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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

BY SC2004 >>>

>>> The opening commentary was choppy and it didn’t flow very well at all. Into the first match, though I would have preferred a CM Punk promo. I don’t see Shad as a good worker at all, in fact he’s not very well regarded in terms of his ring work. I do however like the character. The problem I had here was that Shad looked at times to be a better wrestler, athlete than Benjamin, which just isn’t the case. The finish made Benjamin look silly, I don’t like him loosing here. Also you had JR paint Benjamin as a young rookie, where as he’s a multiple time champion and has been in the WWE for over 6 years I believe. I just thought the booking was off and this wasn’t the best way to start the show. Nothing terrible though.

>>> Jericho managed to gain enormous heat in this promo and you wrote him pretty well. When he insulted LA, you should of brought up their useless governor and the fact the state is over 500 million dollars in debt, that would of got more heat. As good as the overall set up was, there were some clunkers in there. Just watch the flow. The promo really picked up near the end with the double code breaker and the use of Mysterio’s wife and son, all very well done. Mysterio claimed Jericho was jealous of Mysterio having a family and that Jericho was all alone, which didn’t work as Jericho referenced his wife and kids a lot during his feud with Shawn Michaels. Also I think Mysterio is from Sacramento, not LA, but that’s a minor detail. California is as big as the UK at the end of the day.

>>> I’m going to ask you to watch the layout. This was a huge promo and it should of ended with a commercial, but instead you went straight into a back stage segment, which seemed unrealistic. This was fun, but it find it odd that Cryme Tyme would feel they needed to pull a stunt like this as they have the upper hand. Shouldn’t it be the other way around, with the world’s greatest tag team looking to pull a stunt in order to get even? Teddy Long, Ugh! Can not stand him!!!

>>> Ziggler has grown on me in recent weeks and you nailed the character here. Just watch your writing as you often leave out words, I’ve noticed that a lot in this show so far. Also keep the writing more simple as it will help the overall promo flow. Ziggler is obviously a rising star, so giving him an opportunity to work with Jeff hardy tonight makes a whole lot of sense from a booking perspective. Let’s hope you have a decent finish for the match.

>>> WOW, only the second match up. Hell of a lot of talking tonight. Maybe you could of spaced out the Zigger/Jericho promos. Knox has potential and he looked pretty good here. Punk won clean, all well and good, put Knox could do more than he’s doing right now. Kane coming out wasn’t a surprise, I figured he would. I didn’t expect him to talk, not yet anyway. Kane made it seem like he was dying and wanted one last run as world champion before he does. Not entirely sure you wanted it to come across like that. Kane’s ramblings, they’re reminiscent of Taker when he was the lord of darkness and head of the ministry. You gave some hints to the idea of Kane being masked again. I hate the idea of an inferno match as it’s obvious Kane will loose given his ring wear.

>>> “last week Dolph Ziggler took my career and he took my wellbeing and he showed absolutely no care for it” I mean what’s that suppose to mean, it makes zero sense to me. Replace the word “took” with “threatened” and it would work better. Still though, a clunker of a line Bradders and not the first one tonight I may add. “retaliate to him and that freak called Hawkins” *coughs* see above. I could of done without this promo.

>>> We’ve had two matches and this Hardy promo is the fourth in ring promo of the night so far. Need I say more? Pretty standard, by the numbers PPV hyping promo. This could have been done backstage, on the interview set, or at least Zigglers could have been. Jeff claiming 2001 at Mania was the peak of his career is silly given he wrestled for the world title at the 2008 Royal Rumble. Why didn’t Edge interrupt ere and add to the promo and to the PPV hype? Would of made this more entertaining IMO.

>>> Whilst some of the lines didn’t fit Benjamin’s character in particular, I still got a kick out of the Goldust segment. Funny at times and a welcome relief from the high drama that has dominated the show tonight. Teddy Long should have been angry at Jericho, given his actions earlier in the night. Instead of putting him in a match up with Jesse of all people, should he have suspended Jericho until the PPV for attacking a fan, Dominic? Makes more sense. Instead Teddy is telling Jericho to prove himself, as if he needs to do that and what does beating Jesse do for him, nothing, that’s what.

>>> Oh Bradley, you’re killing me here. Talk about overkill. Another Jericho promo and only three matches. You should of left this as it was. You’re ramming two weeks of storyline progression into one show, it’s to much. The DQ finish made zero sense. Jericho hit the code breaker, yet went and got himself DQ’d for no good reason. Made him look super dumb. Again Rey gets his ass handed to him and I ask you, why did that need to happen? What did it achieve other than making Mysterio look weak? Jericho’s promo was a continuation of the earlier one, Jericho mouths off part 2! I could of done without all of this.

>>> This is the 3rd Haas/Benjamin segment!!! They also got featured in the match up. How the hell did they get to the beach that fast? Also it’s early May, so it’s nearly night time, right? I mean SD goes out at 8pm, so this is around 9pm and it should be dark. This was a colossal waste of time. I see zero point in having this segment on the show. All the way to the beach to get owned by a kid. Ugh!

>>> All the unneeded crap that has gone on and Edge gets what, three lines and a minute on screen!!! The match up next week however should be great. I just spotted Haas and Benjamin’s names again, I feel ill. Standard divas match. Not much more to say about it. Can Haas and Benjamin fly? Back already. It’s beyond me why you felt this deserved four segments, one of which was OK. I don’t want to talk about this storyline anymore, it has exhausted me mentally.

>>> A great main event with a predictable finish. I liked the finish however and it was booked well. Ziggler may not of won clean, but he can still claim to have pinned Jeff Hardy. Edge was underused tonight, big time, he is the champion after all. What next for Zigger, that’s what I want to know. A feud with Morrison perhaps?

OVERALL: The Cryme Tyme, Benjamin & Haas stuff was a disaster and I just have to know “what the hell were you thinking” I mean 4 segments and Edge, the world champion got about 3 minutes of TV time in total. The Mysterio and Jericho segment would have been a hit had you left it be, but you went overboard later in the show and undone all your hard work from earlier. Jericho looked dumb in his match and Rey looked super weak all night. Everything else, bar that awfully written Morrison promo was fine. The main event salvaged the show somewhat. You need to plan more carefully and look at how you’re laying out the show. You packed this show with two weeks worth of material and you tried to do to much, to soon. Slow and steady is the best way to go. Anyway, there you have it, my review.

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