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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Night Two: The tale of a bee

A hyena was hanging around the woods, searching for the dead body of the fallen monkey before he realized that the white tiger and his partner had already eaten it.
While in the woods, the hyena heard a soothing music. Being the idiot that it was, it followed the music until it saw a beautiful bird at the top of a lone tree.
"So, you've come..." The bird spoke as the hyena stood there stunned by the music. "We'll see what to do with you..." The bid concluded.

Lostfan was resting peacefully on the sand as a tiny bee emerged from a flower nearby. It's sting was shining, poisonous no doubt. The bee flew straight towards Lostfan.
Unsuspecting, the fan of lost turned to see the sound but before the bee could strike, an enormous elephant jumped in between. Fearing the massive trunk that flew its way, the bird fell back. In it's fall, the bee took a faint sting at the Elephant but it seemed to have done no damage.
Without another hope in the world, the bee turned around and flew right into the claws of the tiger. Deadly in its swipe, the bee fell down immobile. A parchment, larger than the bee itself, stuck to the tiger's hand. It read...

Spoiler for role:

Revival of a popular role. You are the shiny bee. You can use the roles of any dead character on any night after their passing on any living player of your choice. You are aligned with the King for now but if he dies before you, you will not want to continue with him and will join the next in commands, the black and white clan. You live in the woods in your comb

PM me the name of the dead playerís role and the player you want to use it on. The one downside you have is that you can never reveal your role or character. If you do, you will be modkilled without any warning. It is only to prevent an upsurge of power.

"STONE COLD sXe: a brave bee"


It wasn't over yet. The bird's song had driven the hyena all the way into the forest. The sun was rising and the role parchment of the stupid hyena was stuck to it's chest by one of its own fangs..

Spoiler for role:

You disgust me Ė not really though. Babies of your kind are actually very cute. You are the most faithful of all the tigerís servants, the stupid hyena. Your character is stupid, not you although nobody except the tiger knows how much of a moron you are. In some ways, it is beneficial because no matter how much you mess up, the tiger will forgive you. You like rotted meat, donít you?

At the beginning of the game, you have a lynch power of zero but each night you eat an animal thatís already dead and increase your lynch power by 1. Thereís no limit to how much it can go but be careful, a very high lynch power might be a dead giveaway to the town. This role will be extremely beneficial in the later parts of the game. Every day, you spend your time by the grasslands waiting for somebody to drop dead. PM me the name of a dead player if you want to eat their remains. Thatís not all though, you have a secondary role that you may use at any one instance. Should the community decide that they canít label anyone as evil on any given day, you can steer them in a direction of your choice. This implies that you have the power to get the town to kill a player of your choice if they do not decide to do it themselves. Thereís a third part to the role and this is that you have an innocent mason partner, the loyal hyena. Donít be stupid around him or heíll crack that youíre a mafia but you may be able to use him. You can talk to him too but obviously donít reveal that youíre mafia.

Spoiler for fake partner:
Fake partner
???: Loyal Hyena

Spoiler for mafia:
Your partners
???: Tiger of Legend
???: Tiny Bat
???: Hard-Skinned Crocodile

WTF? The hornbill had struck!
The hyena was exposed for everyone to see.
The lion roared mightily,
forgetting the loss of the bee.

Day Three begins now. 18 are alive and 10 for majority

Kantos replaces Craig

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