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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

The town in this game was horrible, like seriously it was really bad. Like in the beginning of the game I wasn't too pleased with my mafia. Then again I was in a mafia funk, which showed in my games. We had 4 players which seemed underman, the player we wanted in a endgame scenario was outed, also my play was bad. As Godfather, I made good moves, hell we figured out 80% of the roles and characters with 2/3 of the game still alive. The only issue was our play, I screamed mafia so did Lostfan to a lesser extent. We barely scumhunted, tbh the town was so bad. I made no effort to use my normal mafia play. We all jumped on wagons and etc, the same one too. A funny moment is that Alcoholic caught two scum, he had RKO caught but we killed him. The day I died was a mess, rolewise. Considering IV got my decision to hide once night was being written. I'd complain but why should I? asking a mod to rewrite the whole entire night over one role is not neccessary.

Anyway steven outed himself way to early, so we blocked him. Um tbf the funniest thing was the BKB lynch it was obvious who the mafia is. As BKB knew I killed Sticsky at the point. The Kantos thing and how hard we pushed gave us away. But also showed how bad the town was. When the mafia can accurately pin point who did what with that many players in the game. Well then that town sucked. So basically it got to the point where we couldn't lose. Even though once the Kantos thing came it was obvious who the mafia is.

Also lol at the whole panther thing.

Also Currently owns.

I'm glad I didn't ask for RKO to be replaced.

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