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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Night Six: The return of Penguin

The night was really dark because of no moon and stuff. The croc was out trying to kill someone again. He swam through the riverside into the caves and the woods and then the grasslands. The flood hadn't completely drained yet so the croc could move around faster than usual. It searched everywhere for Penguin but he was nowhere to be found.

In actuality, Penguin had returned home to replenish health. After telling Invincible of the happenings of the forest, he made sure that his owl stayed away from harm. No longer would Penguin return to the forest to assist the animals still alive. His role parchment was all that was left in the forest.

Spoiler for role:

Hello Penguin. That’s right but only your name is Penguin. You’re actually an owl, my owl to be precise. You’ve wandered into the forest in search of food but seeing all the commotion, you’ve decided to assist the inhabitants against the threat. Being my owl, you can keep watch over any one area of the forest.

PM if you wish to watch over the caves, the woods, the grasslands or the riverside. You will identify all the players that were in that area. Piece together the information if you can and use it to benefit the forest. Every two nights, you will return back home to me to replenish strength and go away again the next day so you may only use this role once every two nights. Also, if the conditions get too severe, you will come back home, not wanting to risk death.

"TheHitmanHart has returned home"

The animals were devastated that they were one short to fend against the mafia dudes but the war was coming to a close and it appears that Kantos might've got his wish afterall - because at the current rate, there would be no survivors...

Day Seven - three for majority

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