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Re: Super Wildlife Mafia: Play it here

Day One: Penuria of Voluntas

The King had talked to the town, telling them all of how to handle the situation. They were all so terrified and confused about the situation that they couldn't hunt any scummy animals but there was something else that they didn't count on.

"Slay Currently" shouted the animals in unison, "He is useless"
"I require roles" Alcoholic uttered but the others didn't take too kindly to it.

As they were arguing all so wildly (wild animals and everything), the dark figure from the previous night emerged out of the shadows. It was a ginger fox. It looked cute and very cuddly. In the distraction, it led a pack of other animals into the forest. Unfortunately, they all went unnoticed due to the commotion. The lion tilted his head but the sight he saw startled even him - the torn apart skin of his beloved foxy friend.

Without even a word, the lion approached the remains and saw a blood trail, leading to the rest of the body. Seeing the focus on the face of their king, the animals stopped.

"Shut up!" Yelled the lion, his eyes tearing. A piece of parchment lay underneath the blood but the writing was still visible. It was his role...

Spoiler for role:

You two-timing fox, you! Yeah, you have no alignment. You can talk really well that you can convince anybody that you’re on their side. The King has asked you to be a spy for them within the mafia but you have to find the mafia first. Then of course, you have the choice of becoming the double agent but we’ll talk about that later. You spend your time in the caves, hiding about.

PM me the name of a player every night and if they’re part of the mafia, they’ll be informed of a new member. Then it’s up to you. Of course, you can stay put and do nothing if that's what you prefer


Distressed, the King walked away again. He couldn't handle that the people he had chosen to trust were not really his allies. Looking all around him, making sure that he wasn't being followed he walked into his cave to contemplate his approach...

The rest of the animals scattered, not knowing who they could trust

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