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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

“New Brand, New Promises”
Tuesday, 23rd June 2009

TNA Slammiversary Highlights Video
All matches of Slammiversary VII are highlighted in a picture shot fashion, with the key highlights showing how Christopher Daniels won the X-Division Title, how Sting managed to retain his World Heavyweight Title and how Beer Money managed to gain the win over Team 3D to become the new World Tag Team Champions.

The TNA Voltage Opening Video, to the accompanying track ‘High Voltage’ by Linkin Park, plays out to the viewer. The first-ever Voltage opens with a clear message- “Sparking a light in the wrestling industry.” This clear, defining phrase shows that Voltage is going to do something different, perhaps even suggesting that is going to discover equipment- such as talent, feuds, belts- that have not yet been discovered in the pro wrestling world.


The screen dissolves to the ‘Voltage Zone’, founded in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is padded out with a similar design to the old Impact arena, making use of a tunnel entrance, but this time with a yellow and black design.

However, the focus comes off the arena and the surrounding fans as the cameras instantly zoom to the entrance ramp, where the music of one man echoes around the zone and causes shockwaves to be sent between each and every fan- Voltage’s founder, Jeff Jarrett! Jarrett enters with a beaming smile on his face, walking down the ramp as he is introduced by ring announcer Gary Capetta, before stepping into the ring. With a microphone in hand, Jarrett then stands central stage of the ring and looks towards the rapturous crowd.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: So, here we are. After weeks of anticipation, weeks of sacrifices and weeks of rivalry, Voltage is finally on the air, airing right here from the ‘Voltage Zone’ in HD on MavTV! To say I’m pumped about this is an understatement, because I really am excited to be in control of a new, innovative show that intends to push the success of TNA beyond the limits. For seven years, TNA has been slowly crawling up the ranks of the professional wrestling industry, and I am happy to say that I have been a key player in doing that. But for the past couple of years, TNA has had to settle for one thing. And that one thing is settle place. Pushed behind a company that has seemingly grown and grown, in terms of shows it produces anyway. But as the years have gone by, we have clawed fans in. We have ensured that fans have been kept happy by new, fresh, innovative ideas. And that, ladies and gentleman, is where I hope Voltage takes TNA. Down a track of innovative pro wrestling entertainment, down a track of its own. We don’t want to rebound off other companies, oh no, we want to be the most successful. And Voltage, to me, is the best idea to ensure that TNA raises the standards. The best idea for TNA to become better than it ever was, better than it ever will be. The best idea for TNA to implement it’s name as not second, but first place.

Crowd heat builds off this comment, causing Jarrett to pause slightly and take in the admiration, before going back to his speech.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: So, now we’re here, what is it that I can promise you from Voltage? Well, if I had enough time, I’d tell you in great detail. I’d inform you of how we captivate the glorious tag team and Knockouts division that TNA is so profound for. I’d tell you of how we have some of the greatest talent in the business, right here. I’d tell you that in two hours, this show is capable of captivating you, the audience, putting you on the edge of your seats with high-class, quality wrestling. But most of all, what I, the owner of Voltage, aim to do is prove one man wrong. That man? Mick Foley. You see, Mick Foley isn’t happy at this development one bit, oh no. Mick Foley sees the development of Voltage as a mistake, a way for TNA to flush their money down the drain. But I, I don’t see that. Instead, I see Voltage as a new proving ground for TNA, a fresh little invention like no other. And Mick Foley, if you’re watching this, then allow me to tell you a good old fashioned statement- whatever you can do, I can do better. Trust me, that will be seen throughout, because Mick, I haven’t forgotten about one thing you’ve done, obtaining the prestigious TNA World Heavyweight Championship over on iMPACT. That gave a blow to me, Mick, that really did, but you know what. I’ve rebounded off that now, because although you may have Sting n your brand, I believe I have someone better. Someone who has been with TNA throughout its journey. A grand-slam winner, a phenomenal athlete in his own right. So, to all you watching at home, and you, Mick Foley, especially, allow me to introduce to you, the holder of the Voltage exclusive TNA Legends Championship and one of the most decorated guys in TNA’s elusive history, A…J…STYLLEEESSSS!

Considerable heat builds once more as AJ makes his way down to the ring, his signature theme music and pyros exploding out of the stage accompanying him as he does so. With the Legends Championship on his shoulder, AJ enters the ring, and when he does so, greets the Voltage owner with a handshake and a hug. AJ then accepts the microphone off of Jarrett, and awaits the fans to die down before speaking his mind. When his time comes, he clears his throat and lifts the mic close to his mouth so the fans can encapsulate every word.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: You know, when I entered TNA seven years back, I had no idea which road the company was going to go down. As far as I was concerned, I was going out there every show, working my ass off to make you guys happy. And I am proud, I am honoured to say, that seven years down the line, my hard work has finally paid off. Because here I am, on a show that I can promise is set to send shockwaves not only around TNA, not only around the North American wrestling scene, but the world. And I am honoured to be the guy who gets the first chance to be the face of the brand. You see, a few weeks back, I had the option- stay on iMPACT, or move onto Voltage. At first, it was tricky- I mean, come on, iMPACT was a show that carved my career in TNA, iMPACT was a show that I held close to my heart. But as the weeks progressed, I realised that things were changing. I couldn’t work with a corrupt owner like Mick Foley, hell no, and another thing was just so obvious to me. You see, I’m known to push the boundaries here in TNA, I’m known to go to every limit to ensure that all eyes are on me, but most of all, I’m known to create change. And what better way to do that all over again on a fresh new brand like Voltage? Then it became clear to me, and now, here I am. As your TNA Legends Champion, I aim to take risks like no other. Whoever my contender may be, I aim to conquer. Because I am that serious about holding this belt, that serious about staying the face of Voltage. But most importantly, I am that serious about continuing my legacy here in TNA.

Heat builds yet again from the crowd, with chants of ‘AJ! AJ! AJ!’ domineering the sound.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: And who can I thank more, than Jeff Jarrett. You see, Jeff, I wanna say one thing- thank you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity, thank you for having faith in me throughout. And perhaps most importantly, thank you for-

But suddenly, AJ is cut off by loud, booming music erupting from the PA system. It sounds very familiar, and soon the realisation comes as to why- it’s none other than the ‘Samoan Submission Machine’ himself, Samoa Joe. The heat for Joe was loud, although he looked unappreciative of it as he stepped into the ring, got passed a microphone and walked up to AJ in his usual cocky manner.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Apologies for breaking up your ‘show of love’ here AJ, but standing in the back, I don’t think I could have taken much more. You see, the thing is, we are all on this show to compete, and by competing, I don’t mean sucking up to the ‘boss’. TNA is a ground for superstars to prove themselves, a ground for people to achieve their dreams. And you see, to me, that hasn’t been the case as of recently. My ‘Nation of Violence’ may have claimed many victims, many fatalities, but I have been kept apart from one thing…a title belt. But now I’m here on Voltage, as you said AJ a ‘fresh new brand’, I’ve come here with a similar goal, a similar aspiration as you have…to be the best. And in order to be the best, I’ve gotta gain a championship, and trust me AJ, trust me with this-

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: No, no, wait, wait a minute! Look, I know what you’re gonna say next, Joe, I know. You’re gonna exclaim that you’re gonna defeat me, you’re gonna make the rules that all of a sudden, you’re a threat to me. And you know, what can I say, I saw it coming. I saw it coming ever since this title was over my shoulder, Joe. And now you and I are on this show, I just know that it is all you crave to hold, all you crave to have your name assigned to. But guess what, Joe…I ain’t gonna let that happen. You can fight all you want, you can say you’re the best, but when it comes down to it, holding this title and being the top guy on this brand is my most important priority.

Heat builds off AJ’s respectful comments, but Joe doesn’t look too happy.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Well thanks for the psychology lesson, AJ, thanks for finishing my sentences. You know what I find funny? How you say you’re not gonna let me gain that title. Why do I find it funny, well, it’s because who said I needed your permission? But, you know, I appreciate you reading me like a book, and it’s made me realise how far you and I go back here in TNA. After all, when I entered the business, you were the prime guy. Now, maybe not so much, but all of a sudden, here you are, AJ Styles, the Legends Champion. AJ Styles, the ‘face of Voltage.’ AJ Styles…the man who cost me my championship shot at Slammiversary!

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: What? Cost you the championship? What the hell are you talking about Joe, what the hell are you try-

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Oh, forgot already have we? Well I haven’t. You probably know exactly what I’m talking about, but you’re just too damn egotistical to admit it, too damn concerned about your so called pride! Let me remind you, let me cast your mind back. Slammiversary, when I scaled the ladder to hook that title belt up and finally get the title I so rightfully deserved, who was it who sent me crashing down. No, it wasn’t Sting, it wasn’t Kurt Angle, it wasn’t Booker T. No, it was my own ‘friend’, AJ Styles. You know what, AJ, I thought you were low, but not this low, but it just overall goes to prove what a cheap player you are. You see, AJ I don’t forgive and forget. Maybe pushing me off the ladder was your way of sending me a message, I don’t know. But with every message, there comes a reply. So here’s mine…

Suddenly, Joe slaps AJ square in the right cheek, causing him to stumble slightly! Joe smirks as the crowd jeer the new attitude of Samoa Joe, and Voltage co-owner Jeff Jarrett looks shocked as he looks on. But AJ, although being shocked himself, is going to react…and he does this by taking Joe down to the mat and then continually firing left and rights at him whilst Joe lies helpless on the ground! The crowd build heat, loving every second of it as Joe uses his power to this time mount AJ and fire punches on him! Jarrett, possibly believing that his main event plans have been flushed down the plug hole, tries to break it up…but Joe stands up and vehemently pushes Jarrett down to the mat! Jeff holds his head, as Joe simply smirks at the fallen general manager…until AJ capitalises with a step up enziguiri that rocks Joe, taking him through the middle rope off impact and down to the arena floor! AJ invites Joe back into the ring, but Joe insistently walks off, talking trash to AJ as he does so. The final camera movement sees focus on Styles checking on the fallen Jarrett, before both glare towards Samoa Joe prior to the commercial break beginning.




A livid Jeff Jarrett pacing up and down in his office, holding his head in rage after what Samoa Joe just ruined out there. Jarrett then notices the camera on him, and looks towards it with a look of disgust etched over his face.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Samoa Joe. What you did out there was callous. Underhand. Unacceptable. You see, Joe, on a place like iMPACT where the rules are corrupt and the owner even more so, you probably would’ve got away with your reckless, despicable actions. But over on this show, my brand, I’m in charge. And the rules, hell, they all are my very own. And you broke many of them just a few minutes ago. You see, Joe, not only did you spoil my hopes for a big entrance to the show, not only did you near enough punch the living daylights out of the Legends Champion, but you’ve also put the main event I had all planned out for later tonight in jeopardy. And what for, Joe, what for? Your own stinkin’ jealousy, that’s what. But tonight, you think you’re gonna just walk away a free man? No way. You see, you wanna wreck my night, Joe, then I’m gonna wreck yours. Because tonight, despite all the fighting, all the bitterness and all the ferociousness, you WILL be teaming up with AJ Styles to face Beer Money in a tag-team match. I don’t care whether you like it, whether you hate it, whether you have no damn opinion on the matter, you need to be taught a lesson Joe. A lesson of respect. And I sure as hell hope that tonight, after many years of having to put up with your pushy, cocky attitude, that lesson is taught to you once and for all.


The cameras are standing by with tonight’s commentators, Don West and Joey Styles.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: You know what, I’ve seen Jarrett pissed off a number of times before, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen him be that mad, that angry at one person, in a very long time.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: And who can blame him? I mean, that was downright disrespectful of Joe to enter both Styles’ and Jarrett’s business, slap AJ in the face and furthermore shove the Voltage owner down to the mat.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: Disrespectful or not, though, it still seems that tonight, AJ and Joe are going to have to put their differences aside and team up to face the new TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money in a non-title match on Voltage’s first ever main event!

As the commentators discuss the upcoming matches, graphics appear of the appropriate competitors in the match ups.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: And my question is whether Joe and AJ are going to be able to co-exist after near enough beating up one another them few moments ago. But that isn’t all we have for you Voltage fans tonight, oh no. We wanted to enter Voltage with a bang and hell will we do it, as also tonight we will see a three-way tag team match for the number one contendership of the TNA World Tag Team Champions involving Team 3D, LAX and The British Invasion. And we have been promised that whoever wins the match tonight will face the Champs next week on Voltage!

“Colour Commentator” Don West: Yeah, and after Team 3D lost their belts at Slammiversary, both Brother Ray and D-Von are going to be hell bent on gaining the titles back over their shoulders. Also tonight, we will see Matt Morgan bring his ‘Five Minute Challenge’ over to Voltage, and only one can wonder who is going to be brave enough to respond here tonight.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: After what Matt Morgan has done these past few weeks, I’m gonna be surprised if anyone is going to be stupid enough to take the risk. As well as all that action, we’re also going to see ODB take on Sojourner Bolt in a one-on-one battle. We both know these Knockouts are tough, but tonight we will see who is tougher as both personalities collide. And who knows, after Angelina Love retained her title at Slammiversary following a victory over Awesome Kong, maybe the winner will be in contention for a title shot in the near future.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: And speaking of Kong, earlier this week we heard the news that the former TNA Knockouts champion could be out for over two months following the tearing of ankle ligaments in her match at Slammiversary. So Cal Val is now standing by with Kong’s manager, Raisha Saeed, to find out more news…


Voltage’s backstage interviewer, So Cal Val, is standing by with Awesome Kong’s manager, Raisha Saeed.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Raisha Saeed, last week at Slammiversary we witnessed Angelina Love claim the Knockouts Title off of Awesome Kong in a hellacious match up. Since Slammmiversary, we’ve not seen or heard any signs of Kong backstage…

“Kong’s Associate” Raisha Saeed: And you know why? Because Angelina Love has finally achieved her dream. Angelina Love and her protégées have finally done the damage on Kong. They wanted to injure her, and they did. Kong is at home, suffering with a broken ankle because of what Angelina Love did at Slammiversary. Now I’m not a woman who sticks to rules, but what Angelina Love did to Kong on Sunday, was sickening. Disrespectful. She used an unauthorised weapon to gain the victory, and it just, it just…

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: No, look, Raisha…calm down…

“Kong’s Associate” Raisha Saeed: I will not calm down, Val, I will not! I will not stand around in this company and have some…bleach haired bimbo walk around with a title that Kong deserves. I will not stand around and have to be victimised by a pack of…a pack of beauty ridden wolves. No way. So Angelina Love, I am going to give you a choice. Tonight, I challenge you. You can put your title on the line, you cannot, you can even bring your little friends along, it is totally up to you. But tonight, I want to face you, one-on-one, and prove that I have the capabilities…to beat you.

Saeed then storms off, with Val looking slightly shocked at the announcement.


Match #1
One-on-One w/ Manager
Phil Atlas vs. Kenny Omega w/ Daisy Haze

Prologue: The news of the signing of two top independent wrestlers known as Kenny Omega and Daisy Haze shook the foundations of TNA, and it came as no surprise that Omega accepted Haze’s managerial advances. Tonight, we get to see what Omega’s all about as he looks set to display his skill in a try-out match with the non-signed Phil Atlas, as Daisy Haze looks on at ringside.

Recap: The ego of Kenny Omega purely outshone in this contest, with a lot of time spent taunting at the crowd and flexing his muscles whilst being gloriously applauded by Haze. Phil Atlas, looking the most focused of the two, looked like he wanted to get down to business, and showed it after scoop slamming Omega to the floor in anger at his wasted time. But after being nursed near the ropes by Daisy, it wasn’t long before Omega showed why he might be the star to watch, ducking underneath Atlas’ clothesline and near decapitating him with a spinning wheel kick, which acclaimed a two count. From then on, Omega kept the momentum swing his way, locking in a neat Fujiwara Armbar to his opponent. Atlas may have refused to tap, but soon enough he might have reconsidered after a damaging discus elbow smash to the face was followed up by a leap frog one-handed bulldog! But somehow, Omega only got the two! Enraged, Kenny then stood to his feet, taking Atlas with him and yelled out ‘Croyt’s Wrath!’ The crowd looked confused, but nevertheless, Omega slowly began to place Atlas in an electric chair position…but suddenly, Atlas spun out and executed a hurracanrana on the young up-and-comer. Omega looked out of it on the floor, and Atlas scaled the ropes…to deliver a show stopping moonsault onto the fallen superstar! One…two…NO! Omega kicked out, perhaps saving his job! Atlas then turned around, with a slowly standing Omega in his sights, before running forward…only for Omega to out of nowhere yell ‘STOP!’ at the athlete and fall down to the turnbuckle, clutching his ribs in pain. The referee went by to check Omega out, who was complaining about a suspected injury, but then in camera sight appeared Daisy Haze, scaling the ring ropes opposite to the occurrence. Atlas, like the referee, was oblivious to the appearance of Daisy, until he turned around and WAM! Daisy levelled Omega’s opponent with a missile dropkick, taking him down to the ground! As Haze rolled out of the ring and proclaimed to the front row audience that ‘they didn’t see anything’, Omega suddenly felt ‘all better’, and picked Atlas up by the hair before slamming him back down to the ground with a move he calls Aoi Shoudu- a cross legged variation of the Fishermans Buster! Omega covered…one…two…three…job done!
Winner: Kenny Omega @ 4:17

Aftermath: In his first match up, Omega had got the job done. The referee raises his hand before Daisy Haze enters the ring, shoulder barging the referee off of Omega so she can instead raise his hand and declare him as a winner. As the replays appear on screen showing Haze’s involvement, it comes to mind that although this match showed a future rising star in the TNA industry, it also showed that alongside him is a volatile women’s athlete who is capable of doing his dirty work.



So Cal Val is standing by with Team 3D, Brother Ray and D-Von Dudley.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: D-Von, Brother Ray, Sunday at Slammiversary we saw Beer Money Incorporated, with a lot of help from the returning Jackie Moore, gain the World Tag-

“Team 3D Member” Brother Ray: Gain? No. They didn’t gain those titles. Gain is a word that suggests they went to no limits, they broke the boundaries, they received those titles on their own backing fairly and lawfully. But was that the case? No. They had to utilise that little Tennessee slut of there’s to ensure that they could pull off the victory against us, in order to STEAL our titles. Jackie, if it makes you feel any better, I had to spend the whole of Sunday night scraping glass out the back of my head after you cowardly hit me with that beer bottle. But you know what, as they say in pro wrestling, no pain no gain. And what did I gain from that incident? Well it’s that not only do Team 3D now thrive for the blood of Robert Roode and James Storm, but Jackie, we also thrive for yours. We’re known to have put a lot of women through tables, deservedly if I may add, and Jackie, the next time you try to interfere in our business, our threshold, then you can say hello to some wood.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: However, despite this, tonight you have to earn your way back to regaining those TNA World Tag Team Titles in a three way tag team match, with the winners going on to face Beer Money next week. With the teams of LAX and The British Invasion also in that match, what do you think your chances are of gaining the victory here tonight?

“Team 3D Member” Brother Ray: Our chances, hmm, let me assess. LAX, Hernandez and Homicide, a team that have had glory, success and show one hell of a lot of talent in TNA, yeah, I see that. But I think that’s past them, their era has now diminished. And then on the other hand, The British Invasion, upcoming kids from England, but have shown little promise rather than kissing each others ass ever since they entered the company. So you know what, I think our chances are quite high. As they have always been. Because tonight, both D-Von and I are hell-bent on gaining that number one contenders shot. At Slammiversary, Beer Money made a mockery out of us, and tonight is our chance to ensure that next week we can make a mockery out of them… and have those TNA World Tag Team Titles wrapped back around our deserved waists!

Brother Ray then walks off, as D-Von gets on the mic.

“Team 3D Member” D-Von: Oh my brotha….TESTIFY!

D-Von then walks off, and the cameras zoom back to the Voltage Zone.


Match #2
ODB vs. Sojo Bolt

Prologue: This match-up between two of TNA’s most accomplished Knockouts aims to show fans what to expect from Voltage broadcasting. ODB and Sojo Bolt may not be the most recognised women of the division, but they’re both willing to risk it all in this contest, which might possibly be involving two future Knockout champions.

Recap: ODB began proceedings by showing her strength, displaying that power really prevails by throwing Sojo down off every attempt for a lock-up. The match spilled to the outside after a tackle from Bolt took both Knockouts between the ropes, but Sojo soon found a way to gain control by flapjacking ODB face first off the apron. From then on, Bolt had the momentum on her side, executing a perfect slingshot elbow drop when back in the ring which was followed by a near fall. A seated sleeper hold nearly had ODB down, but she answered by elbowing her way out of it, only for Bolt to come out with a shuffle side kick when ODB came running towards her. But again, the two could only be produced. Sojo then tried to strangle ODB with a knee applied surfboard chinlock, but ODB managed to get to the ropes in time. Bolt looked on the offence, but then suddenly the tide turned, and ODB managed to execute a drop toehold out of nowhere, sending Sojo throat first into the ropes. ODB then hyped herself up, before showing dominance with three consecutive clotheslines, followed by a gut crushing spear! One…two…but no, Bolt managed to get a shoulder up just in time! ODB then scaled the second rope, perhaps looking for the Dirty Dozen, but Bolt picked up intensity by grasping ODB’s leg and sweeping her off the top and back first onto the canvas below! ODB held her head in pain but she had no time to groan as Bolt seized the opportunity and locked in the superbly named Dread Lock! The half Boston Crab squeezed all power out of ODB, or so it seemed, until suddenly the crowd support for the fan favourite prevailed, and ODB managed to kick Sojo off! Suddenly, however, the cameras turned to ringside, where climbing over the ring barricade was a tall muscular female, wearing amateur wrestling gear and simply staring at the competition in the ring. This went unnoticed by the competing Knockouts, as Sojo was up immediately, and in anger flew at a now standing ODB with a running cross body…only to be caught by the larger competitor and be planted with a Fallaway Slam! ODB followed the move with a Kip up, but then noticed the large female solemnly glaring at her from ringside. Bemused, ODB glared back, and even began to interject herself between the top and middle rope, but this gave Sojo enough time to recuperate and tightly execute a school girl roll up, which gave Bolt the pin fall victory!
Winner: Sojo Bolt @ 5:08

Aftermath: Sojo looks pretty shocked by her victory, as the referee walks over and raises her hand, declaring her the winner. Bolt jumps up and down excitedly, but her attention is off the large female athlete, whom long-term TNA fans would have seen by now is Sirelda, a former worker of TNA! Too busy celebrating, Bolt begins to walk backwards a little...before bumping into Sirelda who has just leapt over the top ring rope. The expression on Sojo’s face is now one of shock as she then turns around…but as she does, she is grasped into a chokehold by Sirelda who then lifts her upwards into the air Military Press style! Sojo screams out, but it’s too little too late as Sirelda simply drops Bolt behind her head, sending her stomach first onto the canvas, before disposing of her over the top ring rope! By this point, ODB is now standing, a little disorientated, and Sirelda simply stares right at her. ODB looks around, quite confused, until noticing that Sirelda is taunting for her to bring it. And ODB does…forearm shots, rights, lefts to Sirelda’s chest…but suddenly Sirelda follows suit with a knee lift to ODB’s gut, before lifting her up…and then planting her mid ring with a fireman’s carry spinning facebuster! ODB lies face down on the canvas, as Sirelda stands mid ring and glares at the destruction she has caused. After this, she then simply turns her back and walks away, walking down the ramp without taking a second look back.



Standing by at the announcers table are colour commentators, Don West and Joey Styles.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Ladies and gentleman, if you’ve just joined us, what an action packed first episode of Voltage you’ve been missing! We’ve seen a variety of shocks and stipulations so far tonight, but luckily for you, we have loads more action promised.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: I couldn’t have said it better, Joey, and I tell you what, what we have in store is set to blow the roof off any professional wrestling show. Because still to come tonight is the ‘Matt Morgan Five Minute Challenge.’ I can’t wait to see who’s brave, or perhaps stupid enough to step up to the challenge.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: That’s surely going to be an eye-opener, but even more so, word is that Angelina Love has responded to Raisha Saeed’s challenge set earlier tonight. So later on tonight, you’re going to see Raisha Saeed take on Angelina Love for the Women’s Knockouts Championship, which may I add, is exclusive to Voltage!

“Colour Commentator” Don West: And on top of all that, we’ve got a three-way tag team match to find out the new number one contenders for Beer Money’s TNA World Tag Team Champions, and the match that everyone’s been talking about, as tonight Beer Money take on Samoa Joe and AJ Styles in a tag-team match up.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Yeah, and AJ Styles and Joe have had some problems so to speak early on tonight, with Joe interrupting AJ’s introduction to the brand as the ‘new face of Voltage’, which Samoa Joe apparently wasn’t happy with. But also tonight we saw the debut of Kenny Omega, who, with a little help from his associate, Daisy Haze, managed to pin Phil Atlas in a one-on-one contest. So Cal Val is standing by with Omega and Haze now to see what future they have in store for TNA…


So Cal Val is standing by with Kenny Omega and Daisy Haze.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Kenny Omega, tonight Voltage fans witnessed you gain your first ever victory in TNA, although many will say that it wasn’t your own doing that gained you that triumph…

“Voltage’s New Star” Kenny Omega: It wasn’t my own doing!? Are you out of your mind!? I don’t know what you’re going on about, pretty lady, but if you didn’t realise, the match ended when I levelled Phil Atlas with a move I sublimely call, the Aoi Shoudu. Simple as. I didn’t see any lack of fair play in that at all…

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: But Daisy jumped off the top rope and levelled your opponent with a missile dropkick which led to your victory, I mean, surely, you can’t thi-

“The Haze” Daisy Haze: I did what? Pfft. Please, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about! I think you need to get your eyes checked…

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: But we all saw it with our own eyes, you entered the ring you climbed to the top rope and then you-

“Voltage’s New Star” Kenny Omega: Okay, okay, enough already! Whatever happened out there, I, Kenny Omega got the victory, one, two, three. Who cares how I did it, who cares what part anyone else had to play in it, at the end of the contest, the name that the ring announcer called was I, Kenny Omega. A name that will surely be etched inside all these fans brains as the weeks go by. Because you see, ‘The Haze’ and I have come here on a little mission, and that mission is to razzle, dazzle and…umm…

“The Haze” Daisy Haze: …fazzle?

“Voltage’s New Star” Kenny Omega: Is that even a word?

“The Haze” Daisy Haze: I dunno…

“Voltage’s New Star” Kenny Omega: Yeah, but anyway, Daisy and I are here to captivate Tuesday nights. You see, Voltage needs some new, fresh blood in the mix, and who better than I to do that, alongside my trusty ally of course. And believe me when I say this, for the past few years, I have been ripping up the independent scene as a lone soldier. I have captured titles after titles, impressed many, unimpressed none. And with Daisy Haze on my side, my future in TNA is only going to grow and grow, until I get to the top. And the way my match went tonight, you better believe that it’s going to do that sooner, rather than late…what the hell do you want?

Omega’s sudden change of tone seems quite confusing, until we realise who’s just walked in on the scene…none other than ‘Showtime’ Eric Young. Val turns around and places the microphone underneath Eric’s mouth, allowing him to get his point of view across.

“Showtime” Eric Young: What the hell do I want? Well firstly, I want to congratulate you on your victory, you know, it was pretty impressive. I mean, despite the guy you facing not being a permanent mainstay athlete on TNA, oh, and the fact that you needed your girlfriend here to jump in to save your ass, you did a great job. But secondly, and most importantly, I just want to let you know that you’ve made the biggest mistake already. How long have you been in this company for? What, like five minutes? And all of a sudden, because you got some cheap win you’re suddenly the ‘future of Voltage’, suddenly you’re setting high expectations of yourself? Let me let you in on something, Kenny, is it? I’ve been in this company five years, and in all that time, I have so much left to prove. And now I’m here on Voltage, my intentions account to one thing- to make my name in this brand once and for all, and I don’t intend on letting egotistical, rookie competitors like yourself taking over. So, you know what, why don’t I offer you something? Call it a challenge. You want to prove yourself so much, then next week, Eric Young vs. Kenny Omega, why don’t you let it happen…?

Although the question was intended at Omega, Daisy snatches the microphone off of Val and walks right up to Eric Young.

“The Haze” Daisy Haze: A challenge, huh? You? Puh-lease. You bring a whole new meaning to the term challenge, and trust me Eric, it ain’t good. I mean, you’ve been in TNA for five years, and what have your greatest achievements been? Dressing up as a superhero? Beating some fat overweight losers? W-O-W! Kenny Omega would be happy to face you one-on-one whether it be next week, next month, or even next frickin’ year. Because as far as he’s concerned, he’s a much better athlete than you, a much better looking person than you, and best of all…he’s got more of a future than you ever will.

“Showtime” Eric Young: Well, we’ll see about that next week…

Eric then smiles at Daizee before Haze scornfully hands Val back the microphone and then drags Omega along with her as she walks away.


Standing by inside the squared circle is ‘The Blueprint’ Matt Morgan. For the past few weeks over on Impact, Morgan has been scheduling challenges for any ‘up and coming’ competitor to see if they can spend five minutes inside the ring with him, labelled the ‘Matt Morgan’s Five Minute Challenge.’ If they win, they get a TNA contract. Most of the challenges have been answered by jobbers, whom Morgan destroys in a quick time limit. Tonight, as the six foot ten inch Morgan stands centre ring with the microphone in hand, it looks as if Morgan will bring the series of endearing challenges on Voltage. Noticing the camera is on him, Morgan takes a short breath and then begins to talk.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Now, as you idiots may or may not know, on the few weeks prior to Slammiversary, I held a special segment on Impact called ‘Matt Morgan’s Five Minute Challenge.’ I, being the kind, sincere man that I am, challenged any athlete who wasn’t yet a part of the TNA roster, to face me, man-to-man, and see if they could last five minutes with me inside the squared circle. If they could, then they would get a chance to sign a new TNA contract right on the dot. But you see, that hasn’t been the case yet. Week after week, I’ve not just defeated, but I’ve destroyed the ass holes who think they can down a physical specimen like myself in a zone I am totally in control of. So, tonight, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud that Voltage will be the new home, the new platform where the ‘Matt Morgan’s Five Minute Challenge’ continues.

The crowd boo on the announcement, feeling resentment towards the star.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Oh, look, don’t all shower me with cheers and kind words at once, okay? In fact, you know what? I don’t give a crap what you think! The Challenge is going to go on, and the challenge is going to begin right now. But let me give my challenger a word of advice- I don’t go easy. You will be facing an athletically stacked, genetically jacked giant who weighs in at over 300 pounds. You will be facing a man who is capable of kicking your face clean off, a man who can squeeze the life out of you with one bare hand. So come on, whoever thinks they can step up to the plates, then you make your way down to the ring right now.

Morgan waits a second, but nothing. He takes a small stroll around the ring before lifting the microphone back to his mouth.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Come on, I’m waiting. Tick tock, tick tock, tick to-

But then suddenly, a generic theme tune howls out of the PA system. It isn’t instantly recognisable, but then suddenly a man steps out from behind the entrance and walks down the ramp. At first, it’s unclear who he is, until the camera zooms, and, oh my…it’s MARK JINDRAK!? The crowd cheer at the realisation, despite Mark not looking dressed for action, as the camera depicts Matt Morgan, whose jaw has dropped and is nearly touching the floor! Mark enters the ring before being handed a microphone by the ring announcer, and then he walks towards Matt.

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: Matt Morgan. When the hell will you ever learn? You know Matt, recently, I’ve been watching you at home on my TV set, and like these fans, I do not like what I see at all. So last week, when Jeff Jarrett approached me to sign a contract for TNA…I accepted. And do you know what I’ve come to do? Teach you a lesson that you deserve. This stupid ‘5 Minute Challenge’ of yours, hell, only a guy like you could come up with it. Is this how you’re going to prove yourself in TNA, huh? By beating half skilled wrestlers, is that how it’s going to be? Well you know what Matt, you’ve been asking for a challenge. You’ve been pleading for one for a very long time. Well Matt, you know what? You want someone on your level to compete against…well your looking right at him!

The crowd pop with excitement, although Morgan doesn’t look too happy, almost hesitant.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: So let me get this straight. Jeff Jarrett approached you for a TNA contract? You accepted? And now you think you’re just gonna walk into MY show and think you can come out here and fight for your life on the first night? Oh please! You know what, come to think of it, how could I not expect this, Mark. How could I not expect you swanning into my business as per usual? And you know why? Because you’ve always been one to follow the leader.

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: Don’t go there, Matt, I may do something I regret…

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: No, it’s true. Each and every time I enter a business and make my name sake, you have to come in and ruin it! It’s because you can’t stand the sight of your pathetic little career, how you take part in pathetic little contests for unknown federations, how you can’t get your pathetic little name into the spotlight…

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: I warned you, Matt. Don’t.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: …oh, and not to mention, to wrap it all off with how pathetic you really are, why don’t I mention the name ‘Marcus’, huh? The son you left behind. The son you rarely ever see, the son whose mother you divorced and left bankrupt, ha? Which just goes to sum up what not only a pathetic father and a pathetic husband your name can be characterised against, but most of all, Mark, what a pathetic definition of a human being you really…

But that’s it. The strong words have struck a chord…and all of a sudden Mark Jindrak lashes out with his patented LEFT HOOK! The fist smashes off Morgan’s cheek bone…and he drops like a stone onto the canvas, dropping the microphone as he falls! Morgan is completely KO’d mid ring, not moving at all! Jindrak stands over him, mouthing the words ‘I warned you!’, before taking off his shirt and disposing it over Morgan’s face. Jindrak, in an angry nature, storms off, with his music playing and the crowd giving him heavy heat. The camera view leaves us with a still shot of the fallen Morgan for a while, before we head to a TNA Webography involving Homicide from LAX, followed by a short commercial break.




After the short commercial break, the cameras head to the ringside area. They zoom around the crowd as Don West announces that So Cal Val has managed to catch up with Mark Jindrak after his shocking appearance on the Voltage brand.


Backstage interviewer So Cal Val paces after an angry Jindrak.

"Backstage Interviewer" So Cal Val: Mark…Mark! Mark Jindrak...could I just ask you what that was all about?

"The Reflection of Perfection" Mark Jindrak: What that was all about? I came out here to announce that I had signed a TNA contract, but not only that, but to give Matt Morgan a real challenge. But did that challenge take place? No, because in a ‘stereotypical Matt Morgan kind of way’, what was a slight confrontation escalated in Matt Morgan making things personal. Well Matt, let me tell you. If you want to make things personal, then that’s fine by me. I’m here to fight, I’m here to prove my worth, and who better than doing that against some jacked up hypocrite like yourself. That punch in the face I just gave you, I guarantee it hurts, because I meant it deep from the bottom of my heart. And as the next few weeks progress, Matt Morgan, I’m gonna HURT you so much, you’re gonna wish that a punch in the face was all you were EVER going to receive!

Jindrak grunts in anger, before storming off, leaving Val taken aback by the harsh words.


Match #3
No.1 Contenders Match for the TNA World Tag Team Titles; the Winning Team gets their shot at the titles on next week’s edition of Voltage
Three Way Tag-Team Match
Dudley Boyz (D-Von Dudley and Brother Ray Dudley) vs. British Invasion (Brutus Magnus and Doug Williams w/ Rob Terry) vs. LAX (Homicide and Hernandez)

Prologue: Slammiversary saw the team of Beer Money reclaim the TNA World Tag Team Titles from Team 3D in a jaw dropping contest. Tonight, Jeff Jarrett has booked the three remaining teams, British Invasion, LAX and Team 3D in a three way tag team match to determine who the first challengers to the new champions will be. However, to heat things up a little, Jarrett has announced that the winners will get their title shot as soon as possible- next week on Voltage!

Recap: As the bell tolled, the match up began with D-Von facing Brutus Magnus. A technical showdown erupted between the two, with D-Von getting the better of Magnus with a headlock takedown before tagging in his brother, whom hit a bionic elbow to the arm of the British citizen after D-Von gracefully stretched the limb out for his brother. Brother Ray seized the opportunity, showing off his ring expertise and even nearly gaining a fall with a delayed sidewalk slam to the clean-cut Magnus. Brutus quickly tagged in Doug Williams, but Brother Ray backing off to allow Williams to enter allowed Homicide to make the legal tag into the match. Williams offered a test of strength with the smaller guy, mocking his size, but Homicide responded with a boot to the kneecap of Doug, taking him down for size, before executing a running dropkick to the face of the British superstar. A two count followed before Homicide tagged in Hernandez, who wasted no time squashing Williams in the corner with a running body splash. However, after Williams ducked out of a clothesline attempt from Hernandez, D-Von managed to tag in off Hernandez off the rebound, and then came charging towards Williams with a corkscrew elbow smash. Again, a two commenced, but Williams began to walk away and call it a day as he walked down the entrance ramp. Even his own partner and manager Rob Terry looked confused, but soon a smile became apparent on both of their faces when D-Von exited the ring and turned Williams around, only for Doug to show that he was deploying a trick, knee lifting D-Von in the stomach before back suplexing him hard off the steel ramp! The British Invasion were then in the flow of the match. Williams tagged in Magnus before applying an abdominal stretch, but this was only done so Magnus could lethally kick D-Von in the gut off the move and then spinebuster him ruthlessly into the corner. From there, Magnus then executed a snap suplex, but his float over cover was broken up at the two count after Homicide entered the ring and stomped on Magnus’ back to give his team a small portion of justice at least. This encouraged an argument between the LAX member and the referee, but this only led to a distraction, allowing Williams to enter the fray and the British Invasion to continually stomp over D-Von as he lay on the floor! Brother Ray tried to enter the ring, but the referee noticed this and ran over to him, preventing him from going any further. Clapping their hands to signal a tag, Williams then punished D-Von with a jumping knee drop to the forehead which gained a two count, before locking in a seated chickenwing stretch. D-Von struggled to get out, but the rhythmic clapping by both Brother Ray and the crowd allowed him to find the time to use his arm strength and spin out of the move. Doug looked to follow up with a clothesline attempt, but D-Von ducked out, before both superstars clashed mid-ring, with both going for a running cross body off a rope rebound and clashing stomachs in the process! This led to the referee counting the double fall as the replays of the clash showed on screen…but both superstars soon began crawling towards their partners to make the needed tag…and they got it, with Brutus Magnus and Brother Ray Dudley becoming the legal competitors! And Bubba was on fire, taking down Brutus Magnus with a back elbow, then a clothesline, and then clearing Williams off the apron with a hard shoulder tackle. Brutus tried to come at Bubba with a kick to the sternum, but instead was caught and given a hard scoop slam to the canvas, before Bubba separated Magnus’ legs and looked towards the turnbuckles which D-Von subsequently climbed…’Wassup’ Headbutt time! However, LAX, keeping quiet on the apron, saw their chance, with Hernandez running over and rocking D-Von with a forearm, before Hernandez then dropped Brother Ray with a Gringo Cutter! With D-Von prone up top, Hernandez scaled the ropes himself…and then delivered a massive superplex which shook the ring! D-Von clutched his back in agony, but Hernandez shot right up and ripped his vest clean off to the delight of the cheering audience. However, seeing Doug Williams and Rob Terry discussing tactics on the outside, Hernandez then called Homicide over, who he set up for the Border Toss and threw his own partner over the top rope and unexpectedly onto both Terry and Williams, taking all three participants down! Hernandez then looked to the ropes himself and looked like he was going to deliver the Superman Splash that his name is assigned to, but Brutus Magnus popped up on the apron and pulled the top rope down, causing Hernandez to flail to the outside and land hard on the arena floor! Sliding into the ring and seeing a groggy Brother Ray in his sights, Magnus walked over to the Dudley brother and kicked him in the stomach before seizing him onto his shoulders looking for his signature move, the Tormentum! However, Bubba used his elbows to battle out of the hold and then jumped behind Brutus, grasped him in a Full Nelson…and then planted him with a hard Bubba Bomb! Bubba simply crawled over and hooked the legs, gaining the three counts, the victory for his team and most importantly…the title shot next week against Beer Money!
Winners: Team 3D @ 07:51

Aftermath: The referee calls for the bell, announcing the winners as Team 3D, with Bubba getting to his feet and celebrating the victory. D-Von soon follows behind, patting his brother on the back for his achievement. A final shot sees the Dudleyz signal a title strap gesture on their waists, before the commentators, Don West and Jim Cornette, move to the next segment of the show.


So Cal Val is standing by with Robert Roode, James Storm and Jackie Moore. However, instead of being at the usual interview booth, they appear to be standing in a locker room by a television monitor, watching the action that is unfolding on Voltage- most notably, the win picked up by Team 3D just seconds ago. The segment starts with Beer Money and Jackie looking quite shell shocked at the result, before Val jumps in excitedly with her first question.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: So there we have it. Beer Money, the guys you will be facing next week for your TNA World Tag Team titles are none other than Team 3D. Now, my question to you is, after the hard fought match up at Slammiversary which saw you have to bend the rules to win, Team 3D tag team domination, not to mention their, what is it, twenty six time reigns as…

"The Money Man" Robert Roode: Okay, okay, we know it all already, Val. Yes, Team 3D have held tag team gold over many, many companies. Yes, because of their twenty-or-so reigns they are seen as the most successful tag team in the professional wrestling industry, ever. But I’ve got a question for you, Val. So…what? So what that they’ve accomplished it all. You know, if they were so great, then they would be in our shoes, they would be TNA World Tag Team Champions, not having to earn their way into trying…

“The Cowboy” James Storm: …but failing…

"The Money Man" Robert Roode: Yeah, but failing, to be them. As far as next week is concerned, Team 3D can bring it on. The Dudleyz may be the past, but as far as we’re concerned, Beer Money is the future. The future of Voltage, the future of TNA.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Yes, but before your contest next week you have perhaps an even bigger challenge tonight in the form of Samoa Joe and AJ Styles in our main event tag team match. Now, earlier on we see a small altercation between the two- has that changed your opinions towards the contest in any way?

“The Cowboy” James Storm: You see, tonight’s match up against AJ and Joe is going to be just another proving ground for Beer Money. Our careers in TNA have thrived; they’ve shot through the roof. And tonight is just another daym example of how we are the team to beat in TNA. Team 3D, hell, they’re nothing. We beat them at Slammiversary, so who’s saying that we can’t do it again? AJ and Joe? Well, you know what; I don’t even think they can co-exist after battering two shades of hell out of one another earlier tonight. And if they don’t, so be it, if they can, then so be it. Because either way, Beer Money are destined to do one thing tonight. And that is to achieve victory. AJ and Joe, co-exist or not, tonight, Beer Money Incorporated are out to defeat. And with the problems between you two, and with the prospect of us, the better guys, defeating you both tonight, I’ve got one thing to say. Sorry…about your damn luck!

Jackie, who has been pretty quiet throughout the segment then walks over, and forcefully bumps into Val.

“The Pride of Tennessee” Jackie Moore: Now get out, bitch!

Understandably, Val exits the room in demand, and the camera then clicks, before the view disappears and is altered with a highlight reel showing a Knockouts video reel.



Match #4
TNA Womens Knockout Title Match
Raisha Saeed vs. Angelina Love w/ Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky

Prologue: Raisha Saeed set the challenge up earlier tonight, and Love seems to be responsive to it, even accepting Saeed’s offer of putting her Knockouts Title on the line. Will Raisha Saeed manage to gain her first Knockouts title, or will she fall victim to The Beautiful People again?

Recap: It sure looked like Raisha had a chance going into the contest. Before Angelina even entered through the ropes, Saeed let out all her pent up frustrations by tossing Love over the top rope and into the ring off the apron. After mounting Angelina and near enough punching the hell out of her, Saeed gained level ground by scoop slamming Love to the floor and then executing a quick elbow drop to the sternum. A two count followed, but Saeed was rampant, slamming Love’s head off the top turnbuckle and then mounting the ropes to begin executing a 10 punch on the cornered Angelina. She only managed five before Velvet Sky leapt on the apron as a distraction, causing Raisha to jump down. In usual mannerisms, Sky quickly jumped off the apron after seeing Raisha walk towards her, but it proved as a meaningful distraction as when Saeed turned around, she was handed a hard Botox Injection to the chest by a recuperated Angelina Love. From then on, Angelina went all out on Raisha, choking her with her own bare hands before executing a basement dropkick to the face of the seated European. When that didn’t gain the three, Angelina went for cheaper tactics, throwing Saeed into the turnbuckles before executing a foot choke that took the wind right out of Raisha. However, when Raisha was whipped into the opposite ropes, she noticed Love coming straight at her, and stopped the flow of momentum with a back elbow, followed by a hair pulled throwing mat slam to the Knockouts champ! Raisha then went on the offence, squashing Love in the corner with a running clothesline before throwing her into the opposite corner and then executing a running hip attack! Love walked forward holding her gut in pain, but Raisha looked to gain more by going for her second scoop slam of the match. Angelina, however, had other plans, jumping out and executing a sit out shoulder jawbreaker! This looked to be it for Saeed…one…two…but no, she somehow popped a shoulder up! Love looked infuriated but looked set to finish things off as she hooked her opponent up for a Lights Out, but Raisha elbowed her way out before drop toeholding Love to the canvas and hitting a well timed Curb Stomp! One…two…but suddenly the referee was distracted by the appearance of Madison Rayne on the apron. Saeed couldn’t take it no more, and popped out of the fall to drill Madison in the face with a forearm, sending her falling onto the apron! However, with the referee pre-occupied with getting Madison off the apron, he didn’t spot Velvet Sky slide Love’s Knockouts Title into the ring at all, resulting in Raisha turning around and getting bashed in the stomach with the gold courtesy of the Knockouts champ! And if that wasn’t enough, Angelina then laid her title out on the floor before executing a Lights Out…with Raisha’s face smashing off the gold! Sliding the belt out of the ring, Love then hooked the legs, garnering the referee’s attention to count the three counts and declare the Knockouts champion still the holder of the title belt.
Winner: Angelina Love @ 6:18

Aftermath: Love isn’t finished there, oh no. She calls upon Beautiful People members Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky to enter the ring, and they follow her beck and call, hoisting Raisha up by the arms for Angelina to slap her opponent squarely in the face! Angelina then calls for a microphone, and when she snatches one off of ring announcer Gary Capetta, she walks towards Raisha.

"The Beautiful Person" Angelina Love: Raisha, ‘sweetie.’ Wakey wakey. You listen carefully, you filthy little bitch! The only reason your ‘leader’ Awesome Kong is sitting at home on her fat, ugly, disgusting round ass is because of me, got it? And you know what, Raisha. I think I’m gonna save you the misery. Yeah, that’s right, I think I’m gonna give you the satisfaction…and send you home WITH HER! Velvet, Madison…lift her up!

On prompt, Velvet and Rayne lift Raisha slightly by the arms as Love drops the microphone powerfully to the floor. Love then removes the belt from her shoulder, looks at it in her hands and smiles, before eyeing up the groggy Raisha. However, just as soon as she looks to use it, the crowd unexpectedly spot as an individual slides into the ring. Angelina, Velvet and Madison are in shock as they see that person is…CHRISTY HEMME! Hemme has been out for over four months due to a neck injury, but you’d never guess it as now she stands, defiant and looking ready for action! Obviously threatened, Love screams at Rayne and Sky to ‘go get her!’, but as they release Saeed from their grasp and walk forward, Hemme takes them both down with a double clothesline before taking Angelina Love down with a Louise Thesz Press and hitting lefts and rights to the champion’s prone face! The crowd chant Christy on as she goes wild, but suddenly, Velvet Sky has recuperated and manages to grab Christy by the hair, pull her off and grasp her in a full nelson style lock. Christy looks unable to escape as Sky calls Madison over, who stands to her feet and goes for a hard slap…but Hemme ducks and the palm connects with Velvet’s face! Velvet goes over to the ropes holding her cheek in pain, before Madison falls victim to a split legged jawbreaker from Hemme and then Velvet is given a running dropkick to the torso, sending both Knockouts out of the ring! A groggy Angelina Love is next in Christy’s sights, as she pulls her into an inverted facelock…and then executes a split legged manoeuvre, hitting what can be classed as a split-legged inverted DDT! Angelina’s head bounces off the canvas, but Christy hasn’t finished yet as she climbs the turnbuckle! The crowd chant ‘FFG’ and Christy looks set to hit the patented finisher, but before she jumps off the ropes Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne manage to drag their stable member out of the ring! Christy composes herself as her music erupts from the PA system, with the cameras picking out the Beautiful People scornfully looking on from near the entrance ramp. In one last defiant move, Hemme sees Love’s belt on the canvas floor and holds it against her shoulder in perhaps a sign of things to come, before throwing it out of the ring in the direction of the Beautiful People. The final image sees Hemme celebrating in the ring before the camera cuts to Angelina Love, who clutches her strap like a baby.




So Cal Val is standing by with the ‘TNA Legends Champion’, AJ Styles, at the backstage interview booth.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: I am standing by with AJ Styles, and AJ, I’ve got one question that everyone is dieing to know…how are you going to be able to co-exist with the man that confronted you earlier, Samoa Joe?

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: Well you know what. Val? Despite Samoa Joe entering my business, despite him throwing the first punch, tonight, I’m out to claim one thing and one thing only…victory. As I always am. You see, you’d think that tonight I’d want to get revenge on Samoa Joe, want to make him learn a lesson. But I can do that another time, another place, because tonight, I want to prove to everyone, including Joe, why I have been chosen to represent this brand. You see, I don’t know how Joe feels, but tonight I’m gonna have to team up with Joe, there’s nothing I can do about it, and I won’t go about costing my team the victory by turning my back on my partner.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: But saying that, do you think Joe feels the same way at all?

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: Maybe…maybe not…I don’t know. I really don’t know what goes on inside Joe’s head, and I’m not here to find out what. You see, there’s always been something about him, I’ve sensed it from the very off. He just can’t stand it when someone’s given more glory, more honour than he gets, and due to that, he takes matters into his own hands. Like earlier tonight. And one thing I picked upon was that one of Joe’s reasons to come out there and confront me was because I apparently cost him his chance at gaining the World Heavyweight Title at Slammiversary. I mean, seriously, in a King of the Mountain Match, when it’s every man for themselves, what did he expect me to do? Stop and watch him? I wanted that title as much as he did, but that just goes to show how selfish and downright self-interested a guy like Samoa Joe is. And it is that selfish, self-interested individual that I am going to have to team up with tonight. Joe, I don’t know if you’re watching this, but rest assured, tonight I am out there to get the one, two, three over Beer Money. You can turn your back, you can try and cost me the victory, but you mark my words. Tonight, Samoa Joe, I will be watching your every move, and if you EVER try and step out of line and I don’t know, take matters into your own hands, then trust me…I will be one step ahead. See you in the ring.

AJ then walks off, as Don West’s voice appears over the surround sound.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: AJ Styles teams up with Samoa Joe to take on Beer Money Incorporated…NEXT!


Match #5
Tag Team
Beer Money (James Storm and Robert Roode) © w/ Jackie Moore vs. AJ Styles and Samoa Joe

Prologue: It was earlier tonight when the friendship between both AJ Styles and Samoa Joe was seriously threatened after Joe confronted AJ in the ring, leading to a minor brawl between the two. However, despite this small kafuffle, both seem willing to take on Beer Money in a non-title tag team match. Will the team of Styles and Joe be able to co-exist against the tag team champions tonight?

Recap: Although both superstars didn’t look comfortable making tags between one another, it was evident that, at the start of the contest at least, Joe and AJ were in this match to do one thing- get the job done. AJ began proceedings against Storm, epitomising a technical display of action with a tilt-a-whirl arm drag followed by a standing dropkick, which gained the ‘Phenomenal’ one a two count. AJ then brought Storm over to the corner, where he forced a tag with Joe, allowing Joe to enter the ring and hit some swift shoot punches on his opponent before dropping him with a fireman’s carry followed by a grounded headlock. When Storm tried to break free, Joe rocked him with a back club, and then objected to Styles’ tag in attempt. Styles entered and executed a standing armbar, but Storm retaliated with an eye poke, followed by a throw into the corner where Roode was awaiting a tag. Storm tagged in his partner, who entered the ring and rocked Styles with three consecutive shoulder thrusts to the abdomen. But soon enough, AJ gained the upper hand after leapfrogging over a running Roode, and then levelled the opposition with an inverted atomic drop followed by a standing hurracanrana! The move sent Roode rolling out of the ring, with James Storm quickly going on the outside to ensure that his partner was okay. However, this only put him in prime position for AJ to execute a running somersault plancha over the top rope and onto his opponents! All three opponents were down on the mat, hurt, with Samoa Joe then entering the ring. Realising this, Styles picked up his opponents and set them up for Joe to run towards the ring and then execute a suicide dive through the middle rope! The awe inspiring attempt, however, was thwarted, as Roode and Storm moved out of the way…making Joe land directly on top of AJ! Joe looked shocked at the mishap, but Storm and Roode then quickly worked together and Irish whipped Joe straight into the barricade, sending his back crashing into the steel. With both Joe and AJ down on the outside, Voltage headed for a commercial break.


When the show returned, unsurprisingly, Beer Money had the momentum flowing their side. James Storm had Styles locked in a seated knee chinlock, and when AJ tried to escape, he was thwarted with a knee lift to the face and a swinging neckbreaker for good measure. After kicking out at the two, AJ then went to the ropes to recuperate, but this put him in prone position for Jackie Moore to as usual interfere, pulling AJ’s head down onto the second rope to choke him! Storm then followed this up with a jumping leg drop to AJ’s back whilst he lay across the ropes, which again gained him a two count. Roode was tagged in to do more damage, and he did so, hitting Styles with a Russian leg sweep before locking in a three-quarter facelock on the now seated Legends Champion. Soon, AJ began to stand, but Roode followed up by taking AJ down again with a double leg takedown, but his plans to do anymore was stopped by AJ kicking Roode away! AJ then crawled towards Samoa Joe to try and make the tag, but Roode managed to tag in Storm just a fraction quicker, leading Storm to pounce on AJ on the mat and drag him towards the centre of the ring. There, Storm locked in a tight abdominal stretch, but soon, AJ managed to escape out of it with a hip toss and then fly towards Joe for the much needed tag! But as Joe entered the ring and took Storm down with a back elbow, the referee didn’t realise that the tag had been made as he had been too busy escorting Jackie Moore out of the ring, so he sent Joe back to the corner! The crowd were outraged, and even more so when Roode made himself the legal man, then went to work on AJ with some mudhole stomps. Roode then Irish whipped AJ towards the opposite corner, but he responded with a handspring over a charging Roode, before ducking a clothesline attempt…and then levelled Roode with a Phenomenon DDT! Both Roode and AJ were down, but Styles slowly crawled towards Joe for the tag…but just before he made it, Storm pulled Joe off the apron, causing his face to smash off the apron as he fell down! Styles looked around bemused, until he was given a Northern Lariat from Roode who looked fully recuperated! Roode covered, but no…only two! Roode then called Storm in, and both went for a double suplex attempt…but AJ landed on his feet and then DRILLED both Roode and Storm with a double neckbreaker! AJ then swiftly got to his feet and took the fight to Beer Money, levelling Roode with a standing tornado DDT! One…two…but no, Storm broke up the cover! However, the cameras then picked Samoa Joe entering the ring, and Storm went to capitalise, but Joe side stepped Storm, grabbed his hair and threw him over the top ring rope! Joe then went on to the apron, with his back turned to the in ring action as he trash talked a fallen Storm. AJ then picked Roode up and rocked him with some neat forearms, but when he went to Irish whip Roode towards the ropes, Roode reversed it into a whip of his own…sending AJ crashing into his partner, and Joe fell off the apron, smashing his chin off the barricade on his way down! AJ looked concerned at first, but then dodged Roode oncoming into a tight school boy roll-up. One…two…th…but no, only two! AJ couldn’t believe it, but then he knew he had to capitalise and rocked Roode with a kick to the abdomen, before going for the Styles Clash! But that didn’t work out, as Storm got into the ring in time…and near enough defaced Styles with a Superkick! Roode then looked set to follow up with a cover…but no, AJ kicked out in the last split second! Roode then signalled Storm to enter the ring, and both looked to execute their samoan drop/ diving neckbreaker combination, but AJ battled out of the fireman’s carry set up and then pushed Storm into Roode, before levelling ‘The Cowboy’ with a well deserved Pele Kick! With Joe now standing on the apron, AJ crawled forwards to make his tag with Joe’s hand outstretched…but just as he was to make the tag, JOE PULLED AWAY! AJ looked at Joe from the floor, exhausted and in anger, but Joe just smirked at the fallen AJ! Beer Money, however, were quick to pick up the pieces, and dragged AJ mid ring…and then levelled him with a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo that they like to call the D.W.I! Storm walked towards Joe to ensure he wasn’t going to break up the cover, but he didn’t need to, as Joe simply watched Roode cover AJ for the one, two, three in a shocking match-up!
Winners: Beer Money Incorporated @ 13:04

Aftermath: As Storm and Roode celebrate with Jackie Moore, all eyes are on Samoa Joe, who simply stays put on the apron and looks at the fallen AJ in disgust. However, when Joe enters the ring, Beer Money Incorporated scarper, showing that they want no business in what Joe is to do next. Slowly, Joe walks towards AJ, who is in a world of trouble on the mat…before he lifts him up and tosses him through the middle rope and onto the arena floor! Joe then grabs AJ off the floor after jumping out of the ring, and then throws him face first into the barricade! With AJ in prime position, Joe then takes a few steps back…and then runs full charge towards AJ, before smashing him in the face with a Facewash boot that compacts Styles’ head into the steel! AJ lies damaged on the floor, but if you thought Joe was done there, then think again. He rolls AJ back into the ring, blood pouring down Styles’ face, and then sets him up to a seated position on the top turnbuckle. With a look of sheer disgust on his face, Joe hooks AJ up…and then drills him with a Muscle Buster! Joe gets up onto his feet with a wave of boos and jeers directed towards him, but that doesn’t stop him lifting Styles’ upper body slightly…to lock in a Rear Naked Choke on the floor! The lock is excruciating, and blood is seen leaking out of AJ’s mouth as Samoa Joe’s eyes roll into the back of his head, loving the pain and torture of the move. About ten seconds into the hold, and referees and paramedics come in to break the submission, which Joe eventually obliges to do. By the time this happens, Jeff Jarrett is in the ring, looking on in shock at the devastation to the bloody, battered TNA Legends Champ. Joe walks up to Jarrett and flashes him a cocky smile, and as Jarrett asks ‘Why?’, Joe simply shrugs and then exits the ring. The final shot sees Jarrett staring at Joe, who walks up the entrance ramp with no looking back at the carnage he has caused.


[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]

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