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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Before the sunrise: The Giraffe's might

Immediately as he finished his proclamation, he spotted a hyena far to the north of the forest. The Giraffe ran, with speed that not even the fastest of animals could procure. Before he even realized what was happening, Currently was in the Giraffe's grasp

"You have tricked us for far too long. Now you will perish!" The Giraffe bellowed to the scared hyena. The lion beckoned the animals to gather around the Giraffe as he tied Currently up.

"Do the honors..." The Lion said and the Giraffe obeyed. He hanged Currently up. Much like his brother before him, a parchment fell from his ass.

Spoiler for role:

You disgust me – not really though. Babies of your kind are actually very cute. You are the most faithful of all the tiger’s servants, the stupid hyena. Your character is stupid, not you although nobody except the tiger knows how much of a moron you are. In some ways, it is beneficial because no matter how much you mess up, the tiger will forgive you. You like rotted meat, don’t you?

At the beginning of the game, you have a lynch power of zero but each night you eat an animal that’s already dead and increase your lynch power by 1. There’s no limit to how much it can go but be careful, a very high lynch power might be a dead giveaway to the town. This role will be extremely beneficial in the later parts of the game. Every day, you spend your time by the grasslands waiting for somebody to drop dead. PM me the name of a dead player if you want to eat their remains. That’s not all though, you have a secondary role that you may use at any one instance. Should the community decide that they can’t label anyone as evil on any given day, you can steer them in a direction of your choice. This implies that you have the power to get the town to kill a player of your choice if they do not decide to do it themselves. There’s a third part to the role and this is that you have an innocent mason partner, the loyal hyena. Don’t be stupid around him or he’ll crack that you’re a mafia but you may be able to use him. You can talk to him too but obviously don’t reveal that you’re mafia.

Spoiler for partner:
Fake partner
BKB Star: Loyal Hyena

Spoiler for mafia:
Your partners
???: Tiger of Legend
???: Tiny Bat
???: Hard-Skinned Crocodile

Finally, a mafia member down. The animals were happy but the sun could be seen across the horizon and the rain became stronger and heavier. Even if they kill the mafia, would that be enough to save the forest?

Day will arrive soon enough and the flood will come with it.

You may rest, pray, discuss tactics or w/e until the sun rises again.

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