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Re: WWE: A Strong Response


~ Matt Striker on commentary FTW. Punk as Champion FTW. Hayger, Jericho, and Christian debuting FTW. This is the most I've looked forward to any BTB show in a long time. Let's get into it!

~ All I can say about the opening segment is 'wow'. VERY strong promo work between Punk and Michaels. Both were very in character and Punk played his heel role as great as he would have IRL. I loved him bringing up Survivor Series 97 when questioned about his actions at Judgment Day, I loved him bringing up HBK's faith, I loved his 'I got two word for you'. Everything about this opening promo was awesome. This is he first time I have officially marked out over a BTB.

~ Sort of a squash match for Elijah Burke, but the right person went over. It will be great to see Burke compete alongside Dykstra and, what I'm assuming will be, a lot of other young, hungry guys waiting to be pushed up the card.

~ Good interaction between The Glamazon and Rain. This was bound to happen somewhere down the like, and it got started off right. I love how Mia was not intimidated in the least, putting "Bev" in her place pretty well. Good segment, good start to the feud.

~ Strong debut for Jack Swagger. I'm surprised you had him change his name in a promo, but I see where it may add a tad more arrogance to the character by making the announcer re-announce him under a different name. Anyhow, it's good to see Swagger in your BTB, I know you will do him justice.

~ Good backstage segment here with Benjamin and the Masters talking to Tazz. Benjamin/Sydal should be a great one, and hopefully it leads to a solid feud. Benjamin's reaction to the match was great too. The Masters were their typical awesome heel selves, especicially when Tazz pointed out that they basically cost themselves the match. Great setup for later matches, and great interraction.

~ Wow, there have been squashes aplenty tonight. I was not surprised in the least to see Rain go over here, or to see Mickie and McCool stand up to her after the match, but Beth's run-in on Rain's behalf was certanly eyebrow-raising. It'll be interesting to hear Beth's reasoning for all this, and even more interesting to see where things go. Good stuff.

~ Strong Chavo promo. It continued the feud and promoted a match for next week, no complaints here.

~ Very strong promo between Edge and Christian. Almost as awesome as the HBK/Punk one from earlier. I loved Edge being his usual cocky self, calling Christian the Anvil and Marty Jannetty of the team and even going as far as pointing out that Edge comes first in Edge & Christian, and then refusing the match. I also liked Christian bringing the holidays into it, adding the personal effect. There were only two downsides IMO, one was the overuse of bro, and the other was Tomko’s return seemed kinda lost in the shuffle compared to everything that was already going on. Other than that this was gold.

~ The UK Pack segment was just kinda there. I don't really know its purpose other than more emphasis on the cast.

~ I kinda expected teh Sydal win here. The prospect of a long program between these two is enough to keep my attention. Both are gold in the ring, and I think you just wanted to wet our appetites here with a mere portion of the awesomeness to come.

~ I'm not sure the point of the Shane/Michaels segment other than to show how focussed Michaels is. If that was all, mission accomplished.

~ The Masters/UK Pack match was nto really as action packed as I had hoped. The No DQ stipulation could have been played up a lot more, but for a free TV match it was fine. However I didn't really see why so much emphasis was placed on tagging in and out when it was a no DQ match. Other than that small detail, this was a solid match that continued a solid program.

~ I'm not sure what to make of the Jericho/Taker segment. A feud between these two would be epic, IRL or in BTB, I'm just not sure this was the right way to kick it off. Jericho gave a great promo, but it was sorta random for him to just call out The Undertaker's lackluster Judgment Day performace, especially if Jericho was supposed to be a face. Had he been the heel, dictionary-loving douchebag Jericho from TV, I would have no question. Overall I'm excited about the feud, and the story behind it will probably take a backseat to the action eventually anyway.

~ Wow, what a main event! Punk looked like a real fighting champion here, kicking out of the flying elbow and the super kick, and at the same time he looked like a great heel, using a low blow to ultimately pick up the win. It was nice to see an MVP run-in at the end of the match, especially since Punk won the MITB breifcase from MVP. A title program between these two should be great, maybe not quite Jericho/Taker or Edge/Christian levels, but nevertheless it should be a fun read. I expect Michaels to take some time off as much as you played up his physical condition in the match, but if not it will be interesting to see where he goes from here.

OVERALL: Incredible show Nige. I don't know if I've ever used that word in a review, but I'll have to here. This show is the kind of show that inspires other people to start BTBs. Your main promos were fantastic, especially Punk/HBK and Edge/Christian. Your action was solid; you had a great main event with a solid undercard. There was not much at all wrong with this show, I'd rank the Judgment Day fallout episode almost as good as Judgment Day itself.

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!
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