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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

RAW Feedback

Good intro by the commentators to hype up the show, especially that huge main event. Nice touch by saying that this is Flair's hometown, makes it seem that much more special. As for the opening promo, awesome. Angle was spot on right here, his character was perfect and he walked the tweener line gracefully (). Bischoff was also great as that very hateable GM that he portrays to a "T", and the match featuring Hunter and Kane just got a whole lot interesting after some clever blackmail. Great stuff here.

Hmmm. Great segment here with Shawn and Vince, you did a good job in portraying Shawn as a man trying not to give in and just beat the hell out of Vince. A very interesting proposition by Vince, one I'm sure that Shawn'll live up to, but I'm wondering what Vince's motive behind it is. There has to be one, and I'm looking forward to finding out what.

Great back-and-forth match between Helms and Shelton. Very big win for Helms, you seem to be intent on pushing the man, something I'm not opposed to at all, and another tough loss from Benjamin. He's not been weak in his efforts, just not the better man. This situation with Haas is an interesting one that should provide great matches, if that's the route it's going. Good stuff here.

Strong words from Edge that really cement how big of a jerk he is, but a reasonable jerk, at that. He made a lot of good points, especially the one about Angle doing the same thing he did had he been Mr. MITB. It was also great build for the main event, and as of now, I'm pretty convinced that Angle will indeed be winning the Rumble. It'd be the perfect set-up to that huge match coming up between them. Great job here.

Great Divas segment here. I always love effort put into the women's division, and I'm glad that's the case here. Seems that Trish isn't going to give up on Mickie yet, a good touch, and maybe it's because I'm simply an absolutely huge Mickie fan, but I can't help but feel sorry for her after what was said about her. Anyway, I'm definitely looking forward to their match to see what goes down.

Predictable match in that Shawn would get both guys to bleed, but you gave Cade and Murdoch more offense than I thought you would've, so kudos there. They looked pretty good here, whereas I thought Shawn would try and succeed in finishing up fairly quickly, without too much damage being done on him. Anyway, good success story for Shawn, he's also one to possibly favor for the Rumble.

Very good hype for the title match. I'm loving that you're playing Flair up here perfectly, in that it's his hometown as he looks for his seventeenth World Title, and is getting good luck wishes from guys from his past. Making the match seem very important.

Good segment here between Hunter and Bischoff. The Flair comment was way too easy, but it had to be done. I'm really looking forward to that match even more know, as I want to know what sort of deal went down between the two.

Alright Divas tag match, considering that Ashley was the one in there for most of the match. Anywho, good psychology of Mickie abandoning Ashley and leaving her to fend for herself. She put up a good fight, but I'm very, very glad that you gave this match to Victoria. I'm hoping you shift the focus towards Victoria and Trish for next week, because at the moment, it seems like a throwaway match to stall for Trish/Mickie II. The biggest thing I didn't like was that you referred to Ashley as a "blonde beauty." I disagree, but other than that, good stuff, Mickie is awesome as always.

Good verbal progression from the Shelton and Haas story. I had a feeling that Haas wanted something like this, to get the team back together, and I'm liking that Shelton's not taking to it, should make for some great drama down the road. Good dialogue as well, that's what I really enjoyed the most here.

Awesome segment here. Carlito was brilliant, quickly rushing to defend himself and I loved his mumbling in Spanish. Masters was delusional to the fact that Carlito feels like he's being overlooked, and that should make for a fun split. I didn't like Maria's question, though, I know it was to set up this great segment, but it sounded silly. I guess Maria's in her ditzy character, which should explain that, but I've always felt interviewers should be reasonably intelligent and not ask questions like that.

Very solid match that did indeed deliver. Impressive performances from both men, and good showing of teamwork between Masters and Carlito to help him get the win, and a nice counter to the Three Amigos to boot. I was afraid that Chavo's momentum might've been halted by a loss, but I'm glad that wasn't the case. Good stuff here, good win for Masters as he garners momentum of his own.

Great segment here, although I felt it to be sorted of filler just to get Flair's catchphrases in. You're pimping the hell out of this match, but very effectively. Flair's definitely being built up as a major force with all of these segments, and it's gotten us incredibly amped for the huge match.

Decent match, wasn't expecting this to be the match of the night, but still good. Angle's face turn has been going very well, and I was impressed with him. Three Germans to Kane? Then an Angle Slam on Show? Then another Angle Slam for Kane? Good stuff. Hunter seemed like an afterthought when everything was said and done, with Edge trying to take Angle out with a chair. I'm guessing this is that deal Bischoff made with Triple H, getting Edge to take him out. Anyway, I love that you went right to the mega main event, already off to a huge start.

Awesome match, best of the night, definitely lived up to all the hype. Great psychology throughout, it had its fair share of sick spots, but it wasn't an absolute spotfest. Lita played her role very well, and even with all the help, Edge looked fantastic here, cemented his reign as legit with this huge win over Flair. Cena also got his ounce of payback against Edge by putting him through the table, added to Edge's next title match at the Rumble. Great stuff here, can't stress it enough.

Most of the show was devoted to the main event, hyping it to no end, and it totally delivered. The rest of the matches and going-ons were also very good, and like I said, you seem to get better with every show. Great job, you're building the Rumble very nicely with people having to earn their spots, and the other matches on the card are doing well, too. Next week, I'd like to see some interaction between Trish and Victoria to help that one out, as it's the one that needs it the most. Great job, BKB, keep it up, man. 8.5/10.
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