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Re: Tennis Mafia Gameplay Thread

Originally Posted by CBR View Post
Also Wesson brah what happened to you pushing against DH today? Something come up? Don't find him sus anymore? You seemed real eager to push a claim on him before you were modkilled.
Originally Posted by Wesson View Post
I give up, you happy man I give up. I quit, fuck this shit seriously. I'm packing my fucking bags and leaving. Because things aren't going according to plan .
Post before the modkill after my interaction I backed off the DH thing. It wasn't getting me anywhere, and I didn't think the wagon get steam. Part of the hard push if you read the post wanted to get an reaction out of DH. I just wanted to get into his head a little bit, he didn't give me the overreaction that I wanted. As he tends to overreact, bad defense, irrational, and more impulsive as scum. He gave a good response, enough to make me back off.

Also consider I agreed with Kantos vote on SXE last day phase. It's not a major reach, it's a shift from target one to target two. I could say you're reaching and grasping for something, but this is to be expected. So it's noted, and not nothing of any major concern at the moment.
Originally Posted by Wolf Tiger View Post
You knew Wesson wouldn't do that, would bring sus. onto him. But yeah him backing off kinda rubs off on me the wrong way.

FOS Wesson
Seriously? This backing off nonsense is a reach considering I made what? one post since coming back into the game.
Originally Posted by Lostfan View Post
Wolf tiger is jumping at shadows, and hasn't offered an opinion that hasn't been said in a post right before yet.

Originally Posted by Wolf Tiger View Post
You want my opinion ok. Here it is. I do have a feeling that DH could be mafia but Im just not sold on it. I'm waiting to see what happens. I'm not gonna post here "DH is mafia" and it turn out wrong and look bad. I wanna be sure before I do anything.
This makes no sense, I could FOS for this it's just strange. If I'm backing off, I'd be in more sync with your line of thinking. Which would make town in your eyes yes or no?

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