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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Alright, I'll post Night now.

Night Five: A prostitute among animals

All the animals were busy searching for Kantos under the bright moonlight. The tiger and the lion, the panther and the crocodile were all our hunting for the Centaur but the one who found him was the the peacock. The centaur went with the peacock to her cave, where the beautiful bird gave the Centaur special services for the night. Deep inside the cave, Kantos was safe from any and all threats...

In the mean time, Sticksy, Lostfan and Wesson were searching for Kantos together. They went past the bushes and the spirit of the dead elephant wandered away from the other two. Slowly walking forward, Sticky saw a shadow approaching. He went forwards with every intention of facing it but the black panther was far too vicious at this point. Without his partner, the Panther was aggravated that he needed to kill someone. Unfortunately he picked a person with no meat on his body. The spirit of the elephant was destroyed. The bigger, stronger, more powerful bodyguard had died a second time. It had no parchment.

Spoiler for role:
Same role as before except that he could protect himself and not die from protecting. Aligned to the Lion

The centaur came from the cave the next morning to find that the water level was rising. Most of the animals had escaped the waterways but three carcasses were floating in the water. One was the peacock that he spent the night with. In its fragile state, it had been swept away by the currents. In it's marvelous feathers was the parchment

Spoiler for role:

You are the owner of the most prized feather in the forest, the hot peacock. You can probably guess that youíre the whore in the game. You usually only service the king but he hates your beak so youíve moved on to other animals. He still lends you one of his caves to stay in

Each night, you can drag away an animal and prevent them from using their role but they will also be protected from kills. Other roles can still affect them. PM me the name of the player that youíd like to block/protect and it shall be done.

"Josie's days as a prostitute are over"

The second carcass belonged to the Giraffe. Too big to fit inside any cave or hiding place, the giraffe's only option was to hold its head as high as possible but the water level was too much to withstand. Unable to swim for the entire night, the giraffe had drowned.

Spoiler for role:

You are a long necked Giraffe, the daybreaker of this game. With your neck, you can survey the entire forest and all its animals. You have joined the king because he has promised you supreme charge. You stay in the grasslands and graze for most of your days

On any one day of your choice, you can break the day and take full power. PM me when you want to use this and I'll make the announcement. You will be revealed to the forest and they will have to make their case to you because you alone hold the sole power for that dayís lynch. You can do this only once so be aware that it will be crucial but donít waste it either. You will win if the tiger and all of his comrades are killed.

"sXe leaves again"

The third carcass was the one that gave Kantos the maximum lulz. Not having been able to carry out a kill that night because of the peacock's interference, the tiger was cast away from all the animals out of spite. He had drowned, trying to escape back to his cave outside the perimeter of the forest. The animals were coming out to see the floating body of the fallen tiger as Kantos stood on a pillar, laughing his ass off.

Spoiler for role:

Welcome to the Jungle, I mean it. You are the invader, the threat to society. You will find animals and bite their skin off. If they donít die immediately, you eat them limb after limb so they suffer the maximum amount of punishment that can possibly be afflicted on any living soul. If you have better ideas to cause pain, make sure to PM me about it so I can add them to night posts and stuff. Anyway, you are the tiger of legend, aligned to nobody else but you. You have managed to recruit animals that have been cast aside like you but their support can only get you so far.

Your objective is to rid the forest of all those who oppose you and eliminate the King and become the next ruler of the jungle. You will PM me the name of a player every night and you will go out and hunt them down yourself. Each night, you can only follow one player. If any night, you do not wish to go out and kill, then you will be safe from any and all animals that come looking for you and your teammates will guard your cave outside the forest. If you wish to lie dormant, you can inform me via PM.

Spoiler for mafia:
Your partners
???: Tiny Bat
Currently: Stupid Hyena
???: Hard-Skinned Crocodile

"Wesson, God of Mafia has left!"

All the chaos caused by the Centaur gave Kantos a tremendous satisfaction. Unbelievable, right? So many deaths in one night because of the flood and stuff. Granted the tiger had gone but Kantos was killing everybody with his flood. He had to go

Night begins once again because of the Unicorn's death. Send in teh roles, guis

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