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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Day Three: Metal X's unnatural deduction abilities

Seeing the parchment stabbed to the chest of the stupid hyena, Postage yelled out "POSTAGE is the croc. Let's kill him"

"Are you sure?" Sticksy enquired

"I'm positive. I'm responsible for the good of the town. Lynch him!" Postage exclaimed

This was all it took. The animals jumped on an unsuspecting Postage. Before he could even speak, the vicious animals had stabbed their claws into him. Postage kept gnawing at the crowd but he couldn't catch anyone out. Many animals got bruised but none got killed, except Postage.

His carcass sunk into the ground. The parchment as expected lay next to him.

Spoiler for role:

You stink. Hippos are usually clean but they stink nonetheless. You have an advantage of being the king of the river (or queen Ė check genetalia), mega hippopotamus. You are helping the King because you know that if he falls, the crocs will take over the river and you will be ran out but for now, you have them scared.

Anybody who tries to enter the river will get interrogated/assaulted depending on who they are so your role is inert in you and doesnít have to be sent in but something that does have to be sent in is the sand messages. You can go out of the river and mark things on the sand, giving instructions/messages to the animals in a secret way. PM me a message each night to be engraved in the sand. If itís not cryptic enough, it will be made so by me.

"Postage will post no more"

The town was in shock. Elsewhere, someone was laughing, laughing, laughing...

Night Three now. Send in the roles ASAP.

I'm off to bed. Hopefully night will be up in 12 hours or so.

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