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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Day Eight: The mark of villains

The crocodile, terrible and impenetrable faced off against the sturdy boar. With his tusks, the boar rammed the croc and lifted him off the ground. The croc landed on his back behind the boar. The chameleon watched with angst as the tiny bat came in from out of nowhere to attack the Boar's eyes.
With the time that the bat had bought the croc, he turned around and jumped on the offensive. With a bit across the mid-section of the boar, the croc tore off his skin. Dragging him into the water, the croc drowned the boar. As the boar struggled to break free, the chameleon tried to make an escape but the tiny bat, although smaller than the chameleon, flew above him before delivering a killing crunch. The chameleon fell of its branch and twitched on the ground as the bat watched with eagerness. The parchment of the chameleon revealed from its skin.

Spoiler for role:

Nice of you to come. Oh where are you? Yup, you can change color on the spot, which means that you’re the hardy chameleon. You spend your time in the marshes near the riverside. You are helping the lion because of principle and you feel very strongly that the lion is right and the tiger is wrong.

You can PM me the name of a player each night and you’ll track them down and see who they are. You may not get alignment but you’ll get the species and that’ll be enough to conclude who they are. Don’t out your role without purpose though.

"The death of the future of Mafia, Steven L"

The croc emerged out of the water, the boar's blood staining its hard skin. The two animals looked at each other and then to the water where the boar's parchment floated.

Spoiler for role:

Have you ever read Asterix? You’re the most prolific animal in that, the Boar. It was everywhere in those days but now you’re alone in the forest. Don’t worry though, the King has agreed to find you a mate if you help him get through this crisis. You spend your days in the grasslands, waiting for the day you will finally be able to have sex.

For now, you can go around the forest and confuse animals who are on the same path. You are a bus driver but with a twist. PM me the name of any two animals and roles involving them will be completely interchanged and they will switch positions in habitat. This may not seem important to you but it will be good for another specific innocent role

"Metal X, a hero in death"

The entire forest was now water and trees, lakes and woods. No longer needing to fear anyone, the tiny bat flew into the trees, seeking the perfect home after leaving its parchment behind.

Spoiler for role:

Hello, dark denizen of the night, swinging upside down in your branch for the day undetected by other animals in the forest. That’s right, you’re a tiny bat. Being tiny has its perks. You can fly all around the jungle and inspect any player on any given night. You’ve joined the tiger out of fear because you’re a coward like that and you wish to hang around with somebody stronger than you but he is not ungrateful, he will reward you handsomely should you help him take over the forest.

Each night, you can follow one player and check what their role is, who they are using it on and whether or not it works but if they don’t use the role, you can’t do anything about it. Should you fail to identify roles more than once, the tiger will kill you himself. He’s very strict with you but it’s only because you’re his most important servant. Each day, you go the woods area and lie in wait, figuring out the next target. It is mandatory that you PM me a name every night.

After making sure that the bat had disappeared from sight, the crocodile descended into the water with his parchment held in his mouth. Now the whole forest was a lake and it belonged to only him...

Winners: The tiny bat (Rising, replacing RKO920) and the hard-skinned crocodile (Lostfan)

Discuss the game if you want, MVP and stuff. Not going to bother making a new thread for it.

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