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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Just reading what the commentators have said, looks like one epic show. Finlay back in early 06 was so ftw.

Opening Promo: Batista promo, eh? Guess he wants a re-match. Typical Batista stuff, you got most of his lines right, that sequence when he talks about what Henry's done seemed to drag on for a while though, could've been a tad shorter. Same with the next one, repetition is good but with guys like Batista it really only needs to be short and sweet. Very happy to see Batista is a badass again, it should be great to see two credible monsters collide at the Rumble. Henry is spot on and the interaction between the two is quite awesome, Henry backing off while still looking like a beast. Batista is good once again, but I still think his part could've been shorter. omfg. OMFG. OMFG. That's an awesome Main Event, I've really got a reason to read on now.

Kash Promo: Great. You managed to put over the title wth lots of 'best in the world', the champion and his challengers. I'm pulling for Noble, but I think Juventud might get the nod.

6 Man Tag:
This match should be amazing, except for the fact Matt Hardy's in it. You repeated 'edge' and 'getting himself involved in the match' both twice in sentences, variety is your best friend. Burchill wasn't involved often, but it was a good match. It accomplished what it needed to by furthering Lashley/Finlay and all guys with the exception of Paul got enough ringtime to show themselves off. Glad you're utilising William & Finlay, I'd mark to see Regal win the Rumble. Sigh, I can always dream...

JBL: Lol, allergic to worms. JBL vs Boogeyman makes me very sadface, but I'm intrigued by 'Plan B'

Mr. Kennedy Promo:Back when he was entertaining. I know he's a heel but he seemed to blur the lines a bit in that promo, not sure if that was intentional or not. Kennedy's Talk Show is a great idea, fits his character perfectly. Guest will probably be Matt, or if you intend to elevate Ken, Rey Rey.

Juventud vs. Noble: As expected, but in a good way. Glad Noble wasn't completely buried as he can be a very big asset to the Cruiserweights if you use him well. Nice post-match as well, although I'm very sure Austin Aries does have that trademarked. Shame on you . Juvi will make it to the Rumble, they always make it to the Rumble.

Black Snow Promo: Lovely Bookah promo, got him spot on as well. Still preferred him when he was King though. Orlando Jordan, boo. Nice angle, it gives Jordan some motivation to attack Benoit. Although Benoit being wasted on a feud with Orlando is just bad tbh. Classic Crippler 'promo' as well, hopefully he can own Jordan quick and get onto something good.

Orton Promo: promo of the night so far. I have a feeling we might be seeing an Orton/Tista feud which is a great idea, as Evolution is still fairly fresh in peoples memories and it's the perfect time to execute the Orton/Tista feud.

Boogeyman vs JBL: Worst match so far, but it was good considering what you had to work with. Wonder who this mystery man is, I've really got no idea right now. Too many wrestlers have tattoos >_>. Luckily you've also managed to pull JBL out of this awful feud, so the match served it's purpose.

MNM Promo:
Nitro mmm, I just had a mini-orgasm. Anyway, ahem, onto the promo. Nice promo, Melina is good on the mic for a woman in the WWE. MNM push would be so unbeliavbly epic.

Moore vs Nitro: Nice match, although Nitro vs. anyone should be a squash. @ Nitro losing, but luckily you had a good reason. MNM/Londrick had quite a few good matches back in the day, hopefully they'll be able to have a couple more in this BTB.

Main Event: This looks like it'll be epic, and gives me another reason to believe it'll be Tista vs. Orton. MOTN, there was a lot of great action and some fiery interaction between Dave/Mark. Good finish as well, Henry looking like a menacing challenge without making the champion look weak.

Overall: Solid show, no real major flaws. You do seem to be trying to stretch a lot of the promos out which I don't really think is necessary, as long as the point gets across. This really does remind of how much talent WWE wasted in 06. Henry/Tista is going great and I'm definitely calling for Orton to get the Rumble victory.
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