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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
Didn’t you knock me a few months back when I brought in Hayger as Jack swagger? I think you did, but granted I could be wrong. The way you did it seems like you changed your mind at the last minute having aired promos with the “Josh Hayger” name on them…
I think I might have said something about his name, but I’m positive I did knock you for the storyline you brought him in to as a character instead of a wrestler as that’s what I feel he is. Anyways, I did change my mind on his name after getting used to it from real life. It does suit him, and I realise that now. I thought it would also give him something extra when he debuted.

Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
Tazz is growing on me with each passing show. His breezing, no BS attitude is a welcome relief. TBH I see no reason why Tazz couldn’t of signed a no DQ rematch for the belts, but your way drags out the feud more, so either way it works really.
Good. I’m trying hard with Tazz to make him exactly the way you described. It is designed to drag it out for a while.

Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
If anything I come out of this match question Burchill’s intelligence. He has an injury, he doesn’t have to put himself in this situation. I’m guessing they drop the belts next week.
The earlier promo summed up why he was competing, to try and get The Masters of the Mat for good. A win here would have done that, but unfortunately it didn’t and the feud continues.

Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
Now this surprised me. Mia gets the pin, that part was obvious, but the aftermath was very surprising indeed with Beth coming to Mia Rains aid. I didn’t see you booking it this way and now that you have, it’s brilliant. In the end it was Beth showing Mia how impressive she was and to not disrespect her. Maybe these two will join forces now instead of feuding, who knows.
Beth has competition, that’s all I can say. I’m glad it’s intriguing you somewhat as the Smackdown divas division will pick up very shortly with these two at the heart of it.

Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
I would of waited until after the KOTR to bring him back as tonight there is just to much going down for this to stand out as it should. I’m guessing you brought him back now, so you could get a start on his storyline with Taker before the WWE starts there’s IRL. I liked the heel turn, but Taker looked like an idiot, standing there so long, taking so much shit and doing fuck all about it. I’m excited about this, but I felt it didn’t stand out as much as it should have done, given the amount of stuff going on.
The reason I went with it here wasn’t because of any plans the WWE might have to book a program between them but because of the timing of The Undertaker’s lack of desire to win the title at Judgment Day, and his decline. I couldn’t of held off until the King of the Ring as the Judgment Day match was the main focus of Jericho’s argument. The reason I had Taker stand there and listen was because Jericho was trying to get him to listen like he asked him to, and Taker was realising that there was something to it. That’s why I didn’t have him go ballistic.

Originally Posted by D-K-L View Post
I didn't really like Rain backing away as if she's afraid though, although I'm focussing on a tiny detail here, as she was only just disrespecting the most dominant Diva in the WWE earlier and now she was acting a little scared of Mickie and McCool. Nitpicking as I said, and there were two of them I guess.
It was only because there two of them and they were trying to intimidate her. With their backs to Beth, it would set up what was going to follow with both Rain & Beth destroying one each for the staredown.

Originally Posted by D-K-L View Post
I'm shocked you had Punk kick out of the Superkick though, didn't you say in a review that you hate wrestlers kicking out of finishers?
I do, that's why i had the delay in Michaels crawling over after a short delay, giving Punk some time to recover.

Originally Posted by CM Crunk View Post
I'm not sure what to make of the Jericho/Taker segment. A feud between these two would be epic, IRL or in BTB, I'm just not sure this was the right way to kick it off. Jericho gave a great promo, but it was sorta random for him to just call out The Undertaker's lackluster Judgment Day performace, especially if Jericho was supposed to be a face. Had he been the heel, dictionary-loving douchebag Jericho from TV, I would have no question.
I can see why you thought it was random, and as for the Jericho character, it’s the beginning of a heel turn. I was trying to make the transition from his face character.

Thanks for the reviews guys, much appreciated. Here are some notes that might help as well.

Backstage WWE News

Following the events of the past week at Judgment Day and Smackdown, we’ve learnt that Shawn Michaels will be taking some time off. That explains why he had his rematch with CM Punk so soon, but there is the distinct possibility that they could pick up from where they left off when Michaels does return. We’ve been told that Michaels has been pretty beat up for a while now having worked non stop since the Survivor Series. We all know that his body isn’t anywhere near what it used to be, and he’ll be given time to regroup in time to be 100% for SummerSlam.

It was believed by some that Bobby Lashley would go in to a singles feud with Shelton Benjamin after Judgment Day, but it appears that is not the case. A separate storyline was devised for Lashley that will begin to unfold very soon, while it seems that Benjamin will be starting a program with Matt Sydal after their match on Smackdown this week. Based on that, Sydal’s victory over Johnny Jeter brings the curtain down on their feud. Creative remain positive on Jeter’s future as well as Sydal’s, and we’re being told that there are strong plans in place for him too.

Christian’s return took many by surprise, and it won’t come as a surprise that he will be feuding with Edge throughout the summer. We also hear that the introduction of Tomko to their program won’t be the last, so keep an eye on developments there.

Chris Jericho will be turning heel now he has debuted on Smackdown, and a feud with The Undertaker is all but confirmed following their promo on Smackdown. While Jericho turned heel Friday night, MVP went the other way and began a face turn when he came to Shawn Michaels’ aid, fighting off CM Punk. It looks to be the case that he will be challenging Punk while Michaels takes some time off.

Matt Hardy picked up a minor elbow injury at Judgment Day that kept him off television this week, and he might be out of action for a little while longer.

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