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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Night extended: The Lion vs. The Crocodile


The flood was overwhelming and Kantos was happily dancing around, eating his fruit loops and singing the happy song. The tiger who tried to annihilate the animal perished, taking one too many chance. But now, the centaur was not out of harm's way yet. Sneaking right behind him was the Black Panther with its claws and fangs exposed. In the middle of his stargazing, he didn't hear the swipe but he sure as hell felt it. Blood shed from his shoulder. Kantos, the Centaur turned around but the Black Panther leaped up and bit a portion of the centaur's neck. The centaur fell to the ground without motion as the Black Panther began feasting.

Spoiler for role:

Centaur – supernatural and important. You have abilities that no other animal can comprehend. You are a sole manimal that rests in this forest during these peaceful times. You don’t like that to be disrupted. You lay deep inside a cave and from inside there, you can do things to affect the forest that may help or hurt them. You will be satisfied if the forest returns to the peaceful state.

1. You can do a rain dance, that will cause a huge downpour and flood the forest. This will primarily affect the animals in the riverside but it can spread everywhere.
2. You can also use the ancient curse, which causes animal’s minds to be distorted
3. You may turn back the clock, which revives a random animal that died on the night or day you go back to. You can only control the phase, you can’t control the animal but it’s still very useful

You can use each ability once.

Spoiler for new alignment:
Kantos turned Independent after the flood


The rain had ended with the spilling of Kantos' blood but the water level was still much higher than usual. Hearing the final gasps of the centaur, the Lion had emerged from the cave but he didn't find Kantos outside, he didn't even find his killer. He found the dastardly croc. The crocodile was staring the lion down from the water and the Lion awaited movement on top of a stone pillar.

The croc raged forward but the Lion sidestepped almost as fast and attempted to take a bite but the croc's tail got in the way. The Lion fell backwards from the sheer might of the crocodile's thick, hard as metal tail. The lion jumped up and roared, alerting almost all the animals left alive. He sprinted forward with the pace of Ussain Bolt and gave the croc a direct headbutt. He was most definitely faster than the croc, he might have even been stronger but the croc was impenetrable. The lion fell where it stood and the croc proceeded to deliver the final blow, a crunch like any other deep into the vane of the lion, stopping the lion's breathing within the instant. The lion tried to groan but no sound came out and the croc had done its task. The animals all came up to see what had happened but the croc had already swam away.

Spoiler for role:

'Importance' is a very important aspect of a role and you have it. You are the king of the jungle, an epic lion. You thwarted the evil tiger from the forest but its cub is now back and after your blood. As much as you value your kingdom, you value yourself more, so each night you stay in your cave and away from the threats of the wild. If the tiger finds your cave, you will engage in a battle of catastrophic proportions. For an added protection, you’ve also called the black and white clan to assist you but until you find them, they can’t help you.

You have many birds at your disposal. You may send one every night in search of the black and white clan. If you target any one of the duo, they will join you in your efforts to kill off the threats. You have an ability as well. On any one night, you can stay awake. In the dark, your eyes will create a sensation that will blind any animal that comes into your cave and whatever they were trying to do to you will be done to themselves. Choose wisely because you will exhaust yourself if you stay awake more than once.

"Ultimoron, a once epic lion"

The animals were a leaderless clan. What will happen next? Who could protect them from the wrath of the croc. Yes, the flood had ended but the hunt continues. The war b/w the the invaders and the inhabitants rages on.

Day 6 begins now. With 7 alive, it's 4 for majority

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