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Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA


Ohio; Cleveland – Quicken Loans Arena

Opening Video and




Cole: Welcome to Monday Night RAW! Were here live from the Cleveland, Ohio!

The VIP lounge is set up.

“I’m Comin’” hits to a big pop as the US Champion makes his way to the ring.

MVP: Welcome to the VIP lounge! For, the first time ever the VIP Lounge is coming LIVE! So, without further ado my guest a former Intercontinental Champion, US Champion, and 6-Time, 6-Time, 6-Time, 6-Time, 6-Time, 6-Time World Champion: Booker T!

“Can You Dig It” hits to a heel reaction and Booker T comes out from behind the curtain with his wife: Sharmell.

MVP: How you doing Booker?

Booker: I’m doin’ alright.

MVP: Your hand doing alright?

Booker and Sharmell look puzzled by the question.

Booker: Yeah, why?

MVP: Well, you were hitting the mat pretty hard last week when you were tapping out.


Booker and Sharmell look frustrated

MVP: Why, don’t we take a look at that again?

*Replay*: Joe then hops on Booker T’s back and locks on the Coquina Clutch! Booker reaches for the ropes to no avail and has no choice but to tap out!

Booker: What you brought me here to make fun of me?!?

MVP: No Booker, I brought you out here to ask you a question: What happened?

Booker: What do you mean: ‘What happened?’?

MVP: Imean the last title you held a title you created one, and you even lost that! Before that, you hadn’t held a title since 2006. 2006! That’s 3 years ago! So once again Booker, what happened?

Booker looks angry and goes to hit MVP with the microphone. MVP ducks and starts punching away at Booker. MVP kicks him in the gut and sets up for a Playmaker, but Sharmell gets on MVP’s shoulders. MVP throws Sharmell down with a snapmare. Booker pulls Sharmell out of the ring and harm’s way. Booker stares down at MVP.


Backstage: Shane McMahon, Booker T, and Sharmell

Booker (Angrily): Shane, he can’t disrespect me like that! I want a match Backlash! Me versus MVP for the US title!

Shane: Booker, I can’t do that for two reasons: 1. The Backlash card is full.

2. You aren’t a RAW superstar and the US Title is a RAW Championship. But, I can compromise… How about Booker T versus MVP in a non-title match on the debut of WWE Superstars!

Booker: Yeah that’s more like it!

“Live for the Moment” hits to heat as Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring with Shannon Moore.

Lillian: Following contest is scheduled for one-fall! Making his way to the ring being accompanied by Shannon Moore: Matt Hardy version 2.0!

Hardy gets in the ring and does his new version 2.0 taunt.

“S.O.S” hits to a big pop and out comes the “Jamaican Sensation” Kofi Kingston.

Lillian: And his opponent: Kofi Kingston!

Matt Hardy w/ Shannon Moore vs. Kofi Kingston

A short, fast paced match. Matt Hardy is down and Kofi runs in for a leg drop but Shannon Moore trips him with the ref’s back turned. Matt Hardy gets up and hits the Twist of Fate!




Winner: Matt Hardy

Lillian: Here is your winner: Matt Hardy!

Matt Hardy celebrates with Shannon Moore.

Cole: An “Impressive” victory for Matt Hardy, heading into his match with Kane at Backlash, but are you ready for tonight’s main event: Raven and Legacy versus Samoa Joe, Tommy Dreamer, Kane, and a partner of choice.

A group of Superstars and EMT workers are gathered

around in a circle. Randy Orton walks up.

Orton: What’s going on?!?

The camera shows Cody Rhodes unconscious! Orton looks very worried.


“Time to Rock and Roll” hits to a big pop, as WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring.

Lillian: The following non-title match is scheduled for one-fall! Making her way to the ring: the WWE Women’s Champion: Trish Stratus!

There is a little pause for anticipation for the mystery opponent.

"Don't Mess With" hits to a mixed reaction as Victoria makes her return to a WWE ring.

Lillian: And her opponent: Victoria!!


Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

A short, but good match ends when Victoria counters an Irish whip into the corner and Stratus staggers forward stunned. Victoria kicks her in the gut, sets her in powerbomb position, and gets her up for the Widow’s Peak. Stratus slips out the back; Victoria turns around and gets caught in the jaw with the Chick Kick!!




Winner: Trish Stratus

Lillian: Here is your winner Trish-

Kong slips into the; ring from the audience! Kong goes to clothesline Stratus who barely rolls out of harms way and rolls to the outside! Kong then sets her sights on Victoria; who barely is getting to her feet. Kong then hits the Awesome Bomb! Stratus walks up the ramp holding the Women’s Championship. A savage Awesome Kong stands over a downed Victoria holding up the TNA Knockou’st Championship.

Randy Orton is backstage at Shane McMahon’s office door. Orton knocks on the door and out comes Shane.

Shane: Hello, Randy what seems to be the problem.

Orton: Don’t play dumb with me! Samoa Joe took out Cody, now not only do I have to get in the ring with that monster at Backlash, I also have to compete tonight one man short!

Shane: Well how ‘bout this: you have to do what Joe has to do, find a partner.

Orton looks frustrated but; slowly walks away.


Smackdown! Rebound:

Stephanie: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the ECW Champion: Christian!

“If You Close Your Eyes” hits to big pop and ‘Captain Charisma’ arrives.

Christian goes to the table holding the ECW Championship, he sits down on one on the chairs.

Stephanie: And his opponent for Backlash, the World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena!

“My Time is Now” hits to a mixed reaction as John Cena makes his way to the ring.

Cena sits in the chair opposite Christian.

Stephanie: Now if you could just sign the-

Cena puts one finger up.

Cena: I’m sorry but, I am sick and tired of all this. Me having a contract signing, I having to “defy the odds”, and when I do it’s consider an “upset”. Are you kidding me?!? Christian, I respect you.

Cena throws the table over.

Christian: I respect you too Cena, that is why I’m looking forward to our match Backlash. You may recall before I left, you and I had a bit of a feud. We had to end that feud prematurely; I’m hoping to end that feud in three weeks at Backlash.

Cena: Well, then let the best man win.

Both Cena and Christian stand up and stare down. Cena then extends his hand and Christian accepts it. Cena then pulls Christian up for the FU but Christian rakes Cena eyes, slips out the back, and hits the Killswitch! Christian then looks down and does the ‘You can’t see me’ taunt.

Orton is backstage and looks to be ending a conversation with William Regal shrugging and walking away. Orton looks stressed and frustrated. Then, someone taps on his shoulder. The camera then shows The Miz.

Miz: Hi, big fan.

The Miz extends his hand and Orton just looks down at it. Miz quickly withdraws his hand.

Miz: Yeah, ok. Well I was just overhearing your predicament and it sounds your one man short.

Orton continues to stare.

Miz: Yeah well ok, so I want payback at Tommy Dreamer, he embarrassed me last week!

Orton: So, you think you can be on the same team as the Legend Killer, the WWE Champion Randy Orton.

Miz: Y-Yes.

Orton snickers.

Orton: See you in the ring.

Orton walks away.


“Scream” hits to heat as Raven makes his way to the ring.

Lillian: The following match is an eight-man tag team match! Making his way to the ring first; representing team Randy Orton: Raven!

“Priceless” hits to a heel reaction and out comes the son of “The Million Dollar Man”.

Lillian: And from Palm Springs, Florida; weighing 235 pounds: Ted DiBiase!

“Reality” plays to another bad reaction and here comes The Miz.

Lillian: And there partner: The Miz!

“Voices” plays to BIG heat and from behind the curtain it’s Randy Orton.

Lillian: And finally; from St. Louis, Missouri; weighing in at 245 pounds; the WWE Champion: “The Legend Killer” Randy Orton!!

“Slow Chemical” hits to a pop.

Lillian: And there opponents; first “The Big Red Machine”: Kane!

Kane slides in the ring as everyone else slides out.

“Man in a box (Production)” hits to a pop and here comes Tommy Dreamer.

Lillian: Weighing in at 265 pounds “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer!

“Crush You Up” plays to a HUGE pop.

Lillian: From the Isle of Samoa; the TNA World Champion: Samoa Joe!

Joe just stares at Orton for a few moments as the crowd waits in anticipation of the surprise partner.

“This Ain’t No Make Believe” hits to a loud ovation and here comes John Morrison!

Lillian: And there partner from Los Angeles, California: John Morrison!

Orton looks slightly disgruntled and The Miz looks worried.

Samoa Joe/ Tommy Dreamer/ Kane/ John Morrison vs. Randy Orton/ Raven/ Ted DiBiase/ The Miz

The match starts with a brawl but ends up with Kane and DiBiase. A traditional hot tag-momentum tag team match.

There is a second brawl; Raven and Dreamer go brawling up the through the crowd and backstage; leaving the other 6 behind. Then; Matt Hardy’s music hits and he and Moore stand at the top of the ramp. Kane immediately goes after them while they retreat backstage with Kane in hot pursuit; leaving Joe and Morrison at a 3-on-2 disadvantage. DiBiase gets a hot tag to Orton. But then, Morrison gets the tag to Joe! Orton quickly tags out to the Miz. Joe dominates The Miz. Joe finally decides to let Miz have the tag; calling Orton over. Miz slowly crawls to his corner and when he finally makes it to his corner Orton and DiBiase drop down! Joe just looks, shakes his head, and laughs. Orton cautiously walks around the ring with DiBiase keeping his eyes on Joe as heads up the ramp. Miz looks like he could cry. Morrison calls for the tag and Joe lazily gives it to him; staring up at the ramp at Randy Orton. Morrison gives Miz a moonlight drive then goes up top and hits a Split-Legged Corkscrew!




Winners: Samoa Joe/ Kane/ Tommy Dreamer/ John Morrison

Lillian: Here are your winners: Kane, Tommy Dreamer, Samoa Joe, and John Morrison!

Morrison celebrates as Joe just looks up the ramp signaling he wants the title as RAW goes off the air…


PS: Sorry it took so long I was at my Dad’s all weekend.

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