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Re: Diva Chaos

This continues to be awesome, man!

Brilliant angle to set up the gauntlet match for later tonight. I liked how everyone interrupted everyone else and it was a nice little inclusion to get hyped for the main event contest. You picked pretty decent challengers too- what with Mickie, Michelle, Velvet, Maryse and Taylor having great success in this BTB so far, so they deserved it, even though I'm not a fan of Velvet's wrestling style. Nonetheless, onto the gauntlet match and it was great to read, a really competitive surprising match. I thought the first match of the gauntlet was great, and the double count out decision was good as it came quite unexpectedly. Hopefully, this builds to a Michelle/Taylor feud, thinking about it that would be an amazing feud which would suit this BTB nicely. I'm VERY glad Mickie won the gauntlet overall, she's such a deserved winner and I loved the ending...the duck of the kick followed by a superkick by Mickie, then the Mickie-DT, just beautiful! One brilliant match and it was very well written in my eyes.

Another match that grabbed my attention was that of the Canadian Ninjas/ Pink Ladies match up. I'm glad the Pink Ladies got the win because Madison Eagles is one phenomenal athlete. I've not seen much of Jessie McKay but they sound like a well oiled team here. I really liked the finish, with McKay diving to the outside and Eagles dodging the brass knux. It was a brilliant match and each team had equal pushes throughout the match.

I was also a fan of the continuing push of Daffney, and I was glad that she got the victory in that nice hardcore tag match. However, soon, I think Daffney needs to be involved in a HUGE feud because you're pushing her so well, yet everyone seems like little competition compared to her. She's like the new Awesome Kong, although obviously not as big and dominative, she just seems a hardcore version of her. Therefore, I think you need to utilise someone on the roster that could threaten Daffney- maybe Kong in the future, or bringing in someone like Cheerleader Melissa/ Wesna. To me, that'd be awesome!

Everything else was good and flowed perfectly, although tbh, the only problem I had was with the Sable match. It went by way too quick and to be honest, she's not a good signing when you consider a lot of other great females that could be in this BTB. But that's my personal opinion. I think Sable could be used as a managerial role, or maybe as a member of authority...take for example like an assistant GM. I only think this cos I find her style a little outdated.

Nonetheless, a brilliant show again! Not much wrong with it and I continue to love this BTB! Keep 'em coming!

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