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Re: rKo presents WWE: A New Start

Monday Night RAW – June 8th 2009
Lafayette, LA

*Extreme Rules Recap Shown: Batista beating Randy Orton*

*RAW intro video shown*


RAW goes live on air as the camera looks towards the crowds as the RAW theme still plays.

The King and Michael Cole start commentating about Extreme Rules and how exciting it was to watch. They also comment about Batista getting injured and so the WWE title is vacant and they are looking forward to watching what happens in regards of it. Cole also informs us that Vince will be telling us who the new general manager is and also there is a match announced tonight which is Evan Bourne vs. The Brian Kendrick.

‘No Chance’ hits as Vince McMahon strolls down to the ring. He has a mic with him and he seems to be ready to make this announcement.

*Fans cheer loudly*

Vince: Well you guys know why I am here. I do not need to explain all of it again.

*Fans await for announcement*

Vince: Since Vickie Guerrero has resigned from WWE for good….

*Fans cheer loudly*

Vince: I have to replace her with a new GM for raw. Well I have had talks with lots and lots of candidates to take this job. I asked many kinds of different people and I was disappointed with all of them but one. This person came to my office yesterday and said that he would love to take this job. I immediately accepted his offer and he is already started work here for me as of this day.

*Fans are silent on who it might be*

Vince: This person was a former GM. He knows what it is like to do this job and I was really a fool when I fired him.

*Fans get excited*

Vince: This person is in no doubt… ERIC BISCHOFF!

‘I’m Back’ hits as Eric Bischoff comes out from the back and stays near the entrance. He has a cheeky smile as the fans boo him heavily.

Vince: Welcome back Eric!

*Fans still boo him heavily*

Eric: Thank you Vince. You know, it feels so good to be back and manage RAW!

*Fans boo more loudly*

Eric: I really cannot wait to start managing the new talents I have never worked with before. I also cannot wait to announce matches and things like that. After all, Raw is without a WWE Champion.

Vince: You are right Eric, raw needs a champion!

Eric: I already have planned what to do prior to the WWE championship. Tonight… we will get a match to determine the next WWE Champion. Yes, we will get a new champion tonight no doubt about that. It is so unfortunate for Batista but I guess injuries occur anytime and he had an injury at a wrong time.

*Fans boo him and wants him to announce the match*

Eric: Calm down, calm down. I was not expecting this for my return and I will make raw even better than what it has been so far. Now, tonight there will be a WWE championship match. The match will be a 10 man battle royal! It will have the likes of Randy Orton, Triple H, John Cena and the Big Show! There will also be some of the new raw stars from ecw in the match!

*Fans cheer for this match*

Eric: You see, I told you that I am a genius and I will make raw a great show!

*Fans boo Eric heavily*

*Eric stands there grinning*
*Commercial Break*

RAW is back live on air as the camera looks towards the crowds again.

‘It’s Time’ hits as Gregory Helms makes his way to the ring. He gets a good cheer from the crowd.

‘Live for the moment’ hits as Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring. He does his signature taunt and still has the broken hand. The crowd boo him.

Match 1 – Singles Match
Gregory Helms vs. Matt Hardy

Recap: The match has been very back and forth. Both men have had their shots at each other. Matt Hardy is currently doing a submission hold on Gregory Helms. Hardy puts on more pressure on the hold. Helms tries to get out of it as the crowds hype him on. After a few more seconds, Helms breaks out of the hold and immediately gets up and starts to punch down Matt Hardy. Helms is now holding the momentum as Matt Hardy looks to be hurt on his injured hand again. Matt Hardy tells Helms to stop but then fools him as he goes for a huge blow to Helms’ face. Now, Hardy goes for a slingshot crossbody. Helms goes down as Matt Hardy gains more control in this match. Helms is trying to turn the match over but Matt Hardy now grabs him by the head and goes for a headlock. Helms screams in pain as Matt applies more pressure to it. After a few more seconds, Matt breaks the hold and gets up. He then grabs Helms and Irish whips him to the ropes…. BUT Helms rebounds it and goes for a double underhook mat slam! Matt Hardy goes down and the match changes once again. The crowd are cheering on Helms as he gains the momentum he needs to finish Hardy off. Now, Helms picks up Hardy so he is standing and then tries to go for a swinging side slam backbreaker but Hardy pushes him away and Helms lands on the ropes and goes to run towards Matt but Matt does a powerful clothesline to him and Helms goes down once again. The crowd boo him heavily as Matt does the hurricane taunt to mock Helms. Matt then drags Helms towards turnbuckle and then Matt goes on top of the turnbuckle. He then does his taunt on top and goes for a splash! Helms lifts his knees up and Matt Hardy goes down hurt in his stomach! Both men are now down and the ref starts to count them. The count then got up to 7 as both men get up at the same time! Both men give out multiple punches. Finally, Helms grabs Hardy and goes for a single knee facebreaker! Hardy looks to be gone and out as Helms goes for a pin 1…2.. BUT Hardy somehow kicks out and the match is still going on. Helms could not believe it so as Hardy is about to get up, Helms tries to go for a SHINING WIZARD! He goes for it but Hardy moves away and goes for a quick roll up! The ref starts to count for the pin 1…2…3!

Winner by pinfall: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy steals it at the end as he raises his arms up to celebrate his victory. He feels his injured arm and walks away grinning at a stunned Helms. The crowd heavily boo him.

*Commercial Break*

*We are backstage now and we head into the GM’s office. We see Eric Bischoff sitting on his chair smiling and happy to be back in this position, he talks to himself*

Eric: Ah I am really glad to be back here! I missed all this while I was gone!

*Eric now moves around and goes round looking at things such as the sofas and shelves*

Eric: Well now, I can do whatever I like to this show, and I am only here to make it better and nothing else.

*Just then, Randy Orton walks in with the rest of legacy*

Eric: Randy Orton! How may I help you?

Randy: Well first of all, Eric Bischoff… I welcome you back to RAW and I know you will do things much better than Vickie Guerrero did.

Eric: Thanks Randy, that’s good to hear from you but seriously, why are you here?

Randy: Well you see Eric, I lost my WWE championship to that no good Batista and Triple H distracted me last night when I was about to win my match against Batista in the steel cage. So I want to ask you, why the hell am I not crowned champion tonight? Why do I need to battle 9 other useless men to gain my championship back?

*Eric laughs*

Eric: Well Randy, I remember that you always complained when I was in charge back then and you still complain right now. Last time I saw you, you were getting beaten up by the rest of evolution. Well Randy, you may think you got screwed last night but the fact of the matter is, you lost. You get your chance tonight to win so I don’t see why you disappointed unless if you want to be taken out of it which I can, you know?
Randy: Triple H screwed me then and he still screws me now. He hates the fact that I am better than him. Legacy is better than what evolution used to be. He does not want me to become WWE champion because he fears me. He knows that, he only uses a sledgehammer to beat me, I fight with my own hands and if needed, with legacy to help me take down each and every evolution member and whoever gets in my way. So tonight, all those 9 men will go down and Randy Orton will become WWE Champion once again!

*Legacy leave the office as Eric seems confused and goes back to admire his GM office*

*We go back to the arena as it looks over the crowd once again*

‘Obsession’ hits as Mickie James makes her way to the ring.

‘Bella’s Theme’ hits as Bella Twins make their way to the ring.

‘Glamazon’ hits as Beth Phoenix and Jillian make their way to the ring.

‘Oui’ hits as Maryse makes her way to the ring.

Match 2: 6 man Divas Tag Match

Bella Twins & Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix, Jillian & Divas Champion Maryse

Recap: The match started off with Brie Bella going up against Jillian. Maryse kept on telling Mickie that she will not beat her tonight. Right now, Nikki Bella has been tagged in to face Jillian. Nikki Bella immediately rushes into Jillian and starts to attack her with pushing and shoving in the ground. Jillian screams and tries to fight back. Nikki then lets go of her and then charges at Jillian with a running bulldog. Jillian goes down once again. Nikki takes full advantage of her and picks her up again as she is getting ready to do a monkey flip but Jillian counters it and goes for a scoop slam. Nikki goes down as Jillian then tags in Beth Phoenix. Beth is angry and starts to punch Nikki and then grabs her head and smashes it onto the floor. Mickie does not like this as Beth shouts back at her too. Beth picks Nikki up and goes for a backbreaker. She goes for a pin 1…2.. BUT Nikki kicks out and Beth could not believe this. Beth then picks her up once again and goes for a slingshot suplex but as Nikki was on air, she reverses the move into a monkey flip. Beth goes down as Nikki goes over slowly to tag in Mickie James. Beth goes to the other side and tags in Maryse. Both women have now been tagged in and both charge at each other. Mickie James seems more fired up as she goes for a lariat takedown. Maryse goes down but Mickie is not finished with her as she then goes for a arm trap neckbreaker. Maryse again goes down. Mickie then taunts to the crowd and she goes for a Mickie-DT but Maryse breaks out of it and does a spinning side slam backbreaker. Mickie goes down as Maryse laughs her off. Maryse then grabs Mickie and goes for a FRENCH KISS! She hits Mickie with a snap DDT and then goes to pin her 1…2…3!

Winner by Pinfall: Maryse, Beth Phoenix and Jillian

Maryse celebrates as the ref hands her, her Divas championship and she celebrates with Beth and Jillian as the Bella Twins help out Mickie James.

*Commercial Break*

*RAW comes on air and it shows the did you know information*

*RAW goes backstage where Todd Grisham is interviewing Mr Kennedy*

Todd: I am here with the man who has returned to the WWE following his firing last month.

Kennedy: Hold on there Todd…. That is not how you announce my comeback to WWE. I deserve a better return and a pleasant welcome from you especially Todd.

Todd: Look I am sorry Mr Kennedy, next time I will welcome you in a much better way.

Kennedy: There is no next time, I will not get fired again and return. Vince nearly lost a great talent but now he realises that was a mistake and I am back. Anyway… on to my point, when I returned from injury, I wanted to battle Orton for the WWE Championship. Now, I am in a 10 man battle royal tonight and that is what I am just gonna do.

*Kennedy stops for a bit and starts talking again*

Kennedy: Well since Orton is no longer champion, I still will go for him in the match. I do not care that he is going to have his eyes on Triple H but for me, Orton is one boring guy who cannot take a joke and I am going to shut him up for good. And Todd you know why I will? Because I am MISTERRRR KENNNEDY!!!!!

*Kennedy leaves as Todd is left confused*

*Camera rolls back into the arena and it is time for our 3rd match of the night*

‘Axeman’ hits as Evan Bourne makes his way to the ring. The crowd cheers for him as a newcomer to RAW.

‘The Man with the Plan’ hits as The Brian Kendrick makes his way to the ring. He is booed by the crowd.

Match 3 – Singles Match

Evan Bourne vs. the Brian Kendrick

Recap: The match started with both men going at it in a fast paced match. Both men have not broken down one another yet but right now, Kendrick is punching down Evan Bourne. Bourne is Irish whipped to the ropes by Kendrick but Bourne then rebounds it into a roundhouse kick! Kendrick goes down as Bourne is cheered by the crowd. Bourne then runs towards Kendrick once again as Kendrick just about gets up and he goes for a dropkick then followed by an enzuigiri. Bourne is gaining lots of momentum from the crowd. Kendrick tries to get up but Bourne is proving his athleticism to perfection. However, Bourne tried to get Kendrick up but he counters back with a Superkick. Bourne goes down as Kendrick then grabs Bourne’s arms and he goes for a tornado DDT. Bourne goes down hurt and Kendrick goes for a quick pin 1…2.. BUT Bourne kicks out and Kendrick looks surprised. Kendrick does not stop the beating as he gets Bourne up again and goes for a standing dropkick. Kendrick then goes up the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd who start to boo him. He goes for a normal dive on Bourne but he quickly moves away and Kendrick falls down the ring. Bourne quickly gets up and goes towards the ropes and does a springboard moonsault on Kendrick! He then goes on top of the turnbuckle and gets ready to do his finisher. Kendrick is on the ground and Bourne goes for his finisher AIR BOURNE! It hits Kendrick and Bourne goes for the pin 1…2…3!

Winner via Pinfall: Evan Bourne

Evan Bourne’s theme hits as he celebrates in the ring and then goes backstage. Kendrick is still laying on the ring hurt.

*Commercial Break*

*The Bash promo is shown with the theme whyyawannabringmedown played in the background*

King and Cole welcome us back to RAW and said the main event is up next and it is a 10 man battle royal to determine the new WWE Champion.

*Backstage: John Cena is being interviewed*
Todd: I am here with John Cena, so you are in the 10 man battle royal tonight. Do you think you are capable of winning and beating the likes of Triple H, Randy Orton and many others to claim your WWE Championship?

Cena: Well Todd, I have already been WWE Champion before. I know how to beat those two guys, I have done it before in the past and I will do it again tonight. I do not care that Triple H will be going after Randy Orton. I am going to beat them two down and also the rest of them that are there. I also do know many people will try eliminate me, but I will not be put over the top rope and I will hang on in the ring til’ the end. There will be many tough competitors out there but I will overcome all the odds and I will also say THE CHAMP IS HERE! Thank you Todd.

*Cena leaves as RAW gets ready for the main event*

Lillian announces that this match is a 10 man Battle Royal and it is for the WWE Championship.

‘Finlay’s theme’ hits as Finlay is entered first to the ring

The following superstars also entered were:

Jack Swagger
Big Show
The Miz
Matt Hardy
Mr Kennedy
Randy Orton
Triple H
John Cena

Main Event – 10 man Battle Royal – WWE Championship

Finlay vs. Jack Swagger vs. Big Show vs. the Miz vs. Matt Hardy vs. MVP vs. Mr Kennedy vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H vs. John Cena

Match Recap: All 10 men were in the ring as they all wanted one thing and that was the WWE Championship. Everyone had their eyes on Big Show. Then, everyone pushed Swagger up front and he confronted the Big Show. Jack Swagger grinned at the Big Show but he was having none of it and headbutted Swagger back towards the other wrestlers. Then everyone tried to go for Show but he punched them all back. However, Triple H went straight for Orton and Orton tried to run away from him but Triple H punched him down to the ground. Cena and The Miz were both fighting it out in the ring. The Miz tried to clothesline Cena but Cena dodged and went for a hip toss. The Miz went down in the ground. On the other side, MVP was nearly over the top rope by Hardy and Kennedy but MVP gets away with it when Finlay starts to punch down Hardy. Suddenly, Big Show comes in and Irish whips Kennedy and then goes for a spear! Kennedy goes down hurt. Orton and HHH are going at it now as both men are hitting each other with punches. Swagger comes from behind and attacks HHH and both Orton and Swagger are nailing him to the ground with kicks. Cena then comes in and saves HHH by going after Swagger. Cena goes for a fisherman suplex and Swagger goes down. Big Show throws Finlay over the top rope but Finlay is hanging on the outskirts of the ring but then Matt Hardy pushes Finlay out of the ring and the first elimination is done.


Finlay looks angrily at Matt Hardy as he gives a cheeky grin at Finlay. On the other side of the ring, Orton is pushing off the Miz as he gives him an RKO and then gives MVP and RKO! He then sees his opportunity to go for a punt on Triple H and he runs up to him but HHH moves away and Mr Kennedy comes in and starts to hit Orton violently. Orton does not know what hit him and he goes down as Kennedy hits him down to the ground. Big Show is still in the ring and confronts Cena. Both men are staring at each other and Big Show immediately goes for Cena. Cena then counters back and he tries to break down the big guy. The Miz now attacks Cena and tries to help the Big Show. Big Show does not look happy at the Miz and he goes for him and chucks him out of the ring for the second elimination in this match!


Now there were 8 men in the ring and Show looks out to the Miz and tells him that Cena is only his. Cena, however, comes from behind and tries to push Show out of the ring and suddenly, Hardy, Swagger, Kennedy and MVP come to help him and they all succeed as Show goes over the top rope!


Now there were 7 men in the ring and all of them now stared at each other. They all went and attacked each other. Cena attacks Swagger, MVP goes to attack Matt Hardy and Kennedy helps Triple H to take out Orton. MVP nails Hardy to the ground and then sees his opportunity to do his BALLIN’ move. He does the taunt and goes to the other ropes and comes back and hits Hardy. MVP then picks Hardy up and Irish whips him and tries to clothesline him but Hardy hung on but both men were thrown out of the ring by Swagger from behind!

Matt Hardy is ELIMINATED!

Swagger then laughs off at both men but Cena was behind him all along. Swagger senses he is behind and tries to go for a cheap punch but Cena counters and goes for a throwback! He then goes for a five knuckle shuffle and hits him with it but Orton prevents him for doing more damage to Swagger and he hits Cena with a scoop powerslam! Cena goes down but Orton could not do much more damage as he is pegged back by Triple H and Mr Kennedy. Both men try to take out Orton but Swagger helps out Orton this time and he punches both men. Orton goes down in the ring and HHH also goes down too. Swagger then goes and attacks Kennedy. Both men go at it and Kennedy hits Swagger with a inverted suplex but Swagger gets up quickly and he goes for his finisher FALLING GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB! Kennedy goes down and Swagger takes him over the top rope!

Mr Kennedy is ELIMINATED!

We are now down to 4 men. All 4 men stare at each other. Randy Orton and Swagger agree to take Cena and HHH out so that they could be the final two men standing. Orton goes for Triple H and Swagger goes for Cena. All 4 men go at it and exchange punches. Orton tries to break down Triple H but he could not do it as HHH then goes for a high knee strike! Orton is hurt and then Triple H goes for the spinebuster! Meanwhile, Cena and Swagger exchange punches too and Cena is going wild out there on Swagger. He keeps running into Swagger and knocking him down. Swagger tries to counter but Cena picks him up for the ATTITUDE ADJUSTER! He goes towards the ropes and hits him with it and Swagger goes over the top rope!

Jack Swagger is ELIMINATED!

Cena smiles out at Swagger and in the ring, Triple H tries to do a pedigree on Orton but he reverses it. All 3 men stare at each other now. Triple H and Orton forgot about Cena and both men turn their eyes towards him. They have a stare down for a few seconds and then Triple H does his DX taunt as usual and goes for the two men. He first hits Orton and then Cena. Then Orton comes back but he gets clotheslined by him. Cena then reverses Triple H’s punch and shoulder blocks him towards the rope. Cena tried to eliminate Triple H but it proved difficult. HHH punched Cena back to stop him and then Cena had to let go. Orton was still in the ground and waited to do his RKO on Cena and he went for it but Cena reversed it into the ATTITUDE ADJUSTER! Cena went to the ropes again and tried to go for it but Orton didn’t keep still and punched Cena down but then Triple H came in and took Orton to a PEDIGREE! This time it worked and Orton lay there helpless. Now Triple H and Cena took Orton over the top rope and he was eliminated!

Randy Orton is ELIMINATED!

Randy Orton goes berserk and tries to get back in the ring and attack Triple H but Cena holds him down again. He was taken out to the back as we are down to the last two men. Triple H and Cena stare each other down but then hit each other with punches. Both men looked fired up. Suddenly, Triple H dodges Cena’s punch and then goes for a spinebuster! He hits it perfectly and then he gets Cena up again and goes for a pedigree! He tries to go for it BUT Cena somehow reverses it into an ATTITUDE ADJUSTER and hits him with it. HHH goes down as Cena is pumped up. He gets HHH up and goes towards the ropes. He puts him over the top but HHH somehow tries to pull Cena too! Both men were fighting on the outskirts of the ring and both men did not want to fall down. Both men punched each other down. Cena then punches HHH down and his feet nearly touch the ground! HHH pulls Cena down but it was hard enough and Cena kicks HHH in the face and he goes down to the ground!


Winner and NEW WWE Champion: JOHN CENA!

John Cena then celebrates his victory as the WWE Championship is handed to him and he holds it up to the crowd as his theme also is played. Triple H looks shocked as he watches him.

***RAW goes off air***

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