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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Just here to drop necessary feedback since you have for my shows thus far.

Quite a card you've got yourself for tonight. Stacked is probably the word I'm looking for and needless to say that might just be an understatement. Edge probably won't be dropping the title tonight to Flair but it'll probably be a pretty compelling match considering we're in Flair Country tonight. Looking forward to that especially.

Angle was on fire in this promo I felt. Loved the way you captured his passion to once again be WWE Champion; seems like one of those 'desperate' scenarios that usually come up. He is definitely looking like one of the favorites in the Rumble match, imo at least. Bischoff playing the hand of Angle was good, being the evil mind that he is. Once again, Kurt's looking like one of the favorites in my opinion, and I won't be shocked if he wins the Rumble with how he's been showcased thus far.

Really interested to see where this whole McMahon/Michaels angle is going to go. I foresee HBK making it into the Rumble because anything less of that would be completely ludicrous. The stuff from Vince made him seem quite in character, and this was short and sweet and to the point. Just... really interested in seeing where it all leads to.

Shelton Benjamin was definitely mishandled at this time so I'd like to think that you'll give him some respect in this thread, no? Hopefully so. Anyways, Helms on Raw is great and that's definitely where he should have stayed instead of owning with the CW belt on SD, imo. Looked to be a pretty good match, and Helms getting the victory is a pretty big win for him as big things could be in his future if you make him do so.

Haas|Benjamin interaction makes me think a WGTT reuniting is all but confirmed.

Edge in his typical form in this promo. Nothing really fantastic but it hypes up the title match for later on tonight more which is a good thing. The shots at Angle, Cena, and Flair were all good, although I found there to be way too much on ANgle. Just seems like an Angle|Edge encounter at WM could be even more likely. Just my two cents though, could be wrong of course.

Not really much to say about the diva promo with Trish and Ashley, 'cept that Mickie should soon get the title in my view. Change it up if you do go that route, and make it fresh and exciting, and different.

Thought the way you booked this match was good, and it makes Michaels look pretty strong heading into the Rumble now that he has overcome these odds. It was predictable and inevitiable, but the match looked to be decent. Coach alluding to Vinnie Mac not being finished with it most likely means this thing isn't over but as I said earlier, it's just a wonder how it's going to go down. Keep it interesting, plz.

Really liked the segment with Bischoff and Triple H. Thought h was good and was an absolute prick like he always is. Heel HHH > Face HHH most definitely, so hopefully for the time being it stays that way. Intrigued by Bischoff's plan, and of course, it's cut off. You've got me hooked.

Mickie being a deceiving little bitch in this match was a good decision. Trish/Victoria will be good as always, as they were probably the two best divas in terms of ring work at this time (course Mickie was an up and comer in the division). I can definitely see some dissension very soon with Trish, Mickie, and Ashley now that Mickie just cost Ashley the match. Like before, just keep it fresh and do something new to give some goodness to the Women's division and not make it so bland.

Good stuff in this Haas and Benjamin backstage promo. Really liked the "we were the world's greatest" line, much like Legend did also. WGTT should definitely be reuniting as Shelton's clearly in denial, and soon enough he'll be aligned with his former partner. It's almost obvious imo.

Really liked this interview with Masters & Carlito. Funny stuff, Carlito and Masters were great as a team and really could have been better if they were together longer so hopefully you keep them together for a lengthy amount of time. Masters v Chavo was a pretty decent match, probably the filler of the night though, and a good way to put Masters over. Really liked the guy honestly, so hopefully you keep him high up.

Nice hype for the WWE Title match with the Michaels and Flair interaction. Shame Flair probably won't be winning #17, but maybe some day in the future.

Jesus, Angle looked like a force in this one. Seems like the plan from Bischoff was to throw Edge into the mix, which was good, and can only mean Edge/Angle is teased once again for WM. None too surprised, and as I said before, Angle looked like a damn force. Good job w/ that.

Awesome transition into the title match and man did this one look good. Really loved how this one was booked as Edge looked like a million bucks fending off Cena and his opponent to retain the title. Excellent end to the show with Cena getting the last laugh, which adds to the build for their match at the Royal Rumble.

Overall, a pretty good show BKB. Really like where this thread is going and there will definitely be more reviews from me in the future and some more reading from me as well. Keep it up.

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