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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Taken quite a while to get round to this, but, better late than never, right??

This is most certainly going to be an important show. Edge and Flair in a streetfight in ‘Flair country’. Ratings.

Building off an excellent promo from Angle last week, you’ve certainly ran with the ball again here. Maybe I’m reading a little too much into it, but the feeling I’m getting is that the foundations are being placed for a slow burn Angle face turn, and an eventual Angle / Edge WrestleMania showdown. He’s shown his disgust at Edge’s actions, he’s basically commended Cena, the numbers are beginning to add up.

Angle teaming with Triple H is a potential powder keg, with those two egos having to put up with one another. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Angle got screwed over again by his partner, having a second tag partner in two weeks to walk out and leave him to fight alone. Bischoff being a prick as usual - characterization was spot on there. Strong promo to open proceedings. By far, Angle is the most interesting character developing right now.

Odds are firmly stacked against Michaels - again. I’m assuming he overcomes the odds tonight though, he NEEDS to be in the Rumble imo. Winning a first blood match too wouldn’t make Cade and Murdoch look as weak, as it’s possible to score a fluke win in a match like that, rather than outwrestle two guys. Hoping you add a twist to this angle soon though. Seems to be following the same ‘Highway to Hell’ route it went in real life.

Highly competitive, athletic contest to kick off the wrestling portion of the show, and kept to a more realistic length. Good match to book, as it gives Helms another win to boost his own profile, and allows the ongoing Benjamin losing streak to continue. Where is the light at the end of the tunnel for Shelton?? The one thing that always interests me in losing streaks is what initiates the turning point. That’s where I’ll judge the angle. If it’s a lame MVP style turning point, then I’ll be very said.

Looks like Charlie Haas though will be a big factor for Shelton to get over his slump, maybe with the two of them getting back together to find form. The tag division could certainly do with TWGTT back in the hunt.

Edge says Angle and Cena aren’t at the forefront of his mind … just an afterthought … then goes on to berate Angle for the next couple minutes. Maybe could’ve held off on focusing so much on Angle, and spent a little more time for now on Cena and Flair … then worry about Angle.

Ah, the old listening in on a convo. That certainly wont end well for Ashley and Trish … Ashley more so. Nobody likes being called crazy. And I don’t think Mickie would be the type to forgive and forget.

As I assumed, Michaels went over. Was sure we’d get the Sweet Chin Music into a chair, into the face of one of the two opponents. Disappointed you didn’t give us that, as it would’ve been a sure crowd pleaser. Never expected anything other than a HBK win, as he would’ve been wasted on anything other than a Rumble spot. Obviously cant see him winning, as he appears to be too wrapped up in this VKM feud, but a win at the Rumble, and a jump to SD could put an end to that angle somewhat, and set up a fairly tasty Batista / Michaels showdown at the Big one.

Fucker. Just as the promo was getting interesting we cut off. I’m calling a Triple H walk out / no show to fuck over Angle, and possibly set up a short term feud between the two leading to the Rumble, and getting Angle over as a face. That’s what I reckon the idea will be, but I’d imagine I’m wrong.

Why not just book a fatal four way?? The tag rules #1 contenders match just seems awkward imo. I agree, Victoria and Mickie ARE complete shit, but you gotta roll with the punches. Yeah, I’m kidding. Mickie definitely heard enough it would seem, as she just fucked Ashley over BIG TIME. Delighted to see Victoria getting the win, and setting up a mouth watering clash with Trish for the title. In the meantime, it also all but confirms a psycho heel turn for Mickie.

Liking Benjamin completely blowing off Haas. Should allow this angle to rumble on for the future, with Shelton against the idea of teaming with his former partner once more, having moved on. Cant wait to see what the straw that breaks the camels back is, and gets Benjamin back on track with Haas. This angle has legs, and hopefully you run with it for a while yet.

A burgeoning rift is likely to form at some point between Carlito and Masters. The foundations have been set, and it’s ever so slowly being hinted at. I see the two remaining on the same page, but cracks showing, en route to WM (one eliminating the other in the Rumble for sure), before finally blowing over at WM in MITB where one screws the other over to win it. Big time prediction right there my man. Normally, I’d be against the angle, but for some reason, I’m actually willing to buy into this one. Hopefully you keep it moving.

There was a point in time when I was starting to buy into Masters as a legit future star, so hopefully you can find his niche somewhere. It certainly seems like that is what you plan to do; telling us he owns, having him featured fairly heavily, winning here. The guy is on a roll, and I’d love to see you make a star out of the guy.

Marvellous bit of hype for Flairs big match later. HBK was the right man for the convo, and now, we’re all set for tonights main event, which ought to be a barn burner.

RVD - Final Four. That’s the prediction. BOOK IT~!!

Just a curious thought; if Angle is turning face, I’d suggest that Daivari might be better suited elsewhere. The mans own mother probably couldn’t love the guy if she tried.

Side point; agreed on Kane vs. Angle @ WM 18 (bar the fucked up finish). The two DO gel nicely imo. Unusual way to end the match, and then transition from that, straight into the main event. Expected the grand entrances, boxing type intros and all that jazz, but alas. The run in proves one thing though - you’re setting yourself up for Angle and Edge for WrestleMania. That just seems like a cert now. The feud is completely overshadowing Edge and Flair, and Edge and Cena - who btw, was conspicuous by his absence this evening.

Alrighty, straight into it!!! Huge write up for an epic main event, and rightfully, it’s the hometowner that dominates the early going, until the luscious Lita turns the tide for her man. Took a while to get into the hardcore element of the match, but that’s fine, as you need to build to something. Almost couldn’t believe it with Flair locking on the Figure Four, but had to expect Lita to once again save the Rated R Superstar from losing. At this stage, I’d fully expect her to be the difference maker. Some terrific, tense moments, with the figure four and spear both being avoided.

Would’ve liked you to describe Flair maybe struggling to lift the steps on the outside, and I’m truly shocked by the kickout from the Edgecution on the outside. Edges utter dominance looks to kill off Flairs fighting spirit, maniacally taking him apart, the Austin X-7 like chair shots and all. Well, I’d been expecting Cena at some point, as I didn’t imagine going the whole show without him, and he appeared at just the right moment, and a moment that would’ve got him a spectacular pop from the Flair country fans.

Oh man, Edge managing to fight off Cena, then take out Flair for the win. How do you say “STRONG CHAMPION”. That was an emphatic win for Edge. Even the FU after the match couldn’t burst the mans bubble. Edge is OVER!!!

With one match, you’ve created a believable champion. Not a gutless coward, or a transitional champion, but a genuine champion. Edge came over as a beast here, even despite the help of Lita. Overcoming Cena and Flair to win clean was excellent.

If I had one complaint, I think we could’ve done with a Cena interview or promo at some point in the show, as his PPV title match with Edge has been completely overshadowed by the Edge/Angle, Edge/Flair programs thus far. A Cena promo could’ve solely focused on the title match at the Rumble. I hope the focus is on that one next week. Even maybe with Cena telling Edge to get his focus off Angle and onto him. The spotlight NEEDS to go on Cena and Edge next week. Ban Angle from the arena if needs be … just anything.

Overall, a quality show, with an EPIC main event.
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