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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Night Three: The bigger they are, the harder they fall

The hippo’s remains consisted of nothing more than blood and bones. The flesh had all vanished

The large elephant was happily going back to the grasslands, having ensured that Lostfan came to no harm just like the night before but as he entered the grasslands, he heard a sound. He turned around, ready to fight but all he saw was a large claw slashing against his face. The elephant fell to the ground. Too heavy to get up, it was sitting duck for the tiger.
The tiger laughed, “Hello my bodyguarding friend. Tonight, you die!” and so it was

“Sticksy was taken from the wild”

The tiger walked away but he didn’t notice that he was being watched. The grasslands were under observation and the tiger might just have been found out.

The animals came up the very next day and found the gigantic parchment near the elephant

Spoiler for role:

The biggest guy in the forest is an elephant and that’d be you – trunk, tusks and everything. You are very intent on proving yourself to the epic lion. This means that you will do whatever it takes to protect one of your fellow animals from harm. You spend your time in the heavy grasslands.

Each night, you can PM me the name of a player you wish to protect. Their attacker will go after you instead but being so bulky you can withstand it. However, if you’re attacked three nights in a row, you will end up dying because of fatigue and blood loss so you may want to take a rest in between.

Another heavy loss to the forest. They weren't happy but a soothing music all calmed their nerves

Sun is up again. With 16 alive, 9 for a lynch

Sticksy can replace in if he wants to

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