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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Night One: A series of unfortunate events

The remains of the fox, that was killed a few hours before had completely disappeared. A bird flew out from the nearest cave following a large roar.

A dark shadow was sprinting into the woods, passing the meadows and to the farthest corners. In the darkness, the only light was emanating from a flock of silver hair. The shadow soared into the sky before crash landing on the place where the light was. The light was moving, farther and farther from sight. The great beast rose to its feet and followed but before long, the light was nowhere to be seen. In the open grasslands, under the half moon, stood the dreaded tiger, alone.

A large croc was emerging from its plot and moved towards the river, the place he loves the most. His prey in his sights he tried to close in but a boar running nearby distracted the crocodile. The crocodile withdrew and chased after the boar towards something else, completely forgetting his task at hand

Elsewhere, a monkey was swinging from branch to branch. He shouted into the night, thinking that he was alone, “Maybe tomorrow, they’ll lynch me. HEH!” Deep in thought, he didn’t clasp tightly enough on one branch and fell to the ground. He couldn’t even see in the darkness but the sharpest fangs he had ever seen, even sharper than the King’s own cut deep into his flesh, “AAAAAAAHH!!” he screamed.

“You’re my dinner for tonight, little jester” bellowed the tiger, one even more vicious than before. Before the monkey could make another sound, its head had been clawed away. Dragging the body away from the woods, he left without another sound. A parchment lay where the body once was. A beautiful song pierced the silence, soothing to the animals that were asleep and calming the nerves of those awake.

Spoiler for role:

Ah, jokes are all good but you go a bit too far sometimes. You usually spend your time pleasing the King’s court. You are a jokester or in terms of mafia, they would call you a jester. The crazy monkey spends his time making fun of other animals. This isn’t mandatory for your role but you can do it if you want. It might do for a good laugh. You spend your time in the woods, clinging on the branches.

Your objective of course, is to get the town to lynch you. Being the jester that everybody hates, it actually takes one less than majority to earn you the victory. If you win the game, you may stop playing or opt to continue but this time help the innocents and win the same game, twice – an unprecedented feat. You will be equipped with a new role should you decide to return.

"Rising will not rise tomorrow"

When morning came, the absence of the monkey was clearly noticed as the animals all seemed a bit gloomier. Yeah, he wasn’t their best friend, but he was a lot of fun.

Day 2: 20 Alive and 11 for a lynch

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