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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Day Four: The day the hyena died

Currently was extremely vocal, devastated that the partner that he had trusted had turned out to be nothing more than a low life traitor. He screamed his head off, "Lynch him. He's been eating all the carcasses and leaving none for me. Hang him!"

The animals, believing the sincere words of the hyena closed in on BKB Star. BKB did nothing. He stood there waiting for his doom. Oyeah, he did do one thing. He started a BTB but that's another story.

Anyway, BKB Star was caught and hung. Kantos proclaimed, "HA! We've killed a scum. Only three more left. We're well on our way to victory!"

Disrupting the celebration, a parchment fell from the hyena's ass. It fell flat on the ground. Nobody noticed except the floating figure of Sticksy.

Spoiler for role:

You disgust me – not really though. Babies of your kind are actually very cute. You are a very loyal servant of the King and will help him stop the tiger’s assault at any cost. That’s right, you are the loyal hyena. You walk around the caves, waiting for other animals to show you what they’re doing. That’s right, you follow them and watch their movements.

PM me the name of a player each night, you’d like to follow. Anything they do or anything that happens to them will be known to you and you can use this information to help the town. You have another helping hand, that’s your brother, the stupid hyena. He isn’t your favorite but he’s still blood so you’re partners. You can talk to him outside of the thread

Spoiler for partner:
???: Stupid Hyena

Stunned, they turned to Currently but was nowhere to be seen.

"Catch Currently, he lied to us!!" Shouted Wesson and Rising followed suit. Soon the whole town was in hot pursuit but the sun had set.

Night again. Send in roles guis.

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