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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

BY SC2004 >>>

Sorry this is so late, been very busy writing SMACKDOWN and NO MERCY. Anyway, enough excuses, letís get to it!!!

>>> You set the scene wonderfully as the show opened. The commentators really did an exceptional job of hyping the show from the get go, using lines such as ďthe most anticipated Raw in the history of the WWE.Ē Your obviously setting the bar high. Iím not to fond of gimmick matches, especially a first blood match, thatís been given away on TV. Very TNA of you, as is the stipulation youíve applied to the divas tag match. With Flair V Edge for the title Iím not sure you needed a marquee match up such a Triple H V Kane, although this is 2006 and Kane is a glorified jobber to the top talent, so on second thoughts, no biggie.

>>> Is Kurt turning face, I mean this is all very confusing. Kurt chasing Edge, the hell champion. Eric Bischoff, the heel GM, screwing around with Kurt and threatening him. All the heel dynamics work, but itís just not as compelling because there isnít a face involved. Throwing Kurt with Triple and changing the originally announced match makes sense to me. Last week I mentioned how Kane and Show need to split and if you decide to do that, not having Kane squashed by Hunter tonight makes a lot of sense. Iím trying to think logically here. Cena/Edge is the money match moving forward. Youíve already made it clear that Angle is in the rumble match, so one would have to assume that something will happen with HHH and Angle tonight, yet theyíre both heels. Ugh! Heels, heels everywhere not a face to cheer. LOL.

>>> See this didnít work for me. Vince affording Michaelís opportunities makes no sense. He despises Michaelís, why would he want to give him motivation for his match up? Why would he want to give Shawn something to strive for when in essence Vince would like nothing more than for HBK to leave the WWE. Oh and in these situations, I canít get my head around the fact that Shawn appears so calm. Vince listed off the list of injustices he has put Shawn through and yet he doesnít react, doesnít act, fails to respond. I want more fight, more passion, more intensity. Itís all to calmÖ

>>> I think I mentioned this when reviewing the last edition of RAW, but you do put yourself through a lot of unnecessary work and effort when you write out the superstars entrances and all the commentary before the matches. On a PPV itís fine, but on a TV show it seems needless. Yes you use the commentators to get people over, create heat, build PPV matches, feuds and reinforce storyline points, but you can do that with a lot less writing IMO.

>>> You played the opening match up well. Helms continues his winning streak and as The King said ďBenjamin canít buy a win.Ē great line. I was more intrigued by the aftermath, then the match up itself. You really got across Sheltonís frustrations and left us wondering what is Haas doing on RAW. I had forgotten Flair V Edge was a street fight. That coupled with a handicap first blood match just screams TNA. Itís just to much for one show. In fact Iíd rarely book a street fight on TV, let alone a first blood match. Anyway, thatís a personal preference, discard it if you wish.

>>> ďI dare you to win the Royal RumbleĒ may just use that myself it was so good, in the context of this particular promo of course. Edge is confident here, not so much cocky, which I like. In fact heís exuding confidence, in that he has himself already booked in the WM main event. The problem here is not the promo, it was good. Itís the fact that Edge and Cena at the Rumble seems to be set in stone and even if Flair wins, which he may very well do, he drops it back to Edge next week. Thatís the feeling I get from this promo.

>>> Before I even read the last line I knew Mickie was listening in, exactly how I would of written it and it worked a treat. To be honest with you, I donít know how you can take this is a new direction. The WWE IRL did such a great job with the feud. Itíll be tough.

>>> Ugh! A first blood match goes on second, not on a PPV, but on a TV show. I know Iím being hard on you mate, but really, I just donít understand the logic behind this. Why not a normal handicap match, wouldnít that of been enough. Unless it was going on as the main event, I would of left it gimmick free. If you had made it the main event on a show, make it a cage match, not first blood. With two other huge matches on this show, this got lost in the shuffle and the real importance of Shawnís battle and win was overshadowed by the gimmick itself.

>>> The more I think about it, the more I have to question Bischoffís decision earlier tonight. Distracting Angle by teaming him up with HHH for the big tag match and threatening to take the Rumble spot away, fine. But how does that stop Angle from interfering in the Main Event of taking out Edge? It doesnít really, does it? Shouldnít Eric of simply informed Angle that if he puts a finger on Edge heís out of the Rumble, it makes more sense. Anyway, back to HHH. You made the tag team match more interesting tonight by simply showcasing Hunters dislike for Angle, hatred in fact. Nice tease at the end, good writing.

>>> Thank you so muchÖ Victoria is the number one contender! If you had Candice or Ashley get the pin I was going to scrap the whole review and hate you forever. LOL. Thereís not a whole lot to say here. Trish and Victoria have always had great matches, so they should do alright at the Rumble.

>>> This was a little homoerotic, with all the ďyou need meĒ crap. But the theme of the actual segment was abundantly clear. Benjamin needs Haas and Haas needs Benjamin in order to be successful. I donít agree, theyíre both talented and could be huge stars, but from a storyline perspective and the way Benjamin has been booked of late, this works.

>>> InterestingÖ are you teasing the break up of Carlito and masters here? With me pushing you to split up Kane and Show, and you seemingly wanting to split these two up, RAW could be left with a weakened tag team division. Not that I care TBH.

>>> Masters wins, but gets the assist from Carlito. Chavo looked good here, even though he lost. What was most insightful was the commentary after the match in which Masters was named one of the future stars of the company. Carlitoís name was not on that list. There you have the foundations for a decent mid card feud between both Masters and Carlito. DO IT!!!

>>> Wasnít that niceÖ. Sarcasm aside, this was nicely done. RAW has become a land of individuals, no factions or friends. Everyone is out for themselves, everyone wants to climb the ladder to the top and those on the top will stop at nothing to prevent that from happening. So in this selfish place we call RAW, itís nice to know that some superstars still care about each other. This was a nice contrast to everything that has gone before it on the show, a welcome change or mood and pace if you will. I liked it a lot.

>>> You canít tell me thereís no commercial between the tag team match and the main event? Edge spearing Angle worked for two reasons. One it kept all four men in the tag match looking strong and none of them had to the job, not that Triple H would of!!! Also it answers my question from earlier, in that Ericís plan was flawed and Angle could still get to Edge tonight, but in a brilliant piece of booking, Edge got to Angle first.

>>> This was epic. I mean Iím not a fan of long matches on TV, as Iíve already mentioned, but this main event worked on every level. It was hard not to scroll down and see who won, but I genuinely though Flair was going to do it, you made be believe in the impossible. When Cena came out I thought ďthatís itĒ Flair will win, but Edge turned it around. Just brilliant match writing and I for one am not afraid to say that I certainly would not of been capable of producing a TV match of that calibre. Nice save at the end, with edge being put through the table. It brings the focus back around to the Rumble and also intensifies what is already a hot feud.

OVERALL This review has taken over an hour, so Iím not going into any more detail here. LOL. This was very good on a number of levels and although I didnít agree with certain booking decisions, they didnít detract from what was an entertaining (and very, very long hehe) show.


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