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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Raw Review

-Good promo from Angle to open the show. Typical of Angle, in that it was relatively short and purposeful. Angle's got a huge problem with a world champion, Edge, going into the Rumble, so at the moment he's the favourite, but I'm not sure. Could be a decoy. Bischoff's reasoning for not letting Angle get Edge was logical, and the match made for tonight gives Angle something to do ahead of the Rumble. Overall this segment was quite short, but as I said earlier, that suits Angle, and it was well-structured and accomplished what it needed to. I forgot about Daivari even being out there until he held Angle back at the end. I think it would've been beneficial to give him a line or two.

-Glad that you're continuing the McMahon/HBK feud. It had potential, but like a lot of people, I didn't like the pay-off, as I think Michaels can be utilised better at WrestleMania. I'll reserve my judgment until I see where you're headed with this. Michaels silence suggests he's concerned, but then again, he is against Cade and Murdoch who don't pose too much of a threat, so I see him qualifying for the Rumble.

-Highly competitive opening bout with Benjamin and Helms. The match writing was decent throughout and it was given eight minutes. More than enough time for them. It looks as if Benjamin's set for a heel turn and Haas perhaps is to be the sacrificial lamb.

-The Edge interview was a great segment. He kept well in character though - self-centered and arrogant. It wasn't repetitive either, which is often an issue for these backstage interview segments in BTB.

-The Trish/Mickie angle was executed perfectly in real life and it seems you're going to follow a similar formula, keeping it slow built and Mickie's psycho character gradually surfacing. I liked this segment a lot. The dialogue was a little bit off, because Ashley came off a little bit bitchy herself. I think she could've been a little hesitant over the 'crazy' remark and perhaps remorseful after she said it. However, Mickie listening in was a nice touch. Maybe the trigger will be pulled on this feud a little sooner than in real life.

-As expected Michaels doesn't have too many problems taking care of Cade and Murdoch. He was fairly dominant in this match and I can't fault anything with it. A nice gimmick on the match and HBK overcoming the odds makes for a good face. McMahon won't be happy of course, but I'm glad Michaels is in the Rumble (for now), and he's one of the front-runners to win it.

-The Bischoff/Triple H backstage segment was well-written. At first it seemed Bischoff was a little too arrogant infront of the Game, to whom he's usually a pocket-GM, but it worked well in the end creating the suspense and myster with them discussing the deal.

-Well you've got the advantage of having a good divas angle to generate some interest in the division, and with Mickie knowing about Ashley's derogatory comments about her earlier inevitably there was going to be problems in their team. I can see why you had her drop from the apron as opposed to just nailing Ashley with a punch or a kick, as this alllowed for Candice and Victoria to pick up the win in a heel-ish manner. Victoria as the number one contender is good, as she was criminally under-utilised at this time. Obviously she's just going to be feuding with Trish up until Mickie's character completes her psychotic turn, but still. A good move.

-The Haas and Benjamin segment was okay if a little confusing. No idea whether they're set to feud or get back together, and who's supposed to be acting like a dick, because to be honest they both came of a little dickish. If that's what you're going for - to have both of them as a heel tag-team - then fine, but I'm not sure if that was the desired effect.

-The interview with Carlito and Chris Masters was great. Carlito came off looking slightly more face-ish, and Masters looking a little manipulative and bossy, which works. It's an interesting dynamic to have with a tag-team. It'll be interesting to see where they're headed as a team - or indeed as singles wrestlers should they split, which you seem to be teasing.

-As for the Masters vs. Chavo bout, I can't say too much about it, other than, six minutes was a little long. It got Masters over though and I'm not too bothered about Chavo jobbing.

-Short but sweet segment between Flair and Michaels. You write Flair very well, and he has a lot of confidence going into tonight's main event, which will surely be crushed by Edge. Michaels' involvement is intruiging, but I think it's nothing more than wishing his friend luck, and there's nothing cynical lying beneath - which was an idea I toyed with for a moment there.

-RVD returning for the Rumble... very interesting. I'm really thrown as to who will win currently, so many contenders.

-Exciting star-studded tag team match next, and I think you gave it more than enough time considering Show and Kane are involved. The finish was well done, and protects all of them involved. Overall a fine match, and I loved how Flair came out for the main event straight away.

-Inevitably Edge retains, but it was an enjoyable read if a little long. I skipped the first couple of paragraphs if I'm honest, but at least it felt like a main event and was a little special with the extra length. Cena getting involved had to happen really with the bad blood between the two, and the finish was decent with the spear through the table. The aftermath was something which was very much needed after the main event with Cena getting the advantage ahead of the Rumble. A fine way to end an exhilerating main event and the show.

OVERALL: Great show. The match-writing was brilliant throughout and the promos were also of high quality. The main event had great hype and delivery, and the angles were all progressed going into the Royal Rumble. Didn't find too much to fault with the show to be honest, it was very well-written.
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