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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Night Seven: Things happen ... or do they ?

The rhino and the crocodile were face to face. The rhino lowered his head and charged forward, trying to ram the crocodile over. The croc sidestepped and jumped into the water. The rhino followed underwater but unlike him, the croc was actually faster in the water. Realizing his mistake, the rhino tried to return to land but it was too late - the croc had a death grip on the Rhino's neck.

Just then, the boar came running out of the wilderness; saw the rhino and croc battling and then went after Steven L. The croc murdered the Rhino. It's hard skin broke apart and the parchment lay open on his skin

Spoiler for role:

Ah, hard skin is good but an open mind is better. Unfortunately, you don’t have that. You are the religious rhinoceros. This isn’t so much a post restriction as it is a posting style. Talk about God a lot and be creative with anything religious. Don’t overdo it though. You stay near the river for most of your time

Also, the rhino has an impenetrable skin so no serious damage can come to you from being attacked by the forest animals. In the words of the game, this means that you are unlynchable. You can still be killed at night by an animal wise and strong enough to go for your weak spots

"DH. went to heaven to serve the almighty creator."

The animals were face to face with each other. The tiny bat and the hard-skinned crocodile, face to face with the deadly Boar and the Hardy Chameleon.

Game over? End post in a few hours...

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