unicorns and rainbows and lollipops and gay stuff like that before he would make his move. Slowly his target walked up to him, as Freddy smiled knowing it would be the end. He hoped out of a nearby bush and met face to face with target. His target wasnít scared however itís almost as if he would be enjoying this. A fight of Epic Proportions was fought as the target gained the upper hand. He knew however the only to escape with his life was to wake up. He looked at a nearby heating pipe and used it to wake himself up.

Suddenly Sticksy woke up violently from his dream, with burns marks on his arms.


Hopper knew something wasnít right with what Privilegue said earlier today he knew it wasnít right. Thatís when he heard the news Privilegue was in a mental hospital. He had to make sure no one in the town would believe him and cause Innocents to be lynched because of him. He got to Privilegueís room but he realized something he did not expect. Privilegue was already dead but there was no sign of a struggle any sign that he was even dead but Hopper saw that he wasnít breathing so someone had obviously beaten him to the punch. He saw a note at Privilegueís feet he bent to pick it up, it read.

Spoiler for role:
Congratulations! You are Dory Innocent Aligned. You that fish that forget everything from Finding Nemo. Normally I would incorporate character traits in my roles but since I couldnít find a good one for you I gave you a random role instead of cutting you out.

Your role is The Thief, Everyone night you may PM me someone and you will be able to use his or her role for that night. This may only be used 3 times so use it well. By the way there are some roles you canít steal.

You win when all threats to the town are killed.

Hopper decided it would be best to go to sleep now, fearing that the rest of the town would pin the murder on him, which would surely cause him to be lynched.

The rest of the town woke up a couple of hours after to realize that Wesson was missing. They all knew he had been murdered. They then went to the mental hospital to set Dory free to assist in the lynching it is then they saw her dead body. The town now realized that if they are too survive then lynching was in order.

With 26 Alive it takes 14 to lynch.

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