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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Night Four: The most elegant voice in the land

The cannibal of a hyena was standing above the body of his own brother, chewing all the flesh he could find. Rain was still going heavy and the river was overflowing throughout the forest.

In the woods, the tiny bat was flying around, looking for the origin of the song. The hornbill was quite ecstatic to find another creature drawn to it sung to it the song that it used to mesmerize the hyena but before he could finish, a large tiger clawed it off the branch. The tiny bat, realizing its folly retreated without a second notice. The hornbill came to but only to find the deadly tiger standing right over his head. The tiger gave one last growl and bit off the hornbill’s neck. He left the body to rot and walked away. The black panther came by and caught a glimpse of the tiger walking away. Alcoholic was not the one he was seeking, he was sure.

Near the flooding river, the crocodile was attempting to track down Steven L but his old enemy interfered again. The wild boar was running in circles around the Croc, despite the water level rising. The boar distracted the Croc from its plans again (POSTAGE IS NOT THE CROC.), possibly saving someone else in the process.

The animals were all woken up by the severe tides. They found the parchment of the hornbill floating in the water. Josie grabbed it

Spoiler for role:

In the forest, there is no sight as awe inspiring as you. You are the Hornbill. You can fly all day and night long if you have to but you’ve decided to spend the day on the ground, helping the forest make a lynch. Your grandeur is something that makes all animals stop at their tracks. You fly around in the woods most of the time.

Once every two nights, you can chant a hymn. This will lure a random animal into your midst. I will PM you the animal that has arrived and you may or may not expose the player to the entire town with another song. This might help annihilate the mafia but it may also expose powerful innocent roles so be careful how you use it

The sun wasn’t up yet but the animals decided not to waste any time. They knew that they had to kill the invaders. They knew they had to survive this downpour but will they?

Night continues…

You may start lynching now before the sun comes up and before the rain consumes all. No night results on account of the rain.

Three hours to sunrise. Four hours till flood

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