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Re: Fallout: TG Tournament Match - invincible vs. gmkhercules vs. Austin101

I like Austin101's debate.

Anyhow, I'm choosing to go against the topic. Hell in a Cell is a gimmick that was born out of the Shawn Michaels|Undertaker feud. A story of a brash, arrogant young prick trying to escape his fate set on him by the darkest force in WWE history. Since then the match type has evolved. Mankind and the Undertaker made it legendary with the spots they pulled off. Brock and Taker, Batista and Triple H etc. made it of brilliant quality. Triple H and Foley, Edge & Taker together made it the ultimate feud ender in the biggest wrestling company in the world.

The WWE creative itself has tried to replace the Hell in a Cell on many occasions. As a more creative and original, yet more brutal spin-off of the steel cage match, the Hell in a Cell wasn't too hard to replace in theory.

The Elimination Chamber was one such attempt. With the story of Eric Bichoff wanting to top Stephanie's HIAC masterpiece the PPV prior, the Elim. Chamber produced a quality match the first time around but it couldn't top the aura and the grandeur that the HIAC had come to acquire throughout the years. The Elimination Chamber stayed as an alternative to the HIAC but it did not become the feud ender that the HIAC was. They even tried making it extreme to make it more like the Cell but that ended up ruining what the Chamber had going for it, in the first place.

I despised the idea of having a HIAC PPV like the Chamber PPV (No Way Out) because the match type is not meant to be used like that.

Then in 2006, they brought in the Punjabi Prison, a match type similar to the triple cage except there was only two of them. And they were made of bamboos

It ended up being a masterpiece of a failure. They made up for it at No Mercy the very next year but the attempt to replace the Cell had been futile.

I could create a million match types to replace the Cell and in theory, it might sound wonderful but nothing the company implements now can replace all the memories that the Hell in a Cell gimmick has created. Thus, recommending something faulty for the only wrestling company that I still follow wouldn't be ideal for my tastes.

The fact that they had two HIAC matches on RAW tells me that they didn't grasp the importance of the match type until very later on and now it seems they've lost it again but soon they'll revert back to the feud ender form because that's the only way the HIAC is meant to be used. There are exceptions but not twice every single year. ;D

Hell in a Cell is the most important gimmick match that the WWE has come up with in terms of quality, brutality and drawing ability. It can't be replaced now and doing so would be absolutely foolish.

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