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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

January 20th, 2006 | Florence Civic Center; Florence, South Carolina

Our broadcast begins tonight with a recap video first of what took place two weeks ago, as the monstrous Mark Henry makes a statement upon his return to SmackDown! by in no uncertain terms decimating the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista during his Steel Cage Tag Team Match with Rey Mysterio up against MNM. Henry’s arrival signals his intentions as he tears the door from the steel structure before brutalising ‘The Animal’, allowing MNM to pick up the win. However, the damage isn’t quite done yet as Henry continues the assault, before spectacularly climbing to the top of the cage and beating his chest, screaming out almost in an animalistic manor.

We then cut to the events of last week, with SmackDown! General Manager declaring that unfortunately Batista will not be in the arena for the night, thanks to the injuries caused by Mark Henry. He does however announce that SmackDown! needs a number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, especially with the Royal Rumble just two weeks away. As Long announces that the match will be Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry we cut right to the match, seeing highlights of Rey jumping around the ring, using his pace to his advantage as Michael Cole yells “He could do it! Rey Mysterio could do it!” Cole is of course proven wrong however, as Henry catches Rey eventually as the man from the 619 goes for a springboard crossbody, turning it into The World’s Strongest Slam before absolutely squashing the little man with The World’s Strongest Splash, putting an exclamation point on his victory. Even that though doesn’t seem to seem to quench the thirst for destruction of Mark Henry as he throws Mysterio from the ring, Cole, Tazz and the audience all telling Henry that enough is enough. With Henry tearing away at the mats, the end of Mysterio’s career seems sure to come when suddenly... ‘The Animal’ Batista is in the house! The music of Batista roars throughout the arena as the intense World Heavyweight Champion runs down the ramp and brawls with his foe, taking it backstage as SmackDown! comes to an end.

With that quick recap coming to an end we cut live into the Florence Civic Center to see Tony Chimel standing in the middle of the ring.

Tony Chimel:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!

*I Walk Alone*

The music of ‘The Animal’ instantly sends the crowd here in Florence into a frenzy as the awe inspiring World Heavyweight Champion, Batista runs out onto the stage, only causing his reaction to become even louder. Usually Batista would be dressed in a rather swank suit, looking stylish, however tonight Dave doesn’t look all about style. A white singlet replaces the usual suit jacket and shirt, while some simple tracksuit pants have been substituted in for the lower portion. The champ of course has the title around his waist still as he looks out to the crowd before stepping up to the middle of the ramp and setting his pyro off explosively, the crowd eating up every moment of it.

Michael Cole:
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome here to Friday Night SmackDown!, as we come to you this week from Florence, South Carolina. I am Michael Cole, and as usual, I am joined here by my partner, Tazz.

Tazz: I’m excited to be here, Cole, and it seems like all of these fans right here in Florence feel the same way. They practically blew the roof of the place for Batista!

Michael Cole: And with good reason, Tazz. Tonight SmackDown! features many things; a new contender to the Cruiserweight Champion is found, Finlay is in action again after his debut last week and Booker T will host a championship celebration after winning the US Title last week. But what everyone is thinking about Tazz is Batista and Mark Henry!

Tazz: These two monsters have been tryin’ to dare one another apart! Will tonight be the night?

Batista now walks down the rest of the ramp and climbs up into the ring, stripping the gold off from around his waist to showcase to the crowd before receiving a microphone and pacing around the ring with it, the gold now resting on top of his broad shoulder.

Man oh man, it feels good to be here in Florence!

Yes, this of course brings a cheap pop.

But not only does it feel good to be here in Florence, it also feels good to be healthy. It feels good to be fighting fit. It feels good to be, for the first time in two weeks, physically cleared to wrestle here tonight! Yeah!

Again, another pop.

And y’know, usually I’d be happy about that. Usually I’d be over the moon, but for some reason, I just can’t shake this feeling... I just can’t help but feel... something’s wrong. Yeah, I mean, usually, I’m happy, I’m friendly, I’m nice. Hell, you can ask the guys in the back... but tonight, I can’t help but feel angry... I can’t help but feel mad. But the thing is, I just can’t quite put my finger on why. I mean, it’s not like I’ve been jumped from behind lately. It’s not like anyone’s been tryna’ end my career. It’s not like anyone tried to send me through a steel cage like a human javelin!

Batista pauses as the crowd gives some heat, realising that Big Dave is indeed alluding to Mark Henry.

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it when a man doesn’t have the guts to hit you face to face! Instead, he jumps you from behind. It doesn’t take a big man to try to end someone’s career when you blindside them. IT... DOES... NOT take a lot of guts to try to end someone’s livelihood when you hit them from behind? It doesn’t take a lot of guts to hit me from behind... nor does it take a lot of brains.

Batista pauses for a moment as the crowd buzzes with anticipation, sensing a possible confrontation coming up.

Mark Henry! You think you can toy with my career? You think you can try to end my career... my livelihood? You think you have that right? Well Mark, I’m gonna’ make this real simple for you... how ‘bout you get your ass out here right now and try to do it again?

‘The Animal’ is now steaming as he paces around the ring, waiting on Henry.

Come on, Mark! What are you waiting for? Are ya’...

*Some Bodies Gonna Get It*

The new (not in real life, obviously, but in this timeline) music of Mark Henry hits to little response at first before the crowd puts two and two together, realising it is indeed signalling the arrival of the man desired by Big Dave. Soon enough ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ walks out to the top of the ramp, in his wrestling attire, a smirk on his face and a microphone in his hand. As his music dies down the crowd’s reaction does the same, Henry shaking his head as he looks down the ramp to his foe in the ring.

Mark Henry:
I’m sorry, did I hear you wrong? Did you just call me out? Did you just say you wanna’ piece of me?

Batista: You hard exactly right, so if you have the GUTS, Mark, get your ass down here right now and let’s settle this like men! Why wait to the Rumble Mark when you can have me now? Why wait?

The crowd pops at the thought of the two titans going at it right before them tonight. Alas, Henry is yet to move.

Mark Henry:
You’re serious? You want me down there right now? Batista, in case you’ve already forgotten, lemme’ remind you that two weeks ago, I beat the holy hell through you. I ripped you apart limb... for limb. And now you’re callin’ me out? You wanna’ go with me?

Henry stops as the camera quickly cuts to the ring, showing Dave nodding and saying “Oh yeah, tonight!”

Mark Henry:
Well I’m afraid that just ain’t gonna’ happen.

Shitstorm of heat for Henry backing down.

Mark Henry:
Think about it; what do I have to gain from beatin’ yo’ ass here tonight? What can I possibly gain? I’ve already got you scared. I’ve already got in yo’ head. I’ve already got you on the edge. And that, that was just from a preview. I’ve got you right where I want you, and I’m not gonna’ do anything to ruin that. I could go down there and tear you apart right now, but what good does that do me? What does that do for me? I can’t get my hands on that title without beatin’ you at the Rumble, and if I were to come down to the ring now... well let’s just say you wouldn’t make it to the Rumble, Dave.

Mega heat for Henry.

Is that right? You’re in my head? You’ve got me where you want me? Y’see, I don’t think you know what you’ve done, Mark. You’re right, you have gotten in my head, but Mark, that’s not a good thing. Oh no, because now, I’m so much more dangerous. Usually when I’m kickin’ people’s asses, I’m a happy guy. I’m being nice. But just think, what would I be like when I’m pissed off? What would I be like when you unleash the animal inside of me? Mark, not many people know the answer to that question. In fact, only one man does, and I left him bloodied and beaten in Hell in a Cell last year. So Mark, ask yourself, do you really have me where you want me? Or have you just guaranteed yourself the biggest ass kickin’ of a lifetime?

The crowd pops as Batista says that last line with such vigour, leaning over the ropes and staring down into the Henry at the top of the ramp.

Mark Henry:
Is that right? Y’know, I was gonna’ let you walk out, but now, now I’m gonna’ show you who the true king of the jungle is!

A thud is heard as Henry drops his mic to the ground below, then starts to walk down to the ring slowly. A second thud can be heard in the ring as Batista drops his microphone too, now bending down, hands on legs as he yells at Henry, daring him to join him in the ring to see what happens. Henry is almost at the foot of the ramp with the crowd buzzing for the confrontation which looks to be about to take place when...


No dice as far as the fight goes. Well, at least not yet. Henry stops his march to the ring and turns around to gaze upon the stage, as do the natives of Florence as SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long walks out to the top of the stage, clad in a grey suit, microphone already in hand.

Theodore Long:
Playas’, I could let you two fight tooth and nail right here tonight in Florence...

Everyone needs a cheap pop. The thought of the two fighting combined with the fact that the name of the city being mentioned is enough to get the crowd excited. Unfortunately, Teddy isn’t done.

Theodore Long:
But then I wouldn’t be a very good General Manager, now would I?

Oh, the crowd disagrees on that one as they give Teddy some heat, despite him being a face.

Theodore Long:
With the Royal Rumble just over a week away, you better believe ‘dat I would be crazy to put my SmackDown! main event in jeopardy. But playas’, I can see that you both want one another in the ring, and I appreciate ‘dat, so I’m gonna do y’all a lil’ favour. Y’see, tonight’s main event, it’s gonna be a tag team match. On one side of the ring will be the ‘Legend Killer’ Randy Orton and Mark Henry...

Big heat.

Theodore Long:
And on the other the ‘Rabid Wolverine’ Chris Benoit... and the World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista!

Huge pop.

Theodore Long:
Now, if you feel ‘dat, gimme a holla holla!


The crowd pops as Teddy nods his head then exits stage left, going through the curtains off to the backstage area.

Michael Cole:
What a main event signed by our General Manager!

Tazz: Oh man, that one’s gonna’ be off the charts, Cole! I can’t wait!

We see Batista in the ring nodding his head in approval, a satisfied look on his face as we head away to an ad break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercial break to see Josh Matthews standing by backstage.

Josh Matthews:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, he is the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash.

A small amount of heat is emitted from the crowd for Kash as he walks into screen wearing blue jeans and a dark grey tee, Cruiserweight Championship of course hanging over his shoulder.

Josh Matthews:
Kid Kash, tonight we find out who your challenger for the Cruiserweight Championship will be at the Royal Rumble. Going into the match between former champions Juventud and Jamie Noble, do you have any preferences to who you want to win?

Kid Kash: Is that meant to be some kinda joke, Matthews? Y’see, in case y’all haven’t noticed, I am the Cruiserweight Champion of the world. This belt hangin’ over mah’ shoulder... it tells everyone in this arena that I am the best cruiserweight in the world. So do ya’ really think I’m gonna’ be worried about some guys who used to have the right to call themselves the best cruiserweights in the world when I’m the current one? Not a chance.

Kash pauses, readjusting his title belt.

Kid Kash:
I’ll give it to both Noble and Juventud, they’re world class cruiserweights. Jamie Noble’s one of the toughest sons of bitches not just in the WWE, but in the whole world, and Juventud, well he was the best cruiserweight around these parts... until I got here that is. So while I’ll watch the match, you better believe I ain’t scared of either of these men. All they’re doin’ by winnin’ is sealin’ their fate at the Rumble.

Kash smirks and walks off screen as we back to ringside to hear...

*Booyaka 619*

The crowd erupts with a very nice pop as the music of the ever popular Rey Mysterio hits. As the beat picks up Rey jumps up from the rising platform at the side of the SmackDown! set, pyro shooting out from under him as he does so. Despite the loss to Mark Henry last week Mysterio looks to be in high spirits, slapping the hands of some of the fans as he walks down the ring, saying a few words to some kids who wear his merchandise. Mysterio then finally makes it up into the ring and goes to pose on the turnbuckle, throwing his singlet out to the crowd.

Michael Cole:
Last week Rey Mysterio put in a spirited effort, but in the end he fell to ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry. Teddy Long has granted Mysterio a spot in the Rumble coming off the back of that effort. Does the Rumble suit a high flyer like Mysterio?

Tazz: Probably not, Cole, but Rey has brought forward some big efforts in the Rumble in past years.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a six man tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing 175 lbs, Rey Mysterio!

*Hell Will Be Callin’ Your Name*

The crowd gives a very nice pop as the music of Bobby Lashley hits. Soon enough the genetic freak makes his way out in his short, plain black wrestling tights, muscles like always. The rising, young star walks down the ramp, signalling to a few especially enthusiastic stars at ringside before jumping up onto the apron and joining Rey in the ring, posing on the turnbuckle at first, then jumping down and joining him, knocking knuckles to signal they’re on the same page.

Michael Cole:
Bobby Lashley has been impressive ever since he debuted here on the blue brand last September. He is definitely one to watch in the Rumble.

Tazz: No doubt about that, Cole. The guy’s undefeated ever since he debuted here.

Tony Chimel: From Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing 275 lbs, Bobby Lashley!

*Live For The Moment*

The crowd gives a very good pop as the music of the popular Matt Hardy hits, soon to be followed with Matt jogging out to the top of the stage and raising his arm in the classic V1 pose. Wearing a singlet and his baggy wrestling pants, Hardy walks down the ramp, slapping hands with some of the fans at ringside before climbing up into the ring with his two partners and posing on the second rope.

Michael Cole:
Matt Hardy has always been one of the most popular superstars on the SmackDown! roster. Despite a hard fought loss to JBL a few weeks back the popularity of Hardy has not dimmed, nor does it ever look like it will.

Tazz: Hardy’s one of the best and brightest goin’ ‘round here on SmackDown!, no doubt about it.

Tony Chimel: Their partner, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 235 lbs, Matt Hardy!

“My Name Is Finlay And I Love To Fight”


The cold, calculating Irishman walks out to some decent heat just a week after his WWE debut. Carrying the shillelagh he used to blast Bobby Lashley in the head with last week, Finlay walks down the ramp in his traditional green wrestling attire, pointing the shillelagh up at Lashley when he reaches the bottom of the ramp, reminding him of last week.

Michael Cole:
This man Finlay made his SmackDown! debut last week, and boy did he make a statement when he blasted Bobby Lashley in the head with that damned shillelagh.

Tazz: This Irish bastard is on tough son of a gun! I love it!

Tony Chimel: Their opponents, first from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing 225 lbs, Finlay!


The tag team of The Bluebloods slowly walk out to some small heat, both wearing coats over their wrestling tights. The duo walk down the ramp, shaking their fists free to loosen their wrists up. They join Finlay at ringside and nod with him then climb up on the apron and wipe their feet before climbing into the ring, with Finlay climbing in after them.

Michael Cole:
The Bluebloods last week put forth a very convincing argument as to why they should be feared in the Rumble, disposing of The Dicks with ease. While the Rumble is a different beast altogether, these two mens were both very impressive last week.

Tazz: That they were, Cole. Much like Finlay both of these men are tough bastards, learnin’ to fight on the mean streets of England. They knew how to fight and they know how to wrestle.

Tony Chimel: His partners, from Chelsea, England, weighing a combined weight of 510 lbs, William Regal and Paul Burchill, The Bluebloods!

| Match One |
| Six Man Tag Team Match |
| Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley & Matt Hardy vs Finlay & The Bluebloods |

Six talented men in the ring, what more could you want? The six get the time to put something entertaining on and they take advantage of that chance, putting on an entertaining match throughout. Mysterio and Burchill are the two men to start us off, Mysterio keeping Burchill on edge early by flying around and keeping the Brit on edge with some arm drags. Lashley gets himself involved in the match for the first time, tagging himself in as Rey controls the arm of Burchill, getting himself involved with a right to the midsection of Burchill, who is sent backtracking as Lashley powers him around until he finally comes out with a thumb to the eye, giving him the opportunity to stumble across to his corner and tag in his partner William Regal. Regal comes into the ring and charges Lashley in the corner, looking to barrage him with heavy lefts, only for the beast that is Lashley to stand right through them, then grab Regal and throw him into the corner, taking advantage of his positioning to absolutely unload upon the stunned Regal with hard right hands. Continuing his control, Lashley tags Matt Hardy into the match for the first time, generating a nice pop from the crowd as he and Lashley team up to use a double back body drop, sending Regal flying over for a two count. The domination of Regal continues for a short time later, until Matt goes for an Irish whip, which the Englishman is able to reverse, sending Matt into the ropes and subsequently, a knee to the back from Finlay, who makes his presence known in the match. As Hardy struggles from the ropes, holding his back in pain, Regal takes advantage, pulling out a beautiful exploder suplex to send Hardy flying over for a two count.

Matt now plays the face in peril as the heels beat down on him, tagging in and out to do so. Whilst not specifically focussing on one body part, they simply beat the living shit through him, using their brawling abilities to do so. Finlay actually takes the bulk of the offence on, making sure to cheat to gain some heat and momentum after his debut last week. This comes back to bight the Irishman in the ass though, as after choking Matt across the second rope he runs off to the ropes, looking to come back at Hardy with a clothesline, ONLY FOR HARDY TO DUCK AND LOCK THE FIGHTING IRISHMAN INTO POSITION FOR THE SIDE EFFECT --- WHICH HE GETS OUT OF! Finlay shows his smarts, elbowing Hardy in the temple until Matt relents before throwing him into the top turnbuckle shoulder-first. With hardy in obvious pain in the corner, Finlay takes his time before charging in, however that goes awry as Hardy gets his elbow up, drilling Finlay in the face before going to the second rope and coming off with a big elbow that sends the Irishman down! Hardy collapses from exhaustion himself, with the two down, both looking to crawl to their corners to make tags to their respective partners, which eventually happens as Hardy tags Mysterio while Finlay tags Regal. Rey comes in like a house on fire immediately, springboarding off the top rope to nail a crossbody block on Regal before charging across the ring and knocking both Burchill and the recovering Finlay from it with right hands.

Mysterio keeps the high flying going, keeping Regal on edge, especially with a close two count after a hurricanrana straight into a pin attempt. Immediately after Mysterio nails Regal with a dropkick, sending him down to the second rope, draped across it for the 619. MYSTERIO RUNS OFF TO THE ROPES, LOOKING TO NAIL THE 619 UPON COMING BACK --- ONLY FOR REGAL TO GET UP AND GO BEHIND THE ONCOMING MYSTERIO, NAILING HIM WITH A HALF NELSON SUPLEX! The crowd groans as Rey gets dropped on his head, the match looking sure to be over here as Regal makes the cover, only for Lashley to interrupt the count at two, before lifting Regal up and throwing him out to the outside, to which he follows himself. Meanwhile Matt Hardy climbs in the ring and sees Finlay on the outside LAUNCHING HIMSELF FOR A PLANCHA --- SPLAT! FINLAY SIDESTEPS THE MOVE! Finlay now slides into the ring and waits behind Mysterio, squatting down as the little man gets up and turns... CELTIC CROSS ATTEMPT --- FINLAY SCORES WITH IT! As Cole exclaims that the move is indeed called the Celtic Cross, Finlay walks across to the corner instead of making the cover, which Cole can’t understand why. All becomes clear as Finlay bends down and picks up the dreaded shillelagh, Cole shitting himself after what happened to Lashley last week. Finlay looks into the shillelagh, the gap-toothed smile crossing his face before turning... SPEAR! LASHLEY SPEARS THE HELL OUT OF FINLAY! Finlay and Lashley roll from the ring, leaving Mysterio the only man in there, still recovering.

Soon enough he is joined by William Regal, who measures Mysterio, looking to put him away with the Running Knee Lift. MYSTERIO GETS TO A DOUBLED OVER POSITION, AND REGAL SEES HIS CUE, CHARGING ACROSS THE RING --- REY SUDDENLY CATCHES HIM WITH A DROP TOE HOLD, DRAWING HIM ACROSS THE SECOND ROPE! The man from the 619 looks out to the crowd, gaining a major pop before running off... 619! IT CONNECTS! Regal falls back into the middle of the ring with Mysterio jumping right up to the top rope and coming in with a springboard splash, gaining the three count for his team.

Winners: Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley & Matt Hardy via pinfall @ 9:24

*Booyaka 619*

Tony Chimel:
Here are your winners, the team of Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley and Matt Hardy!

Mysterio gets back up to his feet and has his hand raised in victory, the smile on Rey’s face being very noticeable as this happens. Lashley and Hardy both soon join the little man in the ring as the three fan favourites celebrate, playing it up to the crowd. On the outside Finlay looks pissed off as he kicks the crowd barrier, still holding his midsection after the Spear from Lashley, while Burchill tends to Regal.

Michael Cole:
Tazz, Rey Mysterio may have fallen last week, but tonight the little man stands tall!

Tazz: No doubt Cole, and big ups to Rey for that. Will the same happen come the Rumble though, Cole?

Michael Cole: I don’t know partner, we’re just gonna’ have to wait and see.

We take another look at the faces who are still in the ring celebrating, exchanging hugs before cutting of backstage to see both JBL and Jillian Hall in their locker-room. JBL looks in great distress as he sits on his seat, hunched over, head in his hands and a clear look of anguish upon his face. Meanwhile Jillian stands up against the wall, a concerned look also on her face, although it is incomparable to that which adorns the face of the self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’. Her clipboard in hand, Jillian opens it and shuffles some paper, prompting JBL to look up at her.

John Bradshaw Layfield:
Is that really necessary?

Jillian Hall: Listen John... I know you’re on edge about your match against...

John Bradshaw Layfield: On edge? Jillian, I’m losin’ my freakin’ mind. I don’t wanna’ face that freak. I am a ‘Wrestling God’, and yet Teddy Long, he sticks me in the ring with that circus freak! I’m allergic to worms! What am I gonna’ do? That nutcase is gonna’ eat me alive!

JBL looks back down at the floor, putting his head firmly back in his hands.

Jillian Hall:
Look, what I was getting to is... well, there’s always ‘Plan B’...

John Bradshaw Layfield: ‘Plan B’?

Layfield looks up at Jillian with a glimmer of hope in his eyes, thinking she may have thought of some miraculous idea to get him out of the match. What is that idea? We don’t know (well, at least for now), as we head off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break again in the interview area as this time the quite simply stunning Kristal Marshall stands before us, gracing us with her presence.

Kristal Marshall:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Mr Kennedy!

The crowd gives a some solid heat (with a few small cheers) as the obnoxious loudmouth, Mr Kennedy sticks his head into view in front of Kristal, prompting her to step back with a disgusted look on her face. That head soon retreats, as now the full body walks into view, standing next to Kristal.

Kristal Marshall:
Well, Mr Kennedy, you requested this time, so what is it you want to get off your chest?

Kennedy looks at Kristal then snatches the mic from her hands abruptly, causing a look of shock and horror to come across the face of the beauty.

Mr Kennedy:
First off, honey, I just wanna’ say, leave this to the professionals, okay? Go on, scram.

Kristal walks out of view in a huff, Kennedy seemingly admiring her ass as she does so, before turning his attention back to the camera.

Mr Kennedy:
Y’see, last week, sports entertainment was once again saved, as the shining light, I, Mr Kennedy, returned from injury and announced that I would be competing in the Royal Rumble. And while, I thought the announcement was great, a lotta’ people... a lotta’ WWE executives... they’ve have been comin’ up to me and tellin’ me, “Ken, last week you just stormed out and interrupted William Regal. You can’t do that!” And y’know, while I hate hate hate that I just can’t make my presence felt when I want to, because quite frankly, I deserve to, I can see where they’re comin’ from. This is why I smoothed it over with the WWE execs, and I went ahead and got me some in ring time next week.

The crowd gives a small pop for that announcement.

Mr Kennedy:
Yeah, that’s right. I noticed that really, if I can’t go ‘round interruptin’ people, I’ve gotta’ get myself my own segment time, which is why next week, the premiere of the newest talk show will commence right here on Friday Night SmackDown! Oh no, I won’t be wrestlin’...

The crowd gives some heat for that, as they wanted to see Kennedy competing again, despite him being a heel.

Mr Kennedy:
Instead it will be the premiere of my very own show... the Open... Mic. Clever, I know. And with the Rumble comin’ up and people bein’ buzzed about me takin’ TV time off others, I thought to myself, I should really start out with a bang. So not only will next week be the premiere of the Open Mic, but it will also be exactly as the title suggests... an open... mic.

The crowd pops.

Mr Kennedy:
So if anyone, and I mean anyone, has anything to get off their chests before the Rumble, next week’s your chance. But if you’re gonna’ come out and claim that you’re gonna’ win the Rumble to whomever takes me up on my invitation, well you’ve got another thing comin’, because I assure you, the winner of this year’s Rumble is gonna’ be none other than Miiisssttteeerrr Ken-nah-day!

Kennedy smiles at the camera, then walks off, before poking his head back out into view after a few seconds.

Mr Kennedy:

With that now taken care of we return to ringside to see Tony Chimel standing in the centre of the ring.

Tony Chimel:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with the winner becoming the new number one contender to the Cruiserweight Championship!


The sound of revving motors is heard through the arena as the crowd lets out a fairly decent pop, getting excited for the arrival of Juventud. Soon enough the luchador rides out on a Juan Deere, a white t-shirt on over his upper body, while the long white tights combined with red and green patterns complete the lower half of his attire. As he rides down to the ring, Juvi slaps the hands of the fans at ringside before getting to ringside and doing a quick lap of the ring, standing up on the Juan Deere after doing so and playing it up to the crowd. After climbing up into the ring Juvi plays to the fans some more, trying to get them excited for the impending contest.

Michael Cole:
After making his debut last year, Juventud was able to hold the Cruiserweight Title twice, losing it for the second time to Kid Kash at Armageddon. Tonight Juventud gets the chance to earn a rematch as he goes one-on-one with a man who formerly held the title himself in Jamie Noble.

Tazz: I’ve known Juvi a long time from back in the EC-Dubya days, and lemme’ assure you, nothin’ means as much to Juvi as that Cruiserweight Title. I know the guy on a personal level and he yearns for that gold. He lives to be champ.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Tijuana, Mexico, weighing 170 lbs, Juventud!

*Slam Smack*

The music of Jamie Noble hits to a small reaction, neither positive nor negative, as the southerner walks out onto the stage in short black wrestling tights, arms raised up into the air. Noble walks down the ramp, arms raised the majority of the way before climbing up the steel steps and into the ring, posing for the fans in the corner there too.

Michael Cole:
And wile Juvi may want the gold that badly, he has to go through this man Jamie Noble just to get a shot at that gold.

Tazz: That he does, Cole, and that ain’t gonna’ be easy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Jamie Noble is one tough son of a gun, and he’s a former Cruiserweight Champ in his own right too!

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Hannover, West Virginia, weighing 202 lbs, Jamie Noble!

| Match Two |
| Number One Contendership To The Cruiserweight Championship |
| Singles Match |
| Juventud vs Jamie Noble |

The two cruiserweights look to start out a little tentatively, slowly coming forward to lockup when...

*Kash Money*

That’s right, the Cruiserweight Champ, Kid Kash makes his way out slowly to very little fanfare from the crowd. Juvi and Noble both watch as he walks down the ramp and stands at ringside, placing his hand on his chin, almost as if he is thinking about something. Noble’s seen enough of this as he takes advantage of the distracted Juvi, jumping him from behind and decking him from behind with a big stiff forearm to the back of the head, sending the luchador tumbling down to the mat. Noble continues his hard hitting offence in the early going, not letting the lighter Juvi breathe, continuing to smother him and just plain own him with hard strikes. Juvi launches a mini-comeback as he jumps up over a shoulder thrust attempt in the corner from Noble, taking it into a sunset flip for a two count. Juvi instantly follows up, nailing a clothesline to the rising Noble before hitting a few more and sending the more hard hitting of the pair off to the ropes with an Irish whip. This comes back to hit to bite to Juvi in the ass as the presumptuously bends over, looking for a back body drop, only to get kicked right in the face by Noble, leading into a neckbreaker from the ‘Redneck Messiah’ for a two count. Again, Noble continues on damaging Juvi for a short while, keeping psychical on him before grounding him and locking in a basic surfboard stretch. With the crowd firmly in his corner, it doesn’t take long for ‘The Juice’ to fight back up to a standing base, with Noble now changing the hold up to a basic chinlock. Juvi sees the opening as he fights back on Noble, nailing some stiff right hands to his midsection before looking to run off to the ropes, only for Noble to get a handful on the long hair of the luchador, slamming him down to the mat by it.

Frustrated that Juvi looked like launching a comeback Noble calls for the end... LIFTING JUVI UP AND GETTING HIM IN POSITION FOR THE TIGER DRIVER --- THOUGH JUVI WON’T GO! Juvi lowers his weight, making it impossible for Noble to get him up.

Noble starts to hammer away on the back of Juvi with rights and lefts, looking to wear him down, though all that gets him is sent over with a back body drop, courtesy of ‘The Juice’. Juvi holds his back for a moment, waiting for Noble to get back up, then nailing him with a beautiful spinning heel kick. The crowd roars with approval as Noble gets up, scoring himself another spinning heel kick right to the jaw. Juvi now gets up again and sends Noble back into the ropes before sending him off to the opposite ones with an Irish whip. As Noble hits the opposite ropes Juvi bounces off the ones he started from, getting a run up to nail a leg lariat right on the button of Noble, garnering a two count from the referee. Despite the two count Juvi gets back to his feet and pumps the crowd up, yelling out to them. Noble gets back up, perhaps unaware that Juvi is so fired up as he charges across and nails a falling clothesline, going down onto his own back as he hits it before hooking the leg for another two, actually questioning the referee after this one. The referee reaffirms that it was just two, leaving Juventud with no other option than getting back to work, which he does by lifting Noble up and sending him into the corner with an Irish whip, following shortly after to eat boot. Noble quickly goes up to the second rope with Juvi bending over to hold his lip, leaving Noble to come off and take Juvi over with a sunset flip... only for Juvi to jump up and turn it into a pinning predicament of his own in a hurricanrana like position for two. Both men get right back up, Noble instantly scoring with a kick to the midsection... BEFORE LIFTING JUVENTUD UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS --- GUTBUSTER! NOBLE SCORES WITH THE GUTBUSTER!

The force of the move sends Juvi staggering back in pain, falling through the ropes and onto the apron, much to the dismay of Noble who knew he could have had it won if it weren’t for Juvi falling through the ropes. Noble takes his time to recover, then makes his way over, looking to reach over the ropes and grab Juvi, only for Juvi to come through the second and top rope with a shoulder thrust to the midsection of Noble, driving him back. Juvi sees his chance and quickly runs along the apron, scattering up to the top rope at Noble... LOOKING FOR A HURRICANARANA OFF THE TOP --- THOUGH NOBLE RUNS UNDER HIS LEGS! Noble stands in the corner and waits for Juvi to turn, having landed on his feet. JUVI TURNS AROUND AND NOBLE RUNS HIM --- JUVI DRIVER! OUT OF NOWHERE, JUVENTUD GETS NOBLE UP QUICKLY AND DRILLS THE JUVI DRIVER! The ex-champ quickly gets Noble onto his back and hooks the leg, gaining the three count for the victory.

Winner (and number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship): Juventud via pinfall @ 6:57


Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner and number one contender for the Cruiserweight Champion, Juventud!

As his music starts out Juventud gets back to his feet and his hand raised by the referee triumphantly. Kid Kash is shown still standing at ringside, clapping his hands as Juvi gets excited, climbing up to the second and top rope in the corner, yelling out to the crowd and signalling to the crowd that the gold will be around his waist soon enough.

Michael Cole:
A big victory for Juventud, Tazz, as he now gets his Armageddon rematch, getting another chance at the title he lost.

Tazz: And the champ, Kid Kash has seen what Juventud is all about up close and for real.

Michael Cole: That’s right, Tazz, and these two are certainly no strangers to one another as it is. I’m sure we can expect... wait, what’s Kid Kash up to?

We cut from Juvi who is still celebrating on the second rope to see Kid Kash now slowly walking up the steel steps and climbing into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring, title belt still over his shoulder as Juventud jumps down from the second rope and turns to that the champ has climbed up to the ring to greet him. Juvi looks at Kash strangely, a little unsure of what to expect from Kash. Kash meanwhile looks calm, taking his championship off his shoulder and holding it up in his right hand, telling Juvi “This is what it’s all about!” Juvi nods, knowing what he means as Kash now extends his left hand out, seemingly as a sign of respect.

Kash just wants to shake the man’s hand, Cole. Why do you have to always think the worst of everyone?

Michael Cole: I’ll believe it when I see it, partner.

Cole, prepare to eat your words as Juvi reaches out and shakes the hand of Kash, nodding as he does so.

Michael Cole:
Well I’ll be...


Michael Cole:
I knew it! I knew Kash was up to no good!

Tazz: Hang on, what’s he up to now?

Kash parades the ring, shouting out “It’s my gold! Mine!” He then places the Cruiserweight Championship down across the mat and looks down at Juvi, his face shrouded with anger, with rage. Slowly Juvi starts to recover, crawling back to his hands and knees, dazed from the attack... SMASH! KID KASH KICKS HIM RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYS WITH A SICK LITTLE PUNT TO THE FACE! KASH ISN’T DONE THERE THOUGH AS HE QUICKLY LIFTS JUVENTUD UP --- DEAD LEVEL --- ONTO THE CHAMPIONSHIP GOLD! In a totally new combination (so not trademarked by Austin Aries ), Kash leaves Juvi laying. The champion looks down at the man who was set to face him at the Rumble (will he be fit to now) coldly, before bending down and picking up his Cruiserweight Championship so he can exit out onto the apron and to the floor.

Michael Cole:
I can’t believe it. That was sick... just... sick.

Tazz: All these years I’ve known Kash, I ain’t never expected anything like that from him man... never in my wildest dreams did I think we’d see that.

We see Kash walking up the ramp with no remorse, even having the audacity to turn back to the ring and smirk before continuing up the ramp, trainers, road agents and Juventud’s Mexicool buddies all brushing past Kash on their way to check on the luchador’s condition.

We then cut off backstage to see Booker T and Sharmell walking down a corridor, the United States Title balancing on the shoulder of Booker’s blue shirt.

Michael Cole:
Well ladies and gentlemen, up next is Booker T’s championship celebration, however I still can’t believe this... just sick.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see a very serious Michael Cole looking into the camera, Tazz by his side.

Michael Cole:
Ladies and gentlemen, before the break we saw some very graphic footage when Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash assaulted the man who had just earned the right to face him at the Royal Rumble by defeating Jamie Noble in Juventud. Now after this victory Kash feigned that he was happy to face Noble... earlier tonight, he feigned that he didn’t care who he would face, but this footage says more than anyone ever could...

We get the quick recap video of what happened before the break, with Juventud picking up the win over Noble, with Kash shaking his hand before absolutely assaulting him, and in the process, ripping off the legendary ‘A Double’. But hey, if CM Punk can take moves from Japan, why can't Kash take a combo from the indies?

Michael Cole:
Now after that assault, during the break these are the scenes that unfolded...

The trainers, road agents, Mexicools and doctors who all rushed down to Juventud are busy checking on his condition, bent over him. We cut away quickly to seeing him getting moved onto a stretcher and loaded into an ambulance which had backed into ringside. The ambulance, now with Juvi loaded inside, leaves through the side of the stage, off away from the arena.

Michael Cole:
Now from what we can gather, Juventud has suffered some severe head trauma, and quite possibly a serious concussion. Ambulances have taken Juventud away to now go to a local hospital. We here at SmackDown! all wish that Juvi will indeed be okay and recover. As far as him recovering enough to compete at the Rumble, well, that’s extremely doubtful.

Tazz: I have known Kid Kash for over ten years of my life, and in those ten years, I’ve become quite close to the man, travellin’ up and down the road from him. Ladies and gentlemen, what we just saw, that was not the Kid Kash I know. That was not the Kid Kash his wife and two children know. That was not the Kid Kash that any human being on this planet knows. That... that was a monster.

We now cut into the ring to see the wife of Booker T, Sharmell standing in a sparkling silver dress, microphone in hand.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my man, my husband... your new United States Champion.... Booooooker T!

“Can You Dig it, Sucka?”

*Harlem Heat*

The music of the new United States Champion garners a bit of heat from the crowd straight off the bat before the man himself, Booker T walks out. Wearing a blue shirt and some tan suit pants, ‘The Book Man’ his the US Championship hanging from his shoulder, and a crutch under his left armpit to help support him walk, which is a struggle thanks to his groin injury.

Michael Cole:
Well, moving on, this is the man who last week conceived a conspiracy along with Orlando Jordan to screw Chris Benoit out of the final of the best of seven series and thus gain himself the United States Championship.

Tazz: Cole, Booker didn’t screw anyone. He outsmarted Benoit, he didn’t screw him.

Booker has now hobbled up onto the apron as he climbs into the ring with a microphone now in hand, Sharmell by his side as he walks over to the ropes and raises the gold into the air, before resting it back down across his shoulder.

Booker T:
Thank you! Thank you!

Big heat from the crowd.

Booker T:
After having mah’ belt stolen unceremoniously from me three long months ago, it is good to stand here once again as the United States Champion! Thank you!

More heat from the crowd.

Booker T:
Y’know, it’s funny. Three months ago when I finally, finally defeated the guy who I was supposedly friends with, Chris Benoit to become the United States Champion, I did it by outsmartin’ him. I did it because I am smarter than him. And now, three months later, after Teddy Long decided to strip me of mah’ United States Title and set up a best of seven series, I got mah’ title back in the exact same way I won it the first time. I proved that I am smarter than Chris Benoit, I outsmarted Chris Benoit. And while Benoit, he may be one o’ the best wrestlers in the world. He may be technically the best. But I... I made him out to be nothin’ but a chump! I showed he ain’t nothin’ but a sucka! I showed that’s there’s a reason that I’m a five time, five time, five time, five time, five Dubya’ See’ Dubya’ Champion... while Chris Benoit... well let’s just say he got lucky once.

Booker laughs with Sharmell as the crowd pours on some nice heat.

Booker T:
I’ll give credit where credit is due. Chris Benoit, that sucka’ gave it all he had. He came back from mah’ lead of three to nothin’. But what Benoit didn’t realise is that I had him outsmarted all along. I had mah’ ace in the hole... I had... Orlando... Jordan.

Heat from the crowd.

Booker T:
After everyone saw me turn Orlando down, they thought that I had made mahself’ a new enemy. They thought ‘dat I had made a mistake. But whatchu didn’t know was that me and Orlando, we were makin’ all of you people look like chumps. We had a plan all along. And las’ week... las’ week we finally went through with ‘dat. So ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, lemme introduce to you mah’ new protégé, a man who is gonna’ be the future of the Dubya’ Dubya’ E... Orlando... Jordan!

*Do It Big*

Orlando Jordan’s music plays to a decent reaction from the crowd, getting better heat than he has in months thanks to now being associated with Booker. Wearing a rather snazzy suit jacket over a black tee with a gold design emblazoned upon it, Jordan looks out to the crowd at the top of the ramp and readjusts his jacket before walking down the ramp and joining his new mentor (as well as Sharmell) in the ring. He shakes hands with Booker and kisses the hand of Sharmell before getting himself a microphone.

Orlando Jordan:
Thank you, Booker.

Booker smiles and says “It’s no problem mah’ man!” off the mic to Jordan.

Orlando Jordan:
A few weeks ago, all of you people saw me approach Booker. You saw me approach Booker and ask to be his substitute when I ‘found out’ that he would be unable to compete in the rest of the best of seven series, with Chris Benoit. You saw me ‘ask’ to be Booker’s substitute, and you also saw me ‘angry’ with Booker after he said no. And well, lookin’ back at it all now, all I can say is... gotcha!

All three in the ring share a laugh, smiling to one another.

Orlando Jordan:
And while, to Chris Benoit, I’d like to say it was nothin’ personal, but really, it was. Do you know why it was personal, Chris? Do you know why? Last year, as a member of JBL’s Cabinet, I was finally gainin’ myself some respect that I had never gotten here in the SmackDown! locker-room. Things were finally startin’ to look my way. Then, things only got better when I became the United States Champion. I was on top of the moon. But you couldn’t take that, could ya’ Chris? You couldn’t take the fact that I was gainin’ respect. So not only did you take my title, but you also embarrassed me. You beat me in under thirty seconds in not one, not two but THREE consecutive matches. Did you think I would forget that, Chris? Did ya’ think I’d forgive and forget? ‘Cause if ya’ thought that, lemme’ letchu’ in on a secret: I don’t forgive, and I certainly... don’t... forget.

Jordan pauses for a moment, staring into the hard camera with a look of intent in his eyes.

Orlando Jordan:
So when Booker here came to me, and asked me to be his protégé, beginning with screwing you out of the United States Championship you embarrassed me over, I had to take it. I just had to.

Jordan takes the mic away from his mouth, as Booker raises his back up when...


The crowd comes alive with a pretty big pop for none other than the man who Booker and Jordan conspired against in Chris Benoit. Benoit walks out to the top of the ramp in his T-shirt and wrestling tights, stopping to crack his neck, before continuing his march down to the ring, looking more intent and focussed than ever. The ‘Rabid Wolverine’ receives a mic, then climbs up into the ring and walks straight for Jordan, getting nose to nose with him as his music dies down. The crowd pops for the confrontation as Benoit stares Jordan down, looking to intimidate him for a moment before backing off a bit and lifting the mic up to his lips...

WHACK! Actions speak louder than words for Benoit as he whacks Orlando Jordan in the top of the head at full force, sending him falling down to the mat. Booker and Sharmell quickly leave the ring (well, Booker as quickly as he can do so), with Benoit now going after the decked Jordan... CRIPPLER CROSSFACE --- NO! JORDAN SQUIRMS OUT OF IT, ROLLING TO THE ROPES AND FROM THE RING TO JOIN BOOKER AND SHARMELL! Benoit looks down at the trio with a look of pure, unmitigated hatred in his eyes before making his classic throat cutting motion to them as the crowd pops big.


Booker, Sharmell and Jordan all back up the ramp, shaking their heads as Booker yells “Oh hell no! You ain’t comin’ near us~!” at Benoit in the ring. Benoit paces around for a moment before we head off backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by.

Josh Matthews:
Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, the ‘Legend Killer’ Randy Orton!

The crowd gives some very nice heat as Randy Orton of course steps into the picture, lips pursed, making him look as arrogant as ever.

Josh Matthews:
Randy, these past few weeks you’ve been focussing on winning Booker T the United States Championship against Chris Benoit. Now last week that finally happened, thanks to some interference by Orlando Jordan. My questions to you are what did you think of Jordan’s interference, and what are your thoughts on now moving forward to the Royal Rumble, starting off with your main event match tonight?

Randy Orton: Josh, I’m not sure I actually heard you correctly. Did you say “Thanks to some interference from Orlando Jordan?” Is that what you said?

Josh Matthews: Well, yeah. That is what happened.

Randy Orton: Josh, let me make myself perfectly clear. I didn’t need Orlando Jordan to interfere on my behalf. Just because he and Booker have some little under the table deal to take out Chris Benoit does not mean I needed Orlando Jordan to interfere, because in case you didn’t see, I didn’t need him. I had Benoit exactly where I wanted him, and quite frankly, he was just a sitting duck, one RKO away from being finished. But the thing is, that no longer matters. I’ve moved on. This is no longer about Booker and this is no longer about Chris Benoit. This s about me starting over... tonight.

Orton pauses for a moment.

Randy Orton:
Tonight... Josh tonight you may just get yourself a little preview of WrestleMania. You see because while I’m in the ring with Chris Benoit, I am also in the ring with Mark Henry and Dave Batista. One of those two men could well be entering WrestleMania 22 as the World Heavyweight Champion. And if you’re looking for the man who is going to enter WrestleMania as the Royal Rumble winner, then look no further than right here! I am the man of destiny. It was my destiny to become the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history. It was my destiny take ‘The Deadman’ to the limit at WrestleMania 21, to burn him alive inside a casket and run him down in a car! It was my destiny to win Booker the United States Champion. And now... now my destiny points me to the Royal Rumble. Twenty-nine other guys may be in that match, but if you think for even a single second that any of them have a better chance of winning than me, then I’d highly advise to think again. Mark it down in your calendars, 2006 is the year of the ‘Legend Killer’. The ‘Age of Orton’ is now... upon us.

Orton smirks for a moment, then walks from view as we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return back from the commercial break to hear the sound of...

“I’m The Boogeyman And I’m Coming To Get Ya”


The arena fills with a red smog as the dirt covered, worm eating Boogeyman slithers his way out through the smogs in his normal wrestling attire, odd ‘wand’ which emits the putrid smog in one hand, a clock in the other. The Boogeyman now shakes his way to his feet in his ‘unique’ way before smashing the clock onto his forehead, shattering the glass as pyro explodes behind him. Boogey’ now shakes his way on down the rest of the ramp and climbs up the steel steps, leaving his wand of sorts leaning against the ringpost as he himself gets up into the ring and shakes around.

Michael Cole:
For weeks The Boogeyman has tormented JBL, making his life a living hell. Last week the two were meant to face off, only for JBL to back out, claiming sickness. Tonight JBL can’t back up if he wants a spot in the Rumble as teddy Long presented him with an ultimatum: compete in you want your spot in the Rumble.

Tazz: I can’t believe how unfair this is, Cole. I mean, I usually agree with our General Manager Teddy Long, but JBL can’t compete against The Boogeyman. The man’s allergic to worms for God’s sake! How can he possibly wrestle this freak?

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from the Bottomless Pit, The Boogeyman!


The ringing of the bell now sounds throughout the arena before the music of JBL kicks in, a white limousine making its way from the side of the SmackDown! stage as it does so. As the limousine pulls over at the side of the ramp, the chauffeur climbs from his seat and exits through the door (which is adorned with a JBL logo) to open the back door of the limo, allowing Jillian Hall to come out first (clipboard in hand), before JBL himself comes out, wearing his traditional combo of a black jacket along with his black short tights. The usually calm duo are anything but calm tonight; eyes wide and steps small, showing just how nervous the two are. The self made millionaire slowly makes his way down to ringside with his manager in tow, climbing up into the ring slowly and staying back against the ropes, not bothering to pander to the crowd while his opponent sits back in the opposite corner, looking as nutty as ever.

Michael Cole:
Whether or not JBL is allergic to worms is irrelevant, partner. The man agreed for the match to be signed two weeks ago, only to back out. Tonight he can’t do that if he wants to be in the Royal Rumble and subsequently main event WrestleMania.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, being accompanied by Jillian Hall, from New York, New York, weighing 295 lbs, John Bradshaw Layfield!

| Match Three |
| Singles Match |
| The Boogeyman vs John Bradshaw Layfield w/ Jillian Hall |

To be perfectly honest, this was never going to be a pretty match, or a good match for that matter (blame WWE for ever conceiving the character The Boogeyman), however it does have a purpose. The match takes about a minute to get started thanks to the antics of JBL who climbs from the ring every time The Boogeyman looks to try to grab him. Finally the Texan New Yorker slips up as he gets into a battle of words with a fan at ringside, allowing The Boogeyman to come from behind him and turn him around, smashing him right in the jaw immediately after doing so. The right rocks JBL, sending him staggering back, with Boogey’ now looking to follow up with a few more rights, before grabbing JBL around the head and looking to slam him into the steel steps, only for JBL to change the momentum in the end and smash Boogey’ headfirst into the steps. As The Boogeyman sags down against the steel steps JBL tees off into him with right hands, smashing him in the skull time and time again until the referee breaks his count in the ring to come out and pull JBL back. With Jillian clapping rapidly in approval at ringside, JBL nails the rising Boogey’ with a kick to the side of the head (once the referee has left him alone and returned to the ring, of course), then throws him back into the ring, following him in himself. With Boogey’ now on the defensive, JBL slaps him on the top of the head before pushing him back into the corner and laying into him with knees at first, before going after him with rights.

JBL then follows up by attempting to send The Boogeyman into the opposite corner, only for Boogey’ to reverse and charge in after JBL, nailing a corner clothesline on JBL. JBL staggers out of the corner right into a scoop slam from his foe, some right hands swiftly following that upon JBL getting back to his feet, sending him back against the ropes. JBL doesn’t last long in that position either, as Boogeyman sends him off with another Irish whip, throwing him overhead this time on the rebound with a back body drop. JBL gets back up and turns right into the Boogeyman who kicks him in the midsection... THEN POSITIONS HIM FOR THE PUMPHANDLE SLAM --- UNSUCCESSULLY, AS JBL SLIPS OFF HIS BACK! JBL doesn’t look to go right on the attack though, instead falling back on his ass and rolling from the ring, holding his eye in pain. The referee instantly shows concern, going to check on JBL who continues to complain of his eye having dirt in it. The Boogeyman looks to follow them out, only for Jillian to alert the referee, prompting him to force The Boogeyman back. The Boogeyman goes back to the middle of the ring looking unsure of what to do with the referee still tending to JBL WHEN SOMEONE SUDDENLY SLIDES INTO THE RING BEHIND THE BOOGEYMAN! This man is unrecognisable, as he has a nice bit of facial hair going, coming down from his sideburns around his chin, though it’s just fluff. A beanie covers his hair, a singlet covering the majority of his upper-body (though still leaving us to see a tattoo on his left bicep.) with some trackies on the lower half. He sneaks up behind The Boogeyman THEN THROWS HIM OVERHEAD WITH AN ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE HALF-NELSON SUPLEX! The man quickly slides from the ring and walks around to the crowd barrier, before jumping over it and leaving through the crowd. The referee of course didn’t know what happened, because WWE referees only see things and don’t hear (as you can tell from chairshots that happen every time the ref is down).

As a smile slowly comes across the face of JBL, he tells the referee he’s alright and that he can see properly again before sliding into the ring to see The Boogeyman getting back to his feet, looking completely out of it... CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! JBL RUNS ACROSS AND NAILS IT! JBL goes down and hooks the leg of Boogeyman, getting the sure three count to pick up the victory.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield via pinfall @ 5:47


Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner, John Bradshaw Layfield!

JBL gets back to his feet, the toothy grin having appeared across his face for the first time in the night as he points at Jillian who climbs up into the ring. The pair raise their hands, JBL basking in his victory, thankful Jillian had a plan of attack.

Michael Cole:
JBL has done what no one thought he could, Tazz, but the question I have to be asking is who was that man? Who was that man that attacked The Boogeyman?

Tazz: First off, I always believed in JBL. Didn’t doubt him for a moment. As for the man, I dunno’, Cole, but you’ve gotta’ give Jillian some credit. That is why JBL employs her.

Michael Cole: No doubt, Tazz, Jillian really came through for her boss here.

We catch one more look at JBL in the ring with the toothy grin before heading off to an ad break.

*Commercial Break*

When we return from the break we get the RAW Rebound. We begin with seeing a seething Kurt Angle coming out to open the show (along with his manager Daivari), making his intentions known as he talks about how hard he tried to earn the WWE Title, only for Edge to slip in through the back door and steal it. Angle talks about how he was willing to let that go if only to team up with Edge last week, only for Edge to walk out on him and leave him with the proverbial wolves in John Cena and Ric Flair, both of whom wanted the blood of Edge. He says that while he was slightly pissed off at Edge for winning the title the way he did, that was nothing compared to the rage he’s feeling right now, with he too now wanting the blood of Edge calling him out to a big pop from the crowd in Charlotte. A man does come out, however not the one Angle wanted as RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff is the one to make his presence felt. Bischoff explains he expected Angle to come out to the ring wanting retribution against Edge, however it’s not going to happen. Instead, Angle is going to be teaming with Triple H tonight to take on the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show, and if Angle won’t do it, he’ll lose his spot in the Rumble.

We then cut away to see Triple H and Eric Bischoff in Bischoff’s office for a brief moment, with Triple H telling Bischoff he wants absolutely no part of teaming with Kurt Angle. Bischoff backs up, saying he understands that before making Hunter some sort of an offer. What is that offer? We don’t know, as we cut away to see thehighlights of the match between Big Show & Kane, and the team of Kurt Angle & Triple H. The match is relatively even to begin with before we finally head for the home stretch, which is basically Angle absolutely owning Big Show & Kane until EDGE SPEARS THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF HIM! Ric Flair then runs down the ramp and we kick-start our main event, which was of course Ric Flair vs Edge for the WWE Championship in a Street Fight.

The two hit each other with absolutely everything they have, going after one another with any weapons they can possibly get their hands on. We see Edge suffering in the Figure Four Leglock, only to get to the ropes before we see Flair kicking out of the Edgecution. Edge takes control soon enough as he cut through numerous instances of him abusing Flair before seeing him set up for the conchairto, despite two tables being set up in the ring. This sets up the arrival of John Cena who comes down like a house on fire on Edge, leading into him looking for an F-U, only for Edge to slip out and push Cena through the ropes to the floor, before turning and ABSOLUTELY NAILING RIC FLAIR WITH A SPEAR THROUGH A TABLE SET UP IN THE CORNER! This Spear of course allows Edge to pick up the win to major heat, with Lita wanting to drag him from ringside as quickly as possible. Edge goes back to further taunt, however all it does it cost him AS JOHN CENA SLIDES INTO THE RING BEHIND EDGE, TURNS HIM AROUND AND NAILS THE F-U, DRILLING HIM THROUGH THE REMINING TABLE! We end seeing Edge laid out in the carnage, Cena having laid the title across him.

We now return to ringside to hear the sound of...


The WWE Tag Team Champions Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro, along with their valet Melina to complete the trio known as MNM make their way out onto the top of the red carpet, which is especially rolled down the ramp just for the Hollywood natives who are clad in their usual attire (Mercury & Nitro fur coats and tights, Melina a miniskirt and tight T-shirt) to some nice heat. Stopping at the top of the ramp, the trio pose for photos, the championship belts dropping suggestively from the tights of Mercury & Nitro as they pose. The trio now advance down the ramp, the paparazzi continuing to snap photos of them as they make their way all of the way down to the bottom of the ramp, before Melina holds her arms up and stops the champs. She then strokes their belts suggestively and points up to the ring, prompting Mercury & Nitro to show-pony as they climb up into the ring, Melina following with her amazing entrance up onto the apron with the splits before going under the bottom rope. After receiving a kiss each from Melina the pair climb up to adjacent corners and pose for the crowd, attempting to get under their skin by showcasing their bodies.

Michael Cole:
Welcome back to SmackDown! ladies and gentlemen, where we are now joined by our egotistical WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM.

Tazz: I don’t care how egotistical they are, Cole. That entrance is amazing! Whew.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Joey Mercury and Melina, from Hollywood, California, weighing 219 lbs, Johnny Nitro!

We now see Mercury & Nitro having jumped down and joined the luscious Melina in the centre of the ring, with Melina preparing to speak, microphone now in hand.

Excuse me, a bitta’ quiet please!


You know, this is exactly the sort of reaction me and my boys Mercury and Nitro expected. Ever since our debut on Friday Night SmackDown!, we have been disrespected and disregarded by not just the fans, by not just the locker-room, but also the General Manager of SmackDown!, Teddy Long!

Melina pauses, looking a little flustered.

When I filed that lawsuit against Batista a few weeks ago, Teddy Long took no notice. He pretended it didn’t exist. And while after talking with my lawyers, I have decided to drop it for the good of the show I work on, Teddy Long showed me no respect throughout the case! My boys, Mercury and Nitro, they became the WWE Tag Team Champions on their very first night here on Friday Night SmackDown! My boys, they not only defeated Rey Mysterio, but also the legend Eddie Guerrero to capture the WWE Tag Team Champions on our very first night on this show! Not only that, but within the space of seven months, Mercury and Nitro have held these titles a total of three times! That is more than any other team in the history of Friday Night SmackDown!, yet my men are put in matches they’re better than every single week. Last week Mercury had to face Paul London, instead of us going out to celebrate our victory over Batista and Rey Mysterio. And this week... this week Nitro has to face that freak, Shannon Moore.

A mild pop as Melina pauses, almost looking like she’s going to be sick.

MNM... we deserve better. We deserve to be headlining SmackDown!, in the limelight. We bring glitz and glamour to SmackDown! We bring Hollywood... we bring ratings! We are the ‘A-List Act’ here on Friday Night SmackDown!, and Teddy, if you were smart, you’d begin to show us some damn respect!

Melina pauses for a moment.

Now bring on that freak so we can get this finished.

Melina finishes her little speech, looking pissed off before we hear...

*I’ll Do Anything*

Shannon Moore runs out onto the stage pumping his fists, Mohawk spiked right up, black singlet and long red wrestling tights on, getting a smallish pop from the Florence crowd. He walks down the ramp enthusiastically, slapping hands with the fans at ringside on his way down to the ring. The ‘Prince of Punk’ then climbs up into the ring and looks at MNM for a brief moment on his way to the corner where he tries to fire the crowd up.

Michael Cole:
Well Melina has once again shown her ego, Tazz, and to be honest, I hope after the way they won against Paul London last week, they get what’s coming to them this week with Shannon Moore.

Tazz: What kind of an attitude is that, Cole? As announcers it is our job to be impartial. Y’know what? Just for that, I’m rootin’ for Melina’s side in this match.

Michael Cole: Like you weren’t already.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing 202 lbs, Shannon Moore!

| Match Four |
| Singles Match |
| Johnny Nitro w/ Melina & Joey Mercury vs Shannon Moore |

Don’t make any mistake about it; both of these guys know how to go, and this is a perfect chance to show that. Despite Nitro being a tag wrestler, Moore plays the role of the underdog early, going for as many quick pin attempts as possible in an attempt to somehow surprise the cocky Nitro. It doesn’t happen though (well, at least not in the early going), with Nitro able to kick out each and every time. However, Moore still has control as he manipulates Nitro into wrestling a quicker pace, using the pace to control Nitro with arm drags and some strikes. However, the offense from Moore can only last so long as when he goes to kick it up a notch Nitro pounces, sweeping the legs of Moore out from under him as Moore looks to comeback with a springboard off the second rope, instead sending him down to the mat with a thud. Despite this only gaining Nitro a worthless two count, the match now has a totally different complexion, with Nitro slowly it down, laying into Moore with some mounted rights after the kick out, before continuing a pretty basic ground and pound offense, keeping Moore cornered for the most part. Moore finally looks like launching a comeback when he is able to dodge a running knee in the corner at the last moment (having previously being hit with it a few times, thus expecting it), leaving Nitro to knee the second turnbuckle.

Moore then comes at Nitro with rights, peppering his head, looking like really building some steam as he hits the ropes... ONLY FOR MERCURY TO TRIP HIM WHILE MELINA DISTRACTS THE REFEREE! Even though it’s just Shannon Moore, the crowd gives some pretty good heat, pissed off at the actions of MNM. Nitro brushes off the abuse and makes sure the control is firmly back with him immediately after, nailing a neckbreaker which gets him a two count, before transitioning into a cravat (or European headlock if that’s what you know it by). Despite the best attempts of Nitro to force Moore to submit, ‘The Prince of Punk’ fights not just through the pain, but all of the way back to his feet, much to the disbelief of Nitro. He then twists around in the hold and fires elbows into the midsection before getting free and running off to the ropes, only to go straight into a knee that doubles him over. Nitro then looks to follow up, running across to the ropes AND SPRINGBOARDING BACK OFF THEM INTO A RARE ENZUIGURI ATTEMPT --- BUT MOORE FALLS DOWN OUT OF THE WAY! With Nitro crashing and burning Moore gains time to recover, leaving both men down for the time. Eventually, when the referee’s count reaches six both men fight up and exchange rights, Moore ultimately winning the exchange to send Nitro backing into the ropes before sending him off now across the ring to the opposite ropes with an Irish whip and nailing him with a leg lariat on the rebound. Nitro then gets up a second time and cops a second leg lariat before getting a third, a fired up Moore pumping his fists upon getting up after it, getting a decent pop from the crowd.

Nitro gets up once again, looking a little worse for wear, only to get taken down with a double leg from Moore, followed up with a catapult, sending Nitro crashing down face-first into the top turnbuckle. The ‘A-Lister’ staggers back, holding his face, with Moore then backing into the ropes, bouncing off them and nailing a beautiful spinning heel kick that takes Nitro down, MAYBE FOR THE COUNT AS MOORE MAKES THE COVER --- ONLY FOR MELINA AND MERCURY TO HAVE THE REFEREE DISTRACTED TO SOME GREAT HEAT! Moore pounds the mat in frustration, although for some reason the crowd is now cheering. We now see that reason AS PAUL LONDON & BRIAN KENDRICK PULL MELINA AND MERCURY AWAY! Kendrick brawls with Mercury while London restrains Melina. However, all this has done is distract Moore, as Nitro is now up behind him... MOORE TURNS AROUND --- SUPERKICK? NO! Moore ducks under the Superkick attempt, with Nitro turning back to him and getting a kick to the midsection for his troubles, BEFORE MOORE BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES --- MOOREGASM! MOORE NAILS IT! Shannon Moore quickly hooks the leg of Nitro, the no longer distracted referee making the three count.

Winner: Shannon Moore via pinfall @ 7:26

*I’ll Do Anything*

Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner, Shannon Moore!

Moore gets right back to his feet enthusiastically and gets his hand raised by the referee, getting a reasonable pop. Melina and Mercury get away from London and Kendrick to go and check on Nitro, seeing him down, while London and Kendrick back up the ramp, smiles on their faces having gained their revenge.

Michael Cole:
Shannon Moore pulls off a victory that quite frankly, not many of us thought he could with Mercury and Melina at ringside. All it took was London and Kendrick evening the odds though, and Moore showed that he is indeed good enough to be facing people like Johnny Nitro, contrary to Melina’s beliefs!

Tazz: Big win for Shannon Moore, no doubt about that, Cole, but he wouldn’t have won if it weren’t for London and Kendrick!

Michael Cole: And he would’ve had it earlier if it weren’t for Mercury and Melina. Regardless it’s a big win for Shannon Moore though, Tazz.

We see one more look of Moore celebrating on the second rope in the ring before cutting off to a graphic, hyping up our main event of World Heavyweight Champion, Batista & Chris Benoit against Mark Henry & Randy Orton.

Michael Cole:
Ladies and gentlemen, that right there is our main event. Batista and Chris Benoit take on Mark Henry and Randy Orton... and that is next!

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see John Bradshaw Layfield backstage with Jillian, walking along a corridor looking very happy with himself when Kristal Marshall arrives on the scene.

Kristal Marshall:
JBL, JBL, I was wondering if you could tell us who that man was that interfered in your match and why he did it?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Missy, that... that was what you call a smart business decision. As for the identity of the man... well, I’ll let him tell you that next week.

JBL pauses for a moment.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some business to tend to.

JBL and Jillian now walk off as we cut back to ringside to hear...

*Burn In My Light*

The crowd gives some pretty damn good heat as the cocky, smug, arrogant ‘Legend Killer’ Randy Orton walks out onto the top of the stage and does his classic pose, pyro falling from the top of the SmackDown! dome behind him as he does. Once the pyro stops, Orton commences on his way down to the ring, his mouth pinched arrogantly as he ignores the fans who abuse him at ringside before climbing up the steels steps and into the ring. Once in the ring, Orton does his signature pose in the corner, getting some fair heat from the crowd.

Michael Cole:
Last week this man Randy Orton was competing for Booker T’s right to be US Champion, however earlier tonight Orton confirmed what’s now on his mind and that is the 2006 Royal Rumble.

Tazz: And y’know, I’ll be happy if Orton wins that badboy, Cole. SmackDown! all the way, baby!

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 245 lbs, Randy Orton!

*Some Bodies Gonna Get It*

The crowd unleashes with some strong heat as the new music of ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ hits. Mark Henry slowly walks out and stops, then beats his chest in an animalistic manner, perhaps sending a message to his opponent at the Rumble in Batista. Henry slowly walks down the ramp, ignoring the fans just as Orton did himself before climbing up into the ring and joining Orton, giving him a quick nod as they wait for their opponents.

Michael Cole:
Ever since making his return by assaulting Batista, Mark Henry has been gunning for the gold of Batista. In nine days time at the Rumble Mark Henry will challenge Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship; however, tonight may just prove to be a preview.

Tazz: No doubt it will, Cole, and I can’t wait. These two animals goin’ against each other? That’s great to watch.

Tony Chimel: His partner, from Silsbee, Texas, weighing 400 lbs, he is the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship, Mark Henry!


The crowd gives a pretty big pop for the music of the ‘Canadian Crippler’, with the reception growing louder as Benoit now makes his way out onto the stage and cracks his neck, looking menacingly down into the ring at his foes. After the brief staredown Benoit walks down to the ring, stopping at ringside to wait for his partner, not wanting to get in the ring at a disadvantage.

Michael Cole:
Chris Benoit faced Randy Orton last week in the final of the best of seven series originally started against Booker T, with Orton winning the gold for Booker thanks to Orlando Jordan interfering. Now earlier we learnt that Orton wasn’t in on that, as well as the fact Benoit still wants revenge on both Jordan and Booker. While he doesn’t have them tonight, I’m sure Benoit will be content with Orton.

Tazz: Chris Benoit looked pissed off earlier tonight. If I were Randy Orton I wouldn’t wanna’ be goin’ to near to the ‘Rabid Wolverine’ here tonight.

Tony Chimel: Their opponents, first, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing 225 lbs, Chris Benoit!

*I Walk Alone*

The crowd explodes with a huge pop the moment Batista’s music begins, the tension heightening bit by bit until finally Batista runs onto the stage, causing the crowd to turn it up a notch. World Heavyweight Championship around his waist, Batista acknowledges the fans on both sides of the SmackDown! set, then walks to the middle of the stage and sets off his explosive pyro, daring the crowd to become even louder. Once he’s done with the pyro ‘Tista walks down the ramp and joins Benoit at ringside, nodding at him before sliding into the ring with him. As Orton and Henry retreat Benoit circles the ring, Batista meanwhile climbing to the second rope in the corner and holding his World Heavyweight Title aloft, staring Mark Henry down as he does so.

Michael Cole:
The intensity in the eyes of ‘The Animal’ tells the story. He has a hatred for Mark Henry like no other. Can Batista control himself tonight?

Tazz: Well Cole, like I said before, I think we’ll get a preview of the Rumble, so I don’t think so personally. Dave looks too pissed off.

Tony Chimel: His tag team partner, from Washington DC, weighing 295 lbs, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista!

| Main Event |
| Tag Team Match |
| Randy Orton & Mark Henry vs Chris Benoit & Batista |

A solid main event here with enough talent involved, despite some obvious lack of talent there too. Benoit and Henry start the action out in classic big man vs small man action, with Benoit getting the edge on Henry early, shocking him with some right hands. Benoit then changes things up with a huge knife edge chop, sending water flying off the chest of Mark Henry, only for Henry to stand right through it and shake his head disapprovingly. Benoit hits another few, with Henry just continuing to shake his head before grabbing Benoit’s by his head and sending him down to the mat. Benoit rolls all of the way back to the corner, with Henry looking to charge in and follow up for a corner splash, only for Benoit to move out of the way at the last moment, then quickly make his way across the ring to tag in Batista. The crowd explodes as the two monsters are in the same ring as opponents for the first time in a preview for nine days. Batista explodes upon Henry at first, beating him down with rights, sending him back to the corner Henry only just crashed into. Batista then works over some shoulder thrusts before dragging Henry away from the ropes and attempting to send him off to the ropes with an Irish whip, only for Henry to reverse and send ‘Tista in. On the rebound Batista goes for a shoulder tackle, however it is unsuccessful, with neither man going down. Henry tells Batista to try again, with Dave following the suggestion to the exact same result, only to go a third time and have Henry rebound off the opposite ropes and score with a shoulder tackle of his own, taking Batista down.

Henry tries to assert himself here, picking Batista up and sending him off to the ropes before looking prematurely for a back body drop, only for Batista to kick him in the face and grab him in a front face lock, dragging him over to tag in Benoit. Benoit works Henry over with some right hands, actually getting him to retreat back to the corner before Benoit goes back to the chops. Again, they don’t having any effect on the massive Henry, though Benoit shows his tenacity, now going at the big man with some vicious headbutts that stagger him. Benoit then dashes off to the ropes and rebounds back, only for Henry to run straight through him like a freight train, sending him down to the mat in a heap. This signals the beginning of a period of dominance from Orton and Henry, using a rather bland offense of mainly strikes, keeping Benoit cornered for the most part until Orton decides it’s time for the sleeper hold of doom. Being an Orton hold, it of course stays locked in for quite a while for Benoit to get back up to his feet before looking to make a comeback, nailing elbows to the midsection of Orton. He then starts to lift Orton up for a back suplex, only to not quite get him over, with Orton landing on his feet, making the tag to the outstretched arm of Mark Henry. The second time’s the charm for Benoit as he takes Orton over with a back suplex, only to get up and see a huge clothesline coming at him from Mark Henry, striking him right in the neck, driving him down. Henry looks down confidently at Benoit then yells “I’m gonna’ squash him!” before running off to the ropes and coming back for The World’s Strongest Splash, only for Benoit to move at the last second, leaving Henry to wind himself on the mat.

Both men slowly crawl to their corners, looking to make the tags to their fresher and less injured partners. Slowly but surely they both get to their corners and make the tags, with Batista and Orton charging into the ring, Batista instantly scoring with a clothesline. ‘The Animal’ then hits some heavy rights to a rising Orton, sending him all of the way back against the ropes before sending Orton off and taking him over on the rebound with a huge back body drop. Orton gets right back to his feet afterwards, getting whipped into the corner for his troubles, only to be squashed with a corner clothesline and taken over with a big jackhammer from Batista for a two count, thanks to Mark Henry breaking it up. Henry then picks Batista up and nails a big headbutt before Irish whipping him to the ropes, with Batista hanging on when he gets there instead of rebounding back. Henry sees this and angrily charges in at Batista, looking to launch an attack on him. Unfortunately for Henry Batista is able to drop down and pull the top rope with him, leaving Henry to crash out to the floor. Batista then turns and sees Orton charging at him... NAILING HIM WITH A MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER! Batista springs right back up to his feet and plays to the crowd, shaking the ropes when Mark Henry’s hand reaches up from outside of the ring and grabs his leg. Batista struggles, not letting Henry pull him from the ring, eventually deciding to lean over the ropes and take a swing at him. All Henry has done is provide a distraction though, as Orton is now up, charging across the ring at Batista and taking him down from behind, scoring with a well timed chop block.

Orton and Henry now take complete control of the match once again, now focussing their attention on the knee of Batista to get some psychology going in this match. After a few teases at Batista comebacks on Orton with Orton halting them by kicking Batista square in the knee, Batista is finally able to gain some space after dodging an elbow drop attempt from Mark Henry, who had wasted time taunting before going for the move. Both men slowly make their way across the ring, clambering to their corners, eventually making the second hot tag of the match as Orton and Benoit charge into the ring. Benoit of course takes immediate control, taking Orton down with a big chop as he charges across. Benoit nails a few more big chops, sending Orton back into the corner before pulling him out, kicking him in the midsection and taking him over with a beautiful snap suplex for a two count. Benoit goes right back to work, taking Orton into the corner and nailing him headfirst down into the top turnbuckle. Benoit immediately follows up, nailing some chops, causing the chest of Orton to go a bright red. However, what Benoit doesn’t know is that while he has been working Orton over in the corner an angry Mark Henry has climbed up into the ring in the opposite corner, stalking Benoit. HENRY FINALLY DECIDES ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, CHARGING ACROSS THE RING --- THOUGH BENOIT HEARS HIM AND SIDESTEPS AT THE LAST MOMENT, LEAVING HENRY TO SQUASH ORTON! As Orton falls to the mat Henry looks down at him in shock, before turning into Batista who charges across the ring and clothesline Henry over the top rope and out to the floor, going out with him Cactus Jack style. With Orton reeling in the corner, attempting to pick himself up, Benoit sees a chance to pounce, dragging Orton out by the tights before... BAM! GERMAN SUPLEX! Benoit doesn’t stop there though... HE HAS THE HANDS CLASPED! TWO! Benoit once again keeps the hands clasped... THREE! Benoit gets right back up to his feet and makes the cut throat motion, then heads up to the top rope... DIVING HEADBUTT --- CONNECTS! Benoit immediately makes the cover, though Orton somehow gets his shoulder up at the last moment, much to the amazement of the crowd...

THUD! BATISTA CRASHES INTO THE STEEL STEPS ON THE OUTSIDE AT THE HANDS OF MARK HENRY! In the ring Benoit looks to be taking no crap from Orton, following right up after his kickout... GOING FOR THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE --- ONLY FOR ORTON TO FIGHT BACK UP TO HIS FEET WITH BENOIT HOLDING HIS ARM --- ORTON GOES BEHIND BENOIT AND CONNECTS WITH THE MODIFIED BACKBREAKER! Benoit’s back bends across that of Orton in a sickening way, with Orton falling to the side of Benoit, looking to recover from the beating that Benoit has administered him. Slowly but surely ‘The Legend Killer’ rises back to his feet, holding his forehead in pain before looking down at Benoit a noticing him down... BEFORE BEGINNING TO MEASURE HIM! Orton looks down at Benoit, waiting for him to get up, which Benoit slowly begins to do, giving his back to Orton. Now back to his feet, Benoit turns... RKO --- NO! BENOIT PUSHES ORTON OFF INTO THE ROPES! Orton goes to bounce off the ropes WHEN MARK HENRY TAGS IN, HAVING CLIMBED UP ONTO THE APRON! With neither Orton nor Benoit seeming to have noticed what has taken place, Orton bounces back... AND GETS CAUGHT IN THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE, DESPITE NOT BEING THE LEGAL MAN! Benoit wrenches back on Orton, causing him as much pain as possible when... THUD! MARK HENRY JUMPS DOWN ACROSS BENOIT WITH THE WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! The move is slightly awkward thanks to Henry not wanting to connect with Orton, though it still has the desired effect of Henry squashing Benoit. Henry gets back to his feet and looks to the crowd... THEN PICKS BENOIT RIGHT BACK UP AND NAILS HIM WITH THE WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! The dominant Henry hooks the leg of Benoit immediately after, picking up the three count and the win for his team.

Winners: Randy Orton & Mark Henry via pinfall @ 13:26

*Some Bodies Gonna Get It*

Tony Chimel:
Here are your winners, Randy Orton and Mark Henry!

Henry gets right back up to his feet having picked up the victory, looking down at Benoit with a cold fixation, knowing the destruction he has caused. With everyone bar Henry, Benoit and the referee now out of the picture, the referee raises the hand of Henry aloft, signifying his victory for his team.

Michael Cole:
Mark Henry has made an impact yet again tonight. The question for Batista is will that be his fate in just nine days? Will he be in the position Chris Benoit is in right now? Ladies and gentlemen, we bid you farewell here from Friday Night SmackDown! with that question in mind. Good night everybody.

We get one last look at Henry as the camera now fades away to darkness...



January 29th, 2006 | American Airlines Center; Miami, Florida

Royal Rumble Match
*Confirmed this far*
Big Show vs Bobby Lashley vs Carlito vs Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Benoit vs Chris Masters vs Finlay vs Gregory Helms vs Hardcore Holly vs Joey Mercury vs John Bradshaw Layfield vs Johnny Nitro vs Kane vs Kurt Angle vs Matt Hardy vs Mr Kennedy vs Paul Burchill vs Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio vs Rob Van Dam vs Shawn Michaels vs The Undertaker vs Triple H vs William Regal

WWE Championship
Edge (c) vs John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista (c) vs Mark Henry

Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus (c) vs Victoria

Cruiserweight Championship
Kid Kash (c) vs Juventud

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