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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Day of the Flood: The incredible chants of a Centaur

All the animals were deep into the forest, searching for the creature responsible for this terrible flood. According to Lostfan's leadership, the animals rounded up on Kantos.

"You have been causing this flood. Now you will pay!" Sticky shouted at Kantos

"But I brought u bak 2 life bro..." Kantos pleaded with him

"Enough of this!" Dan marino interjected, "If nobody else will hammer, then it shall be on me!"

"FUCK YOU LOT" Kantos gave one final scream. Marino closed in on him with with his horn held high but the closer he got, the slower his running became. Soon, he had turned around and was charging the other way. He fell over all the animals. Dan Marino was raging!

Attention wavered from Kantos who by now was singing a tribute to the dead body of Jackson. The animals were attempting to calm down the unicorn but it was beyond help. After a few minutes, the unicorn fell off its hooves and twitched on the floor.

A parchment fell out of its mouth. The unicorn was dead and Kantos was alive.

Spoiler for role:

You’re the super part of this wildlife mafia. That’s right, you’re a mythical creature that has wandered into the forest and for some noble reason, you feel like helping the King’s cause. But the animals have never seen a silver unicorn before and they will not think you too friendly. Hence you will not appear innocent upon investigations.

But the good news is that you can outrun pretty much everybody in the forest. You can’t be killed at night but you may still be lynched. But the loss of something so sacred will affect the entire forest and the sun will not rise for another 24 hours. You spend your time in the grasslands away from all the other animals.


"Die in the flood. You bunch of fgts!" Kantos ran off right after while the flood erupted. The animals had to stop him soon or they all will die.

Night begins. Flood continues...

Send in roles soon.

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