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Re: Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff Present: Elite Wrestling League

Thank you all for all the positive feedback so far. Storylines are being planned, and the show is being written as I type this. (Well, not as I type this, because right now I'm typing this and not the show...but you know what I mean!)

Part 2: The Business Meeting:

A long limousine pulls up to the Flair home in Charlotte, North Carolina. The driver steps out, makes his way around the huge black automobile, and journeys to the back door. He pulls the handle, and Eric Bischoff emerges from the vehicle wearing a tan suit jacket and carrying a briefcase full of ideas. He is welcomed inside and into the office of “The Nature Boy”.

Ric: So, what have ya’ got?

Eric: Well, remember how we talked about needing some big name talent?

Ric: Yeah…

Eric: Vince must have our phones tapped, because he just did us two huge favors.

Ric: What do you mean?

Eric: You haven’t heard? Ken Anderson and Eddie Fatu just got released, not even a month ago.

Ric: Really?

Eric: Yeah. I dunno about you Ric, but I think we could have our first two signings right there.

Ric: You think they’d be on board?

Eric: Why wouldn’t they? They have talent and need work...we have work and need talent.

Ric: You don’t think TNA’ll snatch ‘em up?

Eric: Ric…have you seen TNA lately? No offence to Jeff, but it’s a mess over there. We could probably take half of their guys with little effort whatsoever.

Ric: Ok, so Ken Anderson, Eddie Fatu…who else?

Eric: Well, if we’re looking at free agents there’s a ton. But I wanna start off with a bang.

Ric: Well…lemme have it.

Eric: Well… (pulls a picture out of his briefcase and hands it to Flair) I think he would be a fantastic addition to our roster.

Ric: (flabbergasted) But isn’t he in UFC?

Eric: Yeah….your point?

Ric: (Smiles) That’s why I like you Eric, you think big.

Eric: You have to think big to be big Ric. Just like to be the man…

Ric: …You gotta beat the man! WHOOO!

The two share a laugh before getting back to business.

Ric: Okay, so there’s three…any other ideas?

Eric: Well, I called this guy. (Hands Flair a picture from his briefcase)

Ric: Oh you did?

Eric: Now, I know he’s still with WWE. But honestly, they haven’t used him in months and he's been way to generous to them over the years. It's time we gave him a fresh start, I mean, the guy’s got talent if you give him a chance.

Ric: Oh yeah…

Eric: And TNA has this guy… (Hands Flair another picture).

Ric: I’ve heard about him.

Eric: He’s good. He’s really good. But right now they have him doing this God-awful gimmick, and they’re basically wasting him. I have a feeling if we get in touch with him he won’t be hard to persuade.

Ric: Well Eric, sounds like we got a great start on talent. How about TV?

Eric: I made some calls and I think I have us a deal….are you ready for this?

Ric: Lay it on me.

Eric: I think I have us a deal…with Fox!

Ric: Wow! How the heck did you manage that?

Eric: It wasn’t easy. They were a little weary about the whole “’rasslin’” thing, but I assured them that the emphasis would be on the talent and not any wild stories. I told ‘em to think of it as just another one of their sports, like NASCAR or NFL football. Plus dropping a name like “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair was a major plus.

Ric: (Stands up) Eric… (Extends his hand) That’s why you’re the best.

The two shake hands, sealing the creation of their new wrestling promotion.

There it is, part 2. I had the names of the wrestlers they were talking about typed into the story, but I decided to replace them with Eric showing Flair pictures, just to build the suspence.

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!
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