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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here


Also, Wesson/Lostfan scum team was fucking awesome.

If anyone wants to know what we were thinking ;D

We decided to push a currently wagon day 1. At this stage we weren't even sure that BKB was a watcher/tracker, lol.
But yeh, we wanted currently confirmed and thought this was the easiest way to get someone to endgame.

We then auto-lynched Kantos, eh. Bad decision. Though he probably would have turned on us for the lulz :|

Then night 1, well we wanted a wtf kill, so we went after dan marino. Unfortunately he was unkillable. And the Jester died, at the hands of CBR. We knew CBR was a tiger, courtesy of BKB, and knew DH was unlynchable.

As croc I was a rb'er, and couldn't target the hipppo....which I did night 1, luckily I got busdrove by METALX.

Pushed a lynch on CBR, which was excellent. Immediately thought Ulti was king, due to him fos'ing x for saying that was a good lynch. Also Steven kinda outed himself as investigator.

So yeh. Day 3 we pushed the POSTAGE lynch. That was hilarious, well b/c I was the croc.

Then the lulz of getting BKB lynched, and then currently the following day. The flood then happened. Lukcily dan died via Kantos, so it wasn't too bad.

And then yeh, Wesson died I thought we were fucked. Managed to get rising lynched and stuff.

LOVED this game btw. Excellent set-up. Thought the mafia played very well (and had to) to win this. Very fun though.
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