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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

BY SC2004>>>

>>> Oh now I get it, you went with the same main event as I did on RAW. LOL. I actually expected this to be honest, the confrontation between these two that is. I didn’t however expect you to book the match for tonight. You know how I hate giving away big matches on TV, but this is a PPV match. Still, looking forward to the match up immensely. As for the content of the promo, it was spot on for the most part. Punk trying to claim what he done was right, when it clearly wasn’t, was typical heel tactics. The line about convenient faith” and the survivor Series mentions were fun, though with a hostile Canadian crowd I believe those reference may have gotten HBK heat tonight, not what a booker wants going into a world title matches. The SS 97 references are fine, but they seem to get used in Canada all to often. Overall this was a great way to start what should be a killer show.

>>> Kash goes out. This was a fine way to start the wrestling portion of the show. I’, always amazed how a tournament can make the most ordinary of matches seem important. Great for bookers. Not much else to say here really.

>>> Very solid promo here with Mia and Beth. I sense something was being planned between these two on the last show. They’re both heels however, so turning Beth I guess could be an option. Judging by the segment as a whole, I think you may just want a good TV match that makes Mia look even better and then leave it at that. If you want go long term with this, obviously turning beth will have to done, something I‘m all for. Her character is stale. “Bev, is it?” FUNNY!

>>> Didn’t you knock me a few months back when I brought in Hayger as Jack swagger? I think you did, but granted I could be wrong. The way you did it seems like you changed your mind at the last minute having aired promos with the “Josh Hayger” name on them… So if felt a little silly that a debuting wrestler would change his actual name on TV, I mean who is he, prince? The squash was fine, it’s either have him do that or get a big win on his debut. The squash root works well.

>>> Tazz is growing on me with each passing show. His breezing, no BS attitude is a welcome relief. The fact he has beef with Benjamin, stems from his hate of cocky, arrogant types and by challenging Benjamin, he may actually grow to respect him somewhat. Benjamin, Sydal should be class. I sense an upset, given the way you had Benjamin react. You transitioned between Benjamin and the Masters of the Mat well. TBH I see no reason why Tazz couldn’t of signed a no DQ rematch for the belts, but your way drags out the feud more, so either way it works really.

>>> Now this surprised me. Mia gets the pin, that part was obvious, but the aftermath was very surprising indeed with Beth coming to Mia Rains aid. I didn’t see you booking it this way and now that you have, it’s brilliant. In the end it was Beth showing Mia how impressive she was and to not disrespect her. Maybe these two will join forces now instead of feuding, who knows.

>>> Why the WWE refuse to use Killings real life past to change up the character is beyond me. The same goes for MVP. I’m liking Chavo being painted as a moral crusader who believes it’s OK for him to do bad things in order to punish bad people as it were. Very right to censor…

>>> I think Edge and Christian are going to steal the show for many weeks to come on SmackDown. This was just a great promo. The reference to Bret and Shawn etc. brought a sense of realism to the promo. Edge trying to put down his brother, yet Christian seems the happier of the two and we found out why . Edge is no longer welcomed by his family, that could go a long way to explaining his erratic behaviour. I was worried when you had Christian issue the challenge so early on, but luckily Edge had a decent excuse. I want to see this build and build for several months before we get the payoff match. Tomko, wow, I mean how stacked is SD now. Jericho, Tomko, Christian, Swagger…… who’s going to fall in order to allow these to rise???

>>> The UK Pack segment fell flat, mainly because it followed the Edge/christian promo and also because it was mostly filler. I like the UK Pack, but I question Tazz’s decision to make an injured man wrestle two matches back to back within 24 hours.

>>> I called it, Sydal gets the upset victory. This screamed Razor Ramon and the 123 Kid. It worked very well and the finish was fluky. I think you constructed the match in such a way that Benjamin remains strong and Sydal seems lucky, yet competent. This is obviously not over between these two and I think a long term feud could be a whole lot of fun.

>>> Again much like the UK Pack segment did earlier, this HBK, Michael Shane segment was a little flat. I don’t want to call it filler, because it shed further light on Shawn, how he’s feeling and what’s motivating him and I’ve continued to enjoy this family relationship. An OK segment I guess.

>>> I always feel that when you book a match up such as this, with the stipulation being that a team must win to get a rematch and a title shot, that you’re almost giving away the outcome before the match up starts. This was a great match and you’re playing up the Burchill injury well and how effected the team are by it. If anything I come out of this match question Burchill’s intelligence. He has an injury, he doesn’t have to put himself in this situation. I’m guessing they drop the belts next week.

>>> With Christian, Swagger and a world title match up on this show, Jericho got lost in the scuffle somewhat. I would of waited until after the KOTR to bring him back as tonight there is just to much going down for this to stand out as it should. I’m guessing you brought him back now, so you could get a start on his storyline with Taker before the WWE starts there’s IRL. I liked the heel turn, but Taker looked like an idiot, standing there so long, taking so much shit and doing fuck all about it. I’m excited about this, but I felt it didn’t stand out as much as it should have done, given the amount of stuff going on.

>>> It would seem as if MVP, Punk and to a certain extent Jericho have stepped up to the detriment of HBK and The Undertaker. Punk’s win signals to the world that he is the best, better than HBK and Taker. MVP however ends the show looking like the man, undoing some of what was achieved when CM Punk pinned HBK. There’s just much happening on SD and this show in particular, it’s so exciting. What next for HBK though as it would seem that Punk is going on to compete with MVP.

OVERALL: You weren’t lying when you said this was full of promos. It’s like one of my shows, jammed packed and pushing the two hour limit. Whilst everything was done brilliantly, I question you willingness to have so much happen so soon, on one show, coming off a PPV. Did we really need Jericho tonight? I don’t think so. His promo with Taker would have been perfect post KOTR and allowed it to build to a match at SummerSlam. CM Punk was the man tonight. He looked so strong. MVP obviously is going to get a further push. Undertaker looked weak tonight after the Jericho promo and HbK loosing to Punk. Swagger is on his way as is Sydal. All in all, probably the best show in some time.

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