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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Smackdown Review

As I said in the Judgment Day review I am really looking forward to HBK/Punk feud, it has the potential to be fantastic and this was a nice start to their feud. Loved CM Punk in this and I liked how he focussed on the fact that he was opportunistic rather than cowardly, and I liked the line about him deciding to it when someone asked him who'd win Taker/HBK. HBK was always going to come out and he didn't dissapoint, I liked what he had to say, typical face move by wanting to get the rematch straight away but maybe Tazz should've come out and stopped it. Like I've said numerous times in my Raw reviews I'm not big on having huge matches on TV rather than a PPV, especially when it's such a new and exciting feud like this one so I don't really agree with that. Liked Punk bringing up SS '97 and trying to make HBK out to be the bad guy and the last part especially was brilliant and he made hismelf look so strong by making all those big statements, especially the last line. On another night some Sweet Chin Music would've been a perfect end to this with Punk getting in his head, but tonight is Punk's night so I'm glad it ended with Punk getting the last word. Great promo.

Decent enough match, although it's not exactly best to open the show with a squash, which it seems like it was, it had two good wrestlers so I reckon it could be good enough. It seems like Kash is going to be going downhill from here after being built up in order to put Michael Shane over well, I hope you bring Noble back now for the return of the Pitbulls. Elijah Burke I like so I'm glad to see him qualify, and he hit his two big moves which I like also.

Very good yet quite odd segment here. Rain said that Phoenix has the wrong impression and so do I, as I was also under the impression that she was trying to impress Phoenix. I'm interested to see where you go with this now, a feud between the two would be great as they're both very talented and dominant Divas, but I wouldn't rule out an alliance between them yet. This did lots for Rain as well, really showed how mentally tough she isn't afriad of The Glamazon.

I liked the debut of Jack Swagger, it seems like you changed your mind and changed his name again. It's the right decision to be honest as he's already in our heads as Jack Swagger and it suits him really, and it gave him a reason to have the introduction again which would probably get his name sticking in people's heads. Keeping matches short is good for TVs with the focus on promos, but the only problem with it is that you can't showcase the skills of a debutant as well with so little detail, which kinda happened here. I'm sure he'll have lots of promo and match time in the future though and it was a good little squash for him tonight, so I can see him doing well in this thread. Perhaps he'd be forgotten as well with everything going on tonight, but I think it's wise to start everything after a PPV to mark the start of a new era on SD.

Nice way of hyping two diifferent matches in one segment. Bejamin against Sydal should be a very good match and hopefully it'lllead to Sydal rising to the US Title division. The bit with Haas and Masters was also pretty good, they were understandably angry and a No DQ match should be great, although the fact that it's non-title puts the odds in the favour of Haas and Masters. I don't understand why he said he couldn't make the tag title match though? I win for them would be good, it'd regain them some momentum after looking so good only to lose at JD.

I like the progression of this Rain/Phoenix situation, looks like they will be forming some sort of alliance after all. Another squash for Rain as well is good, she looks very impressive at the moment. I didn't really like Rain backing away as if she's afraid though, although I'm focussing on a tiny detail here, as she was only just disrespecting the most dominant Diva in the WWE earlier and now she was acting a little scared of Mickie and McCool. Nitpicking as I said, and there were two of them I guess.

The Chavo interview was written really well, came off great. I'm really liking Chavo's aim with Killings as it has a serious story behind it by bringing up his past all the time. I hope this is just about putting Killings over in a big way though, as Chavo doesn't have that much to offer long term IMO.

The promo with Christian and Edge was just brilliant. This was such a strong return for Christian, he talked himself up well, made some good points as to why he's come back and also put down Edge so well. I liked how you brought their family life into it as well by mentioning how Edge isn't loved anymore, really personal and very effective. I also loved the line about Christian prefering to have no titles than... and so on. Edge coming down was great, really liked what he had to say as well and I lol'd at the Disneyland comment. I'm glad to see Tomko back with Christian as well, they work well together and Tomko has improved so much since his last stint in WWE. I like Christian challenging him now and leaving it in the hands of Edge, should lead to some more great promos in the future. Really strong SD debut from Christian as I said, and this promo was as good if not better than their great promo at JD.

The UK Pack segment was okay I guess, it didn't do much for me but it was decent enough to add more hype to the tag match, which could slip to the back of people's minds with eevrything else going on. The focus on the cast was probably needed as well, raising the question as to whether he'll use it again or whether it'll end up costing them. Anything would struggle after Christian/Edge though.

So it does look like Sydal is stepping up to the US division then, this feud would deliver some great matches although not the best promos. The way you ended it was great, loved the smooth finish with teh rollup after the attempted splash, better a rollup than the SSP as well to make it even more surprising. Nice start to this feud which could be very good.

I'm not overly keen on these segments with HBK and Shane, but thats partly because I can't work out your reasoning! At the moment it does just seem like your doing it to bring them together, but I don't know what that really does, apart from give Shane a little more credibility. That's why I think this may eventually lead to a family betreyal way down the line when Shane is capable enough. This was good though to give us an idea as to what HBK is thinking, and you certainly showed how focussed he is to win the title back tonight. I guess you needed to give HBK some extra mic time as well to try and convince us he has a chance. Decent enough segment.

The tag match played out pretty well with an impressive win for Masters and Haas as I expected, and it makes sense to have them go over tonight to get them right back in the hunt for the titles. They needed this as well, as I said, after losing at JD. But I hope they don't end up taking the belts now, as if they are going to win them they should've done at JD. I like what you did with the cast as well, creates a very interestign situation as surely he won't be up to competing this time.

Jericho's return was great and I love that you have started a feud between he and The Undertaker, that's something I really want to see and has the potential to be epic. I like the heel turn also,as he has shown IRL once again just how awesome heel Jericho is. There were some great parts in this, liked the line about there only being one legend in the JD match as it set up his criticism of Taker so well, and I LOVED the part about Jericho's son asking him what's special about Undertaker with him not being able to give him an answer.
It was perhaps questionable that he started to talk about The Undertaker rather than just himslef, and also perhaps questionable that The Undertaker would just stand there without trying to Chokeslam him or whatever, but I'm trying to find some problems there. Very nice start to Jericho on Smackdown.

The result wasn't surprising but this seemed like a very good title match, with Punk doing very well in his first title defence. I'm glad that Punk retained and although a clean win would've done wonders for him, a dirty win works well with his heel persona and leaves HBK wanting revenge. I'm shocked you had Punk kick out of the Superkick though, didn't you say in a review that you hate wrestlers kicking out of finishers? The aftermatch was very good as well as MVP looked great making the save. A MVP/Punk feud would be interesting to say the least, whether or not MVP is quite ready to be in the top feud I don't know, so maybe HBK should stay involved for now until you build MVP up a little more. It would seem you are also going to turn MVP face, I loved him as a heel but I guess a change is good, but then again if HBK stays involved for a triple threat MVP could stay heel. Very good ending.

Overall it was a brilliant show and one of your best in a while IMO in terms of promos. It was great to see Christian debut on Smackdown and his promo with Edge was the highlight of the night for me. Also great to see Jericho come to SD and I am so happy that it looks like we're getting Y2J/Undertaker. The title situation looks very interesting as well and I'm looking forward to MVP being involved around the title. Great show mate.

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