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Re: Diva Chaos

Again, another great show you've produced here!

The good, well, the opening angle really got me hooked. It was a great decision to put so much into the main event match-up, because not only was it a title match but Stephanie's control would have been lost too, which made it seem one of the most important matches on the BTB. I'm not happy at Maria winning the belt because in my view she's not very talented, and in the BTB she sounds like that as she hits really standard diva-like moves. I think a revamp of her moveset, I don't know perhaps a different finisher, would make her sound a deserved champion. But, then again, if Maria didn't win then Steph's control would have been lost and that wouldn't have been good, so maybe it did end the right way. The angle following the first segment was also great, as Stephanie kinda explained the history of Diva Chaos and it just displayed how great your booking can be.

Either way, I think the main event match was incredible. My favourite part was definitely when Maryse came out, only to be attacked by Mickie James and given a Mickie-T right onto the ramp. Ouch. It was a very nice inclusion to the match and made it seem really equal, and I also liked the part that followed where McCool levelled Maria with the big boot, I thought she had it there.

I also liked the SHIMMER Championship match, as Daizee Haze once again proved why she was champion. Ending it via the small package roll-up was good too as it pushed Serena a little bit as she really did put up a fight in the contest. Awesome Kong's inclusion at the end of the match, well, it was pretty nice as Kong vs. Daizee is going to be amazing, but Daizee could have at least put up a bit of a fight against Kong. I don't know, I just expect champions to be fearless, but Haze wasn't given much of a chance as she was dominated by Kong, so it made her look quite weak.

Daffney keeping hold of her belt was also nice, that title is just suited for her, but it was pleasing to hear that Hemme was capable of holding her own against Daffney in what was a great match. The SHIMMER Tag Title match was also nice, I would have loved the Canadian Ninjas to get the strap but the ending was great, so top match.

Keep this up, man, I really do like this BTB and you're doing an excellent job. This show was definitely the best you've produced on this board, so keep up the good work!

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