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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Originally Posted by Alcoholic View Post
Which animal involves some christian name?
Originally Posted by DH. View Post
I believe in Jesus. I am no athiest, I am a believer of Jesus Christ the Savior and God and I love 'em both.

Vote: Alcoholic

How dare you use the word 'Hitler' with God watching. You shall be struck down with lightning in a matter of moments.
Someone questions your pr and you vote them. Obv a scummy thing to do.
Originally Posted by Lostfan View Post
This seems made up.

Unvote Vote Currently
START the currently wagon. *checks currently's alignment* owait scum.

Originally Posted by DH. View Post
I'm not mad, I just can't wait until I truly turn up unlynchable and you get lynched tomorrow, that's all. Oh, and to try and give yourself an even better case, try not getting your Mafia to kill me @ night, because if I turn up Innocent, you definitely will be lynched.

Kthxbi, this lynch is gonna ruin the game for the Mafia . Although, I expect you to say something like "Probably unlynchable Mafia" to cover your own ass. But that's ok, we'll all know the truth.

<3 God.
Unlynchable mafia? No you're mafia gambiting that you won't be tested in lylo, tbfh.

You know it and I know it. Nice job.
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